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We’re All Doing the Best We Can… A Motto for ITC?

That would be a good motto for the members of any group of people working together, but is tailor-made for an ITC research group like INIT: We’re all in it together… and we’re all doing the best we can. Continue reading

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An ITC Group Today Could Accommodate Many Languages

Google Translate and other globalization technologies would be a game-changer for international organizations like INIT. Continue reading

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An ITC Organization Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

When our INIT group was together from 1995 to 2000, communication technologies like Internet, cellular, and WiFi were still young. Most people in the world, including most INIT members, were unfamiliar with emails, websites, mobile phones, and wireless… and so our interactions were cumbersome and expensive, compared to what they could be today, if INIT were still active… or if the group decide to get back together. Continue reading

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Go With God, Take Your Bike, Don’t Hit a Bus, but if You Do, Go With God

That, in a nutshell is the basic spiritual principle shining at the center of every great spiritual tradition: “God is the only truth and the only real power, and life on Earth is an illusion that has no real power. God lives at the center of everything, so access the power of God and find inner peace by connecting your conscious mind with your soul. Give your life over to God.” Continue reading

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Blowing Away Our Emotional Blocks

Emotional blocks can take years of therapy or inner work to uncover and heal. Or… there’s this amazing technique called breathwork that can open our inner wounds in weeks… or days… or even minutes! With breathwork we can quickly find our emotional blocks and, literally, blow them away…. Continue reading

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New Friends, New Adventures: Exploring With Burton

Unbeknownst to the travelers, they’re being shadowed by another group of travelers in a spirit world parallel to the Earth. Since his death, Albert has been enjoying travels with Sir Richard Francis Burton, the famous British explorer who now serves Timestream and leads expeditions through the vast and varied landscapes of the spirit world…. Continue reading

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New Friends, New Adventures: The Big, White House

There’s a large, white house (on the Third Level) that everyone’s familiar with. Anyone can go in and sit for a while, chatting with very friendly people from all eras of humanity on Earth. It’s a gathering place where people get together to learn about rich diversity of human cultures. Continue reading

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