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Inside Timestream, As Reported By Albert Fischbach

In the previous article, Maggy Fischbach’s father Albert dies in 1988 and begins sending her detailed, insightful reports of his adventures in the afterlife… including his first visit to Timestream. It’s his experiences within Timestream Spirit Group that are the … Continue reading

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Maggy’s Father Makes His Transition

Maggy was very close to her father, Albert Fischbach, and after he died in the early spring of 1998… a series of reports were received by Maggy and her family, through phone and computer, to update them on Albert’s experiences as he adjusted to the afterlife… and those reports contain some of the most insightful information ever shared with our world about the adventure we call death and afterlife. Continue reading

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Current (2015 Q2) News Roundup Now Complete

I finished posting the third and final installment of the news roundup for the first half of this year…. Continue reading

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Clearance Books Update: PayPal and Credit Card Options

Making a donation via PayPal or credit card, to get the last remaining books from my personal inventory…. Continue reading

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June 2015 News Roundup… and Book Clearance

News roundup (1st half of 2015), and announcement of book clearance. Continue reading

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Way of the Shaman 6: The Shaman Carly

Collaborating with Carly last fall was nothing short of amazing… We received all sorts glimpses into the “shadow world” that surrounds the Earth like a blanket of spiritual residue… and my mind kept stretching a little more each time she sent me a new collection of the photos she’d taken in her stables or in her back yard…. Continue reading

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Three Most Viable Solutions for Today’s World

I’ve been studying the world and its problems and trying to find the best solutions for nearly forty years, and over time I’ve boiled it all down into three sweeping solutions that, I believe, would be most effective in bringing peace and contentment to the world today. Continue reading

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