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Trick or Treat: Aliens Among Us (Crossed Dimensions 8)

The picture below seems to be just three anomalous light streaks… but when I lighten the picture, a figure starts to emerge on the left. Cropping the picture and lightening it a bit more, the figure becomes more discernible… but what is it? It looks like some sort of reptilian or dinosaur-ish entity carrying a cane or rod of some kind in its left hand. Continue reading

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Was Planet Marduk (Eden) Located in a Triple-Star System?

Since the astral world Marduk has three suns, I sometimes wonder if the physical planet Marduk really existed in a triple-star system such as GJ 667C. Continue reading

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A Three-Tiered Network (Crossed Dimensions 7)

This article looks at Tier 3 of the network I’ve been envisioning in recent weeks, and also provides a summary overview of the overall network, which could play a big role in cleansing the Earth spiritually. Continue reading

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Origins of Darkness (Crossed Dimensions 6)

The Human Story series explores the origins of Eden—that light, pleasant, paradise spirit world where many of us from Earth awaken after we die. But what about that other place—the dark, shadowy realm where people sometimes get stuck for a while after they die, before moving on to Paradise where they belong? How did that unsavory spirit realm come into existence? What purpose does it serve?… Continue reading

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Crossed Dimensions 5: Spreading Light

The main mission of Tier 1 is to help cleanse and heal the Earth of its dark, spiritual residue, and the main mission of Tier 2 is to support and protect Tier 1 with light…. Continue reading

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Crossed Dimensions 4: Serving on the Front Line of Spirit Work

… It could become a growing, worldwide network that might include three tiers:
1) gifted, sensitive men and women like Carly who work in a very direct and personal way with spirit entities near the Earth in vibration, 2) teams of meditators who stream light into the network by fostering a lasting connection with God through their inner work, and 3) a small inner circle who work with each other and with higher guidance (ethereal beings) to coordinate the direction, protection, and support for the network. Continue reading

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Crossed Dimensions 3: It’s a Gift… and a Curse

Carly seems to have a rare combination of qualities sometimes called empathic healing and physical mediumship…. Continue reading

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