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Clearance Books Update: PayPal and Credit Card Options

Making a donation via PayPal or credit card, to get the last remaining books from my personal inventory…. Continue reading

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June 2015 News Roundup… and Book Clearance

News roundup (1st half of 2015), and announcement of book clearance. Continue reading

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Way of the Shaman 6: The Shaman Carly

Collaborating with Carly last fall was nothing short of amazing… We received all sorts glimpses into the “shadow world” that surrounds the Earth like a blanket of spiritual residue… and my mind kept stretching a little more each time she sent me a new collection of the photos she’d taken in her stables or in her back yard…. Continue reading

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Three Most Viable Solutions for Today’s World

I’ve been studying the world and its problems and trying to find the best solutions for nearly forty years, and over time I’ve boiled it all down into three sweeping solutions that, I believe, would be most effective in bringing peace and contentment to the world today. Continue reading

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Way of the Shaman (5)

As we develop in the womb and come into this world as a newborn baby, our timeless spirit and our new physical body become familiar with each other. They bind together, or cohere. These are two distinct parts of us—our body and spirit—but they integrate to act as one. Our spirit-mind dons our little carnal body and brain like an Earthsuit to navigate this dense physical world… and the suit will evolve as we grow and develop in the course of our lifetime…. Continue reading

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Way of the Shaman (4)

When I got seriously interested in ITC and afterlife research, starting around age 40, my mind naturally tried to partition the spirit worlds into two big parts… light, kind, heavenly realms on one hand… and dark, mean, hellish places on the other…. Well, the more I study the Timestream spirit contacts that we received in the 1990s, and the more I explore shamanism… the more I realize that it’s just not that simple…. Continue reading

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Way of the Shaman (3)

On this leg of our journey into shamanism we’ll drop anchor in northern Europe, then stretch our tether far and wide, through space and time… and beyond… to uncover the unlikely crossing of paths between (circa 1980s) a Swedish prime minister, (circa 1890s) an English explorer, a Russian scientist, a Siberian shaman, and (circa 800s) a poet living among Viking warriors. Continue reading

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