The focus of this site is the afterlife and ITC (instrumental transcommunication), the use of technology to get in touch with the worlds of spirit.

Some articles (and series of articles) on this website seem to attract more attention others. Here are links to some of the more popular stuff.

At the end of some articles (those that are part of a series) you’ll find a list of links to other articles of that particular series.

One of The 7 ethereal beings who facilitate ITC communications today.


  • Humanity as Seen Through Ethereal Eyes  Analysis of a 1996 ITC contact via telephone… what might be the most dramatic and important message ever received on our planet from beyond, more dramatic even than the “handwriting on the wall” incident in ancient Babylon, and of greater depth than the messages received through the Ark of the Covenant in Biblical times.



Two lifetime pictures of Jules Verne (left) compared to a picture of him in his spirit body (right)

Two lifetime pictures of Jules Verne (left) compared to a picture of him in his spirit body (right)


Tom Edison apparently advertised his Spirit Communicator in the Saturday Evening Post, around the end of World War I, when seances and Ouija boards were all the rage.

the Saturday Evening Post advertised a spirit communicator based on the work of Tom Edison around the end of World War I, when seances and Ouija boards were all the rage.


  •  The Human Story  This series tells the amazing story of our ancient heritage and paradise destiny, as explained to us by ethereal beings who’ve followed our world through innumerable eons, offering guidance and protection to humanity. From our extraterrestrial roots to our multidimensional future, these articles tell how we humans came to be the noble-savage creatures we are today. (Chapter 13 of this series seems to get special attention for some reason; it’s about Thoth, one of the superhumans of old Atlantis.) This series was polished up to become my ebook, The Noble-Savage ProjectNot much in the book that’s not in the series, other than a more polished, cohesive story. Here’s an outline to The Human Story….


  • Faces in the Mist – These articles take a close look at the strange Polaroid pictures I took over the years, capturing the clear faces of spirits superimposed over the faces of the human subjects. It involved a special technique and technology, as explained in the series. Chapter 2 has some especially good examples of the spirit faces.

Here I am (left) with my late dad (right)….




  • In Your Dreams – This interesting collection of articles explores dreams… our nightly excursions into the spirit realms. While our conscious mind and physical body are asleep, our astral mind and body are off enjoying various adventures, a glimpse of which we often recall if we awaken right after the dream. As the conscious mind kicks in, the dream fades away into our astral (subconscious) memories. But if we can relax our mind back into a dream or “alpha” state without falling back asleep, many of the dream’s details will return.
Heaven and Hell as depicted on a mural in Vank Cathedral (Isfahan, Iran)

Heaven and Hell as depicted on a mural in Vank Cathedral (Isfahan, Iran)


  • Politics and the Human Spirit – These articles look at politics from the perspectives of leading thinkers from around the world… and beyond. We examine the world around us, the world inside us, and the worlds in-beyond of us… that is, the realms of spirit superimposed over our material world in other dimensions. (A larger collection of political articles can be found on my counterpart website, Noble Savage World.)



George Meek, father of ITC… my mentor.


  • Science and the Human Spirit – Several articles about modern science and its undying quest to spin modern-day epicycles… to fabricate strange explanations that try to fit the wonders of the afterlife into the dusty, neo-Newtonian paradigm. (A larger collection of science articles can be found on my counterpart website, Noble Savage World.)
A recent space.com article analyzed pictures of ruts and grooves behind some of the Mars rocks, suggesting the rocks had slid downhill recently, maybe as a result of a marsquake. (Credit: NASA/HiRISE image)

A recent space.com article analyzed pictures of ruts and grooves behind some of the Mars rocks, suggesting the rocks had slid downhill recently, maybe as a result of a marsquake. (Credit: NASA/HiRISE image)


  • Afterlife Movies – Reviews of movies about the afterlife.  (The clip below is a Rough Cut (April 2013) of Dan Drasin’s documentary, CALLING EARTH. Please click through to YouTube for more information.)

Nosso Lar (Our Home)  –  Chico Xavier  –  Calling Earth  –
Life After Death Project  –  Twilight, Camille, and Coraline 




In the future, as I deduce (from perusals, ratings, polls…) that certain articles are attracting attention, I’ll add them to this list…….

Mark Macy

26 Responses to Favorites

  1. Mark, do you still have the clip of the camera rolling past a forest area?

    • Wow, George, what a surprise.
      You’re probably referring to an obscure little video clip, one of several that the Harsch-Fischbach couple in Luxembourg received… in 1987, I think… when their spirit group (Timestream) with the help of The Seven ethereals was trying to open an ITC bridge with the couple… with some mind-boggling results… one being that little clip that I think you’re mentioning, shot by a spirit-world movie camera moving smoothly through a spirit-world (astral) forest.
      I’m not sure how you heard about that clip, or saw it, but I just looked through my youtube channel…
      … and realized that that particular clip is missing from the collection of similar transvideo clips.
      I think I have it around somewhere, and I’ll see if I can get it posted there on youtube, along with the others.
      Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. I actually have a still shot of that video clip that I was using as wallpaper for awhile. I saw it on one of your other sites. I believe it was worlditc.org but not entirely sure.

  3. Mark, did you ever find that clip?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi George,
      Not yet. I think it might be on my older computer.
      But I’ve been busy lately and haven’t gotten around to searching.
      Hope to soon………..

      • Mark Macy says:

        George, it took some time, but I got around to adding the landscape clip. Mark

        • Ricky says:


          This really is pretty incredible.

          I must say that it is very similar to an earthly-landscape. Was it Swejen that recorded this? When I study the landscape, I begin to wonder if this might be a world that is located a bit closer to the 2nd level, rather than the 3rd level. Did Timestream provide any comments on this particular recording?

          I hope our friends at Timestream really do realize just how much they are appreciated by some here on Earth.


          • George says:

            Mark, Thank you so much! You made my day. You are a true angel my friend and just in case no one has told you that the love you today well…. I do! : )

          • Mark Macy says:

            You’re welcome, George.
            Warm wishes to you as well!

          • Mark Macy says:

            Hi Ricky,
            I’m not sure if that video clip came through in 1986 or 1987… the year Swejen died on her home world and got settled in at Timestream.
            I suspect it’s the third level, but the poor quality black-n-white video capture makes it look darker than it probably is.

            I’m sure Timestream and our other spirit groups follow our feelings closely when it comes to ITC. I suspect they appreciate your interest and your comments a lot.


  4. George says:

    P.S Mark, May I download this for my own?

  5. Diana Palm says:

    Mark – I love your book Spirit Faces and it has inspired my own research and work. I would like to reference your work in my next book. Please contact me to discuss. ;)

  6. Nadin says:

    Hello Mark, I’m so grateful for all ITC work you and your friends have done. I’m following you for about 7 months now. Now I found out that there is a lot of scientific work done in the field of Quantum energy and Qantum consciousness, Dr. Swejen Salters field ;-) But, there is one research institute, the Anderson Institute (http://www.andersoninstitute.com/default.html) involved in time travel. I don’t know, but I felt alarmed since I know about Swejens Salters destiny in such experiments. What do you think, what do other researchers think? What does Swejen think? Please answer me. Love and Light from Germany – Nadin :-)

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks, Nadin, for the link to the Anderson Institute.

      I visited the site and found it to be a lot more credible and orderly than I’d expected.
      I’m not too concerned by experiments in time… which we know is an illusion of the material world.
      (Hope I’m not wrong in my indifference :-) , but it doesn’t feel dangerous to me.)

      Swejen and her team on Varid were using a series of vacuum-tube implosions to create a perfect vacuum, from which to find the coexistence of energy and anti-energy… and to manufacture anti-energy. And that’s what apparently led to the massive destruction in her world.

      A closer correlation in our world seems to be our Large Hadron Collider in Cern, which I’m still a little nervous about. Not much happening there since the initial tests… not until next year, when things are expected to ramp up. I plan to watch with some interest.
      If you’re interested in that, you can read my two articles on the subject. THe first one includes the contact by Swejen Salter.


      Again, thanks for the link to the Anderson Institute and its time travel efforts.
      I’ll try to watch that also, as I find it interesting… and who knows, maybe Dr Anderson IS venturing into dangerous territory.

      Warm wishes from the States,

  7. Nadin says:

    Hello, it’s me again. I also read that they want to create a reactor. OMG!!! Could you also tell Maggy!? Thanks

  8. Jason says:

    Hi Mark,

    I just wanted to say that I am fascinated by your work. I just had a question in your ITC contacts did you ever come across any mentions of an active conspiracy waged against humankind to keep them ignorant and the like (by the government or anyone else etc)?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Jason,

      There have been no ITC contacts (that I recall) that reveal conspiracies to keep humans in the dark and ignorant. But I’m sure humans are “kept in the dark” about some things, for various reasons, even though ITC contacts haven’t (yet) explained why.

      The idea that the US government has secret relations with dense ETs has become deeply ingrained in the culture. When legends become that well-ingrained, usually there’s some truth to them. I don’t have trouble believing that the US government has projects underway with some dense ETs, which they keep secret out of fear and stupidity. (I DEFINITELY believe the US government operates largely out of fear and stupidity, as do most ruling bodies that get to the imperialistic stage.)

      Humans are also kept in the dark spiritually, but that’s not any sort of worldly conspiracy. We grow up with spiritual blinders so that we can’t perceive the spiritual activity going on around us. Why? That’s what I’m trying to figure out at the moment, and it’s the subject of the article I plan to post in the next few days. It’ll be called “Origins of Darkness (Crossed Dimensions 6)”


  9. avataress says:

    Mark, the extensiveness of your work in this field is absolutely extraordinary. I’ve heard of much of it including the Tabula Smaragdina or Emerald Tablets, which I heard about through reading Carl Jung’s work extensively. I didn’t know you had done so much and are offering all of it for free! This gives me hope in all the free things I’m offering which people usually roundly reject. Karma, you know! Cheers, Mark, and congratulations on the extensive work you’re offering to the world it is a greatl contribution!

  10. Charlie (Eliz.) Holtermann says:

    Hi Mark, I have been very interested in the ITC group and the concept of life after death ever since my dear Dad passed away 6 years ago…Now I’m reading about it again as my Dad’s little dog is on her way out…I had read something about loved ones in another realm being near you when you die, but can’t find the reference now.
    It would help a lot to know that my Dad might be there for his little dog Mollie as she leaves our world.
    Many thanks for your time,
    Charlie (Eliz.) Holtermann

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Charlie,

      Yes, there have been reports of people and their pets reconnecting on the other side.
      The most interesting one for me was in a contact by Scott Joplin (the ragtime piano player) through the telephone of Maggy Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg.

      There’s a link below to an article on this site that has an excerpt from that contact. First, though, a little background:
      Jeannette Meek died in the late 1990s and befriended Scott Joplin on the other side. Jeannette Meek was often accompanied by a small scottish terrier named “Terry,” which ran around by her feet on the other side.

      When Scott Joplin made his ITC contact with the help of Timestream spirit group, there was also present (in spirit) a German fellow named Otto Schwickerath, who in lifetime had been an acquaintance with both George and Jeannette Meek, and with Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach. At the time of the contact, Hilde Schwickerath was visiting Maggy. Hilde was the (still living on Earth) wife of Otto. In earlier years, the Schwickerath couple had a dog named Kucki, who had died before Otto died. Now, at the time of the contact, Kucki was also present on the spirit side, with Otto and Scott and the rest of the Timestream team.

      Long story short, during the contact, both Terry and Kucki are present, and there’s some excited barking coming through from the other side.

      You can find a description of the contact, and a link to the phone contact audio, here:


      All the best,


      • Charlie (Eliz.) Holtermann says:

        Thank you so, so much Mark…You have laid my worries to rest.
        Little Mollie and my Dad were inseparable to the extent that when he died she jumped onto to his bed and fretted, and was affected for a long time.
        Please keep up your wonderful work…The more I read the more it makes absolute sense to me.

        • Mark Macy says:

          It’s always heartening to hear that my writing about ITC and afterlife makes good sense. That seems to be my main job in this lifetime. Thanks, Charlie.

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