The Best “Morality” Definition Ever!

“We . . . have decided to help and support the way chosen by you in INIT. It is the way of morals, which means to understand, to acknowledge, to devise, and to act….”

— The Seven ethereal beings

In the fall of 1995 I helped to establish the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication (INIT), and we began to receive a series of miraculous contacts from a group of ethereal beings (angels) calling themselves, simply, The Seven.

Over a period of years they sent our group a series of mind-boggling messages about the spirit realms, about the ancient heritage of us humans here on Earth, and about themselves. For example they told us they have no gender and have never been in dense physical bodies like ours.

The departed colleagues and loved ones who worked with us from the other side told us (again, through ITC systems) that when they have the rare opportunity to be in the presence of The Seven ethereals, it’s like standing before a bank of living supercomputers that exchange oceans of information instantly. When the ethereals lower their vibration to enter the paradise world of our ancestors, they take on soft human-like forms that glow in rainbow colors.

On one occasion they even sent an actual picture of two of their group through a TV of our Luxembourg members, giving us an unprecedented opportunity to better understand them and to dispel myths (for example, angels don’t really have wings!).

In a four-minute message delivered clearly to us through a telephone answering device (again, in Luxembourg) they said they’d accompanied our world for thousands of years, coming especially close on six occasions in the past… presumably when humanity could either forge a lasting relationship with timeless, brilliant ethereal beings like The Seven, or else plunge into another dark age. Apparently we’ve done that latter thing over and over again… i.e. take the plunge.

Now they say they’re here a seventh time, and Planet Earth once again stands at the crossroads. This time there are high hopes at many levels that we might succeed in rising to the ethereal occasion… thanks in large part to modern technologies that open communication bridges not just throughout our world, but also with other worlds… as experienced by our INIT group.

And as these bridges are built within our world and beyond, we all find ourselves learning new perspectives on life.

Among the most important things I learned from the spiritual realms in nearly 20 years of ITC research came from that ethereal message via TAD. It’s a new definition of morality:

“To understand, to acknowledge, to devise, and to act….”

I pondered the message for several years before finally understanding what they meant.

To understand. We each have a light, ethereal self within us that is intermingling with other ethereals in subtle, invisible realms of existence… while our physical body is out here in “the real world” mingling with other mortals. So we’re always in touch with brilliant minds in finer realms through our own “higher” self… but whether the love and wisdom from our brilliant mind is able to trickle down into our conscious mind is another matter altogether. The soft, subtle thought forms are easily washed away by the comparative pandemonium of the material world overwhelming our five senses. So the first step in morality is to quiet the mind, listen to messages from our finer self, and understand those messages.

To acknowledge. Then we have to accept that new knowledge into our worldview and affirm its presence in our life.

To devise. As the information is assimilated into our mind, we allow it to evolve however necessary to fit the unique conditions of this rugged planet Earth.

To act. And finally, as the knowledge really becomes a comfortable part of us, we share it with the world through our thoughts, words, and actions… in all manners of appropriate ways.

Until working with The Seven, I always found morality to be a quagmire of human judgments… often devised to justify the narrow beliefs of a particular group. And morals never seemed clear-cut…

I’m no religious scholar, but I’ve researched religious texts (Bible, Koran, Torah, Vedas….) enough to know that they’re all filled with moral contradictions. I think it could be no other way. How do you fashion an unshakeable list of rights and wrongs to apply to noble savages trying to live peacefully together in a noble-savage world?

… be trusting… but not to the point of being cheated….

… be loving… but not to the point of being raped or abused….

… don’t kill… except in cases of war, hunting, slaughtering, self-defense, capital punishment….

… and so it goes….

Anyway, as a result of the mushy concept of morality, throughout most of my life I considered myself to be amoral, uneasy with the prospect of subscribing to anyone’s particular code of ethics.

Only when our INIT group received this message from The Seven, and only after I’d been able to assimilate and understand the message… only then did I find that moral living is the right way for me to live a lifetime on Earth… and even then I find myself slipping occasionally in the course of day-to-day living.

So for me, at least, moral living is a work in progress….

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