Undeniable Proof: There Is a Heaven :-)

Into the Lighter Side #1

(Note: I’m going to start sprinkling a little humor in this site, with a growing collection of articles intended mostly to be fun, maybe a little insightful in some cases… but mostly fun. Some will be original afterlife gags, others old classics. There may be a small flurry of these articles in the next few weeks, then just once in a while as the mood hits me. I’ll call it the “Into the Lighter Side” series. — MM)

When old or terminally ill people from Earth get to the other side they often go into a six-week sleep. Their bodies heal and return to the prime of life. There is no sickness at the third level of the spirit world, and injuries such as broken bones heal very quickly.

Humans at the third level are much like us humans on Earth, in terms of appearance and disposition. Since we are similar, we can resonate with each other… like radios tuned to the same frequency. That’s why ITC bridges on Earth can only be built to the third level. The people there are like the people here, but with a few important differences. For example….

There is no longer a need to eat or have sex once we leave the physical body, but people at the third level still have those urges, so they can enjoy banquets and picnics and have intimate relationships with other people there who share that interest.

But people there don’t get fat or pregnant. So there really IS a heaven!

(Whether you’re rolling your eyes or rolling in the aisles… hey, no guarantees. I’ll try to come up with good material overall, though.)

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9 Responses to Undeniable Proof: There Is a Heaven :-)

  1. formolo2016 says:

    Hi Mark. What do you mean by third level?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll add a link (in the article) to a good explanation. Basically it refers to stage 3, or level 3, of the Myers Model, which is examined on the Spirit Reality page of this site. You can click on the link above to see it….


  2. John Day says:

    Great stuff…keep ’em coming!

  3. A man passes away and finds himself standing next to his spiritual guide on top of a mountain.
    This guide tries to explain to him what happened. “You passed away. You’ve died”.
    I’m NOT dead the man replies. I still have arms, legs, and a mouth to speak. WELL? WHAT HAVE YOU TO SAY TO THAT?
    The guide thinks for a moment and without a word, PUSHES the man off the mountain.
    This man tumbles, end over end for what seems hours till he hits the ground.
    He very slowly stands up, brushes himself off and yells up to his guide, “YOU SEE! I TOLD YOU I’M NOT DEAD!”.

    • shoot. I didn’t get the rest in. The guide yells back down, YOU’RE RIGHT! You’re NOT dead but you still can’t fly!

      • Mark Macy says:

        Hey George, that’s a pretty good joke even without the second punchline.
        Takes some reflection to grasp the nuances… dead vs not really “dead” in the afterlife… can’t typically fly or move by thought until we reach the fourth level…
        Thanks for that,

  4. kate says:

    Aww and there was me thinking it was all unicorns and rainbows…awesome I can’t wait to rid this old carcus and……..:-)

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