Only the Good Get Summoned :-)

Into the Lighter Side #2

God was getting really concerned now. After watching humanity on Earth across the ages…

  • from the marooned superhuman colonists from Eden contending with asteroid impacts after the destruction of their paradise home planet 4 billion years ago,
  • to their giant Titan descendants battling dinosaurs and ice ages,
  • to the engineering of various races of short-lived, short-fused human beings, during the First Epoch of modern humanity in Atlantis, who might be clever enough to carve some peace and order in this unruly world…

… God was now—in the closing years of the Second Epoch—looking down on the Earth and shaking his head. Maybe we didn’t plan this real well, he mused. Big nations with high-tech weapons were brutalizing little nations for their oil, burning hundreds of millions of years’ worth of stored organic energy in the course of a century, slow-cooking the planet, melting the polar ice, flooding coastal cities, causing epic storms that were destroying life and land around the globe.

Yikes. Everyone seemed to be up in arms, yelling at everyone else.

Surely there had to be some pockets of love somewhere on the planet… some islands of genuine peace and order amid the chaos.

God called up his alpha team, seven angels who’d been close to the action across the ages, and charged them to go down to Earth and assess the situation. Working like supercomputers, they scanned everyone’s lives and came back quickly with their report.

“Sorry to say, Principle, things don’t look very good down there. National pride and prejudice, religious intolerance, political conniving, crime, inequity, environmental abuse…”

God interrupted with a sigh, “Please, just the bottom line.”

The spokesman for the seven cleared his throat and said, “Well, Sir, we found that out of 7 billion people, a relative few are behaving nicely… by your standards, of course. Everyone else is behaving badly. Egos and hormones, you know….”

“Hm-m,” God thought for a moment then snapped his fingers, inadvertently causing an 8.5 earthquake in Wichita. “Oops. Anyway, let’s send a text message to those few who’re doing their best to do good. Give them some encouragement. Let them know we’re with them, and we’ll have a celebration for them when they get over here. Something like that. You guys are good with words.”

Well, that text message from God’s alpha team was composed and delivered to those phones yesterday, September 21, 2017.

Do you know what exactly the message said?


Hm, I didn’t get one either.

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9 Responses to Only the Good Get Summoned :-)

  1. John Day says:

    I would have to wager that the message said to teach people more and more about practicing nonviolence.

    • Mark Macy says:

      I suspect that would be included in the message. The lifetimes of Gandhi, (ML) King, and Jesus did help calm the waters a bit by spreading the message of nonviolence. Too bad their followers don’t all listen to that part of the message… and maybe learn to meditate as well….

      • John Day says:

        The followers of Jesus largely relate to and indulge in country club religion, which is more about belonging to the right club and believing in God the right way than about real transformation. Membership in the club leads to endless arguments about who is in and who is out, who is right and who is wrong, and who is worthy of God and who is not. This all appeals to the ego’s fragile sense of identity which always needs to feel itself a part of the right club…the right group that defines itself by exclusion of those who are unworthy. This problem gets right at the issues of the break-up of the contact field and the ITC group which you described in your book “Miracles in the Storm.”
        However, there are new movements to reawaken the Christian mystical practice of meditation as is taught by Cynthia Borgeault, Richard Rohr, and others.
        Many of the major prophets, like the 3 you mention in your comment, are too threatening to the mass lunatic consciousness of the status quo, and must be eliminated before the masses get enlightened and figure out their real identity, and what they can become once they do.

        • Mark Macy says:

          Richard Rohr is one of Regina’s favorite mystics at the moment… reads him ravenously.

          Seems the Christian fragmentation you describe is a human syndrome that sprouts up everywhere. Guess that’s what we all need to work on…….

  2. kate says:

    No I don’t believe they sent those messages because I never got one

  3. Yes! I got the message! : )

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