Tracing the Family of Man :-)

Into the Lighter Side #4

“Daddy, where did the human race come from, anyway?” the little girl asked.

“Well, Sweetie, long time ago humans grew from monkeys. From apes. It’s called evolution.”

“Ew,” said he girl as she ran off to ask her mom the same question.

Mom’s eyes brightened as she replied, “Oh, Honey, a long time ago God made a perfect paradise world called Eden and put perfect people in it. That’s where we came from.”

“From paradise?” the girl asked with a confused look. “Daddy says we came from monkeys.”

“Well…” Mom thought for a moment. “I’m talking about my side of the family; Daddy’s talking about his side of the family.”

A few years later Dad met an untimely death and was surprised to wake up in a world called Eden where everyone looked like young adults on Earth but were a heck of a lot friendlier.

An angel approached, emitting rainbow colors, and told the newcomer they should have a little chat and do a little soul-searching before he got settled in to paradise.

“Well, I was a scientist, and frankly, this is all kind of hard to accept,” the fellow conceded,  gesturing at the beautiful trees and buildings all around him. “Earth wasn’t like this. There were lots of problems, as I’m sure you’re aware, and I was actually helping to solve them. I just invented a device that could capture the energy from lightning and tornados and other huge storms. We could channel it into a large battery array attached to the power grid of a major city to solve the world’s energy problems. The initial test looked really promising….”

“When was that?” the angel asked.

“About five minutes ago.”

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5 Responses to Tracing the Family of Man :-)

  1. Liz Wagner says:

    Hello Mark:
    I always appreciate all you have to say, ever interesting, , but this last “joke” I cannot understand.
    I have read it through many times I just don’t get it.
    Liz Wagner

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Liz, it’s a couple of jokes really that aren’t related to each other, except for the dad being a scientist. You probably got the first punch line (his family descemding from apes, hers from paradise, according to Mom)

      The second punchline: he’s devised this great technology to harness the vast energy of mighty storms… but that massive power kills him on the initial test (as DavdJL points out below).

      Not sure how funny it is. I adapted it from a popular joke about a guy trying to get into heaven by assuring St Peter that he did a good deed in his life: coming to the rescue of a damsel in distress, a girl being harrassed by a biker gang. St Peter asks him when in his life this happened, and he replies, “Two minutes ago.”

      Maybe transferring the deadly force from a biker gang to a high-tech device loses the humor:???

      Anyway, with this short series I’m developing an even deeper respect for the great humorists, having a sense of what makes people laugh… or not.


      • C1visromanus says:

        I had to read it twice as initially I thought it was intended as a serious thread but then I noticed the ‘humor’ umbrella heading. When I saw it was intended as a joke it all fitted (correct past tense?) for me the way it was meant to.

  2. DavdJL says:

    Got killed testing this idea, eh?

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