Provocative Shorts :-)


Into the Lighter Side #5


Just a few light thoughts on subjects near and dear to this website (not a clothing ad):

Every century hundreds of the great demigods and superhumans from ancient civilizations converge in a secret location for a secret conference to discuss the current state of humanity. Everyone from Achilles and Arjuna to Yama and Zeus shows up.

At the latest conference Methuselah was overheard telling Prometheus and some of his fellow Titans, “Over the centuries I had 100 wives, 500 kids, and 2,000 grandkids. By now some 6 million of my Jewish descendants are running around the Earth… and not one comes to visit me.”

One of Methuselah’s contemporaries, Krishna, commiserated, “I don’t understand this new generation. I have more than a billion descendants, mostly still in India. Seems like half of the kids want to grow up to be actors, then when their parents hear about it, the typical dad says, “You must first work on your English vocabulary. The word is doctor.”


Secrets to our ancient past seem to be deeply embedded in our psychospiritual makeup. Many of the great writers of books, movies, and TV shows seem to be inspired when these hidden truths bubble up into their conscious minds to become compelling fantasy stories.

Case in point: the 70 million-year-old Ica stones and Acambaro figurines dug up in Peru and Mexico, respectively, that show ancient humans contending with dinosaurs.


Ica stone from Peru (left) and Acambaro figurine from Mexico.

Those Jurassic interactions might have been the inspiration for a popular TV series.


Fred Flintstone and Dino.

The real Dino played a little rough, apparently.

Yabba Dabba Doo.


“What’s a million years feel like to you?” a kid asked an angel,

The angel replied, “It’s like what a minute feels like to you.”

“Well,” said the kid, “so what’s a million dollars like?

“Like a penny,” said the angel.

“Oh, wow, could I have a penny?” asked the kid.

“Of course,” said the busy angel, “just a minute.”


When we forget the timeless spirit within us and think of this fleeting carnal lifetime as the totality, then death seems like the end of everything. It can be downright scary.

So we may take desperate measures to prolong our lives… seeking out miracle cures… letting doctors insert tubes into our throats and stomachs to keep our failing body hanging on.

Probably the most desperate measure of all (and one that’s slowly gaining popularity) is cryonics, the scientific technique of freezing the body at the time of death, in hopes that it can be thawed out and revitalized at some point in the future.

Most of us have heard rumors of dying celebrities opting for cryonics, especially the late Walt Disney.

We’ve learned through ITC contacts that freezing the body confuses the spirit. The carnal body doesn’t completely die when frozen, so instead of detaching and moving on to the next adventure after this lifetime, the spirit remains stuck in a sort of limbo, not venturing far from the inert body.

So… if Disney on Ice is recommended to you, make sure it involves skates.

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2 Responses to Provocative Shorts :-)

  1. John Day says:

    Good stuff here…especially the one about waiting a minute to get a penny.
    Cryonics is driven by fearful people who have never fully lived. If they had fully lived then they would not be afraid of leaving the body behind and moving on to greater adventures and wonders in their spiritual home. So, ignorance about the wonders of our spiritual home creates these fears.
    Thanks for the post.

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