Light 00 — Uplifting the World

This next series (Light) takes the opposite approach from the previous series (Terra). A more positive approach.

Everything in our material universe is superimposed by many subtle inner bodies, including the source itself, as this pulled-apart diagram suggests. Hence the old, familiar saying, “God is within you.”

The Terra articles tried to explain how our physical world—out here in the fringes of the cosmos—drags the rich life-energy from the source down to Earth and its shadow.

The Light articles will explore how that perfect consciousness, resting at the center of everything, sustains the entire cosmos and is ever-ready to lift us out of the shadow… as soon as we’re willing and able to ascend.

The articles in this Light series will probably cover some of the following ideas:

  • Howdo energies on Earth relate to life-energies throughout the cosmos?
  • How do we become “willing and able to ascend?”
  • If the light is always perfect and present everywhere, how do things get so messy out here in the fringes?
  • How does the light feel to us physical humans?
  • If the perfect light’s always inside us, why don’t we always feel it?
  • How does light affect the Earth?

Meanwhile, as this series is evolving, I plan to write several other articles. The Terra wrap-up article summarizes the key points in the Terra series, and I want to write similar wrap-up articles for some earlier series:

  1. Philosophy,
  2. Worlds Within Worlds Within Worlds, and
  3. The Human Story.

As always, thanks for reading these articles. 🙂 … mhm

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12 Responses to Light 00 — Uplifting the World

  1. Beverley says:

    I just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU. I do appreciate ALL the information you provide to those of us who are so interested in this topic. I found your site after I searching for info and I ended up checking out your book at our local library YEARS ago =*)

  2. Mark,
    I deeply appreciate all of your efforts in bringing us your learnings and writings; both in your books and in your websites.
    My belief is that it is not possible to understand our soul, higher self, or even our intuition without coming to terms with the existence of non-physical reality…which is completely based on Light.
    It has been said that we have to expand to a level where the questions that can’t be answered at the ordinary accepted level of understanding can be answered from higher levels of truth.
    Perhaps one of the functions of Light is to help get us to these higher levels where our understanding expands.
    We tend to just regard physical light which travels at a certain velocity. It just doesn’t seem to want to go any faster on this plane of our existence!
    However, the Light of our soul is instantaneous. There is no time drag, so to speak.
    Unconditional Love also seems to be instantaneous. Are unconditional Love and Light the same process of universal consciousness? Is one the carrier frequency of the other?
    Might my mind expand to the level where I can understand this intuition?
    Light and Love = of the soul, instantaneous, universal, and not bound by the earthly constructs of our personality.
    Thanks for reading.
    I look forward to more Light!….Into the Light!….Onward.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi John,
      I’m going to read your comment several times and digest the nuggets.
      Hope you don’t mind if some of them (is love or light the instantaeous carrier frequency of the other?…) pop up in some of the articles in this series.
      Important things to consider. Thanks!


      • We are moving at the speed of light…and Light!
        If I look at you do I not see visible light coming from you? Is that not your human form moving toward me at such a speed? It is only because of that physical truth that I can say, “Oh, that is Mark.”
        And likewise, do I not also see the instantaneous Light of your soul?

        Thus, when someone asks me, “How are you doing?”…I might legitimately be able to reply, “I am moving at the speed of Light (and light).” This should be a true statement although the one who hears such a reply might regard me askance.
        In a related way of thinking, I might also be able to legitimately reply, “I am on the cutting edge of Consciousness.”

        We are all surely moving at high velocity, and also at the “speed” of the supraluminal Now.
        Thus is the whimsy of our light…and our Light.

        • Mark Macy says:

          I think I’ll try writing the next article (the nature of the source light) with a mix of metaphysical and technical in a way that’ll keep readers’ interest.
          If that’s not possible, I’ll try some other approach.
          These comments are helpful.
          Thanks John,

        • Mark Macy says:

          For example, using the electromagnetic spectrum as a point of reference…

          … the source light would probably have a wavelength of zero, and a frequency of infinte hertz… or vice versa?

          Then maybe figure out how love is embedded in the source light the way a love song is embedded in a radio signal….

          Time to dig the thinking cap out of the closet

          • John R.M. Day says:

            This delightful presentation will assist that thinking cap in some way or another.
            The Scale of the Universe…

          • Mark Macy says:

            Hi John,
            For some reason that link didn’t work for me.
            Couldn’t click on anything… so I found the original “Scale of the Universe”


            Definitely an amazing perspective of the big picture! Thanks,

            • John R.M. Day says:

              Mark, I like this new link more than the other one. Thank you.
              It is more expansive, as if that is what we need when considering the expanse of the Universe.
              A Persian poet once said, “Thinkest thouself a puny form when within thee the whole Universe is enfolded?”
              The Universe is All Things Both Great and Small…infinitely large and also infinitely small (as that link encourages). And perhaps even existing in infinite dimensions (as if more mind bogglement is needed!).
              In this Luminous Mystery our Soul is journeying the Alpha and the Omega.
              I have come to accept in my inner world that the infinitely small and the infinitely large recurve back into themselves as the fractal holographic arrangement of yore.
              This is what I think about when I encounter the Alpha and the Omega in my inner world.
              The Luminous Mystery is That that we are.

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