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Worlds Within Worlds 35 — Extraterrestrials and “The Project”

Our INIT group (1995-2000) received a contact from a group of seven ethereal beings in the fall of 1996. It arrived through the telephone answering device of our Luxembourg members, Maggy Fischbach and Jules Harsch. Most of the Luxembourg ITC … Continue reading

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Worlds Within Worlds 15 — Science Preps for a Quantum Leap

Who’d guess that an agnostic institution like modern science would be best suited to bring spiritual understanding to humanity? The notion seemed silly to me when I started writing this article a few weeks ago. But now… after revisiting the … Continue reading

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New Science Will Soon Explore Beyond Duality, Beyond the Material

In reality, there’s no such thing as evil or dark or cold or satan. They’re just the absence of good or light or heat or god, respectively…. Continue reading

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The Carnal Line Between Noble and Savage

Maybe the best way to distinguish the “noble” from the “savage” in human nature and human affairs is to answer a simple question: What drives the angels? While angels, or ethereal beings, aren’t perfect in the “God” sense of the word… they’re much closer to perfection than we humans are… so close, in fact, that from our earthly point of view angels seem omnipresent and all-powerful. They seem to embody all of the nobility of God…. Continue reading

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Human Spirituality & Science: Measuring Maya

The next phase of science will be to pierce the veil of maya to begin to explore the realm of subtle energies, chi, prana, and Holy Spirit… and the many “afterlife” worlds that are driven by those forces. Continue reading

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Terra 01 — The Source: We Can Only Imagine

First came the fire in December that destroyed our neighborhood, then last month Regina and I both got COVID. (As I explain briefly at the end* of the article, we’re getting our lives back together nicely… slowly… and articles for … Continue reading

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Philosophy 09: Sensitive Souls on Earth

Sensitive souls can play an important role in difficult times like these. Whether their sensitivities come genetically (through birth) or spiritually (through incarnation), they often have a hyperawareness of what’s going on around them in the world and want to … Continue reading

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Philosophy 101: Back to Basics

Philosophy means “love of wisdom,” so this article is about the wisdom that’s been gathered by human minds across the millennia… what it is and how we humans shape it and use it in the course of a lifetime… or … Continue reading

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Worlds Within Worlds Within Worlds (00 – Intro)

Life can be complicated, tangled, and frustrating… until you embrace its essence. Then there’s a simple elegance to it. This series of articles digs into life and tries to sort it all out and to put it into perspective. By … Continue reading

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Afterlife Update 2018

Trying to figure out the afterlife for the past 30 years has been like assembling a giant jigsaw puzzle. Whenever I think it’s nearly complete, I discover that a few big pieces are still missing… or I realize that it’s … Continue reading

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