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Three Most Viable Solutions for Today’s World

I’ve been studying the world and its problems and trying to find the best solutions for nearly forty years, and over time I’ve boiled it all down into three sweeping solutions that, I believe, would be most effective in bringing peace and contentment to the world today. Continue reading

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Way of the Shaman (2)

For clients with head ailments Josephine would sometimes soak a cotton wad in blessed coconut oil and stuff it into an ear canal until it could no longer be seen. Then she would remove it a few minutes later, dark and toxic, from the other ear! These things, of course, are impossible (almost laughable) from a medical view, but not from a shamanic view, in which fluids and objects can materialize and dematerialize routinely, moving back and forth between the physical and spiritual dimensions in the course of healing work…. Continue reading

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How Did “The Seven” Shape Human History? (4)

The Himalayas have always been regarded by Hindus as a holy place. They are devatma, (alive with the spirit of Brahman). They are an abode of the gods…. Continue reading

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Nonspiritual People Can Find a Spiritual Path

People believe in an afterlife out of naïve wishful thinking… out of an unwillingness to accept their eventual demise as a human being. That’s what I believed until cancer knocked me onto a spiritual quest. Yes… I was a devout agnostic up to that point…. Continue reading

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Exploring Addiction

During our recent vacation we visited an open AA meeting in a small town. The next day, over lunch, we discussed the experiences shared by the men and women and jotted down some notes…. Continue reading

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The Worst of the Worst: Nonfunctioning Alcoholism

Many alcoholics tell a similar story, which goes something like this: “I was quiet and shy as a kid. I always felt out of place at school, even at home. Then I had my first drink, and bam!… I was in paradise. I guzzled it like water. Quiet and shy became outgoing and fun-seeking… then wild and crazy… until I blacked out. At long last I felt really alive. Alcohol instantly became the love of my life, and nothing… no one… would ever change that. But over the years things changed, and I hardly noticed it happening. “A few beers” became a quart of vodka… always guzzled. Blackouts happened more often. I’d wake up in a ditch….” Continue reading

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Articles That Got Lost

As I removed most of the political, economic, and science-related articles from this site a few days ago, some 30 or so articles on spirituality accidentally got lost as well… articles on dreams, Paul Dienach, afterlife descriptions, sleep paralysis, the … Continue reading

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New Focus Here on Macyafterlife

Dear Readers! I’ve taken the advice of friends and colleagues… to refocus this website onto its original purpose: Spirituality… and what we’ve learned through 25 years of ITC research about life, afterlife, our ancient heritage, and our paradise destiny. I’ve … Continue reading


Embrace the Divine; It’s Where We Shine

When we acknowledge our divine core as the only reality, and our worldly problems and suffering and preoccupations as illusion, then our noble side shines through more brightly and enlightens human society. We find greater peace within us as peace spreads around us. The savage side begins to retreat…. Continue reading

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What’s Here, What’s Now, What’s Popular…. The focus of this site is life after death and ITC (instrumental transcommunication), the use of technology to get in touch with the worlds of spirit. This homepage contains a somewhat organized index of nearly … Continue reading

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