The Noble Savage

My spirit model can be simplified to show us as two beings…  a noble savage and a spirit. The noble savage is the human part of us that walks the Earth during a carnal lifetime. The spirit is the finer part of us that lives on after we die.


So I have two companion websites that are like alter egos:

Macy Afterlife explores our rich spiritual heritage. This is the site you’re currently on.

Noble Savage World explores our humanity through the eternal lens of our finer spirit. It digs beneath the surface of worldly affairs to see what it really means to be human… why we struggle endlessly between love and fear, trust and suspicion, desire and contentment… how our noble-savage nature spills over into our societies… why they contend endlessly with war vs. peace, competition vs. collaboration, innovation vs. tradition….

On the Noble Savage website you’ll find…

From both websites you’ll emerge with a better understanding of our world and our place in the grander scheme of the cosmos.

2 Responses to The Noble Savage

  1. Ricky says:

    Hi Mark,

    Today I saw an article on CNN that appears to be really relevant to this. It’s a “tale of two wolves”. I think It really helps to give a “big picture” view of the predicament that our country currently finds itself in.

    Here it is:

    All the best!


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