The Noble Savage

Life-force streams from the source to create and to nourish everything in the omniverse with life, love, and understanding. When the life-force reaches Earth, some is deflected by the dog-eat-dog nature of our world that instills living things on Earth with fear, suffering, indignation, grief, and other savage motivations. As life-force is deflected, like light off a building, a sort of shadow is cast around our world. It’s a dark, invisible cloud of savage, spiritual residue that spins off our world, has no place or purpose in the omniverse where love prevails… so it remains stuck around the Earth. During our lifetimes, noble influences from the omniverse are omnipotent and real, and savage forces from the shadows are weak and illusory… but persistent.

We humans (and most living things on Earth) have two sides to our dispositions:

  • A noble side motivated by the finer spirit within us, inspiring us with love, trust, good-will, honesty, sincerity, and other noble attitudes that are inherent in the “life-force” from the source, and
  • A savage side motivated largely by our hormones, egos, and other carnal systems inherent in our physical bodies that help us to survive and to flourish in a noble-savage, dog-eat-dog world in which life kills and consumes other life in order to assimilate the life-force of the things they eat.

In other words, life throughout the omniverse is nourished by life-force from the source. Life on Earth has evolved (or has been corrupted?) into a condition in which living things can supplement their life-force by killing and eating each other, and by assimilating the life-force of the things they eat. This dog-eat-dog condition has instilled our world with fear, suffering, indignation, grief, and other troubled motivations that are essentially incompatible with the source and its omniverse.

That, in a nutshell, is what I’ve come to call the noble-savage character of Earth.


So, a highly simplified spirit model can be used to show us as two beings…

  • a physical being that is noble-savage in character and suited to living on Earth, and
  • a spiritual being that, in its truest form, is purely noble and suited to living in the omniverse.

The noble savage is the human part of us that walks the Earth during a carnal lifetime. The spirit is the finer part of us that lives on after we die.

So I have two companion websites that are like alter egos:

Macy Afterlife explores our rich spiritual heritage. This is the site you’re currently on.

Noble Savage World explores our social, political, economic, scientific, and technological systems here on Earth, but through the lens of our finer spirit. It digs beneath the surface of worldly affairs to see what it really means to be human… why we struggle endlessly between love and fear, trust and suspicion, desire and contentment… how our noble-savage nature spills over into our societies… why they contend endlessly with war vs. peace, competition vs. collaboration, innovation vs. tradition….

On the Noble Savage website you’ll find…

From both websites you’ll emerge with a better understanding of our world and our place in the grander scheme of the cosmos. That, at any rate, has been my aim while developing these two sites over the years.

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  1. Ricky says:

    Hi Mark,

    Today I saw an article on CNN that appears to be really relevant to this. It’s a “tale of two wolves”. I think It really helps to give a “big picture” view of the predicament that our country currently finds itself in.

    Here it is:

    All the best!


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