Dark Afterlife Adventures 11: Analysis


Left: For us carnal humans, probably the two most fundamental elements within the massive, multidimensional omniverse are 1) the central source (God, the creator and sustainer of this omniverse) and 2) the Earth that we call home (with its invisible spirit realms superimposed over it, all jumbled together in the same “space,” but each remaining distinct by its “frequency” or vibration.)

Right: If we could start pulling the various spirit realms apart from each other like an accordion file, the Earth would be in the middle. The spirit realms above Earth in the diagram are what we typically call heavens, and the realms below Earth are typically called hells. From the Earth downward, the vibration of each level gets denser and darker. From the Earth upward, the vibration gets ever subtler and lighter… until we reach the central source, which emits a pure, nonvibrating light or consciousness. That “breath of God” flows through the entire omniverse, vibrating slower and slower as it moves out-beyond… endowing everything in its path with life force. Apparently the life force gets a little weak and unstable by the time it gets all the way out to the material universe, which probably accounts for the “7 levels of hell.”

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