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Thank You! (Another Philosophy Sidebar)

Note: There’s been a sudden increase in subscribers and readers since I posted the previous article about the fire that destroyed our neighborhood. I’d like to start by mentioning to the newcomers that new articles will still be coming in … Continue reading

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Taste of the Apocalypse (a Philosophy Sidebar)

(Note: Our house burned down in the “Marshall fire” last week (12/30/2021), along with the rest of the neighborhood. Until things get settled, new articles might be delayed. Meanwhile, here’s what’s been happening with Regina and me during the past … Continue reading

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Philosophy 12: Mystics: Why People Suffer

Which statement is closer to the truth? There’s a lot of pain and suffering in our lives and in our world. We spend our lifetime free of pain and suffering. At first glance, from a lifetime of experience, the answer … Continue reading

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Philosophy 11: Life-Energy By Any Other Name

The previous article was about the source. This article takes a closer look at the life-energy that’s emitted by the source to create and nourish everything throughout the vast omniverse. Though often called “the Great Central Sun,” the source isn’t … Continue reading

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Philosophy 10: The Source… the ‘Whole Shebang’

(Note: In computer programming, the #! code (shebang, or hash-bang) alerts the computer that something important is about to happen, followed by an explanation of what needs to happen. A similar process of inspired creation drives the entire cosmos as … Continue reading

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Philosophy 09: Sensitive Souls on Earth

Sensitive souls can play an important role in difficult times like these. Whether their sensitivities come genetically (through birth) or spiritually (through incarnation), they often have a hyperawareness of what’s going on around them in the world and want to … Continue reading

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Philosophy 08: Our Long History with Extraterrestrials

Note: An earlier article explored extraterrestrial cultures and their recent interactions with our world, according to five experts on the subject. This new article takes a closer look at those ET cultures based on the work of other researchers and … Continue reading

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Philosophy 07: Faith vs Evidence

Are they real, those other-worldly things like angels, spirits, extraterrestrials, and God? Well, that depends largely on: our beliefs (supported by faith), and our theories (supported by evidence). Let’s see how we use faith and evidence to find comfort and … Continue reading

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Philosophy 06: Free Will vs Fate

What plays the bigger role in shaping our lives: Free will (the conscious choices we make in this lifetime), or Fate (being subtly, relentlessly pulled toward a preordained life path)? Well, that might just depend on what we consider to … Continue reading

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Philosophy 05: Mysteries of Ancient Wisdom

The big picture of mankind, past and present, is like an elaborate jigsaw puzzle with some pieces missing or bent out of shape. Let’s see if we can find a few key pieces that fit—maybe with some slight adjustment—such as: … Continue reading

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