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Light 01—Energies on Earth and in Spirit are Worlds Apart

“I found it frightening and fascinating to realize that energy and matterare one and the same thing, that a body only seems to exist….” — Spirit friend Swejen Salter, shortly after her 1987 deathcaused by a science experiment gone awry. … Continue reading

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ITC Gem 41: Dangers of Anti-Energy Experiments

The following computer contact was received in Luxembourg in 1996 (November 27, Wednesday 5:37 pm), by ITC researchers and INIT members Maggy Fischbach and Jules Harsch. I’m adding it to this website as an ITC Gem because it relates to … Continue reading

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Reprieve for Worlditc, Courtesy of Varanormal

Good news! The Varanormal research community wants to host the website that I launched on Earthlink some 25 years ago (and was then revamped and managed by my late friend and colleague Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt of Germany). My plan was … Continue reading

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Light 00 — Uplifting the World

This next series (Light) takes the opposite approach from the previous series (Terra). A more positive approach. The Terra articles tried to explain how our physical world—out here in the fringes of the cosmos—drags the rich life-energy from the source … Continue reading

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Closing Down the Worlditc Website

In another month or two I plan to close down the website, which I started some 20 years ago. If there’s anything on the site you’d like for personal use* and it’s easily downloadable, please help yourself. Also, I’ve … Continue reading

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Terra 10 — Wrapping Up the Terra Series

This article is a summary or wrap-up of the Terra series of articles. This series speculates on how perfect life-energy from the source, or “divine consciousness,” gets earthy by the time it spreads and devolves throughout the cosmos all the … Continue reading

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Terra 09 — Our Blissful Spirit’s Wild Ride on Terra

Prologue: Our calm, timeless spirit comes to Earth for an adventure of a lifetime… literally. The afterlife testimonials below are from two sources: 1) reliable spirit communications to our INIT group that are spread throughout this website, and 2) The … Continue reading

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Terra 08 — Physics on Earth and in Spirit Are Worlds Apart

Note: Let’s look at what might be called “perfect physics,” in which the entire cosmos seems to be run by a few simple principles that are embodied in the source. Then, the principles become more complicated and illusory as life-energy … Continue reading

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Terra 07 — Ethics Shape Us, Morals Let Us Shine

Note: A small section after the article explains more about INIT and The Seven. Our INIT group received a message from The Seven ethereal beings in the autumn of 1996 through a telephone answering device in Luxembourg. Here’s an important … Continue reading

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Terra 06 — How Pure Love Gets Earthy

If only you believe in miracles… We could exist on a star… I know that love is the answer….—from “Miracles,” by Jefferson Starship Paradox: Pure love from the source gets devised along its way to Earth, where it continues to … Continue reading

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