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The Human Heart, a Living Spiral

I read a most fascinating article recently about the heart. Did you know?… The heart isn’t just a big lump of tireless muscle with chambers; it’s a long, living, helical belt that wraps around on itself into a tightly wound … Continue reading

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Should Humanity Really Know About the Afterlife?… a Debate

To know or not to know?… that seems to be the question. Is it better for us to enjoy our worldly dramas as we do… blind to the invisible spiritual activity flourishing around us 24/7… or would we be better off … Continue reading

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That Last Lucid Moment Before Death, To Tie Up Loose Ends

In the moments before death, a loved one who’s been in an irretrievable coma suddenly wakes up and spends a few minutes or a few hours talking calmly and lovingly to friends and family. To the family it seems like … Continue reading

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Why the Similarities to Philip José Farmer’s Riverworld Books

Why is some of the information about “Marduk,” received through ITC, similar to SciFi “Riverworld” novels by Philip José Farmer? The similarities have stirred up a lot of debate and conspiracy theory over the years. I have ITC information about … Continue reading

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ITC Tip 4: What Sort of Spirits To Expect

The main goal of ITC research is to establish a communication bridge with the other side with our TVs, radios, computers, phones, and other technical devices. As I mentioned in Tip #2, most of the spirits who are attracted to … Continue reading

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ITC Tip 3: Find a Predisposition for ITC

ITC (instrumental transcommunication) is the use of modern technologies to get in touch with the other side. Some people seem to be well suited for ITC. Do you often “bump into” (casually encounter) people whom you’ve been thinking a lot … Continue reading

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ITC Tip 2: Choosing Spiritual Research or Paranormal Research

Lots of us are driven to explore the imperceptible living forces that influence our world, forces that move beyond the range of our senses and sciences. Of course, I’m referring to spirits interacting with the Earth. Whether they produce… … … Continue reading

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