Philosophy X: A Wrap-Up

This is a summary or wrap-up of the Philosophy series of articles published in 2021.

01: Introduction

Why do we lie and cheat?… and suffer… and laugh?
Can sensitivity be an advantage in a harsh world?
What’s good government? (
maybe monkeys have some ideas)
Are our lives shaped more by fate or by free will?… by faith or by evidence?
On Earth, were gods, giants, and End Times really part of our ancient past?
Beyond the Earth, is there a God? Are there angels and extraterrestrials

Philosophy is a love of wisdom, and this series addresses some of the more compelling questions that philosophers have been debating.

In article #01 we start with a look at the macro forces that have been facilitating and shaping philosophy down through the ages. Things like…

  • Science and literacy,
  • Economic and social vitality,
  • Peace and conflict, and
  • Religion—especially Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism.

These are among the main forces of civilization that I suspect have shaped philosophy.

02: Why do we lie and cheat?

The general consensus is that a LOT of people lie and cheat a LITTLE bit, but just a LITTLE bit of humanity lies and cheats a LOT.

We do it to promote ourselves, to protect ourselves, to affect others (to help them or to hurt them or just to be polite), and for various other reasons such as sociopathic behavior.

Familiar liars and cheaters include some poker players, magicians, investment advisers, hackers, politicians, opinion-shapers in the modern media, art forgers, plagiarists, and profiteers of drugs, alcohol, casinos, and other means of preying on addicts.

So we humans lie and cheat for lots of reasons.

But I suspect that the root cause of our lying and cheating is Earth’s messy symbiosis, especially the parasitic, predatory, and competitive relationships that result in win-lose outcomes.

Most relationships on Earth (whether human or otherwise) seem to be win-win (mutualistic) and live-and-let-live (commensalistic), but we also struggle with win-lose relationships:

  • Predatory (doing intentional harm to each other),
  • Parasitic (taking things from each other), and
  • Competitive (vying or struggling with each other for an advantage).

In order to prevail here on Earth (and sometimes even to survive), predators have to be deceptive and aggressive (and their prey have to be suspicious and wary). Parasites and competitors also have to be deceptive at times, and somebody usually suffers as a result.

I suspect that’s the main reason why we humans sometimes lie and cheat and otherwise behave badly (steal, assault, make war, and so on). It’s how we cope or prevail in win-lose situations.

That’s apparently not the case in most other worlds in the cosmos, where relationships seem to be mostly win-win (mutualistic) and live-and-let-live (commensalistic), as we explore later, starting with article #08. Compared to those other worlds, why is life here on Earth such a struggle?

03: What’s Humor? Laughter?

“I’m a godfather. That’s a great thing, to be a godfather.
He calls me “God” for short. That’s cute. I taught him that.

(adapted from an Ellen Degeneres joke)

“Someone in London gets stabbed every 52 seconds. Poor guy.”
(author unknown)

What makes stuff like this funny?

Incongruity. That’s the general consensus. When something is suddenly, surprisingly out of joint or out of harmony, it can make us laugh. Cats and babies are incongruous a lot, which makes their funny youtube videos so popular.

Going a step further, we have both a physical part of us here on Earth (body, brain, ego, hormones…) and a spiritual part of us that lives in finer worlds superimposed over the Earth that are much more peaceful and kind. 

Our physical lives are familiar to us all, but our spiritual lives? Not so much… at least not consciously. We know, deep within, that the spiritual part of us is eternal, all-powerful, and perfect, while our physical bodies are fleeting, flawed, and troubled.

That spiritual knowledge often remains hidden from our conscious minds until we take the time to understand and acknowledge it. Even so, it’s integral to our existence, whether we’re aware of it or not.

And therein lies the ultimate incongruity of a lifetime. It’s that incongruity between our roller-coaster physical existence (which we feel is all-important) and our wise, calm spiritual existence (which is really all-important). That’s probably the reason for our diverse emotions and behaviors—the reason for happiness and sadness, awe and fear, deception and honesty, and so on.

Sometimes we can laugh about it. As Woody Allen says, “If it turns out there is a God, I don’t think he’s evil. I think the worst you can say is that basically he’s an underachiever.”

04: Government: Society’s “Alpha”

I got some great inspirations about governments from an unlikely source. Regina read Robert Sapolsky’s A Primate’s Memoir for book club, and she thought I might enjoy it. Frankly, I went a little ape over it.

It’s about how baboons and other primates are similar to us humans. Similar reasons we enjoy life and get along with each other. Similar causes of stress and suffering when dealing with each other. Similar ways we vie for leadership and partnerships in the community. Similar appreciation of good leaders and contempt for bad leaders.

Getting to know the leadership dynamics in primate communities and the causes of stress among their members might give us some clues on how to develop governments that can minimize stress in our lives and in our world. At least, that’s the main premise of article #04.

05: Mysteries of Ancient Wisdom

This article (#05) goes into exhaustive detail to make the case that lots of ancient legends and beliefs are based on true events—supported by evidence from science, religion, age-old carvings and megaliths, and (most reliable to me) a series of messages delivered to our world from finer spiritual realms through technical equipment of INIT members.

We explore a vague timeline spanning many thousands of years.

06: Free Will vs Fate

What plays the bigger role in shaping our lives:

  • Free will (the conscious choices we make in this lifetime), or
  • Fate (being subtly, relentlessly pulled toward a preordained life path)?

Well, that might just depend on which of these things we consider to be more important—the tangibles or the intangibles.

  • Tangible things that shape our lives (brain, hormones, DNA…) are generally associated with our free will.
  • Intangible things (mind, karma, reincarnation, soul purpose…) are generally associated with our fate.

Generally speaking, scientists and physicians deal with the tangible, mystics and metaphysicians deal with the intangible, and psychologists stand at the crossroads to unravel “consciousness,” where the intangible (mind) meets the tangible (brain).

I suspect that the more we acknowledge and understand all of those forces associated with our fate and free will, the more meaningful our lives can be. After all, they’re almost entirely responsible for who we are, what we do, when we do it, why we do it, and how well we do it….

07: Faith vs Evidence

Are they real, those other-worldly things like angels, spirits, extraterrestrials, and God? It depends largely on:

  • our beliefs (supported by faith), and
  • our theories (supported by evidence).

Article #07 explores how we use faith and evidence to find comfort and meaning amid life’s biggest puzzles, mostly through our sciences and religions.

08: Our Long History with Extraterrestrials

Artist’s rendition of the “Ashtar Command,”
part of the galactic alliance.

There’s plenty of evidence to support the existence of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, but lots of us don’t believe in them for lots of reasons.

The main reason we deny their presence is fear. We fear powerful people and powerful nations here on Earth because they often cause suffering with their predatory, parasitic, and competitive tendencies… and we assume that highly advanced ET civilizations have those same tendencies that could reduce human civilization to rubble.

Well, the ETs do have that power, but they don’t have those hostile inclinations. All evidence suggests that when ETs interact directly with us humans (which is rare) they typically just want to observe and support (although there are even rarer exceptions). Here’s what the real ET experts (not government gaslighters) tell us:

Many advanced cultures in our own Milky Way galaxy are part of an alliance of civilizations from various planets and star systems (Pleiades, Orion, Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius, Clarion, Aldebaran and Alpha Centauri of the Taurus constellation, and others).

They’ve spread from their home planets onto fleets of spacecraft, which they control telepathically. Ships may not have noisy earth-like propulsion systems to move in the physical universe, but they’re assembled as quasi-living things that can move among dimensions through wormholes, or stargates, in order to travel vast distances instantly.

The ETs and their civilizations share information silently—mind-to-mind—with each other and with their ships, which are sometimes integrated with advanced fiberoptic threads loosely comparable to the nervous system in our bodies, and a ship is essentially inoperable until the ETs themselves enter the ship and connect to the network, for example with special headgear. Then they’re like the “brain” of the living ship, which can move quickly and fluidly without constraints of time, space, or gravity.

There are about 250 small, planetary cultures like ours in the galaxy that get attention from the alliance. The galactic alliance tries to help planetary civilizations like Earth advance to the point where they can join the alliance.

Earth is a special case for a couple of reasons:

  • We communicate with words and languages… spoken, written, or expressed in pictures or videos. The ETs all communicate their thoughts silently—mind to mind. It’s hard for them to share information with us except through psychic channeling, which many people on Earth don’t trust.
  • Also, Earth has all those competitive, parasitic, and predatory inclinations, producing lots of fear, mistrust, and aggression in the world. Knowledge that ETs have shared with Earth in the past has often been used for conflict and destruction, which is against the mission of the alliance.

So, as a rule, members of the alliance simply watch our “free-will planet” with a mixture of hope and concern.

09: Sensitive Souls on Earth

This article explores both:

  • Worldly causes of sensitivity (biology and psychology), and
  • Otherworldly causes (spirituality and metaphysics).

HSPs (highly sensitive people) are acknowledged and studied by psychologists.

Starseeds (children born with special gifts from beyond) are acknowledged and observed by mystics.

According to psychologists, highly sensitive persons (HSPs) have a deeper sensitivity to physical, emotional, or social stimuli. Their sensitivity is closely associated with their brains and central nervous systems and is sometimes called sensory-processing sensitivity, or SPS. HSPs are sometimes told they’re “too sensitive,” but in fact their sensitivities give them both strengths and challenges. Overall, they are biologically gifted with sensitivity.

According to mystics, starseeds are said to be spiritually gifted with sensitivity. There’s been a major influx of children being born since the 1950s (after WWII) who are extremely bright and sensitive and share some of the qualities of HSPs. They’re often referred to as starseeds, indigo children (because of their deep blue auras), crystal children, and other mystical-sounding names, and they’ve come to Earth in a time of crisis (nuclear weapons, high-tech wars, rioting, widespread addictions, environmental destruction) when our fate hangs in the balance. A sort of last-ditch effort by finer spirit to refine our collective consciousness and save the planet. Between 30 percent and 80 percent of the young people on Earth today are said to be starseeds. That’s their story, and I suspect there’s some truth to it, even if many people think of it as science fiction or fantasy.

10: The Source… the “Whole Shebang”

#!  – (shebang, or hash-bang) is a # and ! written into scripted computer code to tell the computer to interpret upcoming events a certain way. A similar process guides the entire cosmos as life-energy from the source tries to shape the morals and motivations of all living things.

The source is at the center of everything and is also the totality of all-that-is. It goes by a lot of names—God, Allah, Brahman, Yahweh, Jehovah, Nirvana, the principle….

If this simple wisdom of the ages is correct—that the source with its life-energy creates and motivates everything (and I’m pretty sure it’s correct)—then understanding it could be a stepping stone to a most favorable lifetime (within the constraints of this illusory and often brutal planet).

The Seven finer beings told us INIT members lots of world-changing and mind-changing things, including…

Man forms God according to human images and conceptions. God or the principle is a being which cannot be compared to anything…. The grief and suffering people have to bear is closely connected to free will and personal choice which God’s power has granted to each of us as a great gift. Without free will there is no recognition of truth, which comes from within. Therefore, blind obedience is not what higher powers want. You are living in a time when truth is easily distorted and false speculations about eternal life are quickly passed out as the only truth. God prefers the seeker and those who question. No efforts are spared to advance human thinking and individual initiative from its low animal instincts to a position of spiritual thinking.

In other words, the secrets of life come from fostering conscious contact with the source… then understanding and acknowledging the wisdom, adapting it to our lives, and acting accordingly.

11: Life-Energy by Any Other Name

In this pulled-apart diagram, life-energy is the essence of the source that spreads, devolves, and adapts interminably to forge the big picture of reality, instilling vitality, purpose, and knowledge into countless universes (fine, white circles), countless worlds (like Earth), and countless entities—from human beings, at level 1, to brilliant spirit beings residing at finer levels close to the source… such as The Seven (inset lower left), who’ve accompanied humanity down through the ages to support and protect our world.

We think of our sun as a burning ball of gas emitting electromagnetic waves that spread outward through empty space and bounce off the planets, moons, and asteroids in our solar system.

Life-energy from the source doesn’t move “outward” through the cosmos like that. Rather, it moves out-beyond from the source, through many superimposed universes in many superimposed dimensions, devolving and transforming to create countless entities, worlds, and universes. It doesn’t just stream, it creates everything and nourishes it constantly.

So life-energy from the source gets passed out-beyond, from one universe to the next, as a creative, nourishing force of power and information that transmutes constantly into denser and denser realms.

Sensitive humans have always revered life-energy, feeling its vital effects and giving it lots of names:

  • holy spirit (Christians),
  • nūr, rūḥ (Muslims),
  • prana, shakti, kundalini (Hindus),
  • chi or qi (Chinese)… [Incidentally, the Chinese call their country 中國 (Zhōng-Guó) …which probably had an original meaning of, “The country () of life-energy from the center within ().” Last century Chinese society turned away from the source and its life-energy during their communist revolution. Once they turn back (which is only a matter of time) perhaps we’ll all start thinking of a spiritually reborn “China” as a “nation of chi,” which I suspect was the original intent long, long ago.]
  • creative universal life force (Buddhists),
  • consciousness (scientists and philosophers).

12: Mystics: Why People Suffer

Which statement is closer to the truth?

  1. There’s a lot of pain and suffering in our lives and in our world.
  2. We spend our lifetime free of pain and suffering.

At first glance, from a lifetime of experience, the answer is obvious to us all: (1) is true and (2) is false.

But according to mystics, in the bigger metaphysical picture that extends beyond a lifetime into eternity, (2) is closer to the truth, and (1) is largely an illusion. Mystics see the truth of oneness through spiritual eyes. They see beyond the duality (Earth’s darkness vs. the “inner light”).

Article #12 tries to unravel human suffering to see if we can find “the truth” that all the great mystics talk about… and why, from the big picture, life on Earth with all of its suffering is mostly “an illusion.”

13: Apocalypse / Revelation

A pulled-apart look at the entire omniverse, showing Earth and a person to illustrate the nested structure of everything, with the source at its center. (An ancient “Acambaro” figurine inset shows a human grappling with a dinosaur.)

This article (#13) explores the role of ITC* during an “apocalypse”—a time when hidden truths are revealed in preparation for a planetary housecleaning. If you’ve been reading this Philosophy series, then you have a pretty good idea of what (I believe) some of those hidden truths are (thanks to ITC contacts):

  1. The source (God, Allah, Brahman, the principle…) is at the center of everything, emitting vitality, truth, and goodness in the form of
  2. life-energy that creates and nourishes everything in
  3. countless free-will universes,
  4. all divisible into 7 arbitrary levels—with
  5. our spiritual roots at level 3, where most people from Earth awaken in paradise surroundings after they die—and with
  6. our material universe and our planet Earth residing out here at level 1, in the dense fringes of the omniverse, where
  7. Earth’s win-lose symbiotic relationships (especially predation and competition) refract the life-energy into troubled thoughtforms that cast
  8. a dark, spiritual shadow around the world that
  9. started to develop some 250 million years ago, when our giant, superhuman ancestors from Eden—by then marooned on Earth—had to contend with dinosaurs.


*ITC, or instrumental transcommunication, is the use of technology to get information (voices, images, text…) from the spirit worlds directly through our TVs, radios, computers, and other technical instruments. It requires a bridge, or “contact field,” that’s enabled and protected by finer beings. An ITC bridge can only work when the mental vibrations of those present at both ends of the bridge (between level 1 and level 3) are in complete harmony and when their aims and intentions are pure. (read more… )

That lingering shadow around the Earth—a repository of angst, anger, and unbridled desire—is apparently one reason for the periodic apocalypse. It’s a time to recycle the emotional debris. And ITC plays a role in the process by revealing some key timeless truths (like the items in the list).

Picture courtesy of NOAA.

A world report by the IPCC** came out recently (February 2022)  that paints the gloomiest picture yet for the planet. Climate breakdown is causing irreversible impacts everywhere.

Signs of the apocalypse include:

  • Droughts, floods, heatwaves, fires, and other extreme weather,
  • Melting of the ice caps and glaciers,
  • Chronic flooding of coastal areas and low-lying islands,
  • Food and water shortages,
  • Mass die-offs of species and ecosystems—from insects and fish to coral reefs and forests, and
  • Reduced oxygen in the world, as struggling forests can’t absorb enough carbon dioxide.

Conditions like these are affecting every inhabited region of the planet, and half of the world population (some 3.5 billion people) live in highly vulnerable places.

As The Seven finer spirits told us in a computer contact:

We have often given you the real purpose of ITC contacts: Mankind at the End Time should be led back to the principle. Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again. What people experience now is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse, but only the first symptoms.


So, this series of articles has a lot of dizzying information to ponder, but it helps to take a philosophical approach to it all, especially the fact that our lives on Earth (and, indeed, the entire history of the planet) are all rather illusory and fleeting. The greater truth involves the complete wisdom, perfect peace, and undying love that exist in the source that rests at the center of everything… and everyone.

Most important is to understand that simple truth, acknowledge it, adapt it to our lives, and then act accordingly.

# # #

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