Philosophy 05: Mysteries of Ancient Wisdom

The big picture of mankind, past and present, is like an elaborate jigsaw puzzle with some pieces missing or bent out of shape.

Let’s see if we can find a few key pieces that fit—maybe with some slight adjustment—such as:

  1. The expanding universe, big bang, and little bang,
  2. Eden, the serpent and the fall of man,
  3. Cosmologies—from Ptolemy and Copernicus to Einstein and Sheldrake, and
  4. Evolution and creationism.

We’ll consider the knowledge of science, the wisdom of religion, and a few key messages that were received (reliably, I believe) from other-worldly sources.

But first we need a general timeline to help put things into perspective.

Megalithic timeline. This is a rough timeline of our ancient human heritage. All dates are approximate or “best-guess.”

Recent past: Science has learned a lot about what’s transpired here in the Second Epoch, but…

The distant past? Well, it’s evident that the First Epoch flourished with highly advanced cultures. Their megaliths still stand (see below) but their wisdom has been largely forgotten, despite the best efforts of the oldest living religions—Hinduism and Judaism—whose sacred texts were carried over from those old, megalithic civilizations. Those texts talk of gods and giants… of spaceships and vast energies.

And the future? The Second Epoch (according to information from the other side, which we explore throughout the article) began in Babylon and is now coming to an end. We can only guess what wisdom is in store for the Third Epoch.

Pyramids were apparently a sign of the times for our mighty ancestors of the First Epoch. The people in the pictures (tiny dots in the red circles), give an idea of the immensity of these structures. (The Bosnian pyramid of the Sun, by far the largest, might be a natural formation, like a mountain, though there’s compelling evidence that it was designed and built, like the others in the montage.)

So let’s see if we can track down a few good puzzle pieces that have gone missing across the millennia.

1. The Big Bang, Expanding Universe, and other Volatile Ideas

In the 1920s, a couple of scientists* discovered that everything in the material universe was moving away from the Earth. Rather than take offense (like maybe there was something creepy about our world? 🙂 ), they surmised that the universe was simply expanding.

*US astronomer Edwin Hubble and Belgian cosmologist Georges Lemaitre

Why was it expanding? Probably because of an explosion. If we could reverse time, they suggested, we’d see the universe shrink until it became a single object. That object probably exploded long, long ago, and our material universe started evolving out of the cosmic shrapnel.

Some scientists were skeptical of the explosion scenario, and in 1949 one of them* playfully dubbed it “The Big Bang.”

*British astronomer and cosmologist Fred Hoyle

Today, mainstream science accepts the big bang as the best current theory for the early history of our universe… even if there’s still some bickering and snickering behind the scenes.

So… did the universe really start off with a big bang? Maybe, maybe not… and the answer isn’t really so important at the moment.

What is important? Well, there are a couple of things:

  1. Thanks to the aptly named Hubble telescope, we now know that the universe is older than we thought; apparently it’s been expanding for at least 15 billion years… so if there was a big bang, it probably happened before that.
  2. There was also a smaller, more recent event called the LHB, or Late Heavy Bombardment, when millions of asteroids suddenly started pummeling all of the planets and moons in our solar system. That apparently happened some 4 billion years ago (as determined by impact melts of lunar rocks brought back by Apollo astronauts). Understanding the LHB could be an important key to the past.

“LHB” stands for “Late Heavy Bombardment,” though it might just as well be “Little Heavenly Bang.” It was most likely caused by a large planet exploding (actually, “being obliterated” is a more appropriate term) somewhere in our solar system. That’s the most likely scenario that might account for asteroids, meteors, meteorites, comets, Saturn’s rings… the asteroid belt, the Kuiper belt, the Oort cloud, and so on. All of that debris that’s been drifting around the sun and bothering the planets is probably shrapnel from a massive explosion that happened somewhere inside our solar system—probably between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter (where the asteroid belt is today).

Lots of people believe that a planet once existed between Mars and Jupiter, even if mainstream science doesn’t yet embrace the idea. The obliterated planet has gone by various names, and there’s been lots of speculation about exactly when (and why and how) it was destroyed.

  • What was it called? Marduk, Eden, Maldek, Malona, Mayona, Tir, Phaeton, Tiamet, maybe Lucifer?…
  • How many years ago did it explode? 13,000? 24,000? 500,000? 18,600,000? 500,000,000? 4,000,000,000?
  • Why did it explode? Advanced technologies? Interplanetary war with reptilian extraterrestrials? A collision with another big object?… lots of strange possibilities.

There are dozens of websites, books, and articles about that planet with many imaginative descriptions of its inhabitants and its fate. There’s one mind-boggling website that gathers up accounts from various other sources. While most of the stories disagree on some details, they generally agree on two basic ideas:

  1. There used to be a planet between Mars and Jupiter, and
  2. It was destroyed a long time ago.

So here’s the first puzzle piece (with uncertain information in parentheses):

  • Puzzle piece #1: A large planet circled the sun between Mars and Jupiter until it was obliterated. (It probably happened some 4 billion years ago, if the scientists’ LHB dating techniques are correct… and probably as a result of advanced technologies of its superhuman inhabitants, if certain other-worldly messages are correct, which we’ll consider at the end of the article).

Waxing philosophical: Nowadays we think of planet Venus as the “morning star.” When it appears above the horizon in the early dawn, it’s the brightest light in the sky (other than the moon). According to the Bible (Isaiah 14:12), there might have been an even brighter “star” often seen in the early morning sky long, long ago, and it was called “Lucifer.” Here is one of many translations of that small Biblical passage:

You, Lucifer, the bright morning star, have fallen from the sky and brought down other nations.

Religious scholars generally think of Lucifer as a fallen angel, but maybe it was actually a planet that, like Venus today, was prominent in the morning sky until its destruction. And maybe the inhabitants of that planet were powerful and highly advanced, and had a big impact on lesser cultures on nearby planets like Earth, Venus, and Mars. The planetary cultures might have been thought of as “nations” until most of them were destroyed by the obliteration of Lucifer (or Marduk or Eden).

Today it sounds like a scenario straight out of science fiction, but I suspect there might be some truth to it.

2. Eden, the Serpent, and the Fall of Man

Western civilization has been shaped largely by ancient wisdom that was preserved, translated, and re-translated as it became the framework for the Jewish religion and its two main offshoots—Christianity and Islam. Did the original wisdom survive all of those translations in pristine form? Probably not. Some pieces probably got twisted or lost in translation.

Case in point: The Garden of Eden.

For several thousand years the age-old story of Adam and Eve has been popular here in the western world: Early humans were banished from paradise Eden after contending with a serpent, as depicted by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (top picture).

The bottom picture shows a scenario that might make more sense: Life on Earth (including humans) lived under paradise conditions without egos, hormones, stress, or strife until dinosaurs came along some 250 million years ago. Then everything changed. This picture of a swamp, with a genuine ancient relic dropped in for effect (one of 30,000 clay figurines dug up in Acambaro, Mexico last century), suggests that humans and reptiles have been on Earth for a lo-o-o-ong time, in one strange form or another.

Why does the latter scenario make more sense?

In the 1990s I belonged to a group called INIT (International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication). Our Luxembourg members had received a message, purportedly from seven finer beings who said they’d been monitoring and supporting our world across the eons. The short message stated that humans are not by nature bad, and that “before the last ice age man lived peacefully together—man with man and man with animals.”

That message (along with others that we’ll examine in a moment) suggests that humanity underwent a personality change some 250 million years ago… around the time the Paleozoic Ice Age ended and dinosaurs appeared on Earth.

  • Puzzle piece #2: Humans have been around for an inordinately long time (on various planets, including Marduk/Eden and Earth). On Earth they lived peacefully and generally stress-free until dinosaurs (the “serpent”) arrived some 250 million year ago, and it’s been a struggle ever since.

As we examine this kind of ancient wisdom under the microscope of science and in the light of spiritual insight, puzzle pieces like this might start to come together, and we’ll get a clearer understanding of our true heritage.

Cosmologies Old and New—from Ptolemy to Einstein

Cosmologies are theories or doctrines that describe the origin and structure of the “all-that-is.” Cosmology is also the branch of science that studies such theories.

As readers know, this is the basic cosmology that makes the most sense to me in recent years:

The source is at the center of the omniverse, emitting a life-energy that creates and nourishes everything in all the parallel universes (fine, white circles) with vitality, purpose, and knowledge.

This is a pulled-apart look at the omniverse. Space is apparently an illusion, so everything is really squished together somehow… superimposed over each other in a way that’s not easy for most of us to visualize. Everything in the omniverse remains distinct by its unique vibration, not by its location (since location is an illusion).

The entire omniverse can be divided into seven arbitrary levels, from the material universes with their dense, coarse vibration, to the ethereal realms of fine, subtle vibration.

Here’s a simpler way to look at that big picture. We can strip it down to 1) the source, 2) the Earth, and 3) the arbitrary levels in between, which contain spiritual templates of the Earth. Those could be considered the three “basics” of the omniverse: The source, the Earth (or any other entity in the omniverse), and the subtler templates between that entity and the source.

And we can look at it in two different ways:

The top-right view shows the omniverse from the point of view of the source. The lower view shows it from Earth’s perspective. Both are valid… just different two-dimensional points of view.

Now, if we were going to construct a three-dimensional device to represent the omniverse, it might look something like this armillary sphere created in 1585 by Jost Burgi and Antonius Eisenhoit, but a little simpler.

At the center would be either the Earth or the source, depending on the point of view we wished to convey. Then there would be seven nested rings representing the seven levels. The outermost ring, likewise, would represent either the source or the Earth.

And that, I believe, gives us the basic framework from which to explore other cosmologies, old and new, starting with Ptolemy and Copernicus.

A quarter-century ago our INIT group studied a mysterious message that simply appeared in the computer of our Luxembourg members, Maggy Fischbach and Jules Harsch. It had been delivered by their ethereal mentors, “The Seven.” Like a lot of other information coming from those other-worldly beings in similar fashion, that message was hard for some of us to reconcile… having to do with the different ways that Ptolemy and Copernicus (and more recent luminaries of science) viewed the cosmos.

Armillary spheres were important instruments for astronomy and cosmology early in the Second Epoch. Ptolemy’s sphere had the Earth at the center, so it’s called geocentric. Copernicus had our sun at the center (heliocentric). Science prefers the “heliocentric” version, and it’s important to understand why.

Here’s an excerpt from that message:

The world in which we live, which you call “the other side,” is constructed according to the basic laws of Ptolemy. The ideas that living and deceased persons hold concerning this structure are misleading.

The life view of Ptolemy was then obliterated by followers of Copernicus. This life view correspondingly reduced the number who arrived here geometrically. At the moment, due to the imprint of Einstein’s view, and because of numerous new theories from your side—Hawking, Sheldrake, etc.—the other side here is, one might say, “out of joint.”

Countless people are coming here from the Earth. The spiritual views of many are not as yet advanced to the point that they recognize their responsibility for the outcome of these events. As new situations on Earth are created, we stand ever ready for new changes to echo here. Here these lead not only to changes in our planet but also to the dimensions or planes. New changes then need to be made here to compensate. The solution that we at the moment have decided upon is to try to reach the core of our world through which, when you inform us, we would be able to create anew. People who read what you write would discuss it with others and slowly construct a stable direction of thinking. To be sure, people here live happily and peacefully and can “straighten out” the many problems that you manifest.

Even if your side is not a mirror image of the third level, and this side also does not present a mirror image of your Earth, we mutually influence each other. We are concerned about the unresolved problems of the Earth and always seek possibilities for helping you. Many times we can do nothing and must wait until someone on your side takes the initiative…. (read the entire message… )

– – – – – – –

Armillary spheres were in use in ancient Greece (top left), China (bottom right), and possibly other cultures early in the Second Epoch, suggesting they might have been inherited from earlier cultures—the same epic cultures that gave us the megaliths.

Now we’ll start taking a closer look at The Seven, as we examine their message.

Today it’s hard to know what Ptolemy’s “life view” and “basic laws” really were, since all of his prolific writings were lost after his lifetime (90-168 AD). Only translations and critiques remain, and they vary in meaning. He’s most famous for his geocentric view of the cosmos (as well as his insights into geography and mapmaking). I suspect it’s probably his geocentric view (regarding Earth at the center of everything) that the message above is referring to.

If that’s the case, then we might wonder why the spirit world at level 3, where most people on Earth awaken after they die, is patterned after a geocentric view like Ptolemy’s.

I think it’s simply because most of us today think of the Earth as “home,” and we view the cosmos as up there… or out there… or on the other side… or in the beyond…. As long as we (collectively, and subconsciously) think of our lives and our planet as the most important things in the omniverse, then our ancestors who wish to resonate with us have to take that worldview into account.

The Seven told us that part of their mission across the eons has been to manage a paradise world at level 3, which they call Marduk or Eden. The relationship between Earth and that particular spirit world is an important one, because that’s where most people on Earth awaken after they die. (The Seven didn’t tell us specifically that their Eden world at level 3 is the spiritual template of the obliterated planet, but I’ve come to assume that.)

To manage that ever-evolving spirit world, The Seven have to take into account the related thoughts and feelings and beliefs of people on Earth… especially mankind’s collective understanding of reality. We humans, with our collective cosmology, help to shape that spirit world, for better or worse, with our thoughts and beliefs. For 2,000 years that spirit world has been patterned after the ideas of Ptolemy, but it goes through shifts and changes as our popular cosmologies evolve on Earth. And over the centuries our spirit friends have to do some scrambling to adapt their world to ours… to resonate with our ever-changing cosmologies.

For example, Copernicus (1473-1543) came on the scene at a time when humanity was becoming more interested in understanding our place in the material universe, rather than the vast cosmos containing many parallel universes all leading to the source, or “God.” His view—that the Earth revolves around the sun—was brilliant at the time and accurate in a material way, but temporal. It didn’t take into account the multidimensional reality that includes the world at level 3, so it’s difficult for our ancestors at level 3 to shape their world according to the views of Copernicus.

I think that The Seven, in the message above, are urging us on Earth to get back to our spiritual roots, and to come to an agreement on what that means. We need a new, compatible, multidimensional cosmology that resonates with our ancestors now living at level 3. (My own cosmology works well for me, but I doubt that it’s suitable (comprehensive enough, for example) for the Third Epoch. A suitable cosmology would probably be fashioned by the combined efforts of scientists and mystics, whose knowledge of the cosmos is many, many times greater than mine.)

  • Puzzle piece #3: The relationship between humanity and its spiritual roots is off-kilter because of our scientific preoccupation with the material universe. If humanity can adopt a stable cosmology that includes the entire omniverse—the source that creates and nourishes many parallel universes—then our world will be able to restore the equilibrium or resonance with the afterlife world at level 3 that plays a vital part in our lives… and especially in our “afterlives.”

4. Evolution and Creationism

You’re walking in the woods with a friend, who stumbles on a rock and mutters, “How long do you suppose that’s been there?”

You shrug. “Forever, I guess. It’s just a rock.”

A little while later the friend says, “Wow, look at that.” He pulls a man’s Rolex wristwatch from the bushes alongside the trail. “How long do you suppose that’s been there.”

You study it and say, “Not long, obviously. It’s in great condition. Some poor hiker must have lost it. Look at the design!”

A religious philosopher* told that story (or one like it) two centuries ago and ignited a debate between creationists and evolutionists that still blazes today. Essentially he was saying that life is like the watch. If there weren’t an intelligent designer and creator at the center of the cosmos, then life would be, well, as dumb as a rock.

*English clergyman William Paley.

He wrote the anecdote at a time when other prominent British philosophers* were starting to veer away from church doctrine—away from the notion of God as the creative force in the world—much to the chagrin of the Church.

*Staunch English atheist David Hume (the most famous philosopher of his time) and his good friend Scottish agnostic Adam Smith (forerunner of modern economics and free-market capitalism).

The debate intensified until science adopted the theory of evolution* a few years later: Life on Earth is driven not by a force of divine creation, but by procreation—the passing of genetic traits and behaviors from one generation to the next.

*Proposed by British naturalist and biologist Charles Darwin.

Once evolution came into vogue, pushing God out of the picture, the battle lines were drawn between science and religion.

What would it take to reconcile the differences between science and religion… between evolution and creationism?

It might be as simple as a small adjustment to the points of view on both sides of the divide.

Religion might have to concede that the cosmos wasn’t created long ago by an authoritarian God that demands goodness. Rather, the cosmos and everything in it evolves while being nourished constantly by a source that’s at the center of the omniverse—a source that emits an endless stream of life-energy to nourish everything in all universes with vitality, purpose, and understanding.

Science might have to concede that the vast material universe isn’t the be-all and end-all of the cosmos—that there are many parallel universes existing in multiple dimensions, all leading toward a central source, which is at the center of everything.

So that’s a key piece to the puzzle.

  • Puzzle piece #4: There’s a source at the center of omniverse that emits a life-energy to nourish everything perpetually with vitality, truth, purpose, and understanding. Then, life everywhere can evolve and explore, and then accept the rewards and consequences of its free will.


So puzzle pieces like these can help us to complete the big picture of humanity on Earth:

  1. A large planet circled the sun between Mars and Jupiter until it was obliterated.
  2. Humans have been around for a long time, living in peaceful, paradise-like conditions until dinosaurs appeared on Earth some 250 million year ago, and it’s been a struggle ever since.
  3. To be stable and resonant, the relationship between our world and our ancestral world of spirit at level 3 needs a shared cosmology that both worlds can relate to. If humanity’s worldview keeps changing, our ancestors and spirit friends struggle to resonate with us.
  4. There’s a source at the center of omniverse that emits a life-energy to nourish everything perpetually with vitality, truth, purpose, and understanding. Then, life everywhere can evolve and explore and experience the rewards and consequences of its free will.

And here are excerpts of messages from The Seven that helped me locate those puzzle pieces. They were received by our INIT group through the computer of our Luxembourg members Maggy Fischbach and Jules Harsch in the 1990s:

The Second Epoch

One message is a report of a meeting of priests long ago in the Middle East, when the First Epoch was coming to an end. The head priest, Alkbrat of Shanidar, is addressing the group. The “Spirit of the Rainbow” he mentions is one of The Seven, and the future technologies he refers to are electronic devices being used today for ITC, or instrumental transcommunication:

… The Golden Ages of our culture are at an end. Our civilization has become so indifferent that the innumerable dead, who die of starvation and disease, have become a common sight…. A Spirit of the Rainbow appeared to me and assured me that they will guide us further and lead us when mankind approaches the next dark age. This will be when voices speak from boxes and human beings move through light behind glass. Here on this spot on the river after many millennia, a city will arise that will be called Babylon, and the Second Epoch will begin. (the message in its entirety… )

This message, received around 1990, talks more about that approaching end time:

We have often given you the real purpose of ITC contacts: Mankind at the End Time should be led back to the principle (God, or the source). Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again. What people experience now is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse, but only the first symptoms. (the message in its entirety… )

Eden and the serpent

This message gives us some background information on Eden (which I’ve come to believe was the planet between Mars and Jupiter) and “the serpent” (which I believe was a reference to dinosaurs):

Long, long ago when humans came to Earth from Eden (or Marduk), they lost mastery over nature after their dissension with the serpent…. Humans had to fight against nature and some of its most dangerous creatures. You call them monsters, but they were only life forms which defended themselves and their kind. These creatures did not subject themselves to the intellectual superiority of humans and had to be defeated and destroyed by cunning and strength. Human civilizations prevailed. Of these times long, long ago, only legends were handed down….

The “fall of Man” is a legend handed down from Greek mythology…. This downfall was brought about by the descendants of the last inhabitants of Marduk who became marooned on planet Terra. This downfall came through reliance on and blind trust in a massive technology…. (the message in its entirety… )

The Seven themselves

Our Luxembourg members received two pictures of The Seven–one via TV, the other via computer.

Several messages helped our group get to know The Seven. They told us that they identify each other by energy imprints, but sometimes they give themselves names when addressing us. Names help us identify them and give us a point of reference. Nsitden comes from another planetary system, responds to human emotions, helps people communicate with their feelings and seems unconditionally kind from a human perspective. Mrekklin comes from a parallel world. Lagelnev is a spirit of nature, not to be confused with one of the elementals, but formed by the faith of humans (not necessarily the faith of today). Technician is interested in science and acts as a guide and gatekeeper to other dimensions. Ishkumar was once, long ago, human, so unlike Technician, can relate to humans, and understands and relates to human suffering.

Technician explained in a bit more detail:

I am not energy and I am not a light being. You are familiar with the picture of two children walking across a bridge, and behind them is a being who protects them. This is what I am to you, but without the wings. You can call me Technician, since that is my role in opening this communication bridge. I am assigned to Planet Earth. (the message in its entirety… )

These final messages are from the one calling himself “Technician,” who reveals how we on Earth can get attention and support from beings like The Seven:

I am not an omnipotent being but have at my disposal far greater capabilities than a person. Remember, I am not infallible and am still in a process of learning. I am assigned to planet Earth.

There are many planes below me and many planes above me. All these are again separated into other planes.

Prayers become important when they come from the heart. Only then can they trigger a special type of vibration which helps us to intercede (in worldly affairs). People who never pray should not force themselves to do so. It would not be of benefit. Prayers need not be spoken out. These are prayers too: when you pet a dog, when you smile at a child, when you are happy about the color of a flower. (the messages in their entirety… )

May the source be with you….

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13 Responses to Philosophy 05: Mysteries of Ancient Wisdom

  1. Don Marsh says:

    Was particularly moved by the ITC messages received in the 1990s regarding the real purpose of those messages. “Mankind at the End Times should be led back to the principle (God, or the source). Light and Darkness shall unite and form a wholeness again.” It goes on to say that this is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse.
    Since the dawn of the dinosaurs, mankind has been hell bent on serving a master of fear and neglecting the master of love. Perhaps it is time for God to shed light into the darkness and reveal what FEAR itself really is.
    Winston Churchill once said, “The only thing we have to fear is FEAR itself.” What if God introduced us to FEAR itself? A prediction made back in the 1960s at Garabandal Spain points to just such an introduction. The miracles that occurred there are well known but something that came out in a research paper on this subject has not been widely publicized. The book “Garabandal Message of Hope” by Jose Luis Saavedra summarizes this research and identifies a startling discovery. The discovery was that before the predicted “BIG Miracle” there will be a supernatural “warning” pre-announcing it: everyone will see in his own interior, in his conscience, the good and the evil he has done as seen by God: each person will see the state of his soul before God. The “warning” will be experienced by everyone in the world, regardless of his or her condition and knowledge of God, and all in exactly the same moment. Sound like a world-wide simultaneous near-death experience. One might say that God will introduce us to FEAR itself.

    • Kate says:

      We’ve reached the point where we are speaking from boxes behind glass, even more so now since being in the current situation, families, friends and groups all in boxes on things like messenger and zoom. I’ve been reading a lot of the messages today on this website and the information about the end of the epoch is all there and points to soon in my opinion. The way I percieve the things taking place right now is about as dark as it can get. I keep hoping I’m wrong but we can only stand in our own puddle of truth and be strong. Carry on trying to bring light through love which as the message says ‘Prayers need not be spoken out. These are prayers too: when you pet a dog, when you smile at a child, when you are happy about the color of a flower.’
      May the source be with you too 🙂

      • Kate says:

        I’ve gone and put my comment in the wrong place sorry

      • Mark Macy says:

        I resonate well with that comment, Kate. Everything you say feels right to me.
        Regina reads though my articles before I post them, finds inconsistencies, weak conclusions, etc… She’s the one who suggested the “source be with you” ending 🙂 and that felt right too…..

    • Kate says:

      I agree Don, I believe that Garabandal predictions are true too

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Don and Kate,
      I’ve been reading about the Garabandal miracle since you mentioned it, and won’t be surprised if / when a big event like that is choreographed to get our attention. Sort of one last chance before the end of the Epoch.
      Ever since reading that startling (but calmly stated) ITC message about the End Time (received in Luxembourg around 1990), I’ve always had a feeling that the date wasn’t set in stone, and this current Epoch could continue as long as humanity showed promise of becoming “one mind”… or at least an evolution in that direction. The Internet seems to be making that possible more than ever before, but it’s also opening up old, festering wounds that let people do a lot of venting.
      I’ve always felt that if finer spirit were to “step in” to help humanity out at a crucial time like this, it would be with messages of hope and inspiration.
      I guess we’ll have to wait and see how things unfold in the coming years.

      Blessings!… Mark

      • Don Marsh says:

        It may be sooner than you think. You may want to watch this latest video from Dr. Steven Greer regarding what will most likely occur this summer (
        Don’t know if you are familiar with Dr. Greer’s work but he has two full length documentaries (“Unacknowledged” and “Close Encounters of the 5th Kind (CE-5)”) that are available on Amazon Prime. He has briefed US Presidents, foreign heads of state, members of the Vatican, and even the UN Secretary General, Boutros Boutros-Ghali on the benefit that ET civilizations have to offer. The Secretary General was even supportive of disclosing the truth about UFOs and that is the reason he ended up serving only one term as opposed to the standard two terms in as Secretary General.
        Dr. Greer has developed a very effective protocol for contacting these ETs which is outlined in his CE-5 movie. Dr. Greer’s philosophy which I very much agree with is that we are all one consciousness and ETs are not a threat, however, a threat does exist. He does an excellent job of outlining the subject of “Contact and the Cosmos” at a 2018 workshop that he did in Phoenix Arizona (

        Hope you find this information as enlightening as I have,
        Don Marsh

        • Mark Macy says:

          Enlightening indeed, Don. Since encountering Steven at IIIHS conferences in Montreal many years ago, I’ve been aware of his connection to extraterrestrial cultures. I’m sure they (and our spirit friends) hold him in good stead. For some reason, “Arcturian” comes to mind when I see his picture or hear his name… (I mention it even though comments like that can come back to bite me. 🙂 )

          The way you put it together with details about world leaders and his disclosures-made-public is really excellent. It helps me keep a pulse on the tenuous relationship between Earth culture and galactic cultures.

          Many thanks,

          • Don Marsh says:

            I just got this video clip and thought it would be of interest to the group. I am not an advocate of conspiracy theories and feel there are way too many crazies out there with a warped sense of reality. However, when a successful medical emergency room doctor, making over $250/year (Dr. Steven Greer) claims to have developed a protocol to communicate with extraterrestrials, why would that not be of interest to the media and the scientific community? At least to validate or refute his claims.

            Dr. Greer was on the Larry King show back in the 90s after he had developed this protocol. This was around the time of the OJ Simpson trial. Dr. Greer asked Larry King after the show why they were covering the OJ Simpson trial 24/7 and yet not covering the possibility that UFOs were real. Larry King’s response was “They tell us what we can cover, and they pay our large salaries. The concept of journalistic integrity went out the window decades ago.”

            I have included a link to a short (13 min) history of Dr. Greer’s Disclosure Project if you are interested (!AlyrYUCg86qnht1kpHgXGPiU2rDdng?e=teQUYf). If you chose to watch this clip, you will need to decide for yourself whether Dr. Greer is one of the most proficient liars that you have ever heard or his theory about our future is something we need to be concerned with. At any rate we should know something by the end of this June when some sort of disclosure about UFOs is mandated by the Intelligence Act of 2021.

            • Mark Macy says:

              Hi Don,

              I think Stephen Greer is following his soul purpose with his UFO work. As a doctor he was following his free will. It’s like a lawyer or businessman who has a midlife crisis and then spends the rest of his life as an artist or musician… the real reason he came to Earth for a lifetime. (That’s what I’m writing about for the next article–fate vs free will–so that’s what came to mind as I read your comment.)

              I wasn’t aware of the Intelligence Act of 2021. Thanks for the heads-up! Looks like we’re facing an exciting summer….


              (I also agree with Larry King: Mainstream journalism has mostly abandoned fact-checking and truth-seeking in order to get the audience worked up… stirring their hormones in order to grab their attention in order to make money through advertising. “Fake news” and “alternative facts” have become the status quo, at least here in the States.)

            • Don Marsh says:

              One thing that I failed to mention about the Dr Greer interview by Larry King is that the episode received one of the highest viewer audience ratings of any of Larry King’s shows that ever aired. If pleasing the sponsors was the only motivation driving what the corporate execs decide to air then one would expect to see more shows like the Greer interview. Since this is not the case I tend to feel there is something more sinister going on here than just giving us what we want to feed our addiction to fear. Perhaps that addiction to fear is not something that comes from within us but something that is brainwashed into us by our mass media with an agenda.

            • Don Marsh says:

              Just ran across something that Colonel Corso wrote. Colonel Corso was one of the first high ranking US intelligence folks to blow the whistle on how “Black Programs” were covering up the existence of UFOs and why this was being done. His “Day After Roswell” Book was ridiculed as fictitious lies by the media, and he could not even travel around the US without being harassed. He wrote these words from the perspective of an extraterrestrial shortly before he died:
              To Humanity:
              Instead of moving ahead 500 years and traveling into space, you, through your stupidity, your greed, and your lack of knowledge, moved yourselves back 50 years and now I leave you with this:
              1. Since you have weapons of mass destruction, shall we let you destroy yourselves?
              2. Or shall we destroy you as we almost did once before?
              3. Or shall we do as your Jesus Christ did and drive the moneylenders and those that use the power of money from your temple and let you advance?
              The Choice is yours.
              This summer, as a result of the Intelligence Act of 2021, we will find out if Colonel Corso’s revelations were in fact fictitious lies or perhaps the truth. How much of the truth is revealed will determine which of the above three paths we choose or is chosen for us.

      • Kate says:

        I couldn’t agree more Mark with all you have said and as you say nothing is set in stone. I also agree with Don, it does seem we might be closer than we think but maybe it has to get bad before things change for the better. The problem with the internet now is it is increasingly becoming censored and bias.People are looking at alternative software like LBRY/odysee although thankfully at the moment it’s still possible to have a certain ammount of freedom of speech and choice. Thanks for the links Don I will watch them.
        I love Reginas ‘may the source be with you’, I will definately be using that one again 🙂

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