I grew up in a journalism family. My dad published a small-town weekly newspaper called The Windsor Beacon, as did his father before him. It seems like the “Beacon” was always a part of me… hence the masthead picture for this website.

I was lucky to be born in 1949, at the dawn of the Internet Age, with a curious spirit and a knack for writing. As a child I wanted…

  • … to know things about life and the world that no one else on Earth had ever known
  • … to understand humanity more completely than ever before understood
  • … to grasp more than ever before possible the problems we face and viable ways to solve them

… all to help people live with more consideration and kindness toward each other, and toward the planet and its other species.

Thanks to good luck, deep research, and lots of help from around the world and beyond (including from my wise, loving, and supportive wife Regina), I’m getting closer to achieving all those goals as I enter the autumn years.

Worldly matters. In the 1980s I worked with leading thinkers from many lands to launch a series of peace anthologies with penetrating views into modern social, political, economic, and scientific systems.

Other-worldly matters. Since 1988 (when near-fatal cancer caused me to rethink life and death) I’ve been immersed in a frontier field of research called ITC (instrumental transcommunication), the use of technologies to receive voices, images, and text from the finer worlds of spirit. I helped establish an international ITC panel that was able to sustain communications for a number of years with brilliant minds beyond our world—those who are sometimes called spirits and angels and ethereal beings, and who streamed pure, earth-changing information to us through our technical equipment. My main role in that group, INIT, was to gather up the contacts we received from the other side and to make them available to the public. One main aim of our group, after all, was to help enlighten humanity about our human spiritual heritage with the support and guidance of our spirit friends, especially The Seven ethereal beings whose messages are prominent on this website.

(See the detailed report—the pdf file at the bottom of the page—of how I got swallowed up by ITC and afterlife research in the early 1990s.)

After giving hundreds of public presentations, seminars, and radio and TV interviews, and publishing a number of books and journals, I’m now (in 2014) withdrawing from the public eye in order to share the best information from those 35 years of research on two blogs I’ve set up for that purpose.


Macy Afterlife contains all things spiritual, including timeless truths, a roadmap of the spirit worlds, and vivid descriptions of paradise communities where most of us will awaken after we die. There are insights here that were never before shared with our world. I promise. (This is the site you’re on now.)

Noble Savage World lets us examine ourselves, our groups and our world more deeply, largely through a spiritual filter… revealing the greater truths and principles that move restlessly beneath the surface of human affairs… shaping our noble-savage behavior and boiling over into our social systems. (Noble Savage World is the sister site of this one… the worldly alter-ego of this spiritual site…)

The two sites share some of the same articles that span life and afterlife, including The Human Story collection… but for the most part each site keeps its focus neatly on the appropriate side of the veil.

I hope you enjoy this two-pronged journey into human understanding, and join the discussions at the end of many of the articles.

Here on Macy Afterlife, the journey includes not just our planetary origins . . .

. . . but also our ancient human heritage . . .

. . . as well as our true spiritual nature . . .

. . . the influence of finer spiritual beings upon our lives . . .

. . . and what really happens to us after we die.


I can assure you of two things:

  • The contacts that I share on this site (those related to INIT and my own luminator photos) are based on years of serious research and are legitimate to the very best of my knowledge. They are the product of hard work, love, trust, and good will among colleagues on both sides of the veil.
  • Those who claim that these contacts are faked or fraudulent (and we do have our detractors) do so out of envy or doubt or fear or some other base motivation stirred up by the ego. My colleague Maggy Harsch-Fischbach, who received (in my opinion) the best spirit communications in history through her TVs, radios, computers, and telephones, once published a cartoon of two ITC researchers experimenting with equipment… one saying, “Your contacts are better than mine, so you are obviously a fraud.”

That sums up the challenges of ITC research on Earth. The hormones and egos responsible for the savage side of human nature present a chronic obstacle to the unity and resonance needed to establish and sustain a contact bridge with the finer realms of spirit.

Once that obstacle can be overcome (and that will involve a refinement of human nature), ITC will be ready to enter a golden age. Love-based ommunication bridges between Heaven and Earth will open wide.

Until then, the contacts received by INIT members during a 6-year window of opportunity (1995-2000) and shared on this macyafterlife site stand as a reliable example of what is possible for our world… under fertile conditions of noble human attitudes.


(In April, 2019, I began to add a “truth provision” in various places on this website. Here’s an example….)

Note (added 2019-04-30): This website is built on what I consider to be a few basic truths and a lot of supporting ideas provided by science, metaphysics, myth, and physical evidence such as ancient carvings and megaliths… and my own interpretations of all of this information. The basic truths are a series of ITC contacts that were received from ethereal beings in the closing years of the 20th Century (see ITC Gems and Humanity as Seen Through Ethereal Eyes)… almost like clear, unfiltered messages straight from God’s lips to our ears. They include:

  1. Humans originally came to Earth from Eden (Marduk) long, long ago and got marooned here.
  2. Humans (Edenite castaways) were on Earth, and life on Earth was peaceful, before the last ice age (which ended some 260 million years ago, around the time dinosaurs became prominent on Earth).
  3. The Edenites had descendants whom we today call Titans or demigods.
  4. A highly advanced, megalithic civilization preceded our civilization, and it was developed and governed by the Titans, whom we today would consider to be superhuman giants.
  5. Our civilization has been part of the “Second Epoch” (the First Epoch apparently having been that megalithic, global civilization that was called Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, and other names, whose pyramids, temples, and intricate carvings have survived the ages).
  6. Today we are approaching the end of the Second Epoch, which began in Babylon.
  7. Through it all, humans and all other physical things in our universe have had a close, intimate connection to our spiritual roots, since we all have subtle counterparts or copies or templates flourishing in many spiritual universes that are superimposed over our physical universe… like radio signals filling the same room.

So those are what I consider to be the basic truths that provide a foundation for this website.


Enjoy!  🙂

Mark Macy



My associated sites: 

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  1. thecatsman says:

    That is one ambitious project……Good luck on your journey,I know I wouldn’t dare….

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Catsman,
      Sorry for the belated (to say the least) reply. Yours was the first comment on this website, and I guess it fell through the cracks.
      Regina and I have had three feline friends along the way. Konrad was feisty orange tabby who was absolutely adorable. Sebastian, adopted from a neighbor family who was moving on, was richly furred but always unruffled as he roamed the neighborhood visiting everyone with his kind disposition. Khloie was a beautiful calico homebody who enjoyed the nature spirits and birds in the back yard. Loved to have a soft blanket tossed over her and rubbed.
      I grew up with dogs with their unconditional love and happiness, but cats with their aloofness and independent streak have helped define our marriage.
      Blessings to you, and thanks for the original post. A lot has happened in the 11 years since. 🙂

  2. Doug says:

    Just a short note to thank you so very much for all the deep spiritual insights you give us. It’s truly wonderful.

    Thank you!


  3. Cody Carpenter says:


    I must say I have by chance come across your research. I was reviewing a lecture by John E Mack when he referenced you and your work. My curiosity got the best of me and within ten or so seconds I was on the World ITC webpage.

    I have two questions which arise in my mind every time I think deeply about this subject. How do you reconcile man’s supposed path of evolution (from ardipithecus to australopithecene to homo) with the evidence presented to you? Also, I’m sure you’re familiar with the research of Michael Newton. He presents a similar (and correct me if I am ignorant) but slightly different spiritual cosmology. How do you reconcile with his techniques and conclusions? Actually I am mistaken I have one more question. What about the conclusions of John E Mack with the extraterrestrial presence? How do they fit into man’s progression?

    Any response, even the possibility of you reading this, delights me. I am in college right now and try as much as possible to disperse this information to others, but I do not think it is ethical of me to do so until my confusions have been subsided and my thoughts organized. Being this confused and without any answers anymore is slightly frustrating, but I am trying to be patient.

    Thank You and I hope you are having a wonderful day/nigh

    Cody Carpenter
    New Mexico

    • Hey Cody, thanks for the comments. I think much of human evolution was assisted or engineered, as I describe in my book, The Project. For a condensed version of that situation, if you’re interested, you could view my three Youtube videos, starting with Part 1:

      I’m a little familiar with cosmologies of Michael Newton and others, and I find there’s some truth in all of them. It’s the situation of many blind people feeling different parts of an elephant and each giving different descriptions of the animal. We humans have such limited insight into the finer realms that no one can give a complete, accurate description of them. I’m partial to my model, which is simplified and geared to the way many people today look at the world…


      I think there’s a fine line between the worlds of spirit and the realms of ETs and UFOs. Both exist in realms of subtle vibration beyond our senses and sciences. Our spirit friends have made reference to various types of extraterresrial beings who move in and out of our world.
      I’m glad you’ve taken an interest in these subjects,

  4. reiteration says:

    “…I have two questions which arise in my mind every time I think deeply about this subject. How do you reconcile man’s supposed path of evolution (from ardipithecus to australopithecene to homo) with the evidence presented to you? Also, I’m sure you’re familiar with the research of Michael Newton. He presents a similar (and correct me if I am ignorant) but slightly different spiritual cosmology. How do you reconcile with his techniques and conclusions? Actually I am mistaken I have one more question. What about the conclusions of John E Mack with the extraterrestrial presence? How do they fit into man’s progression?….”

    • A closer look…
      I suspect the complete evolutionary picture of humanity is like a big jigsaw puzzle, the various links that science has unearthed (australopithicus, neanderthal, hobbit…) are just a few puzzle pieces, and there are many, many more pieces yet to be found. How exactly the complete picture looks, of course… your guess is as good as mine. But I’m fairly certain that natural selection played no larger role in the big picture than did genetic engineering and cross-breeding by superhuman beings who were our distant ancestors.
      I’m not real familiar with all of Michael Newton’s research. I’m aware, though, that many afterlife researchers have many different views of the afterlife. I think it’s just a matter of the spiritual realms and parallel physical realms being far too complicated for us to grasp with terrestrial patterns of thinking that are based in time, space, and structure. So, naturally, when we humans with our limited understanding view something that complex, we’re bound to draw different conclusions as we try to reconcile the mysteries with our limited knowledge.
      There seems to be a fine line between spirit and extraterrestrial. In my view, spirits, ETs and ‘legitimate’ UFOs all are able to move into and through our physical dimension and then exit into subtler dimensions… some of which are parallel material universes (in the case of ETs), and others of which are spiritual domains (inhabited by astral beings, ethereal beings, and so on).
      I suspect that some of those ETs are involved in the on-going genetic refinements of humanity that (I believe) are aimed at adjusting our ‘noble-savage’ nature more and more toward the noble side… as we humans are able to civilize the world into a less savage place… so that our fears, animosities, greed, and other savage emotions become less and less necessary for our survival.

  5. Mandy says:

    Hi Mark.

    Is there anything you can tell me about a thought/mind bridge. Many thanks.

  6. Mandy says:

    Thank you for the links. I heard the term via evp and was wondering what exactly it meant.

    • Mandy, EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) is the precursor to ITC (instrumental transcommunication). EVP involves getting short, faint voices on a recording medium, like a tape recorder or digital voice recorder. ITC involves an open channel through which spirit can deliver long texts, images, and dialog through the electromagnetic energies of our technical equipment.

  7. David Jones says:

    Hi Mark

    I’d like to make contact with you regarding an article for New Dawn magazine on the spirit faces phenomenon. Appreciate if you can drop me an email.
    David Jones

  8. Dear Sir,

    I had mailed you a few days ago on our extreme interest in the activities of WorldITC and the findings and also summarizing our material and purpose in this field. This was mailed to you on your mail ID on the WorldITC site.

    I am not too sure the mail has reached you or if you have discontinued using the worlditc mail id. We would like to make contact with you on the subject and would greatly appreciate if you could send a mail to me.

    With best regards,
    Satish Kataria
    Trustee – Tej Gyan Foundation

  9. Cody Carpenter says:

    Hello Mark,

    I have contacted you before with questions and appreciated your responses. Your research and ideas are groundbreaking. The implications of some of your exploratory research defy so many of our conceptions and shed light upon some very controversial philosophical arguments. For instance, I am very interested in how your research adds to our understanding of the concept of time. On the banksides of the river of life you have reported that people have been observed living in the style of present and past peoples from Earth, but not in the style of potential future people. To me, this indicates that the future does not exist yet. There’s many possible realities the concept of time could be….past, present, future existing at once, only the present moment existing etc.. From your research it seems to point toward time moving forward, with the future not in existence yet. It also implies that in the other dimensions time is somewhat synchronized with our time in the sense they are both moving forward at the same time.

    My other question, a little unrelated, is why do people seem to always to appear in their last past life form out of all of their possible endless existences? If your earthside personality is derived from your current life’s past, where youre born, your intelligence, your disposition, your economic class…I guess what I’m trying to say is do our lives on earth create this astral personality or does the earth personality emerge from our spiritual disposition? and if the latter is true, how is this possible?

    Sorry for the hundred questions. Your research is a constant influence on my thought, but raises a lot more questions than answers.

    Sincerely and Thank You,


    • Great questions, Cody. Our spirit friends have talked about ‘fields of possibility’ when addressing the future. Timelines forward from the present apparently can branch in various ways… and sometimes DO branch in more than one direction, spinning off into parallel worlds that continue to exist and advance simultaneously. Not an easy reality to grasp with our worldly minds!
      Regarding multiple lifetimes of the same soul… one of our spirit friends related his experience, after getting settled in on the other side, of being accompanied to a hall, and a glass-like chamber… similar to what you might see on Star Trek. As he observed the scene unfolding in the chamber, he saw a “Fugger” (a 17th-Century European banker) riding in a carriage. As he became engrossed in the scene, feeling an unavoidable pull, he was warned by his friends to detach emotionally from the scene. He’d been that banker in another lifetime, and he could easily be “pulled in” to the scene, losing his current ‘self’ (as the late father of one of the ITC researchers).
      So, that’ll give you an idea of reincarnation and its effects on us after we die. I know it doesn’t provide the complete answer… but the more I learn about these things, the more questions I find that need to be answered. It seems we won’t know the full truth until we leave this world of limited understanding, get settled in on the other side, and then begin a new journey of spiritual ascendancy… moving ever inward through subtler illusions toward the truth.
      (Some mystics undertake that ascendancy while still in the physical body… via meditation and contemplation… usually working with guides and gurus on both sides of the veil.)
      Good luck with your seeking!

  10. S.E. Schmitt says:

    Dear Mr. Macy,

    I discovered the World ITC website over a year ago, and revisit it periodically in an effort to try and digest the information (testing the ‘boggle’ threshold!). I was looking at it one day last week and then found your blog and read through many of the posts, which are fascinating. There is one entitled ‘Reliable Facts About the Afterlife’, in which you responded to a comment made by a reader. He asked you what he could do to make amends for past deeds he considered bad. You said, in part:

    “… I’d say that making sincere, heart-felt apologies is the biggest healer. If not apologizing in person, then at least in meditation. That seems to help me.”

    There is something I would add to this, and that is: Tell the people who are important in your life how much they mean to you, and why you value them. It is so easy to forget to let those closest to us know how much we appreciate their presence, their wise counsel, and the things they do for us, big and small. Tell them while they are still here with you, sharing your life.

    I think this also helps.

    Thank you for sharing your research and your knowledge. I will continue pushing my ‘boggle’ boundaries by subscribing to your posts. ; )

    S.E. Schmitt

  11. Walter Dziordz says:

    Hi Mark!

    . . . .I bought your CD, Bridges to Paradise made in cooperation with the Monroe Institute with their Hemi-Sync frequencies integrated, at your talk at the Theosophical Society in Wheaton, Illinois. I like it. Is it a consistent focus 10 throughout? Any special frequencies included? I ask because parts of it are really deep. That’s good! But my other focus 10 CD’s (also products of the Monroe Institute) are not so deep, and I was wondering.

    Finally, on the matter of trying for actual recorded voices, do you suggest any method of self evaluation if unable to succeed, or is it simply a matter of “keep trying and eventually it will happen?” 🙂

    Thanks! Walter

    • Hi Walter,

      The Bridge to Paradise CD (in the heart meditation segment) uses the same frequencies as TMI’s popular Heart-Sync CD, which I believe is Focus 18, but I’m not sure. I agree: it takes you to a deeper, more peaceful place than their usual Focus 10… which is also used on Bridge to Paradise, during the journey to the paradise afterlife.

      Hm, the question about persistence in EVP/ITC experiments is a little harder. You pretty much have to follow your feelings on that. Here’s what I know from my research: Some people are born with a psychospiritual aptitude that facilitates ITC contacts. “Things just happen” in their presence… anomalies with electrical equipment. Some people gain this aptitude after a near-death experience. I suspect that anyone can foster that aptitude to some degree by fostering psychospiritual purity through meditation… but I’m not so sure that they can ever really excel at it. I know that continued EVP/ITC experiments gradually attract a spirit group around the experimenter, and the developing rapport sometimes leads to louder, clearer voices and better communications. Beyond all of that, each person can choose how intently he or she wants to pursue the experiments. I’d always recommend focusing on ethereal beings (angels) and inviting their support and help. They can help to raise your spiritual vibration and attract a finer group of spirits to come into your spirit group.

      We have some good ideas on our http://www.worlditc.org website; click on “Tips for Experimenters” on the left of the homepage.

      Good luck!


  12. Jean Haines says:

    Hi, Mark, I’m not sure if I putting this ‘comment’, which is really not a comment, in the right place, so please forgive me.

    Actually, even though we have not been in contact, I’m giving you an award, called the Versatile Blogger Award, which was given to me. It is a kind-of pay-it-forward award. Those who receive it – and I am giving it to you because of the ‘real’ value I see to your blog – are asked to do just a couple things – although there is no obligation on your part:

    Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
    Reveal your 5-15 top blog picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog (I have only five picks).
    * Copy and paste the award on your blog.
    Have faith that your followers will link to other bloggers.
    And most of all – blog to your heart’s delight!

    Sharing our true selves is a wonderful thing…
    This is an opportunity to share our knowledge of other blogs . . . although it is not required.

    Congratulations and best wishes! Thanks for all you are doing.

    *In order to paste the award on your blog, you will have to email me so I can send it to you: jhaines6@me.com

  13. Bill Hodge says:

    Dear Mark You know we love your work. Making available such research from Timestream is one of the sources I have found to be clear and accurate. Your writing as ever is engaging and wonderful. Keep it up! Sincere wishes from Bill and Deb as we get ready to move from Australia to New Zealand to further our alternative spiritual work. Best wishes from us and beyond. You are loved.

  14. Thanks, Bill and Deb, very much appreciated.
    Wishing you a happy holiday season and a spiritually rewarding life in New Zealand… which Regina and I have not yet visited but have heard only wonderful things about.
    Is there a site where I can see the sort of alternative spiritual work you’re involved in? i sense a resonance….

  15. Ah… found it:
    Bill and Deb, I think this is yours…?

  16. June says:

    I realize you’re engaged in other activities of a spiritual nature however, have you completely abandoned research in ITC?

  17. Hi June,
    I no longer experiment, but I continue ITC research in the area of writing, studying (past contacts), and exploring future possibilities. The contact field hasn’t accommodated exceptional contacts for the past decade or so. I’m hoping that changes in the coming years.

    • June says:

      Hi Mark.

      I can appreciate your position but out of curiosity, how will you know if contact can be established if you don’t try? Do you still try to check-in from time to time? 

  18. June, I’m always open to new ITC breakthroughs. I “keep on top of it” mostly through my dreams and meditations. Intuitively I’ll know when a reawakening starts to happen.
    Also, of course, our spirit friends could call me on my cell with an announcement! I wouldn’t mind that! 🙂 🙂

  19. Tom says:

    I have only skimmed the content of this web site having become aware of it from a comment made in an Interview I was listening to. I struggle with the ideas surrounding this Earthly existence. I had some lengthy discourses a number of years ago with some Guides, via a channel. They described this world as a rehabilitation Planet. My purpose here was to expand in consiousness. So, if this is true, why try and change things on this planet? The Ego, and all it’s ugliness and tendency for destructive activity is precisely what makes this place such an awfull and yet wonderfull learning environment. It would be like going to a Marine training base, and disassembling all the obsticles and hazards, to make it park like. What good would that be?

    And really, why are so many people concerned about the other side? We are of that other side! It would be like going to a movie and focusing all ones attention on the projector or other aspects of the movie house.

    • Hi Tom,

      That seems to be the consensus… that Earth life is a soul school of sorts. A place for our finer self to learn and experience. If that’s true, then yes, it would seem a waste of time to try to make things nicer around here.

      After many years of thinking about this, it makes sense to me that the purpose of an Earth life is not just to learn and experience, but to raise the spiritual vibration out here in the dense material fringes of the vast, multidimensional omniverse… as I try to explain here:

      In a nutshell, the light from the source (that manifests everything) grows dim by the time it gets this far removed from center, so there are pockets of chaos and darkness. Souls choose lifetimes on Earth as though enlisting for the front lines of battle, with the aim of eventually spreading the light, love, and wisdom into this dark and troubled realm.

      I could be wrong about all that, but it’s certainly the scenario that makes the most sense to me.
      If I’m right, then it’s IMPORTANT to try to make the world a better place during our lifetimes. That’s why we’re here: to spread light from the source out into the furthest reaches.

      We also have secondary reasons for reincarnating…having to do with karma, mistakes we made in past lifetimes, and so on… but the primary purpose is to spread the light through our thoughts, words, and actions… (imho).


  20. Hi Mark, I’d recognize you anywhere. Long time since Denver/Broomfield- huh? I’m finally getting around to looking over your stuff. congratulations on your slight shift into the spiritual and out of the experimental. you are nailing it right on the head as far as I’m concerned. Little did we know way back then… Huh ! If everyone trusted and allowed the truth that you are laying out for us all…..it would be a short hop to winning the game.
    Did I ever get my book to you, by the way? I’m reading yours for the 2nd time.
    Randall aka cosmicscribe

    • Hi Randall,
      Great hearing from you after all these years.
      Are you and Linda settled in well on the northwest plains?
      I enjoyed our weekly experimental meetings here in the lab… but yes, it was time to get more into the spiritual (and literary) aspects of the research.

      No, I haven’t seen your book yet. I remember you were working on it before your move west.

      A lot of warm wishes to you both, from Regina and me.


  21. Kristina says:

    Dear Mark,

    I am really happy that I found your site (my brother directed me). I have very quick question. Does sleep paralysis has anything to do with spirit world or it’s just a simple brain disorder?

    Thank you in advance.


    • Thanks for this question, Kristina!
      I wasn’t aware of sleep paralysis.
      After some quick research, I’d venture to say, yes, it can be related to spirit.
      For one thing, I suspect that very often when the body is in any sort of paralysis state (sleep, hypnosis, coma…), the astral body, or spirit body, is somewhat detached from the physical body, exploring the astral surroundings near the physical location.
      So… in the case of “seeing” spirits in the room during sleep paralysis, I’d suspect that it’s the astral body that’s seeing them, and the information can make its way to the conscious mind the same way we remember dreams upon awakening.
      I plan to do some more research on this and write an article for this blog in the coming days.
      Thanks again…

      PS Kristina, here’s a link to the article your comment inspired me to write:

    • Viv Schneider says:

      Hi Kristina,

      I came to know about sleep paralysis not very long ago through my daughter in law after I told her about a paranormal episode I had some years ago. She is a very down to earth person and very scientific oriented. So I researched about sleep paralysis and even though I agree that for some people it can be a sleep disorder ( I have a clinical psychology back ground), it did not applied to my experience. According to the description of the disorder, the sleep paralysis is a natural reaction of the body during your sleep to protect you from “physically” acting out your dreams. So basically, you have to be asleep or in between the deep to light stage of your sleep to experience sleep paralysis. However, the experience I had, which felt like a deep force over my body that for a few seconds prevent me to move, see, breath, talk, scream didn’t happen either while I was asleep or falling to sleep. I was very awake and conscious at the time it happened as I had just gone to kitchen to drink water and had come back to bed to sleep. The experience happen right after I tug myself back to bed, and I was not yet falling back to sleep. I was fully aware of my mind, body and surroundings. I consciously let it happen to see the outcome of it. And it was scary. I don’t know if it were bad spirits or dark forces, or if it were my father (who died when I was 12 years) that tried to embrace me, as I was sad and calling for him that night. We know that the synchrony between the living world and the after death world are different, so maybe, even thought my father were trying to embrace and comfort me, the encounter felt like a shock / a paralysis for a few second. Anyway, my point is that I was very conscious when the whole experience happened. And once I was freed from the force, I ran to my then 9 year old son bedroom to spend the rest of night close to him…


  22. Viv Schneider says:

    Hi Mark,

    I was born and raised into a religion that my family belongs to. I followed that religion and study the believes until my late twenties. I am no longer an active member of the religion as I started to have so many questions about the purpose of this life, different religions/believes, death, afterlife, etc. However, while I was an active member of the church and by all the deep religious teachings/studies I had through out the years, I have to agree that there were many concepts I learned that make a lot of sense when reading your theories and research. For example, what you call “built-in Blinders”, in my family’s religion it is called the “Veil” – such as a veil that covers our conscious or memories of the “pre-existed life and spiritual world”.
    Also, over the years, I started to build up my own theory of the creation of the earth. Of the creation of this world. I believe that there are so many other planets and universes that are much more advanced than ours and that our planet was actually created by these more advanced living beings (or what other people might call “ETs”). I don’t believe in Darwin’s “Evolutionary Theory” or that the man is the evolution of the Ape Species. I believe that this world (the earth) was created by using the matter of other worlds/planets from other universes and the fossils of the Dinosaurs or the fossils that “link the evolution from ardipithecus to australopithecene to homo” are actually parts (fossils) of the matter of many different planets that were used to make the earth. I know that this might sound weird, but I have a strong believe that we, as spirits, actually develop from one stage (world) to the other. I believe that there some planets (worlds) that are inferior than ours and others that are extremely more advanced and that we might have born in different planets and universes and we progress from one world to another as we aim to achieve the higher stages.
    I believe in spirits as I have had my own “paranormal” experiences. And, as you mentioned in one of your articles, we have to be careful when wishing or calling for the spirits of our beloved ones. I believe that they are all around us, but in different dimensions. The synchrony between the physical and the spiritual world is different, and the contact experience can be very unpleasant (like the feeling of being possessed by a dark force/ or a shock).
    I would like to have your input to what I have just describe to you. I am facing a phase of my life which I question everything: the purpose of this life, what comes after it, the purpose of all different believes and religions… I have had many loses in my life which have left a deep sense of emptiness. I forgot to mentioned to you but I studied Clinical Psychology, so I am very familiar with all the mental disorders and illnesses. I agree with you that there are so many misconceptions regarding schizophrenia/Hallucinations… I do agree with you that these people suffering from hallucinations are actually more sensitive/ or have a closer connection with the other side. Or that their “blindness/veil” is thinner than a “normal person”, so they can see what we cannot see. They live between the worlds as in parallel and it can be very disturbing.
    I just need to have some assurance or hear some other opinions about the purpose of all of our suffering. I would like to know what other people think about the after life and to expect regarding being re-united to the people we learned to love and we lost. The sense of emptiness or lack of purpose is so depressing. It feels like I am living in a vacuum / dark blinded world.


    • Hi Viv,

      I agree with what Ricky says (below), and of course I see lots of close, intimate parallels between your views and mine. For example

      – Much of the natural life on Earth was engineered by intelligent beings from other worlds… something done either instead of or alongside darwinian evolution.

      – The veil / blinders that block our view of the spirit worlds around us.

      – Some people with finer senses can see beyond the veil. They might be inspired geniuses or psychic mediums or mystics or schizophrenics, depending largely on their disposition and the disposition of the spirits they interact with.

      So, to your main issue… What’s the real purpose of taking a lifetime on Earth and going through all the suffering this world has to dish out?
      Some people say Earth is the lowest density planet anywhere, which I think could be true.

      Some people say souls choose lifetimes on Earth as a learning experience, since the raw noble-savage lifestyles can’t be found anywhere else, which I also think might have some truth in it.

      But… my main view for the past 15 years or so has been that we (souls) choose lifetimes on Earth the way young men enlist in the military. The dense, low-vibration life here on the physical Earth is far removed from the finest realms of spirit of very high vibration close to the Source, where there’s perfect light and order. Out here on the fringes, the life energy from the Source gets so slow and dense that pockets of darkness and chaos form.
      The mission we choose at a soul level (I think) is to live a lifetime on Earth with the aim of spreading more light from the Source out into this noble-savage world… to battle against those pockets of darkness and chaos. We do that through our spiritual pursuits, and through our thoughts, words, and actions. The more we do that, the more we spread order into the farthest reaches of creation.

      That might be the main purpose of “The Project” that the ethereals told us about: To see how far out into the denser realms the perfect light from the Source can penetrate and maintain its integrity… before degrading into darkness and chaos. If that’s true, and if it’s true that Earth is at the very densest of the material realms, then we humans on Earth do indeed have a very important role in the overall scheme of things!

      Not always an easy life… but certainly an important one, at the soul level!


  23. Ricky says:

    Viv –

    I see you were asking for other opinions about the purpose of our life (and the suffering that’s bundled with it). I want to go ahead and chime in.

    The world we live in seems to be a very dark world. It’s a world where people tend to advance at the expense of others. It’s a world where we seem to be empty vessels. It’s a world where our spirit feels uncomfortable and trapped. I agree that it seems as if we are living in a “vacuum” of some sort. We’re on the fringes of the spiritual spectrum. It gets very messy out here, and it seems downright depressing, empty, shallow, terrifying and hopeless. If malicious intent and negative emotions were dangerous toxins and chemicals, I’d recommend wearing a hazmat suit for the entire duration of your stay on Planet Earth.

    Where do I believe we wind up after the expiration of our physical body? I’m still trying to figure it out, but I have to say that what we call the “afterlife” is indeed a place closer to “the light”. It’s a sort of cosmic existence. There are many different levels of existence, and we are the only ones who determine where our next location will be. A lot of Mark’s work (and his colleagues) has helped me to connect a lot of dots, and I believe that the experiences and research of ITC researchers around the world have revealed some important bits of information to help us realize who we really are.

    I’ve heard the phrase that we’re a “spirit going through a human experience”, and I think that could be true. I’ve never had a paranormal experience per se (I’m assuming you’re referring to the manifestation of ghostly entities), but I’ve had some very profound and special times where I felt like I was more than my physical body. They were special awarenesses – ones that transcended our 5 natural senses.

    If we’re constantly thinking in the back of our mind that we’ll be going to a better place after we’re done with our endeavors in this world, then odds are that we will be going to a place that is superior on a spiritual level to earth (and that’s actually most of the places that exist).

    I hope this helps, Viv!


  24. Viv Schneider says:

    Hello Mark and Ricky,

    Thank you so much for your input. I agree that the Earth is a very dense/low vibration life source. I see the Earth as one of the dimensions that is probably one of the farthest from the light source/the core. And there are all kind of different level spirits that have chosen or have been placed to live in this world. Some are very high level spirits that have chosen to live here (or come back) to bring the light to the human beings that are in the darkness and some are very primitive spirits that still have a long journey of learning before reaching the next level.
    Some of the experiences I had were very pleasant while others were very unpleasant. When I was young and I was falling asleep (the stage between conscious and unconscious – when the line between the “reality and blinder block” is very thin) I would sometimes jump out of my bed for seeing a very dark/swamp like place. With spider coming down on my face. Or I would listen and see kids laughing and playing around me in a vey nice bright full garden. I knew I was not “hallucinating” because I could still hear or partially see my surrounding – as an example, I was seeing and listening all these kids laughing and playing araound my bed but at the same time I could hear my mother washing her face in the nearby bathroom. It was like I was in between 2 different dimensions.
    The latest experience I had was not very pleasant. It was father’s day and I was in the process of divorcing my ex-husband. He had come for dinner that night to celebrate father’s day with our son. But I felt very lonely and depressed when he left. My father died when I was 12 years old. And that night I really wished my father to still be alive and close to me. In the middle of the night I woke up to go to the kitchen to drink water, and I remember closing the kitchen door to keep my cats in there and not running around the house in the middle of the night. When I went back to bed (and I know I was still awake) I started to feel my comforter to “fluffy” like when the cats come on and start gently paddling the covers… I had felt that before but had gone out of the bed, as I was scared. But that night I decided to let it continue to see what would happen. I knew for sure that none of my cats were in the bed with me as I had just locked the kitchen door. So the fluffy on the covers continued and became more and more intense, to a point that I felt a very heavy presence on the top of me. All of a sudden I couldn’t move, hear, breath, or scream. I was completely dominated by a very powerful force. All I could do (and I did in desperation) was to start mentally praying for God to help me and then the force was gone. I know that it might have lasted seconds, but it was very scary and powerful. Now I wonder if it was my father that tried to make contact and “embrace” me as I was crying and calling for him, and because he is in a different dimension, the synchrony between the two worlds caused the experience to feel like a sleep paralyses/a electrical shock. Or if it were really some dark forces trying to suffocate me… I was so scared that once I was freed from the force, I jumped out of my bed and went to sleep with my then 9 year old son.
    I never had any other “encounters” after that. I just learned that I should accept that my father is gone and living in a different dimension and I should not disturb or be calling him.
    I know that we have all different of level beings living in the Earth and most of them have a lot to learn and grow in order to pass to a higher level.
    I just would like to know what are the plan for us, the purpose of being in this so dense and dark world. I sometimes feel jealous of my family for believing in their religion and knowing in their heart the purpose they have in this life. I wish I had found the answers for all my questions, but I am still searching for the purpose of my existence. I really appreciate that you two share lots of my own beliefs and I would like to continue learning and discussing your findings/researches/philosophy.


  25. Viv Schneider says:

    Hi Mark and Ricky,

    I still have some questions that maybe you during your life time of study and research can help me have a better understanding. We know that the highest level spiritual beings are the ones closer to the light/ to the core. However there are other beings that are evil and have chosen to leave in the darkness. Why would some spirits fight to progress to the light? Who are these spirits that try to divert the work and positive influence of the beings of light?
    Will these spirits ever progress or there will be always a separation between good and evil? Maybe you can help me understand all the different levels/ dimensions which we travel through out our existence. From the very primitive level to the higher one.
    I believe we had many beings of light that came to live in the earth to bring the spirit of unity/brotherhood /love – like Jesus Christ / Gandhi / Buddha / Mother Theresa and many others. All these high level beings lived a very humble and simple live and all they did was to spread love with their teachings.
    However, there are still many evil forces pushing the humanity to commit monstrous and horrible things. Leading the humans to become selfish, aggressive, individualistic. All of these dark forces lead to war, prejudice, hate, disconnection. Exactly the opposite that the higher spirits have come to teach us. Why would some people let themselves get influenced by these negative forces? And why these evil spirits don’t want to progress to the higher levels?
    I know that I am asking a lot of questions, but I would like to have a better understanding on these different/opposite forces.


  26. Ricky says:


    This is certainly Mark’s area of expertise. In fact, everything that has inspired and influenced my current spiritual pathway actually began with my discovery of ITC, and http://www.worlditc.org. I have explored many other areas of spiritual development, but this one tends to make the most sense to me. I have so much to learn that it is overwhelming – but I know that I actually have a firm grip on the foundation of my spiritual development. I’m happy that Mark has this site, because it allows me to connect with people of like-mind, and it helps me to stay “on track”, so to speak. I feel like my learning has only just begun – it’s as if I have just read the introductory chapter in a very, very, very long and complex textbook. I now know the basic outline of things, but my learning needs to progress into the finer details.

    If I may, allow me to share with you a link to a piece of very wonderful, flowing music that helps me into a higher frame of mind. It’s by a pretty impressive artist that goes by the name of “Iasos”. The track is named “Angels of Comfort”. The reason this track carries such significance is because of its reputation. The following detail about this track has been obtained from Wikipedia (and it can be found on many other websites – I grabbed the Wikipedia link to be brief):

    “In 1989, the psychology department of Plymouth State College in New Hampshire conducted research with people who had had near death experiences. The conclusion of the research was that Iasos’ music received the highest rating for being most like the music people heard while in their near death state.”

    Here is the link to the music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT3RiHYqSUk

    I hope this was worth sharing!


  27. Ricky says:

    Here’s another link that mentions a bit more about Iasos’s “Angels of Comfort” Track: http://www.vice.com/read/whats-the-frequency-iasos-v20-n8

  28. Viv Schneider says:

    Hi Ricky,

    Thank you so much for sharing with me your thoughts and refer the “Angels of Comfort” by Iasos. It was beautiful, peaceful, and calming.
    I agree with you that there is so much to learn. I also taking the first baby steps towards a more profound knowledge and soul searching.
    The teachings and philosophy of Mark Macy makes a lot of sense to my own beliefs. The many realms of existence / our extra-terrestrial inheritance. The extra-terrestrial inheritance explains the advanced civilizations we had in the past and the amazing constructions /buildings that were generated by these beings of higher knowledge. Without a very high tech knowledge, it would have been impossible to built the ancient structures such as the pyramids/ or a whole civilization like Machu-Picchu… It is amazing to finally find a site/blog that shares the beliefs I have developed through out my life time. But as you mentioned, there are still so many things to learn that can be overwhelming. I still have so many questions that I would like to find the answers.
    Why did the human beings lost the connection with the higher beings?
    Why were they exterminated from these planet? Why the planet earth was left in the darkness for so many centuries?
    After the mankind lost the contact with the higher beings, the dark age came and lasted for a long time. But it is amazing that in a matter of 100+ years, the earth slowly start o came out of the darkness and so many things were discovered and developed: the electricity/ the telecommunication/ the cars/ the cure for many diseases/ the machines / the computers… The world continue to grow more and more into higher technology. Does it mean that these higher advanced beings have come back to our civilization and help us get out of the chaos of darkness?
    Genius such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Albert Sabin, Alexander Fleming, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Carl Benz, and many others.
    It is amazing to see the progress of science and technology in the last century.
    I wonder where this will lead us to…
    I really appreciate your share and input.

  29. Viv Schneider says:

    Hi Mark,

    After reading all your posts of the “World of ITC”:
    – Our extraterrestrial heritage
    – Our multidimensional body
    – Resonance, a key to ITC
    – Spirit worlds road map
    – Spirit worlds realms

    I have to say that I agree with most of them. My only questions are:

    How are the souls generated/made/born?
    Is it our ultimately goal to reach the Etheral Realm? Or the Astral Realm?
    What happened after we reach the highest level?
    Are there more than one Universe, so the spirits that move/ grow from the Astral Realm can create their own Etheral/Core Realm and start a new kind of Universe / Life?

    I know that these are very deep/ profound questions, but I really would like to know if you might have some input to any of these questions.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Viv,
      This is how I’ve come to understand things:
      Souls emanate from the source (God, Brahma…)… like sparks from a 4th of July sparkler.
      We all have one of those sparks within us, so this illusory life on Earth is just the outer shell of our complete self.
      We are already, at this moment, living not just here on Earth but also in the astral and ethereal realms… at finer levels of our existence.
      When we die, we just cease to exist out here on teh illusory fringe. but we continue to live at finer levels.
      There are many material and astral and ethereal universes teeming with brilliant life… all spiinning off from the source..
      What I’ve always wondered is if there are more than one source. Are there many Gods, all spinning countless universes? Or just the one God to whom we’re all connected?

      Kind of mind-boggling!….

      • Jason says:

        Hi Mark,

        Hi I had a question about the astral planes…. You frequently mention Marduk and the third astral planes… are their many different 3rd level astral planes or is Marduk the only 3rd level astral plane where humans go when they die… are their more 3rd level astral planes besides just marduk and the river of eternity???

        • That’s a good question, Jason. Since most of our ITC communications came from “Marduk” and “Timestream” and the “River of Eternity” and the “Third Level,” these concepts tend to get kind of jumbled.

          Here’s the way I envision it, and if I find out someday I’m wrong I won’t be too surprised. But this is what makes the most sense to me from the information we received:

          There are many, many levels or vibrationally discrete universes in the omniverse, all superimposed like radio signals that are jumbled together in the air around us. I think it’s complex beyond what these material minds of ours can grasp, since we’re kind of locked-in to 5 senses streaming information about our material surroundings into our physical brain. It makes it hard to see the greater reality without some inner work that lifts us beyond the 5 senses and the brain.

          In order for a good spirit group like Timestream to communicate with us on Earth through ITC, it’s important that we all share a common view of life on both sides… their reality and our reality. That’s a big challenge because our limited view of the big picture here on our side. What is needed is some kind of model that simplifies infinity into something we can understand… and that’s where “third level” comes in.

          Our spirit friends often refer to the model of the late Frederic Myers, and when they refer to “third level,” it’s the Myers model they’re referring to. I just now (inspired by your comment) updated my “Spirit Reality” page on this site, adding the basic Myers model to the end of that page. You can see it here:


          So, that’s how the “third level” fits into the big picture. It’s a section of the omniverse… kind of like the “VHF frequency band” is a section of the radio spectrum. (see the frequency table at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_frequency to get an idea.)

          Now, within the “Third Level” frequency band of the vast omniverse, I’m sure that there are many, many, many worlds teeming with life of many kinds. Marduk is one of those worlds, and I believe it’s the astral template of a physical world Marduk (Eden) that used to have an orbit in our solar system between Mars and Jupiter. The physical planet was destroyed some 4 billion years ago, but the template remains… and it happens to be in the “Third Level” of the Myers model, which makes it what people often call “the mid-astral realm”… a sort of synonym of “Third Level.”

          The River of Eternity encircles the astral planet Marduk, like a snake biting its own tail. I suspect that there might have been a massive river on the physical planet Marduk that also circled the entire planet… but of course that’s just conjecture on my part. Structures in an astral world are sometimes templates or subtle copies of structures that exist in a corresponding material world… so it would make sense that the late planet Marduk had such a river.

          Timestream is a sending station that sits along the banks of the River of Eternity on the astral world Marduk.

          Thanks, Jason, for giving me the opportunity to put this all into clearer perspective. I’ve got the information scattered around this site, but it’s nice to wrap it all up neatly in one place.


          • Jason Cannady says:

            Thanks for the reply Mark I really appreciate it that cleared up a-lot for me. I had another question… do you think the government or some other organization may secretly research ITC or other worldly research in a covert fashion???
            Hi Jason… I wouldn’t be surprised! 🙂 I suspect the US government has been working with ETs who have some multi-dimensional abilities… and that’s getting kind of close to ITC. As far as establishing a stable contact field with fimer spiritual realms, the US government lacks the noble intention and purity of heart and purpose that would make such a bridge possible. Mark

  30. Kristina says:

    Thank you very much, Viv, for sharing your experience with me. I’m feeling better that I’m not alone in this case.

  31. Hi Mark. I just started a blog of my own and would love to get your input on it, about it, or anything you might be able to add to make it more coherent. Thanks George.

    • Hi George,
      Most people can only imagine the things you and other homeless people have to go through.
      If you can keep going with the blog, I think it could open a lot of eyes.
      Maybe even help to move legislation to get more help to the poor.
      God bless you.
      I like to keep in mind that life on Earth is just an illusion… not always an easy one or a pleasant one.
      There’s a better life in a brighter world awaiting everyone of good will.
      Meanwhile, I would love to see a Basic Income program adopted in the States, giving every adult about $1,000 a month.
      It’s the only way I can think of to be sure no American is left out in the cold.
      (I’ll go ahead and copy this comment onto your blog. If I’m the first to comment, it’ll be an honor for me.)
      Good luck with EVERYthing…………….

  32. hello Mark,

    I was astonished, surprised and very glad to find your new website this evening! It seems we share some more interests than ITC. I will write more about this later. Good luck in your good work!

    Nils Jacobson

  33. Dear Mark,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I just saw an interesting TV documentary about the recent investigation of the mummy of the “Ice Man”, who was killed in the Italian Alps some 5300 years ago. It seems he was shot by arrow, probably by someone he know. I remember in the magazine ZOOM one or two articles about his supposed afterlife, in connection with the adventures on Marduk of Maggy Harsch-Fischbach’s father. Sorry I did lend my copies of ZOOM to someone who never returned them, so they are lost to me. Do you possibly know about these articles? I have tried to find them on the net and also asked the publisher, but no answer. Imagine getting new contact with the “Ice Man”, asking him what really happened…
    I also have a more personal question to you. If you have a private email address, please tell me.
    Warm greetings,

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Nils,

      I believe the Ice Man is included in one of the articles I wrote on this site about Maggy’s contacts from her dad…


      Sorry to say, I remember getting only one issue of Zoom (the journal that was published by INIT members in Europe after I stopped publishing Contact! and Transdimension, which I posted online some years ago:


      I remember the fascinating afterlife reports from Maggy’s father, but I’m not sure if I saw them all (there might have been more published in Zoom). I agree that this is all valuable information, and should be made public.If Zoom has been posted online somewhere, I have not been able to find it.

      Anyway, my email is itcmark@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  34. Stephen J. Valadez says:

    Hi Mark,

    I’ve been following your work for 11 years now, more or less, and I may be the only people in the world besides you and your fellow ITC contactees who’ve read everything you’ve posted on this subject of ITC, including reading all of the German translated pieces, despite their poor translation quality–still, invaluable, invaluable information.

    Question: What has happened to Maggy Harsch-Fischbach and her husband? Are they still alive? Getting contacts? Regardless, I think they have an obligation to come out of hiding if they haven’t passed on to get more information out that they have still kept to themselves as well as promote ITC and their previous contacts, which comprise some of the most important, to me, things that have ever happened to modern humankind. They may be shy and hermetical now, I gather, but they have a duty. Agreed? If I knew them better I’d fly to Europe and put some steel in their will and sense of inspiration ha. 🙂


    Stephen J. Valadez

    • Stephen J. Valadez says:

      Sorry about the couple of grammatical typos above lol…and I’m a writer and editor! I just type too fast.

  35. Mark Macy says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Maggy was a very private person when I knew her. She and her husband avoided attention and publicity as long as I knew them, and they sought out collaborators only because of guidance from Technician and Timestream, who told the couple there had to be a unity among researchers before ITC could take the next big step.

    Most of the important contacts we received through Station Luxembourg while INIT was active are included here on this site. Lots of the earlier stuff has also been posted here in the “ITC Gems,” since I was working with them in the early 90s, translating (with Hans Heckmann) and publishing the older material from their “CETL Infonews.”

    As I recall, “Zoom” was a short-lived publication, which I didn’t receive nor translate.

    I agree, this is amazingly important information!


  36. Patricia Salvitti says:

    Hi Mark
    I’ve known of this work for many years, as I first heard of it from Hans Heckman who came to me over a number of years for Chiropractic Care. Recently I was relating some of what I learned from Hans to someone and decided to see what has transpired since my last contact with Hans. That search eventually led me to this site.
    I wonder if you could give me an update on Hans and Rita. I lost touch with them when they moved from Lansdowne. It’s been so long, I don’t imagine that they are still with us. I’ve always regretted not keeping in touch with them, I learned so much from them.
    Thanks for this website!
    Pat Salvitti

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Pat,

      Great hearing from you.

      So much of the information on this site is compliments of Hans, who translated all of the ITC contacts that came through in German (and by far most of them were in German) into English.
      He was a good friend, and it’s wonderful to hear from someone who helped him out along the way on his worldly journey!


      Here’s an article on Hans:


      • pmsalvitti says:

        Thank-you so much, Mark! It was so good to read the article about Hans. Through Tanya, his granddaughter, I was able to reconnect with his daughter, Rita Marie, who I had also taken care of. She mentioned that you may possibly start working with Hans. If so, please keep me in the loop. That would be awesome.

        Warm Regards, Pat

        Seek Truth for Authority, not Authority for Truth

        Patricia M Salvitti, B.S., D.C. Media Wellness Center 100 West 6th St, Suite 105 Media, Pa 19063 610-566-2525 http://www.mediawellnesscenter.com

        Safe, Effective, Health Care since 1980! Integrative Therapies including Laser Therapy

        • Mark Macy says:

          Pat, I’m glad you’ve gotten to know some of Hans’s family, a pleasure I never had.
          I’m not working on an active ITC bridge at the moment.
          It would be wonderful to be on contact with Hans, and with our mutual friend George Meek, and if that happens (they’ve got my phone number 🙂 ), I’ll certainly post all the details here on this blog.
          Best wishes in your practice…….

  37. Mr Zeta says:

    Greetings: I have read much about ITC and am rejoinng the efforts; so much so I am now Live Streaming my work in an effort to show my dedication; I am glad to have found your site and will look it over. I met Erland Babcock before he passed on; he and I shared similar life stories; I have some of his old equipment and design ideas. I am on the forefront of Electronics Communications Technologies as well as an Astral Practioner; quite rare I think; it has been this way for over 40 years. I know I am being contacted…My Site:


    Mr Zeta

  38. ursula bielski says:

    Hello Mark!
    I hope you are well. I’m wondering if you ever still speak on ITC? We have a conference coming up….

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Ursula,
      No, I haven’t given public presentations for a number of years.
      Thanks for thinking of me, though.
      What is the conference?
      The readers might be interested……..

      • Mark Macy says:

        Ah, Ursula, I remember. You host the paranormal conference in Chicago, which I attended years ago. I enjoyed your group, and I hope your conference is a big success… Mark

  39. Chris Lovelidge says:

    Hello Mark, I was in communication with you about 20 years ago through your ITC web site. One of the pictures that I found so fascinating was one of a planet close to earth in another dimension. I was reminded of this when I read a science article on the theory of a multi-deme signal universe. It even suggested there are other Suns and planets occupying the same space but in a different dimension. I was looking for that particular photo but could not find it. Would it be possible to send me a copy?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Chris,
      I vaguely recall that image (and the image was also kind of vague, as I recall 🙂 ),,, but I don’t seem to have that image in my files, sorry to say. It was originally published in one of Maggy’s CETL Infonews issues, I believe.

  40. Hello Mr. Macy. I’ve been researching ITC and set up a Facebook group to keep the articles and websites I find in one place, originally just for my own benefit. Since then I’ve had some members join, a few of which are somewhat notable in the field of afterlife communication. Would you be interested? I would love to have your insight. No obligation! Hayley 🙂

    Instrumental Transcommunication ITC

  41. kate says:

    After several years of intensive research regarding all things afterlife finding you on YouTube left me in shock for a couple of days because it was so absolute for me. I knew and know what you are passing on is truth. I can’t believe that such staggering information you have gotten is hardly talked about or viewed in mainstream I can only conclude that maybe people will only beleive what they want to however much evidence you have. I pass on your name all the time but most are in disbelief (I think). I get lots of electrical communication through an old laptop it stops on certain words and lately on 2s its amazing how dates will add up to 22 or bhe 22 or there will be 222. I’ve been filming it now but realise people will only think I am controlling my laptop somehow and thats another thing the laptop starts when I ask it to. I can’t thank you enough for the work you do.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Kate, that means a lot to me.

      I’ve long given up trying to sway the mainstream. 🙂
      I think humanity will awaken spiritually when the time’s right.
      I suppose the best that people like me can do is just to gather up the best ideas and evidence and truths, and put it all out there for anyone who’s ready.

      I’m glad to hear that you’re getting spiritual attention from the other side through your equipment. Another good step toward ITC………


  42. osolev says:

    “Thanks to good luck, deep research, and lots of help from around the world and beyond (including from my wise, loving, and supportive wife Regina), I’m getting closer to achieving all those goals as I enter the autumn years.” – Mark Macy on About His Website

    That is most uplifting to me, to read that text above from you.

    Now, please tell me what is your concept of luck, like as you put it above, “Thanks to good luck.” What about bad luck?

    I am most keen to read what you have to tell mankind what is luck.

    • Mark Macy says:

      That’s a great (and difficult) question, Osolev. I’ll give you a short answer now, and maybe a longer answer after the matter brews in the back of my mind for a while. After googling the subject to see what experts say…


      … I’m more in the “prescriptive” luck camp, thinking that most of our fortunes, for better are worse, are choreographed by spiritual forces. Not just ethereal beings, spirit guides, and other invisibles, but also the force of karma, or spiritual consequences for our thoughts, words, and actions mostly in this lifetime, but also carried over from other lifetimes.

      That’s the short version, but I’m sure the subject deserves a lot more reflection.

      What’s your view on luck?


  43. Mark says:

    Mr. Macy I have some possible spirit photography that I need analyzed. I’m a big fan of your work. Would like to be able to email you.

  44. Tom from Poland says:

    via evp I heard my mother after her death, now I do not mourn because she is alive 😉

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