ITC Gem 29: (Technical ITC 3:) MORE Trans-Images

At the height of ITC contacts (late 1980s and 90s), our spirit friends sent images showing people and places from the various communities and worlds and levels that they inhabit. The techniques and technologies they used were developed on their side in order to conform to the equipment used by the (mostly) European researchers, especially their TVs and computers.

The main technical developments in ITC were taking place on the other side. The main jobs of the researchers were to sustain a positive rapport with each other and with the spirit team, to provide some basic communication equipment, and to make small changes to the equipment as recommended by the spirit group. Some of those recommendations were delivered through ITC contacts (voices spoken through radio or telephone or written messages on computer), and others, especially early in the research, came through telepathically received messages. Researchers might receive clearly worded instructions during a dream or meditation, or they might feel a strong urge during the actual experiments to adjust this or that. In any case, it always involved a close psychospiritual rapport with the spirit group… without which there cannot be true ITC.

The recommendations, the small changes to the equipment, and the life energies of everyone involved in the ITC project on both sides of the veil (especially the focused intent of the researchers), all became part of the contact field… and all helped to “customize” the equipment for those researchers and their project. For that reason, an ITC device used with exceptional results by one researcher and his spirit friends usually didn’t work for another researcher.

That said, the following images were made possible by the historic contact fields established by researchers (the Harsch-Fischbach couple of Luxembourg) and their spirit collaborators.

– – – – – – – – – Begin Luxembourg Research Report – – – – – – – – –

Scanned photos


A photo is taken spiritside in a similar fashion to the way it’s done here. It is then read into a spiritside computer with the help of a “small disk” transferred to the TimeStream station. Then Swejen Salter enters it into the scanner program in the earthside computer.

Spirit friend Swejen Salter at Timestream showing Friedrich Juergenson picture to be sent to Earth

Paranormal scanning: A scanner system (on Earth) includes a piece of equipment and a computer program. The equipment, which contains a photosensitive diode, shines light across a printed page and observes the image as a pattern of black and white areas and dots.

The program copies this black and white pattern into a file in computer memory in such a format that when it is sent to a line printer or laser printer, a facsimile of the original picture is created. Both text and pictures can be scanned.

During paranormal scanning the text and pictures are fed into earthside computers from the spiritside.

The earthside computers used by Timestream spirit group are not connected to each other nor to any other terminal in any physical way. Each computer’s only connection is the 220 volt power connector that plugs into the wall outlets.

Swejen Salter in Timestream lab in the spirit worlds.


Jeannette Meek’s picture was to be sent across in this fashion, but according to Swejen, George Meek’s medium Loree’s deep belief and strong affirmation that Jeannette has angel wings, prevents the picture from being scanned. Swejen acknowledges Loree’s strong psychic skills, but believes that she is misguided in her belief about wings.

Jeannette Meek and Hal Roach in paradise, at the “fifth level” of spiritual existence

“As so many other people on Earth, she was told that higher entities have wings. Wings are of symbolic character and once helped man to be able to imagine the spiritual world, but they are not a sign of higher levels.”

George Meek disagrees. Regardless of whether or not his late wife has wings, his extensive research into angels provides very strong evidence that angels do exist and many of them do indeed have wings. Whether the wings grow naturally in the higher realms or are materialized by the strong beliefs and thoughts of Earth dwellers is uncertain. Whether it is angels everywhere or simply angels serving Earth that have wings is unclear. In any case, Meek believes that it is Swejen Salter’s nonEarthly background that may make her unaware of angel wings.

(Eventually a picture of Jeannette was sent across on November 21, 1992, showing only her face superimposed over a beautiful astral landscape in what our spirit friends called the fifth level.Also in the picture is Nancy Carol, the daughter of Jeannette and George, along with Hollywood producer Hal Roach. The three happen to be residing in the same spirit realm, so the spirit group was able to add them all to the picture.)


The researchers also received scanned images of two ancient healers—Paracelsus of 16thCentury Austria (above) and Yang Fud-se of 1st Century China (below).

Yang Fud-se (via television)

Yang Fud-se (via computer file)


All images are partial aspects of the mid-Astral planes—landscapes of indescribable beauty.

A young woman (Maria Mreches) shown in a spirit-world ocean is the late relative of an earthside family.

Maria Mreches

Another picture shows the River of Eternity, with a recently deceased spirit couple, Victor Ries and Heli Schaeffer.

Heli and Victor


Henri Sainte Claire Deville, a famous 19th Century scientist, looks like an earthside picture of himself (but clean-shaven) as he turns his head in a paranormal video clip received in Luxembourg.

Henri Sainte Claire de Ville in spirit

Henri Sainte Claire de Ville in lifetime


There is a sort of filter system used in the transmission of photos between dimensions. The filter modifies the sent photos according to the memories, ideas and expectations of the receivers. This causes some pictures to be altered to the point where they are similar to earthside photos.

Other pictures are obviously unique.

The late German EVP experimenter Hanna Buschbeck in spirit

Hanna Buschbeck in lifetime


Spirit world forest landscape

Cats in the spirit world

A video transmission of Konstantin Raudive was one of the first cases of simultaneous video and audio in an ITC contact. As you can see while watching the clip, it’s a still picture of Raudive (in his astral body) with his spirit voice (in German) superimposed.

Konstantin Raudive (lifetime)

Konstantin Raudive (spirit)

– – – – – – – – – End Luxembourg Research Report – – – – – – – – –

Editor’s note: I’ll try to make some of the paranormal video clips accessible in a future posting… MM

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36 Responses to ITC Gem 29: (Technical ITC 3:) MORE Trans-Images

  1. Leslie Harris says:


    ITC Gem 29: Worrying Anomalies

    Swejen Salter picture; she is wearing a jacket with collar and lapels. How likely is it that an independent culture of humans on a different planet, in another reality or in a parallel universe, would develop jackets with ornamental collars and lapels?

    Konstantin Raudive pictures: There is a giant anomaly in this picture. It is generally and widely claimed that entities in the hereafter assume the physical characteristics of their best years, usually late twenties. It is also said that there are no physical defects, that all entities enjoy effectively perfect physical function but here is Raudive wearing spectacles!

    I wear now spectacles but I can remember the time when I had perfect natural vision, from extremely close to far distance. Why would any entity in the hereafter choose to wear spectacles when they have perfect physical function available? This is completely incomprehensible and highly anomalous.

    Hannah Buschbeck pictures: The morphology of the two skulls is different. It would need a life picture of this woman at the same age as the ‘spirit’ picture to enable an accurate comparison; without that, these two pictures show different skull structures.

    The picture captioned “Jeannette Meek and Hal Roach in paradise, at the “fifth level” of spiritual existence” does not convey any useful information and simply impedes credibility.

    Several pictures appear to have images of individuals imposed on panoramic backgrounds. This was a common practice in the realm of forged photographs a hundred years ago and one must wonder why the ‘spirit world’ would need to employ this tactic and what they hoped to convey that could not be conveyed by an non-manipulated picture.

    Anomalies such as these cast considerable doubt on the overall veracity of the whole matter of the afterlife and any serious attempt to investigate and understand the afterlife, as portrayed so far, needs to address this.

    Leslie Harris

  2. Stephen says:

    So cool! And Leslie, the pictures seem to be less “objective” than photos within the rubric of our 4 dimensions…it appears the mental expectations and mind patterns of both sides of the veil make an image when it appears here what it is.

    And Swejen does have a nice Native American styled female duster, haha. Who says she didn’t pick it up in their version of Montana?

  3. Stephen says:

    Varid’s version of Montana, I mean. 😉

  4. Hi Les & Stephen, good points… and most have been addressed a lot over the years. In short…
    Swejen Salter developed a very close relationship with Sir Richard Francis Burton after she get settled in at Timestream… and it’s my understanding that the native american shirt was a gift from him… something he’d picked up on his astral explorations. (As in lifetime, he still loves exposure to exotic cultures.)
    And she mentioned in at least two contacts, the astral body has all the parts that the physical body had in lifetime, so people shouldn’t be surprised to know that intimate loving relations go an as usual… but women don’t get pregnant.
    The astral body’s much more thought-malleable than the physical body, and it can have various appearances. In it’s ‘normal’ condition, when the person-in-spirit is among peers, then yes, it’s typically at the prime of life without blemishes and handicaps. On the other hand, when people there come close to Earth in vibration (as in the case of ITC work), their body begins to look more as it had in lifetime. Glasses, neckties, and other worldly accouterments begin to show up. I don’t think it’s something they control “consciously,” but their appearance is shaped by the old earthly thought patterns that begin to resurface.
    Skull morphology isn’t my strength, so no comment on Hannah’s spirit body… other than she looks a lot more content than she had later in life.
    The paradise picture with Jeannette Meek shows only her face… and our spirit friends explained that they had trouble showing her body in a picture because of the contradicting expectations of her husband George and their housekeeper Loree (a medium with a powerful psyche), who both believed she had angel wings. These (strong preconceptions) are exactly the kinds of things that can impede ITC contacts… so our spirit friends did the best they could to show Jeanette’s face. And I don’t know about you, Les, but that paradise world even in black and white pixels is deeply moving and reassuring to me (mostly because I know it’s as accurate and legitimate a portrayal of the fifth level as possible, given the technologies of the time).
    Long story short, Les, go on with your doubts and skepticism… it’ll just make for a greater surprise once you get over there. We’ve all got our own paths to follow.

  5. Leslie Harris says:


    Thanks for the considered reply.

    And bear in mind that the opposite of healthy scepticism is snakeoil!


  6. Ricky says:

    I have been skimming through Mark’s ITC gems all morning (well, it’s now just after noon) and I have been reading with great interest the conversations that have followed these articles. I do not experiment, but I have always engaged in the practice of meditation and exploring different mindsets and portions of my consciousness. You may call my words a testimony if you wish, but I genuinely felt as if something steered me towards the subject of ITC – and it has given me nothing less than an absolute awakening.

    A couple things about myself:

    1). Ever since my conscious mind has been in existence in this physical life, I have been genuinely attracted to crystals. As a toddler, I would stare at these magnificent stones as if they were speaking to me or showering me with warm waves of energy.

    2). I have always been a very, very quiet and private person because I know that I am different. My mindset does not resonate with people in general. I am a very good looking young man at the age of 23 and I have a wonderful life. My career is fulfilling and my personal life is exactly the way I desire it to be.

    3). The evidence presented here on this site, and worldITC, has not shocked me in the least. Something deep inside of me clicks when I read about the H-F couple’s results and it’s as if I am seeing, or feeling an incredibly-large picture that is long forgotten (thousands, perhaps millions of years?). My point is that I know from my innermost core that these results are all genuine and that most people sharing our physical space would be shocked beyond repair if they came to the sudden realization of our spiritual reality.

    I just wanted to share my thoughts. I truly support and appreciate the work that has been done over the past couple of centuries by people in this world that know there is more to our existence than can be seen with our eyes.

  7. George says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself Ricky, Thank you! : )

    • Thanks for the comment, George. (I’m notified by email when new comments arrive.)
      Somehow I think I’d missed that earlier comment from Ricky.
      And I’m very grateful now to have seen it… and yours!

      Again, thanks,

  8. Diana Backhuus-Fronsdahl says:

    Hello Mark, 🙂
    I just wanted to say thank you so very much for all of your hard work in bringing this enormous body of work, and making it available to us all! It has all been a great comfort to me in my recent phase dealing with my “fear of the afterlife”!! Even only being 33 these things have always troubled me, but I, like a previous commenter here, feel like I have been led to the subject of ITC. In the last 6 months or so since I have found it, I have studied it voraciously & it has never failed to comfort & amaze me!
    It also always amazes me that just when I think I know all there is to know about the “paranormal world” or the “fringe sciences”, I then stumble upon something like ITC & I’m blown away again!
    It’s strange to me how so many people know of EVP, but hardly as many have heard about ITC, even though they are very similar in nature & ITC is so much more impressive!

    Over the last 3 months I have lost both of my 2 best friends, who happened to be in cat form!
    After long & fulfilling 20 year relationships with both, I’m obviously still upset & at times distraught…
    So I was very excited & comforted when I saw the picture here of cats in the spirit realm! I always felt that they just had to be in the afterlife, in at least some capacity, otherwise I couldn’t be truly happy there…
    Can you tell me more about the role they play in the spirit world? Are animals made of a different spirit/soul than ours? Or can they end up as humans at some point? Would I expect to meet my beloved pets in the spirit world as pets, people, or as a spirit form of some kind?

    Also if certain spirits of people, or pets we knew, are on different levels than we are on, can we still connect and/or communicate? Or do we need to evolve to that same level first before we can visit or communicate with other beings of that level?
    Along those same lines, how does one find someone on the other side? Is it automatic for relatives & loved ones? What if there is someone you always wanted to meet or connect with? Can you meet up with like minded people by hanging out in certain places, just like you would on earth?
    Is there a social aspect? I suppose that is how groups like ‘Timestream’ got set up?
    The population must greatly exceed that of earth, & since it’s apparently not so easy to get around for some, how do you connect with far away friends? Is there a “mental” connection perhaps?

    One last question for you, about reincarnation… I’m still reading up on this subject here, so I’m sure it’s been addressed here somewhere…! But I’m wondering once we die & cross over, how/when/where would we be reincarnated again? Is it by choice?
    What if when we end up in the spirit world, & we cannot find a certain relative or friend… Could it be that they may have gone on to reincarnate again, & if so, does that mean we have to wait until they die again to see them in the spirit world?

    I know you are a very busy man, so any reply would be very much appreciated!
    Thank you again for all of your time and hard work, and for making all of this precious information available!

    Sincerely, Diana Backhuus-Fronsdahl

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks, Diana, for your comment.
      I’ll get you some answers in the coming days.
      Busy at the moment (2015 August 1) writing the current article… an inside look at Timestream Station through the eyes of Albert Fischbach. It gets into your questions about reincarnation.
      Your other questions will take some reflection… so a few days….

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Diana, I’m answering some of your questions in a bit more detail now, a few days later….

      More people know about EVP than about ITC because EVP is practiced by lots of people who can claim some degree of results. People who get good ITC results are extremely rare, as I explain in this article:

      Many of the animals that we humans love on Earth do resume living in that spirit world at the Third Level where most of us humans awaken after we die. They’re often there to greet us when we make our transition.

      We don’t always encounter the people in spirit that we might expect to. For one thing, there’s the matter of resonance. People on the other side come together into groups of people with similar attitudes and interests and spiritual natures. Their spiritual vibrations resonate with each other. Here on Earth we often get accustomed to being around people whom we really don’t resonate with. They can include people in our families growing up and peers at school and at work. Earth is a dense world, and the subtleties of spiritual vibration sometimes get lost in the shuffle and overlooked. Spiritual resonance in the afterlife is as powerful a natural force as gravity is to us on Earth. Here, things don’t fall upward. There, people who don’t resonate spiritually don’t forge lasting relationships.

      Yes, there are places on the other side where people gather regularly for social bonding, where you can meet souls from many eras of human history. That’ll be a subject of my next article to be published a week from now, sometime around Aug 7 or 8 (2015).

      Most of us humans have reincarnated many times. Sometimes, once we get settled over there, we know it’s time to incarnate again. It’s a feeling or an inner voice. Sometimes it involves counsel with higher beings or guides. How exactly we pick a particular lifetime or carnal human or family into which to incarnate… I’m not sure about that. Here’s more on reincarnation:


      PS – a cat video you might like. (This one is NOT from the other side. 🙂 )

      • Diana Backhuus-Fronsdahl says:

        Thank you again SO much Mark for your timely & thoughtful reply!
        I have learned so much reading your articles & you have explained everything quite well… 🙂

        I’m very excited to be greeted by my past pets when I arrive in the Spirit World! It’s definitely something that is worth looking forward to & would be quite comforting during such a transition. My 6 year old daughter was asking if they had stuffed animals over there, lol… And judging from what I’ve read, they would…? I suppose it’s just like they have other material things, like clothes & technical equipment. She also wondered if her favorite stuffed bunny that our dog ate would be there, because she misses him terribly… (so cute!) & I have to say, I think she could find him there? & if not, she should be able to recreate him through thought?? Interesting questions from the mouth of babes!

        What you said regarding EVP vs. ITC makes sense… People are certainly much more motivated by immediate gratification, while ITC takes quite a bit more commitment!! 🙂
        But ITC is just so unbelievably amazing! How can people not be screaming about it from the rooftops??! I suppose the word “unbelievable” might fit nicely there to explain how most people feel! But how can they deny the evidence?? It’s overwhelming to say the least! I can only imagine how you must have felt when you first made contact with someone on the other side… Was your first major experience your phone call with Raudive? To hear from the other side & to hear them call you by name must be quite a thrill! Are they able to know everything about us without us telling them? Do they know our thoughts & feelings? Or our futures??
        Your article about Timestream through the eyes of Albert Fischbach was enthralling! I can’t wait to someday visit the Akashic records room & see my own “lives”… & hopefully get many answers to many questions that would probably only be found there…
        Are you still actively practicing with ITC or are the “connections down” at the moment?
        I know the group you were a part of previously disbanded, but does Timestream still exist? If so, are they in contact with anyone presently?
        I know a few individuals who are receiving some interesting stuff via ITC, but maybe there are no larger groups still working with the Spirit World at the moment…?

        What you said about grouping with resonating souls make a lot of sense to me. It can be so hard forging relationships here in this world with so many different personalities.
        While at times rewarding, it seems much more natural to be surrounded by those you resonate with, rather than always swimming against the current, so to speak… 🙂

        I read up on all of your articles that I could find here about reincarnation & picked up quite a bit of info I was seeking… Like what you said about the “inner voice” & counsel with higher beings regarding when someone is to reincarnate… But I just can’t help but wonder why we have to reincarnate at all??
        It seems like such a wonderful existence in the Spirit World, but also “real” enough that we could still learn what “life lessons” we needed there in a much safer environment, rather than in such a painful & cruel place that earth can be…
        I know that there is no light without dark & no good without evil, & maybe our learning experiences wouldn’t be “as real” perhaps, but we can’t remember them anyways, so how do they impact us? Sometimes it just seems so damn difficult, you know?!

        I also read up about why we “can’t” remember all of our other experiences & there are many reasons that all make sense & have their own purpose, but again I say- it’s just so damn difficult! Lol… 🙂
        I seem to get flashes all the time of either old lives, or old memories of another time or place that is unknown to me, yet very familiar. While at times it’s really cool & interesting, it can be frustrating as well since I can’t just “tap” into that memory, or place the memory, or even know if I’m supposed to be learning from it, or just supposed to experience it…

        Which kind of leads me into my new area of question… Dreams! They’ve always seemed like more to me than what some say is just our mind downloading the trash of the day & making sense of our daily experiences… While it might be partly a nightly restoration process for our weak bodies, it also seems like a definite window into our “soul’s” experiences… Or perhaps even a glimpse of the Spirit World?
        What does the Spirit World say about dreams? (I’ll be sure to look around & see if you already have an article on this…)

        I will probably have endless questions, but I will do my best to find answers on my own, lol!
        You have been an amazing help giving me insight into such a mysterious world!
        Thanks as always! I really appreciate you taking the time to correspond with me…
        I know you are extremely busy, so please take your time to respond if necessary…
        but I just want you to know that your time is not wasted on me & neither your efforts or information are falling on deaf ears! 🙂

        P.S.- Are there any pictures of “Technician” not wearing the creepy “cleansuit”? 🙂
        I suppose although a higher being, “he” (?), would look like us??

      • Diana Backhuus-Fronsdahl says:

        P.S.- LOL! I loved the cat video! Are you sure that cat isn’t from the Spirit World?!? 😉
        It’s amazing!! I’d love to have a cat like that…!
        I used to have a cat that followed me on nightly neighborhood walks, and he would stay right with me, all the way home…kind of like a dog! It was a lot more fun walking with a cat though… 🙂

  9. Joanna Bland says:

    im a medium an i am able to project my energy in to crystals to bring forth images an one of the images realy stands out an she is a recurring image of the girl anne guine i feel she is my spirit guide i would post the picture but i see no way of doing this on here sir but i do have a picture of her on my Facebook

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Joanna,
      I’m not part of Facebook, so I can’t see the image you mention.
      Maybe you could send it to me attached to an email?
      Then I could post it here with your comment.
      All the best,
      Mark M

      • Joanna Bland says:

        sir i have sent you some of the pictures via email thank you i have tried so many times to contact other people in this paranormal community an thus far no one would help me to figure some of this out the few things i have mention in the email is only a small portion thank you sir

        • Mark Macy says:

          Thanks Diana,
          I tried to post your pictures here in this comment, but I too am having troubles doing it.
          I’ll see if I can come up with a solution.
          Meanwhile, maybe readers can go to your facebook page, and comment there.

  10. Joanna Bland says:

    last night i finally put together one thing threw all this i couldn’t figure out why i would smell sage in the car in the food market outside then last night once again i smelled sage i was setting in my car an i looked over an there she was another spirit i don’t always smell sage just before but here lately yes .i call my self a medium because i don’t no what else to call it about 2 years ago i had a heart attack an i died my neighbor was the one that saved my life.i woke up in icu an i keep seeing people i did not no who they where standing next to me an these people where always grayish in color for instance there was a old woman i did not no her name she was wearing a dress with flowers i could see all of it but no color they never spoke they only stood there an this never stopped then i was pulled in to the paranormal community why i dont no i just keep thinking if i use this radio device i can hear there voices i did so much research an just one day literally it all basically came to me that’s a story one day i will explain .i never do any meditation i have tried because i have read that meditation will help you with this .an first let start by saying no i am not crazy let me tell you all the things that this has grown to good and bad i just ask an it happens basicly i have some crystals another thing i was pulled to i set down if there is a person in the room i tell them to put there hand on my shoulder an they see exactly what i see threw the camera lens i am able to take pictures now i dont have to turn on the radio i can hear them does this scare me yes can i stop i have tried the spirits wont let me they wont stop until they have been herd then alot will keep coming back i dont no why i think its because they no i can see an hear them no i dont have a big following i dont realy wont one i have found out people have alot of what i call spiritual junk the only people that no about this is my close friends yea i put it on facebook because i am searching for help ..sorry i didnt spell check i am not to computer savy can you please help me to figure some of this out …thank you for your time

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Joanna,

      It sounds like your brush with death opened the veil for you, so you see a lot of the strange activities going on around us in the “shadow world,” the spiritual residue that blankets the Earth. It’s where a lot of people get stuck after they die, instead of moving onto the paradise at the Third Level.

      I’m not sure what to tell you about your own mediumistic skills.

      Some people can control their skill, and other people have a difficult time doing that.
      One thing that sometimes helps me understand the situation is to google-search on…

      schizophrenia and spirits

      Lots of people on the Internet talk about similar experiences to yours, and many of them can be found when searching on “schizophrenia and spirits.”


  11. Dave says:

    Hi Mark,

    Something in the pictures that always seems to catch my attention are the computers at timestream seem to look like old late 70’s early 80’s huge and taking up the whole room. Are we on earth more advanced with our technology? I would think it would be the other way around.


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Dave,

      I’ve wondered about the size of those Timestream computers too. I don’t know for sure how they compare with our computers here nowadays, but I suspect they do a lot more than our earthly computers do, since the Timestream people are working with multiple dimensions, coordinating activities among us and them, dealing with a lot more colors than we have in our light spectrum, and so on.

      Just my speculations…….


  12. Matt says:

    Hanna Buschbeck looks like Linda Hamilton in “Terminator”.

  13. Juian Bristow says:

    Hello,Mark. In the video transmission of Konstantin Raudive, he appears wearing glasses. If the human body regenerates, why would he need to wear glasses in the next world?? I assume his eyesight on earth wasnt that good, and that was why he wore glasses. Maybe he likes wearing glasses? I dont know (LOL!). Thanks.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Julian,

      I think I answered that in my reply to Leslie and Stephen at the beginning of this thread (above)…

      “The astral body’s much more thought-malleable than the physical body, and it can have various appearances. In it’s ‘normal’ condition, when the person-in-spirit is among peers, then yes, it’s typically at the prime of life without blemishes and handicaps. On the other hand, when people there come close to Earth in vibration (as in the case of ITC work), their body begins to look more as it had in lifetime. Glasses, neckties, and other worldly accouterments begin to show up. I don’t think it’s something they control “consciously,” but their appearance is shaped by the old earthly thought patterns that begin to resurface…”

      I notice that details like this sometimes get buried in extended dialogs that delve into various topics, so thanks for bringing it to the forefront. It’s a frequent question by people who look at these images.


      • Julian Bristow says:

        I see. Thats right Mark, after looking at the at some of the questions, it was already answered. My mistake, sorry. But thanks for providing some more additional explanations about this phenomenon, I can see where some people might question this.

  14. Anthony Kelly says:

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you for providing all this information.
    I have my doubts about one photo in particular;
    the one purporting to be of Paracelsus.
    The landscape in the background is a photograph of Darjeeling used on nineteenth century postcards.
    The photograph with figure looks like a clumsy collage, and aroused my suspicion when I first saw it.
    An example of the original postcard can be found here:

    • mark macy says:

      Thank you for that, Anthony!
      It’s definitely the same picture, with Paracelsus “cropped in.”
      I find it important and fascinating… but it doesn’t really detract from the legitimacy of the spirit photo, at least in my mind.
      The same thing happened with other pictures received by Maggy Fischbach and Jules Harsch. For example, a picture of a temple where (purportedly) Jules Verne awakened after he died. That temple is nearly identical to an existing picture of a temple in India.
      Naturally that sort of thing makes people wonder if it’s fraud. For example…

      I was lucky to be a friend and colleague of the Luxembourg couple for several years, and the contacts that were witnessed by me (and by other discerning people) were absolutely genuine.
      I’m certain they would not fake a few contacts at the risk of making their work illegitimate.
      It makes more sense (as the spirits explained to us) that they (the spirits) sometimes have to use existing pictures of our world in their communications with us, to give us a clearer understanding of their lives. Apparently those pictures (Darjeeling and the Indian temple) captured the feel or essence of their world in a way that we’d understand.

      At any rate, that’s the way I’ve come to understand it.
      If I come up with a clearer explanation, I’ll try to add it to these comments.

      This Darjeeling picture is very important to me, so thanks again!

      • Anthony Kelly says:

        Hi Mark, Thank you for the reply, and apologies for the delayed reply.
        I have read more. Practically everything available online and many hard copy texts I have been able to purchase.
        More importantly I have started experimenting myself (based on the techniques described by Jürgenson, Raudive, and Cardoso) and the results I have achieved in such a short time have dispelled my doubts (I actually received, a clear voice on my first attempt!).
        I can’t explain it. I’m amazed.
        I still maintain a healthy skepticism, of course. I have no wish to be credulous. I have never doubted such things were possible. But part of myself always thought it was to do to be true. The results, however, are undeniable.
        Thank you Mark.

        • Mark Macy says:

          Hi Anthony,
          Our spirit friends mentioned 3 things that are necessary for a stable ITC bridge or contact field:
          1, sustained resonance among a group of humans on Earth
          2, a competent spirit team supported by finer beings, and
          3, a sort of physical medium, or a person with a strong, focused will that alters reality in worlds that are superimposed over our world (spirit worlds).

          #3 is important for an ITC experimenter, in order to get good results. A lot of these people with strong, focused will don’t even realize they have it. Is it maybe a quality you have?

          #1 and #2 are important for groups of researchers working together, but #1 is extremely hard for us humans to achieve, with our roller-coaster emotions.


      • Anthony Kelly says:

        I must say I am still undecided as to the Harsch-Fischbach trans-images, but I will persist with my experimentation, and keep an skeptical yet open mind.
        As an aside, and for your possible interest, since my fist contact, over several days (the last three days in fact) I have been receiving strange disturbances from my electronic equipment; particularly TV and mobile phone. My phone started emitting a high pitched squeal, something that has never happened before, my digital television switched from the normal broadcast to an image of moving green static and a static hiss at a very loud volume. I could not get the remote to control to set and had to switch it off at the wall. The switch from regular broadcast to static can the moment I thought of a question in my mind as to the fate of certain persons who had passed on.
        These two instances, among others, all occured on days where my particular circumstances prevented me from conducting experiments to making radio/Evp contact.
        Thank you for your time in reading this.
        I hope all is well with you.


        • Mark Macy says:

          Hi Anthony.
          Whenever you have a big group of people joined together in common purpose in our world— whether it’s ITC research or science or religion or whatever— there’s always some lying, cheating, and stealing going on. This kind of thing breaks down an ITC bridge by disrupting the resonance, but our hormones, brains, and DNA make that kind of behavior fairly common among humans.

          Anyway, all of those groups (and every person on Earth) has a core of honesth and truth. At least, that’s what I believe to be very true.
          I consider myself at the honest core of ITC.
          The Harsch-Fischbach couple were definitely at the honest core. (Maggy might have been at the core of that honest core.)

          Best of success with your experiments,


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