ITC Gem 1: How We Affect the Spirit Worlds

[Editor’s note: This is the first of a long series of short articles… amazing communications from the other side during the early years of ITC (1985-94), mostly in Luxembourg. I published English translations of those historic contacts and distributed them to a small circle of researchers and interested parties in various countries over a period of several years. In this communication, The Seven ethereals suggest that our widely held beliefs do indeed play a big role in shaping the spirit world.]

Technician (Ethereal Being): The world in which we live, which you call ‘the other side,’ is constructed according to the basic laws of Ptolemy.*  The ideas that living and deceased persons hold concerning this structure are misleading.

The life view of Ptolemy was then obliterated by followers of Copernicus.*  This life view correspondingly reduced the number who arrived here geometrically. At the moment, due to the imprint of Einstein’s view, and because of numerous new theories from your side — Hawking, Sheldrake, etc. — the other side here is, one might say, ‘out of joint.’

Countless people are coming here from the earth. The spiritual understanding of many are not as yet advanced to the point that they recognize their responsibility for the outcome of these events. As new situations on Earth are created, we stand ever ready for new changes to echo here. Here these lead not only to changes in our planet but also to the dimensions or planes. New changes then need to be made here to compensate. The solution that we at the moment have decided upon is to try to reach the core of our world through which, when you inform us, we would be able to create anew. People who read what you write would discuss it with others and slowly construct a stable direction of thinking. To be sure, people here live happily and peacefully and can ‘straighten out’ the many problems that you manifest.

Even if your side is not a mirror image of the third dimension, and this side also does not present a mirror image of your Earth, we mutually influence each other. We are concerned about the unresolved problems of the Earth and always seek possibilities for helping you. Many times we can do nothing and must wait until someone on your side takes the initiative.

For many, many years I have inspired Mankind to subscribe to common valid rules that make living in community according to spiritual principles orderly and possible. Today I try to inspire your society. I have determined that the guiding principle to which Mankind subscribes, when they seek it, is to be One. It is very different from earlier times when they allowed themselves to be led. Most of all, to me the greatest difference is how Man thought in earlier times and how he thinks today. When we try to inspire him now,  we take into consideration life in this age.

* Notes:

Ptolemy (AD 90-168) refined the idea that the Earth was the center of the universe—the view held by most people in the civilized world at the time.

Copernicus (1473-1543) upset the geocentric worldview, putting the sun at the center of the universe, with the Earth as one of its satellites.

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12 Responses to ITC Gem 1: How We Affect the Spirit Worlds

  1. Leslie Harris says:

    Much of this appears to be rather obscure. It would be very helpful if you, as one who was involved at the time, explained what it means on a sentence by sentence basis.
    Les Harris

    • Les, when I was originally introduced to contacts like this, they shook my worldview… and it took many months to slowly assimilate the information to where I could see ‘reality’ in a new light. I’ll take your advice to heart, and perhaps add a small summary after each of these “gems”… but I probably won’t go into lengthy explanations. I think you’ll see that over time, while reading more and more of this information, the picture will come into clearer and clearer focus.
      Here, then, is a short summary of this “ITC Gem 1.”
      Popular terms like “thoughts are things” and “thoughts create reality” may seem abstract to us on Earth, but in the worlds of spirit they represent a way of life. People can manifest clothing, foods, and many other ‘things’ simply by thinking of them.
      On Earth, the prevailing worldview in any given age is caught up in the collective consciousness of the people living in that age. While our individual thoughts can spin off into invisible worlds and manifest small realities, our collective beliefs can have a profound effect on spiritual realms that are associated with our world… that is, spirit worlds in which deceased humans resume their lives.
      I think that Technician (the ethereal being who is delivering this message) is saying that over the millennia in which his group of Seven have been supporting and guiding humanity, he’s seen a change from the masses submitting to their leaders, to a growing sense of “one mind” among a community of people in which social direction sort of evolves. While I see some exceptions to that (here in the US, for example, Vice President Dick Cheney and his oil cronies essentially hijacked America through lies and fear-mongering to attack the Middle East), I think it’s generally true that communities and nations and humanity as a whole are starting to be guided more by an oversoul or group consciousness… especially now that the Internet and other mass media are keeping everyone informed more and more of what’s going on in the world.

  2. Nicola says:

    Hi Mark,

    I decided to re-read all your gems. 🙂
    Can you tell me if this message was delivered in German originally, and if so who translated it?


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Nicola,
      I’d have to go back through my files to be sure, but if memory serves, it arrived in German and was translated to English by my friend Hans Heckmann. That’s the case with most of the contacts we received from Timestream and The Seven during the late 1980s and the 1990s. Hans and I, on behalf of George Meek, flew to Europe in 1992 and met with various ITC researchers, including the Harsch-Fischbach couple in Luxembourg. Over dinner, Hans agreed to translate their work into English,and I agreed to publish it.

  3. Walker says:

    Mark, while reading the words of the Technician, I couldn’t help but think of the revival of the geocentric model within some ‘Truth’ communities. What do you make of all this? I recently saw a presentation on the luminous aether and its relationship to the Michelson-Morley Experiment, which did not advocate a geocentric model, but did seem to suggest the earth was stationary.

    Having had many contacts from the other side, had you encountered any other discussions on the nature of our planet and its position in the heavens? Thank you in advance for all that you do.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Walker,

      It’s taken me years to digest and try to reconcile much of what The Seven ethereals told us… especially how the afterlife on the third level was and is developed around the laws of Ptolemy… the “old-fashioned” notion that the Earth is at the center of the universe.

      What I’ve come to conclude is that we mortal humans are steeped in the “reality” of the material universe, and the afterlife seems like a dream world… an illusion. Our spirit friends, likewise, are steeped in their astral reality, and our material universe seems like a dream world.

      To them, the working mechanics of the the material universe with its stars and planets and galaxies are not so important. It’s all illusory.

      It’s like trying to analyze the slow-motion trajectories of water drops after a big water balloon is dropped in the middle of a crowd. Unless you’re a forensic scientist, why bother about all the water drops? No one really cares. What IS important is the consciousness and the lives of the people living through the experience, since those people share a close, spiritual kinship with each other..How does the event affect them? What goes through their minds? How do they relate to each other? How do they try to make sense of what happened?

      The fact is that we mortal humans live on a small, beautiful, watery world called Earth that’s nourished by light from the sun, and we see a moon and lots of stars in the night sky. That’s the basic reality of mortal living as experienced through the minds of mortal humans of any era on Earth. That’s the familiar reality of human living… the reality of poets and lovers and children… and, well, just about everyone.

      And that, I believe, is the basis on which the reality of the third level is sustained. That familiar reality in which we (individually, and as a species) seem to be at the center of everything. It’s our relationships with each other that really matter. That’s the mass consciousness of humanity on Earth that helps to create form and structure of the astral, afterlife world.

      The actual mechanics of the vast universe around us is inconsequential… unless we happen to be scientists and we’re driven by the need to understand the bigger picture. Science takes us out of that comfort zone, showing us that there’s more to material living than meets the eye. As long as most of us have only a mild interest in scientific knowledge and hold onto the poet’s view of life (or the intimate, personal view of life), then the afterlife probably doesn’t change much.

      If scientific theories become more and more convoluted, and if more and more people begin to assimilate those convolutions, then we start to destabilize the spirit realm of our ancestors… and they have to make some adjustments.

      I think that’s also why The Seven have shared with us some important information about our ancient past… especially the planet Marduk (Eden) that exploded long ago. The more we know about our REAL heritage, the more we resonate with the afterlife.

      Anyway, I’m going far beyond the point of your comment (which apparently stirred up a lot of stuff in my mind 🙂 ). Thanks for that!


    • Mark Macy says:

      After more thinking, I’m not sure if my original reply (or any reply I’m able to make) would give the complete picture. I think the main thing is that each of us (humans on Earth and humans living now on the other side) see each other’s reality as something of a dream world or illusion. I’m fairly certain that the Timestream group and The Seven were/are reaching out to science on Earth, since Swejen Salter, who had been a scientist in her previous life, became the head of Timestream. So I’m sure they see the importance of science here on Earth… and the truths we learn about our material universe (Earth revolves around the sun, and our solar system is in our galaxy, one of many galaxies out there, etc.

      I think that with the information about Marduk they are only trying to give us a more complete picture of things.

      And I’m sorry, Walker, that I’m unable to give you my opinion on the luminous aether and the Michelson-Morley experiment, which I’m not well-versed in. I do know that some people with somewhat radical views (sometimes illogical and unrealistic views) try to use science to support their views… because science has developed a good reputation for analyzing things carefully. Like I said, though, I don’t know anything about that luminous aether information.


      • Mark Macy says:

        … so I just now googled ‘luminous aether’ and skimmed through the wikipedia listing, to see that luminous aether was a prevalent scientific theory in the 1800s, eventually giving way to current theories on relativity and light waves and quantum mechanics.

        Thanks for leading me there. I’ll try to dig into it all a little deeper in the future, just so I can get a better sense of how all of this has evolved into current scientific thinking. Much appreciated. Mark

  4. Pat Sypult says:

    What can your friends from the otherside tell us about the Mandela Effect and it’s cause.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Pat,

      Our spirit friends at Timestream talked of parallel worlds and spirit realms that interplay with the activities going on in our world, mostly “behind the scenes,” imperceptible to our conscious minds and 5 senses.

      I suspect that when we’re personally involved in that silent interplay (which happens routinely), then some of that interplay affects us subconsciously in ways that can “bubble up” into the conscious mind. (That sentence is conjecture on my part; Timestream talks of the reality of parallel worlds and spirit realms, but they don’t describe their mental and emotional effects on us carnal humans, as far as I know. But it stands to reason….)

      Here’s a link to a good, insightful article for readers (like me) who need a better understanding and clearer idea of what the Mandela Effect is.

      Naturally, the article leans more toward the worldly explanations, such as memory glitches, but it also explores the parallel-worlds idea more politely than the typically witch-hunting wikipedia does.


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