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An ITC Group Today Could Accommodate Many Languages

Google Translate and other globalization technologies would be a game-changer for international organizations like INIT. Continue reading

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How Did “The Seven” Shape Human History? (1)

Writing this series of articles is taking me on a journey through ancient maps and religious texts… among esoteric writings and myths and interpretations from more recent times… in search of information about how The Seven ethereals or superhumans might have lent a guiding hand to humanity on various occasions across the millennia…. Continue reading

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ITC Pioneer Hans Heckmann Goes Home… to Paradise

I was lucky to enjoy a seven-year friendship and collaboration with Hans Heckmann. With the guidance and support of Metascience founder George Meek, Hans and I got immersed in the miraculous ITC research underway in Europe in the 1990s. All … Continue reading

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ITC Gem 1: How We Affect the Spirit Worlds

“The life view of Ptolemy was then obliterated by followers of Copernicus.* This life view correspondingly reduced the number who arrived here geometrically. At the moment, due to the imprint of Einstein’s view, and because of numerous new theories from your side — Hawking, Sheldrake, etc. — the other side here is, one might say, ‘out of joint.’…” Continue reading

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