Human Spirituality & Politics: Taming the Beast

Through ITC I’ve had the rare opportunity to be in touch directly with people who’ve died and gotten settled into a paradise existence. Here are a few key things I’ve learned about the other side after nearly two decades of afterlife research:

  • As human beings, we are each a timeless, brilliant spiritual being living a short, illusory lifespan on Earth.
  • From the viewpoint of our higher self—our living spirit—donning a carnal vehicle, or physical body, is like looking through a kaleidoscope. The material realm that we perceive through our five physical senses is distracting and illusory. The bigger, truer reality is on the other side, hidden from our conscious mind.
  • After a lifetime in a physical body, moving to paradise is like going home, where we once again see things more clearly.
  • The greatest joy in that paradise world comes from serving others. On-going service to others and to the ‘grand plan’ immerses us in a sense of well-being and bliss. Love, trust, empathy, and good will form the pervading attitude in paradise.
  • While in paradise, if we begin to feel fear, contempt, doubt or other troubled emotions, the world around us begins to take on an agitated vibration. If we wash away the troubled feelings and win back the sense of love, our world settles down and paradise is restored… but if the troubled thinking prevails, paradise disappears, and we find ourselves in darker, more mundane surroundings where fear and animosity are the norm.
  • Not everyone reaches paradise after they die; some get side-tracked or lost along the way, caught up in those darker, more dismal worlds. Why? Simply because they’ve allowed a lifetime on Earth to instill their spirit with fear or resentment or avarice… or some other dense, earthy thought-form.
  • On Earth, we can fine-tune our inner spirit with a paradise vibration by fostering a noble attitude of love and good will on a day-to-day basis.
  • Meanwhile, for those who get stuck after they die, there are always good souls from paradise and beyond traveling through those dark realms on mission work, looking for troubled spirits looking for a way back home to paradise.
  • Troubled spirits don’t get stuck in the dark forever; they’re just side-tracked for awhile—until the yearning for love, good will, and well-being attracts mission workers who can show the way to the light.

Freeing the Titan and Taming the Beast

So, what does all that have to do with politics?! Well, simply this: The basic purpose of a political system is to sustain peace and order in human affairs… and to sustain peace and order in any situation, whether in the afterlife or here on Earth, we have to let our finer attitudes prevail.

Our noble side. On Earth, sustaining peace and order is not such an easy thing to do because of what I call our noble-savage nature. Due to events that happened on Earth long, long ago, we have noble, almost god-like qualities fueled by love, wisdom, and good will, compelling us to be gentle stewards of the planet and to serve humanity with the best we have to offer. Our noble qualities let us get along with each other in trust and good will.

Our savage side. But we also have a dark, savage side to our character that’s driven largely by fear and belligerence and that helped our early ancestors survive in a hostile world of monstrous predators. Our savage side, driven largely by our hormones, gives us the strength to fight, to run, to defend ourselves, and to dominate—vital qualities when facing danger.

The worst monsters are long gone from the planet, but our savage side remains… stirring up conflicts and dramas in our day-to-day lives that boil over into society as violent crimes and world wars.

Our noble side 1) fosters peace and order in human affairs here on Earth, and 2) pulls us toward the light after we die. Our savage side 1) stirs up conflict and chaos on Earth and then 2) pulls us toward dark, dismal afterlife realms. It’s an on-going tug of war between our noble side and our savage side… and the winner determines our destiny… not just in our personal lives, and not just in politics, and not just in world affairs… but in the overall outcome of the human species on Planet Earth. If our noble side wins, we will one day find paradise on Earth. If our savage side wins, we will probably not survive as a human species in the material world.

Political Systems… A Lot of Fuss Over Nothing

Again, the basic purpose of a political system is to sustain peace and order within a country and in its affairs with other countries, for example through laws and regulations and treaties.

I began studying political systems in the 1970s, trying to determine whether people are better off in…

… an invoked-sharing-type of political system (communism or socialism) or a freedom-oriented system (capitalism or democracy)…

… a system with a centralized government (autocracy, dictatorship, fascism, police state) or a decentralized government (tribalism, Islamism)

What I’ve concluded is that there are many, many forms of government, and any of them can flourish in peace and prosperity when the noble side of human nature prevails in government and throughout society… and every one of them falters and fails when the savage side of human nature takes over.

So that’s the bottom line in politics: The form of government we live with is not nearly as important as many of us think it is. It’s our savage side, driven by fear, that compels us to rally behind the flag or the religious icon, and to mistrust other countries with other political systems.

Maybe at a future time, when our noble side is running the show, we’ll trust our fellow citizens, we’ll trust our leaders, and we’ll trust other governments to be doing the best they can for their people. Just about everyone, in turn, will be honest and sincere and worthy of our trust.

Until then, the best we can do is to foster our own noble qualities of trust and good will… with a degree of caution. It’s not just silly, but dangerous, to pretend that one government is vastly superior to another! Each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Fostering our noble side is the only road to real political stability. Put that together with the Vitality Ratio for economic stability (the subject of a future article), and we’re well on our way toward our paradise destiny!


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