The Human Story 7: The Afterlife of Jules Verne

Short of our own death or near-death experience, what better way to get an intimate taste of the afterlife than a reliable first-hand report by someone who’s died and gotten settled in on the other side… especially someone who happened to be among the most gifted and recognized 19th-Century authors. In the spring of 1994, Maggy Fischbach of Luxembourg, while preparing a presentation for a congress in Paris, received a three-page fax from Jules Verne, via the Timestream sending station on the third level of spirit (translated from French to English by Greta Avedisian):

It is not without emotion that I am writing these few lines, destined, from what I have just been told, to be presented at the time of a conference in my homeland — France — as well as in Paris where I was, if my memories serve me right, for the final time in the winter of 1896-97, nearly one hundred years ago, according to your calculation of time.

Permit me first to present myself: my name is Jules Verne, and I suppose it is not unknown to you, since it already had a certain golden glow at the time I was living. Indeed, and as strange as this might seem to you, I am good and dead, and yet as alive as you are, if not moreso.

I here state: deaf in the left ear, practically blind and cardiac, with a defective stomach and suffering from rheumatism, with acute gout and diabetes, I was startled to find myself, at the expiration of my earthly life on the 24th of march, 1905, transported from my domicile at six Boulevard Longueville, as it were, without warning and without my being exactly able to describe the circumstances, towards a place that was totally strange to me.

This picture, delivered by spirit group Timestream to the Luxembourg computer of Maggy Fischbach some weeks after this letter was received, shows in great detail the palace in the astral worlds where Jules Verne awakened after his death in 1905.

I suddenly realized with amazement that I no longer had pain — anywhere — and that my blindness had completely disappeared, which allowed me to observe, among other things, that I was in a sumptuous palace bringing to mind the splendid residences of the rajahs, with walls constructed not in sandstone but in resplendent white marble. The opulence of many mirrors reflected the blaze of the solid silver furniture. The mural paintings showed courtiers and girls who were dancing, and I noticed a pleasant freshness emanating from a number of little fountains surrounding luxuriant green plants. My hearing, now completely restored, finally permitted me once more to savor the melodious warble of the countless birds.

I then heard music so soft and sweet that I cried with joy. Slender, fine and exquisite creatures, reminding me of my Honorine when she still possessed all the beauty and freshness of her youth, and who, molded in their orange and blue silk garments which contrasted with their tanned skin, invited me to sit upon the soft pillows and inquired as to my desires and wishes.

They spoke to me in a language that up until then I had never heard but, strangely, I understood immediately — and I was even able to answer them in the same idiom. (It was only later that I was informed that it was the “Language of the River” that each one acquires as soon as one arrives here.)

For a long time I thought I was dreaming, and it was only after weeks and months — which somehow seemed to me to pass like the flight of swallows — that I finally understood that I was deceased.

This image of Jules Verne was received from Timestream within weeks of the letter. “What I can see here far exceeds any fiction that I could produce! - March 17, 1994”

Naturally I searched for friends and acquaintances who were with me during my earthly life. Not one of the Hetzels, nor my dear parents Sophie and Pierre were, unfortunately, known in the palace nor in the agglomerations situated in the clearings of the majestic forests that surrounded my new domicile. I never saw a gardener touch or trim these trees or shrubs which gracefully seemed to adjust their spacing themselves. It even seemed to me that they themselves destroyed the weeds surrounding them by the generations of some enzyme that dissolved the matter and produced some sort of compost.

But I’m getting lost in details, a character trait I have in common with Dickens and Balzac, my favorite authors.

Alas! All beauty, even that which I discovered in Kwapore — for that is what my new home was named — ends in numbing the soul, and perfection is often the symbol of stagnation.

It is only recently that I have gotten wind of the existence of the group Timestream, and still only due to chance: one of the many passing travelers at Kwapore and with whom I was conversing on a gentle night of the full moon on terrace decked with “Jalis,” a certain Arthur Moos, a handsome man with thoughtful face, confided to me — his tongue no doubt loosened by the dry wine accompanying the slices of marrow of a fish with pale pink flesh — confided that he had quit the group of researchers in transcommunication (the word was new to me) because he was embarrassed by some sort of blunder made by his wife, still on earth. He now wandered and searched through the valley of the river, poor wretch, in search of a new hearth. This Arthur reports that my nephew Gaston, son of my dear brother Paul, joined this group in contact with Luxembourg. (the poor boy had spent a few years in a nursing home there where he had “died” in the course of one of the great wars that, I am told, had ravaged Europe after 1910.)

Three companions who were with me at the table and with whom I had formed a bond during those long years spent in the palace, had likewise heard of him: two Englishmen who both had died in London — one a Nathanael Wopping having perished at the time of the great fire of 1666 and the other James Smurl, dying of a hemorrhage during the bombardments of a world war. The third was an Indian who claimed to be the former Rajah of Bikaner, but it would be difficult for me to say if it is true or not. In any case, if he is not of princely descent, he possesses the manners and the style.

A fascinating air voyage brought all four of us here (this time the experiment with the “giant” balloon succeeded!) to be beside the beautiful Swejen and her colleagues of Timestream. 

So here I am, my French friends — and others of course — ready to attempt the experiment to establish a bridge between our world and you, the French researchers.
Be assured: I am in good company. Among throngs of others, Michel Kisacanin, the grandfather of (French experimenter) Monique Simonet as well as the ex-marshal Sebastiano Porta, already involved in this work before my arrival, are all of valuable help to me. (note to Father [Francois] Brune: I am going to buckle up like a Breton.)

My first message has become long and I know it, but it is a vice I share with another new friend here — Konrad Lorenz. He too never knows when to quit!

Jules Verne

– – –

Some details in this letter can be verified easily online, while the less familiar facts and names would take extensive research to verify… which to my knowledge has not yet been done.

In the coming days I plan to publish another fascinating afterlife report from Arthur Moos, whom Jules Verne mentions in his letter.

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23 Responses to The Human Story 7: The Afterlife of Jules Verne

  1. K. Pramod says:

    I am very impressed by the after life described by many by timestream. MY mother crossed over to other side in Nov 2007 of renal failure. Only after reading your website did i believe there is afterlife and our loved ones are living there. I did not get any information from my beloved mom whom I love than anything else in the world. I suffered emtionally for more than two years after her death from physical. Can you get any information from my mom? if possible, Dear Maggie Fischbach which will heal my loss.

    Yours truly
    K. Pramod

    • Hi,
      I’m delighted that this site (mostly, I’m sure, the wisdom of our spirit-world mentors) has helped with your afterlife understanding. That’s certainly one of the main purposes of the site!
      At this time, sorry to say, there are no ITC bridges in this world (to my knowledge) that are providing the kind of rich information that we were receiving through INIT… and that you are apparently hoping for in order to get contact from your late mother.
      This may not be much consolation, but I know from my experiences that loving, beloved mothers nearly always find themselves in unimaginably beautiful paradise communities after they die. I sense this of my own mother who passed several years ago, and I feel strongly it is the case of your mother also.
      It’s my hope that you’ve worked through most of your grief, and in your new, more relaxed and peaceful state of mind you will be able to feel your mom’s presence in your heart, knowing that although the two of you are living in two different worlds at the moment, you’re not separated by time nor space. The loving rapport remains strong now and forever. The more you can go inward to a place of peace and bliss, the more you’ll feel her loving presence in your life.
      Someday in our lifetimes, hopefully, we’ll be able to talk to our moms and other loved ones by phone routinely, but in the meantime a good understanding of our paradise afterlife destiny can provide a lot of peace.
      Mark M

  2. Niki says:

    Mr Macy,
    I was very impressed by Jules Vernes new house.Have the members of the INIT group ever published that picture before?. I have devoured all the on line books you offer us on worlditc, as long as the past CONTACT issues and that picture never appeared in their pages.The front page of the CONTACT issue No 2 1997 , (dedicated to Jules Verne) shows nothing but a blank space in the upper right corner and a picture of the rejuvenated Verne in the lower center.Is there a problem with my browser?. Did the white space actually contain the jalis house? I would love to be delightfully surprised by more unpublished pictures and contacts.
    Please, forgive my English. I’ve been struggling with it for years.
    Niki /Greece

    • Hi Niki,
      Yes, that picture of the temple somehow got lost when I converted the Contact! issue to a pdf file for the website. I may go back and correct that one day, but for now it’s good to have the picture in this article.
      Most of the really good pictures have been published already, but we’ll see what other surprises I can find in the coming months. 🙂
      (Your written English is excellent.)

  3. marco says:

    Hello. I write from Italy. I know that Jules and Maggie Harsch-Fishbach persons are not serious. They manipulated the pictures (Friedrich Jurgenson, and TAEdison G.Cukor, Jules Verne, the “temple” exist, and is in India, etc). We have been deceived! People like them discredit the entire field of ICT trust. Even I had believed in them. Until I found a Dutch blog (very well done in my opinion). Look at yourself. I have already removed from my site several pictures of HF as the result of fraud and manipulation. The link is: (For language use google translator)

    • Thanks Marco.
      Of course, I worked closely with the couple for several years and have no doubt at all. Their ITC results were legitimate.
      I certainly understand that many people, perhaps most people, will find it easier to conclude that Maggy’s results were faked, than to make the big leap to accepting them as real.
      I will look at the Dutch blog and then reply more to your comment, explaining how I know they are real… the proof it took for me to accept the truth of their work.
      Maybe that will be the subject of my next article… another, updated explanation of the proof…
      Meanwhile, I understand the inner battle many people endure when judging the Luxembourg ITC results.
      The history books will someday cite proof that their work was true and legitimate….
      Although you chose the wrong side… you’ll certainly be in good company! :-)))
      Thanks again,
      Mark Macy

      • marco says:

        Thank you Mark and good work.

      • Ricky says:

        Hi Mark,

        I was just wondering if you had ever had the chance to respond to the stuff in that Dutch blog? For example, a refutation of the claim that the palace/”temple” picture is actually just a building in India? You might have responded elsewhere and I missed it!



        • Mark Macy says:

          Hi Ricky, I didn’t take the time to explore the Dutch blog in any depth.
          That temple picture WAS a point of controversy at the time (late 90s), as I recall… but then so were a lot of the other contacts we received.
          We went through the tedious task of answering all the skeptics at the time, but it didn’t make much difference.
          If I find that old controversy in my files, I’ll post it here……

  4. Redmond says:

    One thing: the after death picture of Jules Verne doesn’t look at all like when he was alive: I checked, and you can too, just Google his name.

  5. Boban says:

    Hello Mark, I just want to say thank you for making the effort of connecting with Timestream , I have been reading and following Timestream posts for years now from all over the world, not just you. There’s always a common message of afterlife existence from them. Which has led me to believe that it is indeed a real place. Marcello Bacci is also a living legend that should be praised, although I cannot understand why he hasn’t been brought into superstardom. There is absolutely no evidence to prove he is a fraud , therefore he must be really communicating with the dead directly. This technology should be explored before he too crosses over. This letter has a lot of consistencies from Bacci’s radio messages, one that stands out is the ability to understand foreign languages when one has died. Healing of the body and so on. I hope to hear more from Timestream.

    Boban – Australia

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks for the comments, Boban.
      I certainly agree… dedicated experimenters like Mr Bacci here on our side, and right-minded spirit groups like Timestream, have certainly been doing a lot to advance our understanding of the afterlife.


  6. David J. L. says:

    How can this rather pleasant view (even on the second level) be reconciled with the standard evangelical Christian view of just heaven and hell? It could be argued that ITC is just the work of demons trying to mislead people into hell. Clearly, the information from the spirit bridge is not compatible with the Christian view.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi David, thanks for commenting on this site. I believe you’re the first to do so from an Evangelical Christian viewpoint… so your comments are especially welcome!

      (My brother and his wife are Evangelicals with a growing family of kids and grandkids, including a son-in-law who’s a Baptist pastor. My wife Regina and I LOVE getting together with them all for holidays and special occasions, as they’re all such wonderful people! We learned long ago that we can enjoy each other’s company as long as we don’t debate politics or spiritual/religious views. 🙂 We share an important common element, though… a complete and unwavering devotion to love and to God… as we understand God to the best of our knowledge. We no longer go into detail with each other about the details of that understanding, as that’s where we begin to diverge and debate.)

      Still, you ask for some details, so I welcome this opportunity to try to explain as best I can. 🙂

      Jules Verne and the other people-in-spirit who’ve contacted us from the “Timestream” spirit group said they were living at the “third level” of human spirit… which is according to the Frederic Myers model (which you can read about here if interested)—

      The third, fourth, and fifth levels (according to that model) are the places in spirit that (I believe) are usually equated with the Christian Heaven. Rather earth-like, paradise settings without the hatred and fear and suspicion that’s so prevalent here on Earth. These are places where trust, order, peace, and love prevail… especially as you get into the finer, subtler communities of the fourth and fifth levels.

      Over the years of our research we came to trust our spirit friends at Timestream. Just as it is with human relationships, the more you communicate with certain people, and the more their comments and ideas are fueled by honesty, sincerity, and good will, the more you come to rely on them as friends and good sources of information. That’s the way it was with Timestream over a period of about 10 years, while the communication bridge was open for us. All of our Timestream friends were always sincere and respectful during their communications with us.

      We also had some contacts from the “second” level, which is a place of confusion, fear, and bad intentions. We made it a point to disregard those contacts and to discourage those folks from communicating with us. We also had protection of finer beings (angels) who were working with our friends at Timestream. They helped to keep those second-level entities out of the loop. Anyway, it’s that second level of spirit that I would equate with the Christian hell. (Our angelic friends referred to that realm as a “plague,” assuring us… “even if we cannot avoid the plague, we can control the gravity”… meaning that the dark, troubled spirits might break into our work from time to time, but they (our angelic friends”) could minimize the harmful effects of those incidents.)

      I’ve also worked with people who’ve chosen the mission of opening up to that plague for noble purposes. Some mediums try to talk to lost souls and help them move on to paradise where they belong and where they can find peace and joy. This is a difficult and dangerous mission, and I have a lot of respect for those who can do it successfully while grounded in love and anchored in finer spiritual attitude. Not an easy path!… but one that will help a great deal in the future in healing our troubled world (I believe).

      My wife and I are like most people. We choose to avoid that trouble second-level realm through our prayers and meditations and life choices. Still, I have great admiration for those few brave souls who can “march into hell for a heavenly cause.”

      I think I digress…. My main point: I’m glad you commented on this site. Few devout Christians do. (Few scientists do either, as you might imagine. 🙂 )


      • David J. L. says:

        The idea of eternal torture in hell is so hard to contemplate. I feel like God is twisting my arm and saying, “You love me or else!” Actually, I am not a devout Christian, but am quite familiar with the beliefs. It’s really cool that you were able to receive communication from the other side. I have autism and tend to be a concrete thinker and it’s hard for me to walk with Jesus when I can’t detect him with my senses. I fear that the other side is going to write off humanity, and let us go extinct. In the old testament, it is strictly forbidden to communicate with the other side, and Paul in the new testament claims there is no reincarnation. I can’t let go of the fear of eternal damnation for getting frustrated with God. Dave

        • Mark Macy says:

          Dave, I know the feeling. At various times in my life I’ve lost all patience with and trust in God, amid the suffering and injustice that we and our loved ones have to endure at times in this often savage world.
          There are a lot of spiritual things I BELIEVE to be true based on good evidence and lots of research. There are fewer things I KNOW to be true about because of my (our) limited understanding as physical human beings… but I do know this: There is no eternal damnation for anyone. There are people who get stuck in unpleasant afterlife scenarios for awhile after they die, often because they let themselves get caught up in troubled thinking during lifetime… but they eventually move on to a finer spiritual existence.

  7. Alex says:

    But what astral palace, this is The new Badri das Temple at Calcutta . 21 March 1928, go to this link: Stop deceiving people!!

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thank you Alex!

      At the time the letter and two pictures in the article arrived in Luxembourg in 1994, I recall there was some controversy among some ITC researchers about that temple picture… that it resembled an existing photo. There was similar controversy about several other images (reportedly arriving from Timestream spirit group) that arrived as computer files and video clips. They were sometimes similar to Earth photos. I can tell you it caused a lot of skepticism and arguments about the veracity of those pictures… and hence about ITC in general. (I have an article on this site somewhere that addresses those similarities. It’s been years since I posted it, and I’ll have to try to track it down.)

      Well, I never saw the original 1928 temple picture until today, thanks to your link. I just did a cursory comparison of the two pictures, and they are indeed identical in many ways… and also have some differences. I’d like to study the two more closely one of these days and maybe write another article that tries to explain it all in a way that makes more sense… assuming you have rights to that 1928 picture and are okay with my using it in an article.

      All I can tell you at this point with absolute certainty is that 1) I’d heard talk of an original temple picture that resembled the ITC picture but I had no idea the similarities were so striking!, and 2) despite that (and other seeming discrepancies involving ITC contacts) I have no doubts whatsoever about the integrity and veracity of the work of the Harsch-Fischbach couple who received those images from their spirit friends at Timestream. Their ITC results are genuine.

      (Also, I should add, some skepticism by others is unavoidable and understandable. If I didn’t know the couple and their results as I did, I might be skeptical as well.)

      So, the next step, if it’s okay with you, is for me to write and article that addresses it all in more detail. It might not happen real soon, since I’m working on my current series of articles, but I’ll certainly pencil it into my calendar if you’re okay with that. Let me know.


    • Mark Macy says:

      In fact, it could be the next article in my “Philosophy” series (after the one I’m currently writing about extraterrestrials): Are spirit contacts real or fake?… or How do we if know spirit contacts are real?… or something like that.

  8. Lisa says:

    Hi Mark,

    Happy Holidays, and thanks for this great collection.

    Why do you think Jules was never able to connect with his parents? That’s a bit disconcerting as most people claim we’re able to connect with loved ones, including family members. Unless, of course, they didn’t have a loving relationship but it sounds as if he did:

    “Naturally I searched for friends and acquaintances who were with me during my earthly life. Not one of the Hetzels, nor my dear parents Sophie and Pierre were, unfortunately, known in the palace nor in the agglomerations situated in the clearings of the majestic forests that surrounded my new domicile.”



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