The Human Story 13: Thoth the Atlantean

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Note: This article is built on what I consider to be a few basic truths (see ITC Gems)  and a lot of supporting ideas inspired by myth, physical evidence, metaphysics, science, and my own interpretations of the “truths”. These are the basic truths:

  1. Humans originally came to Earth from Eden (Marduk) long, long ago and got marooned here.
  2. They had descendants whom we today call Titans or gods.
  3. A highly advanced, megalithic civilization preceded our civilization, and it was developed and governed by the Titans, whom we today would consider to be superhuman giants.
  4. Our civilization has been part of the “Second Epoch” (the First Epoch apparently having been that megalithic civilization that had been called Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu… and whose pyramids and intricate carvings have survived the ages).

The Edenites were timeless ethereal beings who could don physical bodies for awhile (perhaps a few hundred million years at a time). The Atlanteans were descendants of the Edenites—superhumans with technologies to revitalize their physical bodies to subsist for thousands of years at a time.

According to many sources (some listed at the end), Thoth was one of the more notable Atlanteans who, after the main destruction of Atlantis 10,000 years ago, resettled in Egypt to get that great civilization on its feet. Thoth and other Atlanteans helped all of the great civilizations early in the Second Epoch—Babylonians, Chinese, Mayans…—to build magnificent infrastructures of temples, pyramids, and radical technologies.

View some of those Atlantean technologies


Pyramids around the world. Modern scientists have no sensible explanation as to how these massive, magnificent structures could have been put together by our primitive ancestors, yet they continue to ignore our Atlantean heritage… which IS the most sensible explanation. (Oops, the big pyramid at the lower right is Bosnian, not Chinese. Apologies for the misprint.)

(for more good images, also see and

The intent of the Atlanteans (and their Edenite guides) after the fall of Atlantis was to turn the stewardship of Earth over to mortal humans. So paradise technologies were to be mastered during the First Epoch, in Atlantis, and they were to be re-engineered and deployed during the Second Epoch, which started with ancient Babylon.

Ancient texts refer to Atlanteans such as Thoth as “children of men,” and the Edenites themselves as “children of God” or “children of the light.” While the Edenites were virtually immortal and the Atlanteans could live thousands of years, we mortal humans have been locked into short lifespans, giving us little opportunity to achieve any serious level of wisdom without a lot of scrambling and dedication during the fleeting years of adulthood.

When Atlantis was destroyed by its massive technologies, the Edenites withdrew immediately from the physical Earth after directing the Atlanteans 1) to teach the mortal humans well, and then  2) to also vacate the premises. Before leaving, the Atlanteans were to plant the secrets of the ages in the great, ancient civilizations of the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas… as fertile seeds of enlightenment to sprout in the ensuing centuries.

So, the Edenites and the Atlanteans no longer have a physical presence in our world, and the ball’s in our court. Fortunately for us, Thoth kept a journal of sorts. It’s said that he recorded his experiences, assignments, and aspirations on a set of 15 indestructible emerald-green tablets. His writings help put things into perspective concerning the Edenites (“children of the light”) and The Seven ethereals (“lords of cycles”), who were so active with our INIT group 1995-2000.

Read the Emerald Tablets

Below is a synopsis of Thoth’s journal:

I lived among other mighty ones long ago in the Atlantean city of Keor on the island of Undal, where we renewed our lives across the eons in the Halls of Amenti. I myself went through more than 1,000 such revitalizations. Mortals today in the Second Epoch, with their fleeting lives and small stature, can only imagine the mightiness of the Atlanteans.

Living among us, in the Great Temple situated atop the highest mountain of Undal, were the Edenites (Children of Light), who imbued us with wisdom and power from the Primordial One.

My father Thotme, as keeper of the Temple, was a link between the Edenites in the Temple and the races of humans inhabiting the 10 islands below. The Edenites were no longer in physical bodies as in bygone ages but living now in their ethereal splendor. Few Atlanteans could directly behold the powerful energies of the Edenites and survive.

My life-long dream was to attain wisdom, so I was assigned to study for many ages with one of the Edenites, in order to become immortal and omniscient. Eventually, I no longer had to revitalize my body and reincarnate in the Halls of Amenti, and I learned to travel by thought among the stars beyond space and time.

When the upheaval came and Atlantis sank beneath the great waters, only the mountaintop temple was left, along with myself and other Atlanteans living in the temple at the time. My Edenite master told me to quickly gather up the other Atlanteans, board his great air ship, and travel to the land of hairy barbarians living in caves in the desert. Ascending, we watched below as the waters washed over the temple and mountaintop… to remain submerged until the appointed time.

We traveled eastward to the land of Egypt, where barbarians, filled with terror and rage, charged us with spears and clubs. I stopped them in their tracks by raising my staff and directing a ray of vibration, then I said in a calm and peaceful voice that we were sent from mighty Atlantis by the Children of the Sun. When I showed them examples of our scientific magic, they were in awe, and I released them.

I stayed in Egypt for a long time, helping the Egyptians to find the light of knowledge. They gradually developed their spiritual powers and military might, and they conquered the barbarians around them.

As directed by my Edenite master from beyond, I sent the other Atlanteans to all parts of the world to help other civilizations get started on the path of knowledge.

I created another hall of Amenti in Egypt so that I could live from age to age to retain my powers, keep the wisdom, and preserve the records. I raised a mighty pyramid over the underground passage with various passageways inside, including the passage downward into the hall of Amenti. In the eye of the pyramid I placed a crystal that sent a ray beyond time-space to draw the necessary powers from the ethers and focus them on the portal. I built upon my knowledge of the magic sciences so that I can periodically return from Amenti to incarnate to dwell among humans in this form or another.

While in Amenti my Master introduced me to the lords of the cycles. Seven are they, mighty in power, speaking their words silently through me to mankind. They told me to seek wisdom and knowledge from the Source through my heart, where the living flame resides. The Seven taught me other-worldly wisdom, saying:

“We have come from far beyond time and space, from where you and all your brethren were once formless. We can help you travel to that finest of realms where all are one.”

I told the children of Egypt that I knew their ancestors long ago, having been deathless through the ages, living among them since their knowledge began, leading them ever upward out of darkness to the light.

Know that we of the Great Race had and have knowledge far beyond that of humankind—knowledge we gained from the star-born races, who are as far beyond me, as I am from you.

It all started long, long ago, when the Children of Light looked down on the material world and saw humans bound by dark, troubled forces from beyond. Only by freedom from bondage can man ever rise from the Earth to the Sun. The Children of Light came to Earth, took on bodies resembling humans, and said to humankind:  

“We are they who were formed from the space-dust, partaking of life from the infinite ALL; living in the world as children of men, like and yet unlike the children of men.”


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5 Responses to The Human Story 13: Thoth the Atlantean

  1. Cliff Niesen says:

    Life is an experment of consciousness. All is consciousness.: A spirit can cut itself off from the creative consciouness and start a new one. Creating a new reality It must have love , & the 7 laws of creation or it will become desasterous. It will be only a technical reality. Teachnical reality will destroy itself off because it has cut itself off from the spirit ( God! Love! The All!. It will become for self, no matter what the outcome! This is what seems to be happenening here on Earth & thoth speeks about Mars being much like Earth ! They created this experment because they develope technecally but not spiritually & they did not have enough love. this called the lucifer experment. Its not wrong because as I said if it is done by the whole breaking off creating a new with the spirit of the whole ( wich is love, conciousness of the all it is done correctlly from devine nature!, And spirit is god so it can do what it wants! When it is created technically, mechanically its is not a part of the devine creation.. We are technical, but even that is held back by greed. Instead of using the earth’s wireless grid that can easily be tapped into by grounding a Rod made of metal and copper to tap into the inosphere ( SSchumann Resonance) We use fossil fuel, & other poison to the Eath. This why Mars is a dead planet because its atmopere has been washed away by its lack of electromaneticfield that let solar wind wash the atmosphere, oceans, into space. Greed causes wars, selfishness and a total left brain mentality. It is lost , technichal but without love even greed gets in the way of its technologies.contridiction of everything! Intstead of the whole coming first , the self comes first retarding developement. What Thoth said about Mars being like us & them coming here & mixing their Bloodlines with us makes sense!. Infact Even the Bible, Saskrit, the Mayans, the greeks war with the Gods & the Sumerians, Egyptians & Extra talk about this & not only Thoth emerald Tablets, speak of this but it is is all the Ancient records. No wonder the Romans Hored & destroyed all the Ancient knoledge & mystery schools & told us that world was flat & made knowledge a sin & sent us in a dark age that we still are in.

  2. Chris Berak says:

    Thanks your right on the dot!

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