Answer 9: How Parallel Universes Correlate with Spirit Realms

(Note: This is the ninth of the unanswered questions about ITC, the afterlife, and our ancient heritage that invite answers, or best guesses, in this series of articles.)

Question 9: How do parallel (material) worlds and universes correlate with spirit worlds and universes?

Best guess: Superimposed realms get ever subtler closer to the source.

(Note: After waking up for a few consecutive mornings with a feeling that something was amiss with this article, this morning I  crossed out material that I think was mistaken and added colored material (like this) that I feel is more appropriate.  — MM, 2018-04-25)

Pondering on things that are hidden from view can be daunting. That’s especially true of parallel worlds and universes and spirit realms, because at some point in our search we have to admit that they’re not just imperceptible but far too complex for us to fully comprehend. And that makes the carnal mind a little edgy.

So my plan here is to express my view on parallel worlds as simply as I can, or at least to start out that way. I’ll sprinkle in some ideas from the bright minds of science and philosophy, but most of the information comes from my years of ITC research… that is, information we received from our spirit friends, especially The Seven ethereal beings who’ve monitored humanity across the eons and acted as a sort of interdimensional gatekeeper for the afterlife communication bridge of our INIT group.

Body and Soul

First, there is a source at the center of everything, what religions call God, Allah, or Brahman. We got several ITC contacts on the subject, for example…

Since God, ultimately, is everything, and everything is God, it makes no difference which religion you belong to. There is only one universal truth which can be found through the path of decency. – Ishkumar, one of The Seven

So I’ve come to believe that God, or the source, is a reality, and there’s a sort of grand plan throughout the vast omniverse that’s built around decency.

(This, I believe, is the vital missing link in modern science. Without acknowledging the existence of that central source and its emphasis on decency, things simply become too complex and unwieldy because there is no real meaning or purpose in life.)

So… every living thing in our material universe, whether a person or a planet, has both a material body and a piece of the source at the center of its being, what is sometimes called a “soul.” At the center of our being, then, we are “all one” with the source and with each other.


The source is perfect and infinite, and it apparently emits consciousness that manifests everything everywhere. That divine consciousness is like a pure, nonvibrating light that leaves the source and starts to vibrate… first very fast, then slower and slower as it moves outward. Not outward in time and space, but “out-beyond” into many multiple dimensions.

Those multiple dimensions could be collectively called the “omniverse” (a term I prefer over “multiverse”).

But before setting off to explore those multiple dimensions, or parallel universes, we should take a closer look at these two specific parts, one at the center of everything (God or the source or the soul) and the other out here in the far fringes of the omniverse (our material self in this material world in this material universe).

I think it’s these two parts of us that make life seem dualistic, the innermost spiritual self and the outer carnal self, the good and the evil, the eternal and the temporal. In a moment we’ll see how life is a bit more complicated than that, but for now it’s helpful to look at the two extremes… the god-self and the carnal self.

Over the years I’ve come to call this our noble-savage disposition.

Out here in the fringes, we have this dense, agile brain-in-the-body whose behavior is driven largely by hormones, biochemistry, and ego in order to survive and prevail here on this rugged Planet Earth where life kills life to survive. That savage part urges us to breed and to propagate (lust), to be wary of strangers (suspicion, mistrust), to escape danger (fear), to overcome predators and competitors (guile, strength, will-power), and so on. That’s all carnal stuff—savage stuff—even though it sometimes feels “noble.”

The other part is an eternal spark of divine light and vast wisdom residing deep inside at the center of our being, imperceptible to the five carnal senses. One main mission of our spark (and every other spark) is to spread the light, love, wisdom, and general decency of the source.  That noble part urges us to trust, to be honest, to empathize, and most of all to serve each other and to help in any way we can to make life better for everyone and everything, since those are the “bonding forces” of the grand plan of the source. That’s our finer self that we carnal humans can access when we slow down the brain, for example when meditating (more about that in a moment).

Many Superimposed Realms of Varying Density

Now, if we could carefully separate these two basic parts of us, the body and soul, what we’d find is not two separate entities, but a set of other bodies that might look something like an accordion file.


If we looked at each of these bodies separately, starting with the carnal body and moving in-beyond toward the source, we’d find that they start out looking a lot like our carnal body but they gradually morph to become more like the soul… lighter, more ethereal, more formless.

Each body, each planet, each universe has a basic vibratory rate, similar to a crystal oscillator in a computer chip or a radio, but without the time element. That is, it’s not measured in cycles per second or megahertz; the best I can try to explain it (indeed, even to try to understand it) is that the vibratory rate of each body becomes subtler or lighter as we move in-beyond toward the source.

As we pull the accordion file further apart, the bodies become a bit more distinct.


I suspect there are many parallel physical worlds and many parallel astral worlds, even though the picture above just shows three of each.

If we think of all the people on Earth and all of the planets and stars in our material universe, it’s not too big a stretch to envision that our entire material universe has parallel universes extending in-beyond to the source. (It’s too big a stretch to sketch, however.)

How Decency Fits In

We each have choices during our earth lives between the spiritual (noble) path and the carnal (savage) path … or, more accurately, we all follow a winding path that moves randomly between noble and savage behavior from day to day, year to year.

We can hone our savage skills to gather up a treasure chest of wealth, sexual relationships, power, admiration, excitement, fun, and luxury reaped from Wall Street or the Las Vegas Strip, or Silom Road or Kao San Road, or South Bridge Road or Bugis Street, or Recoleta or rue Saint-Laurent or Las Ramblas…..

  • We can foster our noble side to shine like a searchlight through the encroaching shadows and dark alleyways behind this glittery night-time façade of human civilization… by spreading empathy, encouragement, harmony, trust, love, and good will… trying to invite everyone and everything out of the shadows and into the greater light that streams to Earth perpetually from the source. Again, these are the noble forces that lighten the spirit and flourish in finer worlds throughout the grand plan.


  • We can hone our savage skills to be exceptionally cruel to people and animals, or to reap a treasure chest of fame, fortune and sexual relationships with no remorse for those whom we’ve harmed… to go through life self-involved without conscience. We can be consumed by feelings of fear or resentment or loathing that darken the spirit.

Those, I believe, are the two extremes of human behavior that determine the vibration and afterlife destiny of our inner spirit, as I discuss below.

  • Between those two extremes there’s a noble-savage life style that most of us humans experience during our roller-coaster lives on Earth. On one hand, we care for friends, family, and pets, and maybe help out with some charitable causes while working at jobs or pursuing careers that serve society. On the other hand, we enjoy earthly dramas, seeking excitement, fun, recognition, and wealth in ways that don’t seem to cause others to suffer.

Meditation. To make noble choices more routinely, we can train the brain to release its tight grip on Earth’s savage dramas periodically, simply by slowing. itself. down… to a dreamy state. During those contemplative moments, bits and flashes of the grand plan are able to work their way into the conscious mind like pieces of the divine puzzle… and we can start assembling a picture that goes beyond logic and reason into the realm of intuition and inspiration. And we develop a deeper love for ourselves and the world around us.

Leaving the Earth. Then, at the end of our short lifetime, when we say good-bye to the carnal humanoid body-mind, our surviving spiritual self has been shaped by the choices we made during lifetime, and it finds its next (spiritual) home that’s suited to its current shape or condition or vibration.

If we fostered the spiritual forces, spreading love and empathy during our lifetime, then our vibrant spirit body awakens in one of the many light, beautiful astral worlds that resonate with the grand plan… probably at the fourth level of the Myers Model.

If we were driven mostly by savage motivations and caused a lot of suffering,  were caught up mostly in earthly dramas, we wind up as a rather dim spirit in one of the many dark spirit cul-de-sacs around the Earth. (More about that “shadow world” in the conclusions below.)

If we lived typical human lives, we probably awaken in a third-level world, for example an astral Earth or an astral Eden.

Conclusions and More Questions

So that’s my best guess about parallel universes: There are many of them moving in-beyond toward the source, from our dense material universe, through other material universes, and into many spiritual universes (which I arbitrarily divide between the astral realm of subtle structure and the brilliant ethereal realm beyond structure inhabited by light and energy beings.

What about the shadow world? Our spirit friend Swejen Salter told Maggy Fischbach in 1992 (by telephone):

Some people with the help of their abilities may get unwanted contacts to a world which is different than the spirit world. That world is a shadow world of earth. Some voice recordings that do not make sense reach you from this shadow world…  It is a world that closely resembles your earth. Beings exist there who also engage in ITC. In some respects they have progressed ahead of you. In other areas they are behind you… It is not a parallel world. I can only describe it as a non-negative shadow world which occasionally manifests physically in your world and more or less overlaps your world. From this world come the signs in your wheat fields… Many people on earth receive voices and signs from this world and do not know it… These voices do not improve in time and are of no benefit to man… No harm will come to any person who is in contact with this shadow world. However, it is important that you inform other experimenters about it.

So, adding that shadow world to the diagram might look something like this:


Notice the shadow world around the Earth at the bottom right, and the Earth couple at the bottom left.

In the shadow world, the various communities might range from drab to dismal to hellish, and they were probably formed across the eons by savage human feelings and motivations spinning off the Earth. Those dark thoughts don’t resonate with the noble motivations of the finer astral worlds in the grand plan, so they remain stuck near the Earth, forming that shadow world.

Now, about the couple at bottom left. People on Earth who spend most of their lives engrossed in savage pleasures and pursuits (like the fellow on the right) develop a darker or denser astral body during their lifetime, so when they die they probably resume living in one of those dark cul-de-sacs of the shadow world.

People on Earth who live mostly noble lives of love, trust, empathy and service (like the lady on the left) develop a lighter or subtler astral body during lifetime, and probably awaken in one of the paradise worlds of the astral realm.

Do copies of ourselves live in Earth’s parallel physical worlds? Apparently so. My Luxembourg colleague Maggy Fischbach was sitting in a hospital room beside the bed of her dying father on March 5, 1998. Our spirit friends at Timestream later told Maggy they wanted to travel “through a tunnel” to visit her and to help out, unseen, during the transition of her father, even though “traveling to Earth is fraught with problems.” It took the spirit team three tries to get it right. When they first emerged from the tunnel, it was not the right world but apparently a parallel world of Earth (though they didn’t explain how they knew that). The second time, they entered a hospital room to find a sad woman with blonde hair, instead of Maggy with her auburn hair. It was apparently another version of Maggy in a parallel world. On the third try they got it right, observed the passing of Albert Fischbach, watched his spirit body rise from his dead physical body, and accompanied him back through the tunnel to the astral realm.

That ITC contract really boggled my mind, but eventually it began to make sense as I slowly started to reconcile the idea of parallel worlds and universes.

Can we wake up in a parallel world? Apparently so. Around the time I met Maggy, in the early 1990s, she was working with two different ITC systems involving radios, TVs, crystals, and ultraviolet lights, both assembled while following instructions from the other side. They were called the GA1 system and the ESB (Eurosignal Bridge). She received a warning from The Seven ethereal facilitators:

GA1 experiments are direct contacts with other dimensions. This means, when you speak to us in this manner unexpected possibilities are opening up for you. I advise you to let only mature and stable people attend GA1 sessions. Unwittingly, people with their thoughts set forces in motion in our dimensions. When using GA1 in public you risk not getting any contact at all if unbelievers are present. The decisions you and other participants make over this system trigger many possibilities in many worlds. Do not make any GA1 tape recordings except when we advise you and can protect you from unpleasantness. If you do not follow our advice and do record it, you run the risk of finding yourself in a parallel world the next morning. This danger does not exist when you use ESB as this is not a direct contact system and is better suited for the Earth dimension.

So what does that mean?… “ESB is not a direct contact system.” It probably means that contacts are mediated to ensure that messages delivered to our world are somehow appropriate for us. The information won’t be mind-boggling or unsettling to the point that the mental-emotional stability breaks down at this end of the ITC bridge. More important, it suggests that direct communications between Earth and the many spirit realms can unsettle things on both sides of the veil, most likely because of the savage dispositions of us humans (our suspicion, skepticism, fear, envy, and other destabilizing emotions). There needs to be some sort of protective buffer for ITC communications that filters out the negativity. The ESB system had such a filter; GA1 did not.

And one last mind-boggler. Our spirit friends told Maggy in the late summer 1996:

Space-time consists of eleven dimensions, of which only four can directly be perceived by you. The other seven (compact) dimensions exist and are present in a vanishingly small scale in your universe. They are rolled together to the topological equivalent of light tubes whose diameter lies within quantum limits to determine the size of plank’s length. The value of physical constants are determined by them, gravitation, electron charges, selectivity, etc. When these tubes “unroll” a little or open (during contact) the constants are momentarily changed. Also, time ceases to exist. This can occasionally be dangerous. After careful consideration we decided against any contact attempt (during INIT’s founding meeting in 1995) in Dartington Hall. Not because we do not want to, or because your group is not unified enough, but because it would create a wrong starting basis for the coming goals and tasks you will be tackling together. The success of a direct contact would be very questionable anyhow because of the totally new location and the new makeup of your group. The equipment to be used would have to be different. The means momentarily available to you would not give the results that we are looking for in the future. A totally new (still to be developed) apparatus can be used during later meetings. Its construction will have to be done by you, with consideration of material we already mentioned in many past contacts. Priority should always be given to the spreading of ethical-moral thoughts and considerations. This should never be done through the mass media. Peace and friendship for all life.
— Swejen Salter and Konstantin Raudive

I’ll have to leave that one to the scientists, as I can’t even guess what it means. Are the four dimensions height, depth, width, and time? If so what are the other seven dimensions?

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8 Responses to Answer 9: How Parallel Universes Correlate with Spirit Realms

  1. Thank you Mark…this is a very valuable writing in your Timestream chronicles of who we are.
    This reader will have to read through this again several times. I seek a better grasp of the truths that are expressed in this revelation…ones that I know to be a true song, well sung.
    I have read and heard about the 11 dimensions since 2000.
    The concepts of holography and the fractal nature of finer reality jump out inside of my mental conceptualization when I read this fine piece.
    Well done….putting the ineffable into meaningful words.
    Thanks again….will be in touch.

  2. kate says:

    The book is going to be great,

    • kate says:

      The GA1 information has come at the right time, very sychronistic, I wasn’t aware of this and have had a very clear warning during my first couple of DVP which came as a result of making my own giberish using the voices of spirit and myself during the loving exchange of speech. For anyone wanting to make thier own giberish there is a free ‘EVP Maker’ download online that chops up and synthesises speech or sounds and can be used in conjunction with other recording software. Pray well beforehand for guidance and protection from lower entities, energies and attachments asking for communication from only the highest realms of good.

      Maybe the other 7 dimensions are the frequencies out of our human senses range that we know other animals do access. Not as complicated as we think.

      • kate says:

        Infrared reflects off of light particles when as humans we only see dark even though the sun has gone down so am I wrong in thinking this is a frequency or dimension we can’t access as humans?

        • Mark Macy says:

          Makes sense to me, Kate. We’ll have to see what unfolds for those who are seriously searching these other dimensions.


          • kate says:

            INIT did a great job of getting enough evidence and information for our times and you are doing a great job of depicting that information. I’m finding what you are saying is a great balance of evidence and human thought that also corresponds well with other great infromation and findings of like minded and dedicated people.

            Personally, it feels, there’s no need for me to seek evidence or understanding of ITC for myself which I think we all do to start even if a long term plan is to help others benefit from something you believe has changed your own life immensly for the better. I don’t know where the next phase will take me but one thing I do know is that it’s only because of this website I have been able to do this. I think I will carry the noble, savage and boggle factor to the grave…thank you it’s improved my own life greatly and hopefully others too.

          • Mark Macy says:

            That means a lot to me, Kate.

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