Unanswered Questions and Best Guesses

Note: Last month I wrote Mystery Solved… Finally, after waking up with an ‘ah-ha’ moment. I saw a mental image of the way our solar system must have looked 4 billion years ago, before the explosion of Eden, or Marduk, and several questions that had been puzzling me over two decades of ITC research suddenly were answered, or seemed to be. The article was just a preview or teaser, and I promised to share the answers this summer in a video-slide-show that I was preparing for the IIIHS conference in Montreal.

Well, as I finished the video, I realized that those are just a few of many unanswered questions I still have about ITC, the afterlife, and our ancient human heritage. So this article is the first in a series in which we’ll start to explore those unanswered questions and make some best guesses. From comments and dialogs on past articles, I know there are many bright, curious minds reading this blog, so maybe this is something we can do together.

Unanswered Questions

Here are a few of the questions that we can knock around in the coming months as we come up with what might be the true cosmology of mankind, based on the informational treasures we received from Timestream spirit group and The Seven ethereals during the years of INIT when I was involved (1995-2000).

  1. Assuming the Edenites were busy terraforming all (or most) of the inner planets of the solar system, how did physical life on Earth survive after the explosion of Eden/Marduk, while all the other planets became barren during the holocaust?
  2. Did the explosion kill all life on those other planets?
  3. How exactly does an ITC bridge work? (2018-02-23)
  4. Why did major ITC bridges, especially our INIT group and the Scole Group in England, close down around the same time around the year 2000?
  5. Why was INIT’s ITC bridge established between physical Earth and astral Eden? Why not between physical Earth and one of Earth’s own subtle templates?… those mystical places where ghosts, spirits, angels, ETs, nature spirits, and other (mostly) invisible entities interact with our world.
  6. If ‘the veil’ between Earth and the spirit realms seems to get unusually thin at certain times and miraculous things start to happen… why?
  7. If humans on Earth came originally from Eden and the Edenites, then where did the Edenites come from?
  8. If Eden was a physical planet in our solar system, which has one sun, why does the spirit world Eden have three suns?
  9. What about parallel physical universes and worlds? How do they correspond with astral universes and worlds? (2018-02-25, from Kate) 
  10. If the future of ITC is planned by spirit, who gets the exceptional bridges? (2018-03-25)
  11. Do asteroids have astral templates? (2018-03-25)

This list might become rather long in the coming months, and their order might shift as the story evolves. I’ll add questions (with dates and source) to the list as we think of them. But this is a good start.


Bear with me as I use this first article of the series to set the stage. Most of you readers are already familiar with the following information that INIT received from Timestream and The Seven, as it’s scattered throughout this website.

Timestream spirit group told our INIT group that they live on Eden or Marduk, a Saturn-sized astral world with a massive river that circles the entire planet. The Seven told us that humans on Earth came originally from Eden and became marooned on Earth, presumably after the destruction of Eden.

How does that make sense? Eden was destroyed, but they’re still living on Eden?

Well, I’ve come to believe that every material structure in the physical universe has spiritual templates or subtle, astral copies, which exist as though superimposed over the material structure. A human being has spirit bodies, as does a rock or a molecule or a tree or a mountain or a planet. When the material structure dies or is destroyed, its spiritual templates continue to exist.


From that I came to believe that Eden or Marduk was originally a physical planet in the material universe, and it was destroyed by advanced technologies of its inhabitants. The Seven acknowledged that Titans or godly men inhabiting the mighty Atlantis civilization inherited some of the powerful technologies from their Edenite ancestors, and misuse of those technologies completely destroyed Atlantis in a massive flood, leading to this Second Epoch, which began in Babylon… and which revolves around us modern humans.

Sounds like good sci-fi or religious tradition, I know, but I’ve come to trust Timestream, especially The Seven. So that much of the story, so far, I believe is accurate.

It makes the most sense to me that material planet Eden was located in our solar system between Mars and Jupiter, and its destruction probably happened 4 billion years ago (according to timelines developed by modern science, for example by the dating of moon rocks and the “late heavy bombardment”). Shrapnel from the explosion of Eden became the vast clutter in and around our solar system… the asteroid belt, planetary rings, the Kuiper belt, the Oort cloud….


(picture compliments of jedimaster via wikipedia with my edits and captioning.)

That being the case, then, humans were apparently on Earth 4 billion years ago, and became the last, living Edenites after the explosion. Those Edenites weren’t like us modern humans, but were giant superhumans, as depicted in ancient carvings and figurines.


So here’s how the physical solar system probably looked 4 billion years ago, before the explosion.


Or, as the late scientist Tom van Flandern suggests, some of those small inner planets (Mars, Earth, Venus, Mercury) might have been moons of the much larger Eden (what van Flandern called “Planet V”) and then became small, independent planets after the explosion.

Here’s how the solar system probably looks now, if you could see the astral templates of the planets.


The INIT-Timestream ITC bridge was apparently established and sustained between physical planet Earth and astral world Eden.


So with the next article we’ll start to consider answers to those questions listed above.


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8 Responses to Unanswered Questions and Best Guesses

  1. Daniel says:

    Why did at least one of the contacts we received talk about the importance of the astrological alignment of stars in successful ITC contacts? <<— In hermetic magick or the occult, the method by which a magician would conjure up a spirit would rely on the proper time of the day and hour of the planet associated to the spirit. This would explain why they had mentioned that.

  2. Ricky says:


    I absolutely love these visuals! What a vast, complex and mysterious universe we live in. I just want to let you know how much your work is appreciated – and it is incredibly enjoyable and exciting to read.

    I had a somewhat-unrelated comment regarding something I saw on the news the other day. An arizona woman went to bed with a bad migraine, and woke up with a British accent. The problem is that she has never traveled outside of the US. https://www.vibe.com/2018/02/arizona-woman-woke-up-with-british-accent/ Could this be from the influence of a past life? Could this be interference from the dismal realm? Foreign Accent Syndrome is so strange!


  3. Eric says:

    Just some wild speculation, as astronomy is not my field of expertise, but maybe the yet undiscovered “9th planet” that seems to be a hot topic among astronomers, is/was Eden..


    The size seems about right and maybe the effects they are seeing and measuring are leftovers from when Eden still existed (or maybe astral Eden still causes these effects)


    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks for this, Eric. I read the article through quickly, and there certainly is information that needs to be added to the mix… especially the large, ranging orbits of the Kuiper belt objects. I’ll have to read it through a few more times and watch the embedded videos to see if the information fits in with the explosion-of-Eden-between-Mars-and-Jupiter-4billion-years-ago theory… or if I’ll have to scrap that theory and come up with a better one. In either case, very important (to me) information. Thanks again,


      • Eric says:

        Hi Mark, in one of the videos that is on that page, it is believed that this 9th planet has a very wide/long orbit, since it’s orbit is influenced by another star/sun.
        Maybe this could explain why Eden has more then one sun in the sky, however I am not sure if it works this way.
        And to add Daniel’s post (and question 6) to the mix: if this planet 9 was/is Eden and it has a very long orbit, maybe it’s (astral) orbit was very close or ideal to earth’s orbit around the time of the major ITC bridges.
        But again…these are all wild speculations.


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