Mysteries Solved!… Finally

So many questions about our ancient past were answered by ITC messages from The Seven ethereals two decades ago, during the time of INIT!

But as readers such as Kate point out, even more questions are left unanswered.

Well, some of the biggest outstanding answers came an hour or so ago when I woke up around 1am with an ah-ha moment. Mystery solved!

(Okay, maybe I’ve been watching too much of the BBC Sherlock TV show. Regina and I have been binge-watching it. Thank goodness for the three mini-programs of interviews with all the actors [all of whom we both pretty much fell in love with, by the way] that came at the end of Season 3, because my interest in Sherlock was starting to wane. The last two regular episodes of Season 3 had been just. plain. weird… as though the writers had been supplementing their afternoon ‘cuppa’ with a special Rocky Mountain High blend. Then last night we watched Season4-Episode1, which restored the episode to its quirky, compelling and highly enjoyable self with a clear plot line. The point is: I suspect that most writers go through times of stress and periods of weirdness in their craft…)

… which brings me to this morning’s brainstorm.

Many of the big missing puzzle pieces about our ancient past fell into place this morning… I think.

  • why only the physical life on Earth survived after the destruction of Eden/Marduk, while all the other planets in our solar system became barren during the maelstrom,
  • why major ITC bridges, especially our INIT group and the Scole Group in England, closed down around the same time around the year 2000,
  • why ‘the veil’ between Earth and the spirit realms seems to get unusually thin at certain times and miraculous things start to happen,
  • why at least one of the contacts we received talked about the importance of the astrological alignment of stars in successful ITC contacts….

Those are just a few of the answers that, I think, are now sliding in place. That’s the good news.

The other news is that I’m not going to divulge those answers until August.

That’s when my video is to be shown at the IIIHS conference in Montreal, and after that conference I’ll post the video on youtube and write an article about it.

In the meantime I want to be sure I have the picture neatly and solidly assembled… and there will only be one other person who knows the whole story. It’s my son Aaron, who’s working on music for the video.

Not even Regina will know the rest of the story until August. At least that’s the plan. She has so many lady friends and belongs to so many organizations… and women tend to open up with each other and share their feelings and the details of their lives… which promotes emotional balance and prolongs life… and sometimes makes the men in their lives a little uneasy…. You get the picture. Regina will read this later on today, and I’ll hear those three dreaded words that husbands hear from time to time: “Talk to me.” Then we’ll see how good I am at keeping a secret.

Moving on….

I might try to harvest information from this website and write a book for the August conference, but it won’t be easy.

Well, writing it will be easy because that’s what I do. I could assemble a good book within one or two months.

Publishing it would be a challenge. I know how to self-publish, but I definitely don’t have the time or inclination to market a book, so that option is out the window. But, then, the fact that I “don’t have the time or inclination to market a book” doesn’t exactly make me a publisher’s dream, either… so that window isn’t open very wide.

Still, if I can get a book published by August… wow….

In any case, the game’s afoot.


(Okay, back to bed for a few more hours of sleep before sunrise.)

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8 Responses to Mysteries Solved!… Finally

  1. genecaswell says:

    oh my! You’re going to leave me hanging until August.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Looks that way. Regina was already up this morning by the time I climbed out of bed, and she met me in the hallway. “What, do you think I’m going to blab to my friends about the mysteries of Marduk? Right. Your secret’s safe with me, or without me.” And she smiled as she rolled her eyes.

      So, keeping it quiet til August still feels like the right thing. 🙂

    • Mark Macy says:

      That’s actually a running joke between Regina and me. When I was first getting into ITC in the early 1990s, she had mixed feelings about the information we (especially my friends in Luxembourg) were getting from the other side. Especially the stuff about “Marduk,” a spirit world with a funny name where people are supposed to wake up after they die. It sounded pretty strange to her (also to me at first). It’s very unlikely that she (or I) would talk to our extended family and friends about a lot of ITC stuff, especially Marduk…. then or now.

  2. You’re a tease, but we wish you and Aaron great success.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks John, I’ll pass your good wishes along to Aaron. I know he holds you in high regard.

      As far as the ‘tease’ goes, guilty as charged, I suppose.

      Truth be told, if I tried to explain this new theory with the information I have at hand now, I think it would sound just. plain. weird.

      Some of my other recent articles and some of my comments below them already border on the weird.

      Same with my other site, noblesavageworld, especially the stuff I wrote in the 4-part news summary a year ago. It sounds like wacky conspiracy theory.

      Nonetheless, as weird as all that stuff on both sites sounds… it all just feels right to me. I clearly present it all as theory here, but it feels pretty factual to me..

      But this new stuff, I really need to process it all and try to figure out a way to explain it without sounding like a total nut. And that’ll probably take a few months.

      I might have to cut back on my writing on these two sites for a while, as I try to sort through these new thoughts and get them into a framework that makes sense to the average reader, if that’s even possible to do.

      Anyway, I don’t think I took too big a step, or an inappropriate one,’ by dangling the candy’ with the above article. At least I hope not. Time will tell.

      • Thanks for your reply Mark. I was just kidding about you being a tease, as you are probably aware.
        Information of this sort takes a mind that has cultured itself deep into the stream of the thinking and the information that is being thought about.
        Minds that have not allowed themselves to be cultured would be unable to process any of this kind of information because they lack any foundational knowledge or frame of reference.

  3. kate says:

    I belly laughed when I read Regina’s reaction….so true!

    “You who call yourselves Spiritualists are the custodians of a great truth, for you are the sentries guarding the outposts, helping to forge the new era. Think of yourselves as soldiers of the Great Spirit, fighting the greatest fight of all, for you are helping to vanquish all the forces that belong to the darkness of man’s ignorance and brought war, misery, chaos and bankruptcy to your world.” Silver Birch

    Funnily enough this was used by Victor Zammitt on Facebook today and I think the essence of Silver Birch message just about sums it up.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Great Silver Burch quote. Yes, Victor keeps doing tireless good works spreading afterlife understanding week after week. So many good soldiers it the battle against the “darkness of man’s ignorance….”, as you quote.

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