From Darkness to Light with 10 Easy Words

It’s easy on this troubled Earth to sink into dark thoughts (fear, hatred, envy, mistrust, deception, despair…) and the destructive behavior they manifest.

It happens to everyone from time to time, but it’s far worse when darkness becomes a way of life… for example when in the throes of drug addiction or alcoholism.

I think the quickest and easiest way out of the dark and into the light might be a simple statement:

I commit my life to God’s plan and God’s light.

As soon as we say that, whether aloud or silently in our head, we start to get attention from the legions of good souls in finer realms who contend with the darkness that plagues our planet. Their mission includes helping us humans find the light, especially those whom they can recruit as earthside comrades in the endless battle against the dark… lightworkers.

The more sincerity and passion or raw emotion we put behind those words, the more attention we get from those good souls… which is probably why people “at the end of their ropes” often have a miracle healing.

For sincerity, I like to do it from a light meditative state to the rhythm of my breathing:

(inhale)  (exhale)  (inhale)    (exhale)    (inhale)     (exhale)       (inhale)     (exhale)
      I         commit      my             life      to  God’s           plan   and   God’s          light.

For passion, I let the words and the concept behind them surge through my mind when things seem desperate and out of control, and then gradually settle into the breathing mantra.

From my research I think it’s easier to rise from darkness to light while we’re still living on Earth.

If we die in times of dark thinking and awaken in a confused and troubled place, it’s not as easy to find the light… but prayers from those left behind on Earth can help.

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13 Responses to From Darkness to Light with 10 Easy Words

  1. Thank you Mark…this is nice advice and practice.

  2. Mark Macy says:

    Hi John, wish I could say it’s original, but I think if you gathered up all of the most successful transformational and recovery programs from any era and boiled them all down into a single nugget, it would be…

    “turning one’s life over to a higher power.”

  3. I appreciate, understand, and agree with your statement Mark. I inadvertently ended up creating my own phrases, which are rooted in the same ideas – originally gleaned for me from one of the Godfre Ray books….ie. advice from St. Germain.

    I can honestly say that they have served me well, they DO work, and are essential in the context in which you describe. 🙂

  4. Liz Wagner says:

    Dear Mark
    Thank you for that. It seems we need constant reminders or we forget to remember that which is real and get ourselves lost in the darkness, as you describe. The words you use are beautiful.
    Best wishes
    Liz Wagner

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Keith and Liz.

      Keith, I spent some time googling St Germain and Godfre Ray King today. Sounds like very enlightened information… from St Germain, Chohan of the seventh ray, information King received in the 1930s.

      I’ve wondered over the years if those seven rays are the same as The Seven who opened the ITC bridge with INIT in the 1990s. Different names, but as they told us, names are not used by them except to identify themselves to us on Earth, to whom names are more meaningful. Or maybe the Seven Elohim, also mentioned by St Germain.

      I wish I had known more about the Seven Rays during those INIT days, so I could have asked our “Seven” if they were the same group, or in what manner and to whom they’ve made contact with humanity in the past.

      Thanks for the connection to the Seven Rays,


  5. Kate says:

    I nearly had an asthma attack trying to inhale and exhale. Up untill the last couple of months I would see and refer to god as ‘the devine energy of the universe’ but not so now. For years I’ve listened to near death experiences and a couple of months ago binge watched several on youtube and they all described a god that communicates a two way conversation with the NDEs and generated an amazing feeling of love and acceptance. I feel like I’ve only just discovered a ‘proper’ god, something more singular. Right or wrong it’s making a big difference to my whole life. I thought I might be going a bit barmy but then I read this article, thanks Mark.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Kate, I think your description of God as “the divine energy of the universe” is real close to the way I think of God. It’s both the source of life energy that creates and sustains everything, and also the energy itself that’s spread throughout everything. According to The Seven:

      “Many of you have a false impression about us. Unfortunately this is often the case with your mediums, who recognize only part of us. Also, there are a great number of people who claim to have a direct connection to God, Jaweh or Jehovah. Some ITC experimenters believe this. It is not correct. Many Earth people mistakenly perceive God as a person or an individual entity. God is not a person, but the highest principle of life, as well as the absolute reality. It is the absolute unity and the absolute, unlimited and all-encompassing Universe. As a limitless entity, the universe can never be one of the creative individuals who are numerous in the cosmos.”

      I think when we pray to God or talk to God or hear from God, we’re actually making contact with some of the many, many brilliant intercessors, or beings of much finer vibration who are closer to the Source than we are. Since we don’t usually know who exactly these beings are, it probably makes good sense to refer to them collectively as “God.”

      Anyway, that’s the way I’ve come to understand things………….


      Asthma attack indeed. 🙂

      • Kate says:

        Thanks for this, it’s made me think…..I still do believe God is, as the seven say, ‘unlimited and all-encompassing Universe’ but never felt a connection because that description, feels to me personally, fragmented and long distant even though I know it’s not. The NDEs seem to talk as though God is like a person but also capable of things that a person isn’t. This I can relate to because they describe a two way exchange with ordinary people and each and every one of us. It could be that I probably had a misconcieved idea that an individual (me) wasn’t worthy or significant enough to have dialogue with a God that was listened to but the NDEs seem to open my eyes to the idea that of course ALL of us are listened to. As you say it may be intercessors which I call angels and spirit guides.

        I’m the same with guided meditation…end up getting really huffty puffty so usually do my own breathing speed, There’s always one 🙂

        • Kate says:

          I’m wrong when I say the NDEs ‘opened my eyes’ I should replace that with validated and confirmed and I don’t actually mean ‘worthy or significant’ literally more a sense of no real connection because why would there be a connection. I’m really stuck for words at the moment and probably to hasty posting these posts. Thank you for the quote you have posted, I understand it and it is important,

        • Mark Macy says:

          I suspect that everyone and everything has a piece of God inside it, a spark of the source, a soul. So everything is connected that way. At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. 🙂

          It’s just hard to feel the connection when being totally engrossed in the material illusion around us through the five senses. Meditation is one way to transcend the illusion and get closer to feeling the connection… I think.


          • Kate says:

            I dug out some stuff I wrote down from Marcello Bacci documentary and what spirit said to him when he asked about religion and God. …… spirit says, “Raising a microphone is like disturbing the universe” MB asks, “can you hear me my friend”, there’s a sound of wind blowing and a reply “No one is close to God like an atheist. You would not look for me if you haven’t found me”. MB asks, “who are you my friend?…can you tell us?..Can you hear my friend, don’t go away, you have a beautiful voice, don’t go away”….The reply over his radio..”Tranquility is this experience. God is the same silence to the point of scaring you”…..A later experiment at Grosseto centre 20th March 1987 was done, (which I think seems to carry on )…..Spirit say “The most silent point in the world is where the Terrestrial and universal silence is concentrated. It can also be love. Who is atheist fills in the silence of the stones as it is impossible to express God. Continue if God wants. He is one in different forms, in the world we know that He is one.” and that was the end of that in the documentary.
            Not sure if I do understand that message but it’s on the lines of what you are saying Mark and the Seven, I think……I probably need to think a lot more about this and as you point out our senses are limited, meditation may be part of the terrestrial and universal silence as quoted above. tosiaz sums it up brilliantly.
            Thanks Mark, as always I love the articles and this one has come along at a time I’m having big changes in myself on this subject.

  6. tosiaz says:

    Excellent advice, and much needed in these sometimes terrifyingly dark times. I add that with that statement, we must be willing to let go of our fears, doubts and judgments about this or that situation, person or nation to create an inner spaciousness into which the energy of those words, of our commitment can sink deeply to become part of our being. It does work, I know, but the work is ongoing, for the pull of the world outside of us does not end, and is strong. Thank you for this truly valuable post, Mark. God bless.

    • Mark Macy says:

      I agree, Tosca. My wife Regina is in a journaling group, and I think there’s one aspect of the work where they get in the habit of writing down thoughts that are troubling them and then releasing them, probably into that “inner spaciousness” you refer to.

      For me, my noblesavageworld blog is like a personal journal where I can vent and release (since it’s always had fewer than 10 readers and subscribers).

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