The Latest News About Our Ancient Past

News Roundup, December 2015

This year-end article (adapted from my other website) rounds up some of the latest news from around the world and shuffles it into the historical framework given to us through ITC contacts. I summarize that framework at the end of the article.

For starters, we’ll look at recent news about what was, for all intents and purposes…

The Beginning….

The general consensus among scientists is that there was a mega event 4 billion years ago that caused hellish conditions on Earth and throughout our solar system. Science calls it the Late Heavy Bombardment (LHB).

Earth’s ancient history. Despite the LHB and other major cataclysms happening on Earth over countless millennia, one thing has survived and held steady through it all: Zircon crystals. (Read more… )

Zircon crystals are tiny—about the size of a pencil point—and they’re virtually indestructible. They outlast the rocks in which they’re embedded and survive long cycles of erosion.

Their indestructibility makes tiny zircon crystals fairly reliable ancient history books.

Their indestructibility makes tiny zircon crystals fairly reliable ancient history books.

Molecules found in zircon crystals give scientists a reliable idea of what was going on in the environment at the time the crystals were formed. If scientists could find, for example, carbon in some of those zircon crystals, it would suggest that life had existed at the time they were formed.

Well, scientists this year may have found the earliest evidence of life on Earth. Until now it’s been the general consensus that the oldest rocks on Earth are 4 billion years old, and that life emerged here 3.8 billion years ago… but zircon crystals found this year in the Jack Hills of Western Australia tell a different story. They hold evidence of life on Earth more than 4 billion years ago, in the form of carbon traces in their tough crystalline structures. (Read more… )

Those crystals would trace life back to what science calls the “Hadean Eon,” which predates the bombardment of Earth, when conditions here were apparently more peaceful and idyllic.

Pluto’s ancient history. The New Horizons spacecraft launched in 2006 finally arrived at Pluto this year, and began sending back pictures that have added more ancient surprises for the scientific community to ponder.

Pluto is the planet way out at the fringes of our solar system, and it’s a lot smaller than Earth, like a golf ball next to a basketball.

Among the surprises on Pluto is a large, heart-shaped crater that might have come from a direct hit during the LHB 4 billion years ago.

Among the surprises on Pluto is a large, heart-shaped crater that might have come from a direct hit during the LHB 4 billion years ago.

Mainly, the surface of the tiny planet is a mixed bag. As expected, some areas are heavily pock-marked with craters, indicating that, like Earth, Pluto also fell victim to the LHB storm 4 billion years ago. But other areas have no craters at all, suggesting that either they were shielded somehow from the asteroids’ impacts way back then, or else they are newer additions to Pluto, having formed much more recently, maybe just 10 million years ago.

In any case, the mysteries of Pluto are just starting to come in. More pictures are expected to arrive in 2016.  (Read about other surprises from Pluto this year… )

Here’s what I think happened….

The explosion of a planet Eden, or Marduk, is what caused the “Late Heavy Bombardment” 4 billion years ago. Earth and all of the other planets and moons in our solar system were pummeled by asteroids, and most of the “rocks” that cover Earth and other planets are shrapnel from the explosion.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if science one day learns that tiny Pluto and various moons throughout the solar system are actually “tamed” asteroids that eventually fell neatly into a suitable orbit after the explosion.

Before the explosion, I believe terraforming was underway by Edenite colonists living on Earth, and probably on other planets as well.

If that’s the case, scientists will continue to find more and more evidence of life from the old, pre-explosion Hadean Eon. And I’ll bet they find that Earth was a veritable paradise in the making… thanks to Edenite colonists living here at the time.

Asteroid Impacts Across the Eons

Debate has been on-going for decades over the reason for mass extinctions.

Life on Earth has been ravaged at various times over the planet’s long history. Entire species have been wiped out virtually overnight… and for decades, scientists have been arguing about why.

This year brought the best evidence yet: Impacts by asteroids (made largely of rock) and comets (made largely of ice) were so destructive on certain occasions that the entire global ecosystem had to totally regroup.

The most familiar example is the demise of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, now generally accepted as the result of an asteroid impact that caused the Chicxulub crater on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula.

The Chicxulub Crater.

The Chicxulub Crater.

What surprised me about this year’s news is the evidence of six impact events over the past 260 million years at fairly regular intervals… happening about every 26 million years.

If that’s the case, it’s probably not just random impacts by wayward asteroids, as I’ve been assuming.

The scientists involved in the study suggest that it has to do with the sun and Earth migrating regularly through the Oort cloud, which is an immense field of comets that not only fills our solar system (as the asteroids do), but extends beyond the solar system out into interstellar space.

The Oort cloud and Kuiper Belt contain comets that fill and extend beyond our solar system. Their sizes are enlarged here to be visible. This image is rendered from an SVG image created by Medium69… William Crochot –

The Oort cloud and Kuiper Belt contain comets that fill and extend beyond our solar system. Their sizes are enlarged here to be visible. This image is rendered from an SVG image created by Medium69… William Crochot –


(Read more about the asteroids and comets here…   and   here… )

Here’s what I think happened….

I’ve long suspected that Earth was pummeled from time to time by asteroids that have been cluttering up our solar system since the fall of Marduk 4 billion years ago… and those impacts caused major upheavals and transformations in the terrestrial ecosystem.

Now I have to adjust my theory to suggest that the comets in the Oort cloud and Kuiper Belt are also shrapnel from the Eden explosion. If the Earth has encounters with that cloud every 26 million years, as the scientists suggest, then that could explain why impacts and mass extinctions occur with some regularity.

Bottom line:  Comets and asteroids both are simply shrapnel from the explosion 4 billion years ago… and when that shrapnel encounters our world, there’s a major shake-up.

Bear in mind: Comets, often called “dirty snowballs,” are formed largely of water ice, which stands to reason if Marduk had been a watery world like ours, as our ITC contacts have led us to believe. Ice, rock, and debris would all have been caught up in the shrapnel during the explosion of the watery world Eden.

Water On the Moon

Speaking of water… large deposits of water were found on the moon six years ago. (Read more… )

Before that, everyone assumed the moon was probably barren and dry.

Since that discovery of water on the moon, it’s been generally assumed that the water had fallen from comets.

This year scientists determined that most of the water on the moon came from asteroid impacts.

Many asteroids contain lots of ice, and much more water can be delivered to a barren planet or moon by an icy asteroid impact than from a passing comet. (Read more… )

Here’s what I think happened….

Again, when the watery world Eden exploded, many of the resulting rocky asteroids contained water deposits that quickly turned to ice in the space environment. When the asteroids later made impact with a barren, frigid planet or moon, the ice found a new home.

The Emergence of Land Vegetation

Little clues keep popping up to reshape our views about the emergence of life on Earth. In this case, science has long believed life formed spontaneously in the oceans from organic molecules or amino acids, and that land life all evolved directly from sea algae, but findings this year suggest that sea algae itself migrated to land, and more complex land vegetation evolved from the land variety.  (Read more… )

Here’s what I think happened….

If Edenites were terraforming Earth 4 billion years ago, wide varieties of life probably would have been flourishing on the planet before the explosion.

The life forms would probably have been built with the same nested structure we’re familiar with today: Organelles within cells within organisms and superorganisms and so on.

Science assumes that life evolved from the very small to the very large, which might or might not have been the case, depending on the strategy of the Edenites.

It makes more sense to me that complex, nested living structures from Eden, or Marduk, were transplanted here on Earth from the home planet.

Life on Eden might have evolved as a nested structure or it might have been engineered that way. (I lean more toward the engineering of life.) In either case, it makes more sense to me that the rich diversity of life… the fruits and flowers and vegetables… were transplanted into our world.

The idea that it all evolved here from the ground up is probably just a misinterpretation of the facts… most of which have been long buried and hidden from view.

Earliest Human Species Resurfaces in China Recently

Our earliest human ancestors who thrived more than a million years ago might also have lived fairly recently in China. That’s a theory emerging from a 14,000-year-old thigh bone found this year, apparently belonging to one of the “Red Deer cave people” of Southwest China.

14,000-year-old thigh bone found in southwestern China. Credit: Darren Curnoe & Ji Xueping

14,000-year-old thigh bone found in southwestern China. Credit: Darren Curnoe & Ji Xueping


The bone found in China bears an uncanny resemblance to the bones of Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus, who were among our earliest known ancestors, walking the Earth 1.5 million years ago.

 (

Here’s what I think happened….

Our INIT group didn’t receive many details about ancient humans on Earth from our ITC contacts, but if the Edenites and their gifted descendants, the Titans, were busy through the eons shaping humanity socially and biologically, it stands to reason that the sky’s the limit, in term of human diversity throughout the millennia.

What we’ve learned from ancient fossils might be no more than a bone fragment of the whole skeletal picture of the human heritage, but the whole picture is hard to paint as mainstream science ignores evidence that contradicts its current worldview, and as hoaxsters flood the internet with silly stories. (For example, compare some credible evidence of human giants…   and   an obvious hoax… )

The Buried Secrets of Oak Island

Oak Island off the east coast of Canada might hold a deep, underground cache of knowledge about our ancient heritage.

For more than 200 years, since 1795, numerous teams of Oak Island archaeologists and treasure hunters have tried to uncover what they imagine might be treasure hidden away by pirates or by Spanish Conquistadors or by Knights Templar… or the remains of a Roman outpost, or contents of a Rosicrucian vault, or artifacts from King Solomon’s temple, or remains of an ancient tomb, or the Ark of the Covenant, or the lost Shakespearean manuscripts… (read more… )

This old, corroded sword (left) was reportedly dug up from a mysterious, ancient cache on Oak Island, Canada, this year. Swords of similar relative size were etched into ancient stone reliefs (right), depicting battles between Egyptians (in chariots) and “invading Sea Peoples from the north.”

This old, corroded sword (left) was reportedly dug up from a mysterious, ancient cache on Oak Island, Canada, this year. Swords of similar relative size were etched into ancient stone reliefs (right), depicting battles between Egyptians (in chariots) and “invading Sea Peoples from the north.”


(Read more about the latest Oak Island finds here…   and   here…. See some photos here…)

Here’s what I think happened….

If there was an Atlantis, as I’m convinced there was, then the Oak Island cache and its contents were probably placed there by Atlanteans.

The sketch (above, right) is a detail from a massive, engraved mural taking up an entire wall of the Medinet Habu temple built thousands of years ago along the banks of the Nile. I believe that the “invaders from the north” were Atlanteans. The similar sizes of the two swords don’t prove much, but they make me wonder…. (Read more…)



Tying It All Together….

As readers of this site know, I’m convinced that the asteroids cluttering up our solar system are shrapnel left over from the accidental obliteration of a planet between Mars and Jupiter—an inhabited planet called Eden, or Marduk.

The Edenites, our earliest ancestors, were running the show here in our little cosmic cul-de-sac, terraforming various planets around our sun, until their technologies got away from them some 4 billion years ago and blew up their home world… and the only human survivors of that big bang were the Edenite colonists who were marooned on Earth.

Eden had been a vibrant, watery, paradise world about the size of Saturn… much larger than Earth… like the difference between a basketball and a marble.

Since that calamity long, long, long ago, we strange, noble-savage humans on this strange little Planet Earth have followed a strange and troubled evolutionary path, mostly unknown and mysterious to us… long buried in the sands of time. Lately we’re trying to dig ourselves out of the dark.

  • Modern science is unquestionably our most consistent tool for uncovering the mysteries to our ancient past, but there are a few other tools in the box as well, such as…
  • Insights that leak into human minds from some sort of higher consciousness… into minds of science fiction writers, esoteric thinkers, and prophets… and then there’s…
  • Direct Voice communication, in which knowledgeable spirits speak through invisible voice boxes produced by gifted mediums such as Leslie Flint… and very recently there’s…
  • ITC (instrumental transcommunication), the use of technology to get in touch with the finer worlds of spirit where there is timeless wisdom and knowledge.

From 1995 to 2000 our INIT group received a series of world-changing ITC communications from a group of 7 timeless ethereal beings who said they’ve been monitoring our world over the eons. They’re the ones who told us about our Edenite heritage and gave us hints about ice ages and Atlantis here on Earth. They told us that we today are approaching the end of the “Second Epoch” of modern humanity, which began in Babylon… suggesting that Atlantis flourished during the First Epoch.

Unfortunately, ITC contacts gave us precious little information about Atlantis. We were told that the king’s capital of Basileia was apparently located off the west coast of Germany, near Heligoland island, and sank around 1250 BC. That was probably during the latter years of Atlantis… after the main island body had already sunk somewhere in the mid-Atlantic… but that’s speculation on my part, based on other research.  (Read more… )

What we were told, exactly, is that “Project Sothis” started 20,000 years ago, before the founding of Atlantis. And the final phase of the Project took place in Atlantis up until the time of its destruction in the mid-13th Century BC.

Before Atlantis, who really knows what was going in our solar system, on our planet, and among our very early superhuman ancestors? Although our spiritual advisors weren’t able give us a lot of details in the short time that our communication bridge was up and running, science has been busy assembling the puzzle pieces.


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