Dear, Not Fear: Sai Baba

On one of his trips to America, the Indian mystic Sai Baba wrote:

 “America is doing things to get nearer to the other nations, but it’s only creating fear. It wants the world to idolize it, but how can that be possible by creating fear. If it wants to get near to other nations then it can’t be through fear, but it should make itself dear! Not by force and strength, but by love and service it can become dear. America needs to change the way it thinks, speaks or acts as that would change the world too.

“What America thinks today, is what the world thinks tomorrow. What America does today is what the world does tomorrow. Therefore, the very core of American thinking needs to change from ‘creating fear’ to ‘being dear’, by shunning weapons and warfare, and instead practicing love and genuine concern for humanity….

“America is like the mighty brother Bheema, whereas India is like Dharmaraja, the eldest and wisest amongst the five Pandava brothers. So America’s might and India’s wisdom must go together.”

(Thanks to Upidi Madhvanath for sending me that gem of wisdom at a critical time… not just for America and for the world, but for me.)

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2 Responses to Dear, Not Fear: Sai Baba

  1. Thank you Mark…a very important message…this is about as clear as it gets.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi John, I agree.
      After that last series of articles (which I think are very important in their own way), I feel a need to start inundating the website with some ‘brighter’ articles for a while.
      All the best,

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