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Worlds Within Worlds 10 — Managing Life (part 1)

It makes sense to me that regulation throughout the omniverse is a simple, elegant process that starts within and builds outward… but on Earth everything has gotten turned upside-down and convoluted. This article tries to explain how and why (and … Continue reading

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Our Journey Resumes as the Website Becomes Shipshape

The clean-up of this website I discussed in the previous article wasn’t as complicated as I’d assumed it would be. It’s well underway, and so now I can start writing the next article in the Worlds Within Worlds series. It’ll … Continue reading

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The Approaching Storm

Thanks for exploring with me on this macyafterlife website over the years. We’ve crossed uncharted waters and visited mystical lands beyond time and space, where brilliant beings quietly beckoned us like gracious, guiding sirens. All along the way it’s been … Continue reading

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Worlds Within Worlds 09 — Welcoming the Life Force

As the previous article explained, I’ve come to believe that everything in the omniverse is created and nourished by life force that streams from the central source, in the form of life, love, and omniversal knowledge. When the life force … Continue reading

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Worlds Within Worlds 08 — The Creation of Heaven and Hell

“Heaven and hell” is a simple metaphor for the spirit realms associated with the Earth. One recent article in this series already explored the moods of the various happy realms (“heavens”) and the various troubled realms (“hells”), so this article … Continue reading

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Worlds Within Worlds 07 — A Little Formula that Pulls Everything Together

About 40 years ago I came up with a simple formula that I thought might be important in economics… and maybe biology… V ≅ R : N … and I’ll explain in a moment how it works. Over the years … Continue reading

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Worlds Within Worlds 06 — Growing Up in the Second Epoch

The Second Epoch started in Babylon several thousand years ago and is now in its biggest and best (maybe last) Golden Age that will eventually crumble into a dark age. Whether that collapse happens a few decades from now, or … Continue reading

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