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Homepage Under Construction

I’m rebuilding the macyafterlilfe homepage. So far there’s a new introduction that explains the revisions. The website and homepage will remain active and navigable, and it’ll probably take several months to complete, since I’m also trying to finish up the … Continue reading

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Worlds Within Worlds X — Wrap Up

This is a summary of the 36 articles of the Worlds Within Worlds series that I wrote from January 2019 to November 2020. If any of the summaries below seem interesting, their original articles can be viewed by selecting the … Continue reading

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Philosophy X: A Wrap-Up

This is a summary or wrap-up of the Philosophy series of articles published in 2021. 01: Introduction Why do we lie and cheat?… and suffer… and laugh?Can sensitivity be an advantage in a harsh world?What’s good government? (maybe monkeys have … Continue reading

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Light 03 — We (and Driverless Cars) Navigate with Morals

We navigate our lifetimes on Earth the way driverless cars navigate the road. Driverless cars are complicated and smart—(like robotic versions of ourselves). They have working bodies and chassis (skin and bone), wheels (legs), sensors (nerves), actuators (muscles), processors and … Continue reading

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The Human  Story X: A Wrap-Up

Note: This is an appendix and summary of The Human Story series of articles that was written 12 years ago (starting in October of 2011). You can open any of the original articles by clicking on the article number at … Continue reading

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Light 02 — Out of Suffering

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls;the most massive characters are seared with scars. — Khalil Gibran It is not that we are happy for the suffering…we are happy for the new level of intimacywith God that the suffering … Continue reading

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Light 01—Energies on Earth and in Spirit are Worlds Apart

“I found it frightening and fascinating to realize that energy and matterare one and the same thing, that a body only seems to exist….” — Spirit friend Swejen Salter, shortly after her 1987 deathcaused by a science experiment gone awry. … Continue reading

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ITC Gem 41: Dangers of Anti-Energy Experiments

The following computer contact was received in Luxembourg in 1996 (November 27, Wednesday 5:37 pm), by ITC researchers and INIT members Maggy Fischbach and Jules Harsch. I’m adding it to this website as an ITC Gem because it relates to … Continue reading

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Reprieve for Worlditc, Courtesy of Varanormal

Good news! The Varanormal research community wants to host the website that I launched on Earthlink some 25 years ago (and was then revamped and managed by my late friend and colleague Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt of Germany). My plan was … Continue reading

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Light 00 — Uplifting the World

This next series (Light) takes the opposite approach from the previous series (Terra). A more positive approach. The Terra articles tried to explain how our physical world—out here in the fringes of the cosmos—drags the rich life-energy from the source … Continue reading

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