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Terra 08 — Physics on Earth and in Spirit Are Worlds Apart

Note: Let’s look at what might be called “perfect physics,” in which the entire cosmos seems to be run by a few simple principles that are embodied in the source. Then, the principles become more complicated and illusory as life-energy … Continue reading

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Terra 07 — Ethics Shape Us, Morals Let Us Shine

Note: A small section after the article explains more about INIT and The Seven. Our INIT group received a message from The Seven ethereal beings in the autumn of 1996 through a telephone answering device in Luxembourg. Here’s an important … Continue reading

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Terra 06 — How Pure Love Gets Earthy

If only you believe in miracles… We could exist on a star… I know that love is the answer….—from “Miracles,” by Jefferson Starship Paradox: Pure love from the source gets devised along its way to Earth, where it continues to … Continue reading

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Terra 05 — Emotions: When Body and Spirit Blend or Bristle

Living on Earth has its nice moments, like peaceful walks along the beach, and its awful moments—shark attacks, tidal waves, assaults…. Daily life can be a wild ride with lots of ups and downs that can stir up our emotions. … Continue reading

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Terra 04 — How Our Material Universe Came To Be

Matter and energy. This article is about how cosmic forces formed our material universe into a realm of structures (matter) and forces (energy) that we’ve grown familiar with. The scenario below makes sense to me—based on a growing awareness of … Continue reading

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Terra 03 — Money Money Money: How It Mimics Life-Energy

Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin “Count, count, weigh, divide” (Aramaic/Babylonian) Count, count, weigh, divide was the proverbial “writing on the wall” in ancient Babylon*, early in the Second Epoch. *King Belshazzar and his minions were enjoying a drunken feast during the … Continue reading

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Terra 02 — Symbiotic Relationships Across the Cosmos

Trust God, not people. (The Bible) Trust Brahman, not your own thoughts. (Vedas)Trust in Allah, but first tie your camel (Mohammed) The general consensus is that we need to be a little wary during a lifetime, since Earth is unpredictable, … Continue reading

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Terra 01 — The Source: We Can Only Imagine

First came the fire in December that destroyed our neighborhood, then last month Regina and I both got COVID. (As I explain briefly at the end* of the article, we’re getting our lives back together nicely… slowly… and articles for … Continue reading

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Terra 00 – A World Askew

Bliss and magnificence mixed with chaos and suffering…Why the dichotomy? This is a series of small, “bite-size” articles about how Earth (a.k.a Terra) is nourished constantly by “light” (life-energy from the Source), but gets “dark” while stuck in a spiritual … Continue reading

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Philosophy 13: Apocalypse / Revelation

Note: This is the final article in the Philosophy series. It explores the role of ITC* during an “apocalypse”—a time when hidden truths are revealed in preparation for a planetary housecleaning. If you’ve been reading this Philosophy series, then you … Continue reading

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