There’s always a lot of debate among us humans about the legitimacy of exceptional phenomena and miracles, such as ITC contacts received by my colleagues and me since the late 1980s… in-depth spirit communications through our TVs, telephones, radios, computers, cameras, and other devices. This page of the website is dedicated to that debate, which bubbles up from the noble-savage nature of our humanness.

  • Our noble side is steeped in the spiritual center of our being and emanates love and its off-shoots… honesty, sincerity, trust, appreciation, and support.
  • Our savage side churns in our ego, is stirred up by our hormones, and generates fear and its off-shoots… deception, doubt, suspicion, contempt, mockery, and accusations.

I’m like everyone else on Earth—a noble-savage human being with mixed feelings—but I make an effort on this site to emphasize the noble.

On this page I try to present the two sides of the debate as clearly as possible, even though I’ve been steeped in ITC research for more than two decades, some of the most prolific ITC researchers during that time have been my personal friends, and I’m comfortable with the knowledge that the work is legitimate. I’d stake my life and all I hold dear upon the legitimacy of most of the ITC contacts I represent on this site.

I’m basically patient and understanding with seekers who have doubts (I had many such doubts myself early in my research), but I’m less patient with closed-minded skeptics who voice ill will toward things they don’t understand and who darken the names of colleagues of mine whose work I know to be sound.

So, I’ll present below several ITC contacts that are especially evidential… but first, a couple of links to related articles on this site.

The following contacts contain some of the best evidence gathered through the years to support the legitimacy of ITC. They also contain a few additional links to articles on other websites.

Most of our invisible colleagues have lived physical lives as we are living now, subject as we are to the limitations of the five physical senses and the brain. They understand the skepticism on the part of many people toward the phenomenal contacts being made since the 1980s, so they go to great lengths to provide evidence that ITC is for real. For example:

  • Two pictures of spirit colleague Anne Guigné received 71 years after her death, received at the same time by different experimenters,
  • A letter to me, received in 1995 by my colleagues in Luxembourg, from a 19th-Century journalist named Arthur Beckwith who was introduced by our spirit friends at that time as my principle spirit contact,
  • A personal letter to American ITC pioneer George Meek from his recently departed wife Jeannette, received in 1991, and
  • Verification of spirit phone calls.

Anne Guigné’s likeness… and other cross-contacts

Among the massive quantity of paranormal messages received by Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach in 1993 across their computer and FAX machines, were several short messages by a newcomer to their group of spirit colleagues. A young woman identifying herself as Anne Guigné (pronounced “Gheenyay”) introduced herself.

Anne Guigné (lifetime pictures)

Anne Guigné (lifetime pictures)


On November 10, 1993, two pictures of Anne Guigné were received by ITC experimenters… one through the computer of Maggy Fischbach in Luxembourg …

Anne Guigné via computer (spirit picture)

Anne Guigné via computer (spirit picture)


… and the other through the TV set of Adolf Homes in Rivenich, Germany.

Anne Guigné via TV (spirit picture)

Anne Guigné via TV (spirit picture)


The computer image delivered to the computer of Maggy Fischbach was a spirit-world portrait painted on the other side by Honorine de Viane and Susannah Lehnhof (the wives of Jules Verne and Edouard Manet, respectively) very similar to, but not identical to, various lifetime pictures of Anne, and was accompanied by the computer text:

Anne Guigné. Born at Annecy 1911 April 25. Transition made 1922 January 14. Guardian angel of Remy.

The TV image received in Germany seemed to be more akin to a spirit-world photograph delivered to Mr Homes’s Commodore 64 computer.

Following are excerpts of a longer message received both in Luxembourg and in Germany along with the pictures. (The message to Adolf Homes arrived in his Commodore 64 computer.)

As a little girl in France I got very ill. I was an important source of information (for higher beings monitoring her life on Earth). Through spiritual insight and prayer I learned from the Omnipotence that I was better able to understand the things I needed to know here on the third (mid-astral) level and could do more for mankind from here than on Earth.

(At some spiritual level) I desired the change into a multi-dimensional world and was allowed a fast passing over to a world some memory of which was still alive in me. It is the same beautiful world you have heard about from others like me . . .

Anne’s letter goes on to talk about her role as the leader of the Group for the Protection of All Newborn Life, a group of physicians and theologians in spirit who are concerned about people who die on Earth as children. She discusses the responsibilities and retribution of the adults responsible for tragic, premature deaths of children… (not embryos, mind you, but “newborn life;” this is not a debate on abortion).

The fact that the contacts were received at the same time by two different experimenters through two stand-alone computers not connected to each other nor to any outside device or network is great evidence that they were made by our spirit friends.

At that time, many such cross-contacts were being choreographed by Timestream and Centrale spirit groups for their earthside colleagues in Luxembourg and Germany, respectively.

Read more about that…

. . . . .

Arthur Beckwith letter

On 1995 October 7 we received a letter from a man who died in 1912, and it wasn’t the post office’s fault. The man, Arthur Beckwith, delivered his letter through a computer in Luxembourg from his home at Spirit Group Timestream where, as he states in his letter, he’s in charge of reviewing the newspapers and reports published by INIT editors in various countries–publications such as the Contact! and Transdimension journals I published in the late 1990s. Following is the letter:

Dear Mrs Harsch,

This letter is addressed to you as I know you are the main communicator on your side for messages like this. My name is Arthur Beckwith. I suppose you don’t know me, although I know you very well.

I am in charge over here at Timestream station doing analyses of your newsletter, also the comments resulting which are published in different countries (for example my home colleague Mark Macy).

With this I intend to give you and my fellow researchers in the States … some details allowing them to make serious and complementary research on “deceased persons” just like me.

I was born in Houghton-le-Spring Sunderland (UK). I was in Jamaica in 1857 where I met my beloved wife Susan and was employed at the Sun, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle the Citizen.

I am here now, at Group Timestream, together with Scott Joplin, Marjorie Hamilton, Bill O’Neil, Jeannette D and my friend Bill H. Lynch who was (as he told me) in his terrestrial days rector of St John’s Roman Catholic Church in Lambertville N.J. (He seems to have had some difficulties in offering to perform marriages during 1912 without cost) and Francis H. Glazebrook of Morristown (a medical doctor).

And here’s the actual letter as it appeared on Maggy’s computer screen. The reason for the odd typographical errors was never explained to us.

Arthur Beckwith's transtext via computer, station Luxembourg

Arthur Beckwith’s transtext via computer, station Luxembourg


The message came as a surprise. First of all, no one in ITC was familiar with the names Arthur and Susan Beckwith, Marjorie Hamilton, Bill H. Lynch, and Francis H. Glazebrook. The other names—Bill O’Neil, Jeannette (Duncan) Meek and Scott Joplin—are more familiar to us all. Mr Joplin (died 1917) was a well-known ragtime composer and pianist who has made contact through Luxembourg. He became a casual friend of Jeannette Meek after her transition. Jeannette is the late wife of ITC pioneer George Meek. Bill O’Neil was Mr Meek’s principal colleague in the development of Spiricom. Since their transitions, Mr O’Neil (died 1993) and Jeannette Meek (died 1991) have been working with others to assemble a spirit group and ITC sending station around my ITC experiments in Colorado.

Within months of his transition Bill O’Neil developed an apparatus on the other side that he superimposed over my radio system in an invisible dimension, and emitted Spiricom-like buzzing sounds through the radios that were modulated into voices. Over the course of months the voices became clearer and clearer during my experiments.

(Example:  Konrad the cat is Arthur’s pet. We named our pet cat Konrad Lorenz, after the scientist, and the cat was killed by a raccoon in our back yard a few months before this contact came through my radios in my basement lab.)

When Arthur Beckwith was brought into the project with the above letter of introduction, he soon became my principal spirit colleague. I was told that all contacts were initiated by him and a higher being named Isar who directed and supported the project here in Colorado. Arthur Beckwith and I apparently have common interests (such as communication and a journalism background), and perhaps a spiritual connection as well.

After some digging in libraries, Brooklyn city government offices, church records, and the National Archives, we’ve learned quite a lot about the man and his background. Arthur C. Beckwith was born 1832 May 23, at Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland, England. Like his father, Arthur was educated for the ministry in the Church of England. In 1857, as a 25-year-old Anglican minister, he wound up in Jamaica, where he married a young woman named Susan Thomas. They had a daughter May and a son Arthur Jr., the latter of whom was born in February 1864.

In 1869 or 1871 the Beckwith family immigrated to the United States. They settled in Brooklyn, New York, and lived at several addresses, including 66 Livingston Street and 235 Schermerhorn Street.

Arthur became a journalist and took a job at the New York Sun. Then he worked for several years on the Brooklyn Daily Eagle (which was published from 1841 to 1955). Shortly after the Brooklyn Citizen was organized in 1887, he took a job with that paper, where he worked for the rest of his life as a court reporter. (That newspaper was published until 1947.) There was also a Brooklyn Sunday Sun which lasted for about three years, from 1873 to 1876, but Arthur apparently did not work on that newspaper. In his 1995 letter to us from Beyond, the “Sun” he refers to is most likely the New York Sun, which was mentioned in his obituary.

According to national censuses taken in 1900 and 1910, Arthur Beckwith was a 68-year-old widower in the year 1900, boarding in the large Brooklyn home of J.A. Bingham, a 45-year-old carpet salesman from Canada, at 150 Schermerhorn Street. It was fairly common at that time for an extended family to live together in the same large house, and that was the situation at the Bingham home. One year earlier, Mr Bingham had married a woman named Alice (Day) who had three daughters: Mary C., Bertha, and Florence. Alice and all three daughters were natives of New Jersey. Bertha (20) was married to Charles Divine, and the two lived in the Bingham house. Florence (18) married Dudley O’Neal in 1907. The oldest of the three sisters, Mary C. (born January 1877) was married to Arthur’s son, Arthur Beckwith Jr. His mother (Arthur Sr’s wife, Susan Thomas) was from the West Indies. She had died before the 1900 census, as Arthur Sr. is listed as a widower.

In 1900 Mary Day Beckwith was 23, and her husband Arthur Jr was 36, employed as a clerk. They had a daughter that year and named her Alice M. after the baby’s maternal grandmother. (She would die a few years later in infancy.) The young Beckwith family were living at 301 State Street in Brooklyn, although Mary was listed as a resident of her father’s home as well (where Arthur Sr. was now living).

Arthur Sr. died at his boarding home on 1912 April 14, at 8:40 p.m. Interestingly, he died about the same moment that the luxury liner Titanic hit an iceberg and began to sink. At the time of his death he was the oldest journalist in Brooklyn and a venerable community figure. Funeral services were held April 16, 1912, 8 p.m., at his home, and he was buried at Greenwood Cemetery. Some years later his remains were moved to Belvidere NJ Cemetery.

I haven’t located any living relatives of Arthur C Beckwith.

Note: Some of the information in this article was found by Betsy Moyer, who had spent more than six years working on her own genealogy as a hobby. During a trip to the National Archive in Washington D.C. she took some time to dig into the life of Arthur Beckwith. For those interested in genealogy, Betsy Moyer recommends the book Psychic Roots; the role of serendipity and intuition in genealogy, by Henry Z Jones, Jr.

Jeannette Meek’s love letter 

Jeannette Meek died on April 2, 1990. As a well-known pioneer of ITC research, her husband George W. Meek of Franklin NC knew his mate would make every effort to contact him through a very successful receiving station in Europe—the CETL lab in Luxembourg.

George and Jeannette Meek (lifetime photo)

George and Jeannette Meek (lifetime photo)


George took his last trip to Europe in July 1990 and spent a weekend with the Luxembourg experimenters, Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach. He observed the assembly and operation of a new ITC system which employed electronics, ultraviolet light, and crystals, and the three friends reminisced about dear Jeannette. George had visited Maggy and Jules on various occasions, sometimes in the company of German physicist Ernst Senkowski… and the contacts they received during those visits were absolutely phenomenal!

(read about one of those incredible meetings in Luxembourg…)

On February 21, 1991, George Meek was back home in North Carolina writing a letter to his friends in Luxembourg to ask if they had received word from Jeannette. That same day the CETL experimenters returned to their Luxembourg home from their full-time jobs to find their computer running, and a new file on the computer disk.

The file contained a long message from their spirit colleagues, including this letter from Jeannette:

Dear G.W.!

Well, it seems as if there are still people who do not believe in the contacts your friends here at CETL are having. Here are some details which except you and Molly (give her my warmest greetings, I miss her) nobody can know:

In 1987, end of April, tenant Debbie called to say her refrigerator was off. It must have been on a Thursday morning and no connection with the storm we had before. At the close of her work day she called again to say she was having more trouble. This time she had left her purse on the seat of the car of the lady with whom she had been riding. This lady was quite far from Franklin so Debbie asked to borrow our key to her place.

Another story: on April 29th, Ann Valentin wrote a letter saying that she had not received the Magic of Living Forever booklets they had ordered, but Harlequin novels.

Third story: John Lathrop (I don’t think Maggy and Jules ever heard THAT name!) shut off the electricity at the “C” house to put in the new light. He wasn’t down there very long but charged $20 service in addition to $40 for the bulb itself plus tax.

Don’t try to explain this, Honey. My never-ending love to you. I miss you so much, but I know we will be together.

Love forever.

J. to M: Please Maggy, forward this to George. He can be of great help to you all. Send my best wishes to Loree also. Thank you.

Jeanette Duncan Meek.

End of contact.

Maggy called George and read the letter to him over the phone. George realized that the three items in the letter were known only to himself, Jeannette and their assistant Molly, and he was struck with the realization that the message from his beloved wife was some of the best hard evidence ever produced that life continues after our short lives on Earth, and that ITC is legitimate.

Verification of phone calls

ITC contacts coming through public networks (e.g. phone calls) are subject to question by skeptics, who point out that such contacts could be earthside pranks played upon unsuspecting experimenters. To prove that phone contacts are indeed made by spirit, various European experimenters have had their phones monitored closely by their phone companies so that every call is traced. (We can’t do that in the States without the involvement of law enforcement authorities, and then only when we are receiving threatening phone calls on a regular basis.)

Confirmation by the phone company. ITC experimenter Adolf Homes recently set up a dedicated phone line and arranged with the German phone company Deutsche Telekom to have all his phone calls monitored and traced for a period of two months. After being equipped with complete monitoring and Caller ID services, Mr Homes received four paranormal calls on that line on January 15, January 30, February 15, and another date unspecified. No other calls were received on that telephone during that time. After the trial period the phone company reported as follows:

Refer to: Order of 1995 December 13

File #: PKV 1-5 Thomas Binz

Concerning: Determination of incoming calls to Telephone terminal 06508 7511

Dear Mr Homes,

We have concluded the requested monitoring of your telephone line during the period from 1996 January 11 to March 11. During that period, no calls were made to you. A charge of DM 127.00 will be included in your next Telekom bill for this service. With the best of greetings, Thomas Binz.

Most ITC researchers theorize that phone calls from spirit do not come through the public networks. Instead, our spirit colleagues assemble invisible apparatuses in invisible realms that might sit right there in the same room with our own technical devices. It is these unseen apparatuses of our unseen friends which interact directly with our equipment. The results of Mr Homes’ test with Deutsche Telekom would support that theory.

Confirmation through cross-contact. To support the legitimacy of spirit phone calls made to the States, some of them are confirmed within hours or days, by cross-contacts to other experimenters in Europe. For example, Konstantin Raudive first called me on my home telephone on January 21, 1994, to announce that the bridge from spirit group Timestream to the States had been completed. He then called ITC researcher George Meek and others, mentioning in some of those calls that he had already contacted me.

A month later, on February 20, German experimenter Adolf Homes found a text file in his desktop computer (which was attached to nothing but the power outlet in the wall—no modems, no internet connection of any kind). The message, translated from German, began:

This is Konstantin Raudive via the devices at Station Rivenich. Dear Colleague Adolf Homes, I herewith confirm my own contacts with Mr Malkhoff and Mr Meek and Macy in America. More contacts have been made successfully…

Confirmation by familiarity with the earthside devices. When phone calls are not verified objectively by such methods as those described above, we rely largely on our instincts (which become increasingly reliable with ITC experience). When Konstantin Raudive is on the phone with us, we feel his calm, focused and good-hearted personality in the call. That was the case when on February 6, 1998, he gave me technical advice for the radio configuration in my lab. He told me to purchase:

…a VLF receiving converter. It’s a receive-radio-navigation beacon, and you have standard frequencies–ship-to-shore, and European “Alvalue” LW broadcasts. You have also a 1750-meter license-free band, and so on. And you can have a converter. You simply connect the VLF converter to your HF radio’s antenna input, and a suitable VLF antenna. Then you convert the entire VLF band, say 10 kilohertz to 500 kilohertz, up to 4010 to 4500 kilohertz, respectively.

(Listen to that contact… )

(Dr Raudive had called me moments earlier, but that first phone call broke down prematurely. When the phone rang again moments after the disconnection, I was expecting, or at least hoping for, the callback above.)

When I dialed *69 after this call, the automated voice said the call could not be traced. That in itself was not a verification of the call’s legitimacy, but I immediately knew from previous phone calls that it was indeed the voice and personality of Konstantin Raudive talking to me. It was an inner knowing. Also, the person on the phone displayed a good knowledge of the technical capabilities of the two broadband radios I used in my lab, suggesting to me it would have to be a close colleague either from Earth or from spirit.

23 Responses to Substantiation

  1. Ricky says:

    I would very much like to contribute to the affirmation of the legitimacy of this work.

    As someone who has been looking over all of this evidence for a couple of years, as well as reading works and books by fellow ITC pioneers, it is difficult to fully express how much of a believer this has made me. Once a skeptic, I was very overwhelmed at what I was reading, seeing and hearing. For the curious and casual reader of this site, I hope that you will be given this genuine gift of realization of our true existence as spirits/multidimensional beings. Mark’s work was the first stepping stone of my journey of exploration, and I always come back to this site to enjoy his presentation of the incredible (physically-unexplainable) gifts and research that started me on my path to something I never expected. I always say to myself “If only everyone could know how special this is, this world could again know peace and gain a vast amount of wisdom about our very essence and inner-core as eternal beings.”

    I think it was Sarah Estep that said (and perhaps many others have said this to an extent): “The more we learn, the more we realize we don’t know”. Our universe is so very mysterious – modern-day science can only explain those things that are in front of us. It can only explain material chemical reactions and physics. Yet our scientists today in the 21st century still have more to learn than they could ever fathom. Their work has advanced our civilization to an extent – in strictly a material manner – but it has taught us very little about the very essence of our being, and what our purpose is. It fails to answer the bigger questions, and that’s where ITC has stepped in to at least begin to outline what’s in store for us when we leave this world. From my understanding, we will be overcome with an incredible amount of joy, peace, comfort and even relief – as we finally have that feeling we have returned home – and we realize that we were just a spirit having a human experience. It’s incredible, it’s amazing – and yet it makes the most sense out of anything I’ve ever seen and heard in our world. May you find this same solace and comfort that I have found.


  2. Mark Macy says:

    That’s the spirit, Ricky.
    When I read your comment, that’s the phrase that came to me… ‘that’s the spirit.’
    Taken literally, it has a plethora of rich implications beyond the idiom (that’s the right attitude).
    – You’ve captured the spirit of my work.
    – We’re no more than carnal vehicles or mediums for the important work of finer spirits.
    – Spirit reality is almost everything; material reality is almost nothing.
    – The dramas that convolute our lives on Earth fade away as we return to our home, to spirit.
    – To find real meaning in life we go within… to the center of spirit.
    ,,, and on… and on…. that’s the spirit………
    Thanks for the comment, my friend,

  3. Frank Schwellinger says:

    On the Feb 6th 1998 phone call Konstantin Raudive said to you: “[..] It’s a receive-radio-navigation beacon, and you have standard frequencies – ship-to-shore, and European LW Broadcasts. [..]” Try to hear not “Alvalue” but “L double U” meaning Longwave which is commonly abbreviated as LW. See also


    • Mark Macy says:

      Frank, thanks so much.

      I was an electronics technician in the navy back in the early 70s, and should have known that, I suppose.
      I learned and used many of the acronyms: uhf, vhf… but didn’t deal with shortwave, longwave references.
      Anyway, for the life of me I never had any idea what that “alvalue” was referring to.
      You’ve cleared up a 20-year puzzle for me.
      I suspect Konstantin is ‘over there’ rolling his eyes… FINally….
      Now it’s time to start going back through my stuff and making corrections, changing “alvalue” to “LW”.


      • Frank Schwellinger says:

        Well Mark, probably we could take this example as a lesson: Maybe we should not
        try to construct mysteries where they don’t belong to – resulting only in
        loose ends that take our time and energy by keeping us guessing how these
        “virtual” things fit together with “real” things. Maybe our first principle
        should be to try to grasp the underlying ideas, concepts and principles
        that are “hidden” behind the mysteries – without generating new mysteries
        all along the way. If we take it that way, we should be able to go a long
        way on our own – without needing anyone to clear out anything for us –
        simply by recognizing and integrating those ideas, concepts and principles
        that finally will transform any mystery – even that of our current
        wondering and guessing viewpoint – let’s call it existence – into


        • Mark Macy says:

          Hi Frank,

          Distinguishing those virtual things from real things can get a little sticky when dealing with matter of afterlife and spirit… as different people have different understanding or belief in terms of what’s “real” when you get beyond the Earth and physical universe, into the many spiritual universes.

          If we’re agnostics or atheists we’re probably inclined to discount ITC and spirit existence as nonsense, or, more politely, perhaps, as “virtual,” whereas if we’re experiencing legitimate spirit communications in our work then we know that ITC and spirit existence are “real.”

          So, as usual, it seems to come down to each person’s choice as to how best to proceed in one’s work, especially when that work delves into “the unknown” and involves the interpretation of evidence.

          As far as my error in not recognizing “LW” and misinterpreting it as “alvalue,” once again, I appreciate you clearing that up. The mistake persisted for two decades.

          Accepted scientific theories sometime go for decades, even centuries, before they are overturned by new information. The development of human civilization across the eons is often ‘two steps forward, one step back”….


          • Frank Schwellinger says:

            Of course are – at least in my view – ITC, spiritual realities and your experiences real and I accept your choosen workstyle like a duck takes the water. Nor do i have any doubt that the accepted scientific theories will someday enclose spiritual “elements”. But I intentionally quoted “virtual”, “real” and “hidden” before to a) indicate that those quoted views are “a little sticky” – as you called it -, and b) to point you out to probably take a closer more philosophical look to the underlying structures of ITC again, like i.e. the ‘ethical motivations’ etc. – I tried this by referring to the “alvalue-analogy”. Maybe (re-)recognizing the “underlying structure” of ITC might be more fruitful than developing strategies for battling with those “sticky views”. But again – the choice is yours…


          • Mark Macy says:

            Thanks Frank, for explaining in more detail. I appreciate your patience.

            Your comments seem rather complex to me, and so I had to ‘sleep on it’ all, to try to understand your point of view. If you’re the same Frank Schwellinger who does those amazing puzzle books over there in Germany (or even if you’re a different one… just based on the depth of your comments…), then I think the complexity of your views is well worth my time and effort to try to understand.

            My trouble is that the ‘underlying structure’ of ITC is something that (I believe) is beyond the grasp us mortal humans, because the realities or ‘physics’ in the spiritual realms is different than the dense realities or physics of our carnal world, where everything ‘seems’ to rest on gravity, time, and space. Over there it seems that things rest more on the resonance of living consciousness and other principles that seem a bit alien to us mortal humans, or to earthly science… or at least to me. 🙂

            My driving force is just to try to broaden my mind and to try to get a glimpse of that bigger picture that our friends at Timestream gave us hints about. If some of those hints are a bit beyond my grasp at the moment (whether it’s something as simple as “LW” or something much more complex like “the three suns of Marduk”), I trust that by continuing with my research and my writing and my contemplation, these things will eventually sort themselves out. As long as I keep myself anchored to the exact messages sent by Timestream, especially by The Seven, and as long as I don’t stray too far in trying to interpret those messages, I think I’m slowly piecing together a rather amazing cosmology that humanity hasn’t seen and understood for many millennia. If any holes or dead ends or little messes get created as my bigger picture emerges, I trust they will be corrected eventually. Meanwhile, I just feel it’s important to get that bigger picture fairly complete before I die and move to the other end of the ITC bridge.

            Good wishes to you, and many thanks for your comments,


  4. Frank Schwellinger says:

    Mark, thanks for your efforts in trying to understand my viewpoint. I’ll comment your answer below and i’ll try to make my viewpoint clearer, but i want to emphasize that’s it only one point of view and as such it is not better or worse than your view or any other view. As you already mentioned the discussed subject is complex and it’s different to go into it. So, nonetheless here i go…

    When you say that ‘Timestream gave hints about the bigger picture’ i want to point you to the fact – and i mean fact – that many if not all of the so called messages we got so far are foremost ‘mental pictures’ composed of bits&pieces of ‘real earthly information’. Salter once said: “We can show you nothing that does not exist in your world – otherwise you wouldn’t recognize it, respectively see it as that what we want to show you.” That is important to realize – we should try to get the meaning behind the messages because that’s the ‘language’ they are speaking in. Don’t forget that these beings are purely mental beings. And don’t forget that every message we get is encoded mental information coming in earthly clothes. Don’t take the clothes as the message. Of course you can do so nonetheless, but please be aware of doing so.

    If we take a closer look at these ‘earthly informations’ of which the received messages are composed they often seem to outreach our ways of information acquirement. The informations may come from everywhere as long as they are mentally ‘existent’ or let’s better say ‘fixed’ or ‘stable’ – no matter who created them, why they are created, where and how they are created and when they are created. The information may even come from our future as long as the future is already mentally fixed. This whole spectrum of mentally fixed information stays for the mental beings at their disposal. This is their alphabet. With it they are first beginning to form words, later sentences and so on. As fascinating as the impression of the composed messages of ‘earthly informations’ may be for us, they are not representing the intention or meaning behind them. Salter said: “It’s like teaching a child – you show him a ball and pronounce the word ball – again and again. Other details like color and function may be explained later.” ‘Later’ can mean: when the child has ‘grown up’ and is on it’s way to become an ‘adult’ mental being.

    So – the point is that you may find fascinating information in the messages of mental beings. However – in most cases the elements of the message can be traced down to earthly roots. You may find them in books, tv shows, in a box in the attic, in the brain of some thinkers and so on. The examples are many, but to mention a few of them, you can take Farmer’s ‘Riverworld’ as an example. And if you haven’t already done so you should take a closer look a Sitchin’s ‘Earth Chronicles’. As you probably know there are many more examples out there.

    Now these ‘earthly’ bits&pieces are sometimes only copied but more often mixed and recomposed to form a ‘new’ message. Again, this is an important aspect: recomposing indicates that there is an intention ‘behind the scenes’.

    That is exactly my intention: asking you to pay more attention to the ‘driving forces’ behind ‘The Seven, Marduk and Riverworld’ – one could add crop circles, ufo’s, … – you name it. Because there is an intention behind our changing reality – that’s for sure. And the intention is not to produce more diversity and discordance – if i may say so.


  5. Mark Macy says:

    Many thanks, Frank.

    I have a clearer picture now of your viewpoint. Very good… and as you say, no viewpoint is better or worse than another. We are all trying to make sense of information coming into our brains, as best we can. Here’s my approach… for what it’s worth.

    Yes, I recall that comment from Swejen Salter. I interpreted it to mean that Timestream could most easily send information to us that is familiar… because of the need for resonance in ITC. Spirits can share information through ITC channels with us humans most easily when the information overlaps… when it is in the minds at both ends of the ITC bridge. If they send us information that’s unfamiliar and very “alien” to us, then maybe the ITC bridge or contact field begins to get cloudy and unstable as our human minds get boggled.

    Swejen also tried to make it clear that their reality at the third level is very real and solid (to them), and much like our Earth world:

    “We live in a world that is similar to your world. We have a body like yours. This body is of an etheric substance of much higher vibration than your dense body in your dense material world. No diseases exist here; missing body limbs grow again. Bodies that were amputated on Earth will here be regenerated again…”
    … more here: .

    The Seven ethereals were able send us (mostly through Maggy Fischbach in Luxembourg) lots of unfamiliar information that they probably knew would take us a lot of time and patience to assimilate… such as Marduk with three suns, humans on Earth before the last ice age living peacefully with each other and with animals….

    Having served in INIT and working closely with The Seven, I came to trust them and their information completely. I came to accept that they are many times more knowledgeable and reliable than us humans in their point of view. For better or worse, then, I’ve been trying to weave those gems of information that they gave us into a bigger picture that can make sense to the mortal mind.

    In the end, the picture I come up with could be no more than science fiction, or it might be close to tthe truth… but I do feel an inner calm or ‘resonance’ when some of those puzzle pieces start coming together.

    So, as I try to assemble this cosmic puzzle, I consider information from The Seven to be most reliable… #1. Then I consider the knowledge of science and of the late humans at Timestream to be second… #2.

    Your final comment is very important and makes me stop and think: “… there is an intention behind our changing reality – that’s for sure. And the intention is not to produce more diversity and discordance – if i may say so.”

    That seems to be the basic truth of ITC as well: To preserve harmony in order to sustain a clear, stable contact field. And that is so difficult, because we have so many different people on Earth with discordant views… Christians, Muslims, scientists, investors, businessmen, bureaucrats. It is what makes ITC so difficult! Humans have so many points of view. We were told the next phase of ITC will happen when ITC researchers can be of one mind.

    Anyway, I’m supposed to be writing a comment here, not a book….

    You’ve given me pause for thought. Thank you for that!


    • Frank Schwellinger says:

      “That which you call your soul or spirit is your consciousness, and that which you call ‘free will’ is your mind’s freedom to think or not, the only will you have, your only freedom. To think is an act of choice. The key to ‘human nature’ is the fact that man is a being of volitional consciousness. As such a being he has no automatic course of behavior and he needs a code of values to guide his actions in the face of an alternative. He has no automatic knowledge of what is good for him or evil, what values his life depends on, what course of action it requires. Man must obtain his knowledge and choose his actions by a process of thinking, which nature will not force him to perform. Man has to be man – by choice; he has to hold his life as a value – by choice; he has to learn to sustain it – by choice; he has to discover the values it requires and practice his virtues – by choice. A code of values accepted by choice is a code of morality. The moral is the chosen, not the forced; the understood, not the obeyed. The moral is the rational, and reason accepts no commandments. The purpose of morality is to teach you, not to suffer and die, but to enjoy yourself and live. Yes, this is an age of moral crisis. But it is not man who is now on trial and it is not human nature that will take the blame. It is your moral code that’s through, this time. Your moral code has reached its climax, the blind alley at the end of its course. And if you wish to go on, what you now need is not to return to morality – you who have never known any – but to discover it. Independence is the recognition of the fact that yours is the responsibility of judgment and nothing can help you escape it – that no substitute can do your thinking – that the vilest form of self-abasement and self-destruction is the subordination of your mind to the mind of another, the acceptance of an authority over your brain, the acceptance of his assertions as facts, his say-so as truth, his edicts as middle-man between your consciousness and your existence.”
      — Ayn Rand

      “It is the way of morals, which means to understand, to acknowledge, to devise, and to act. We accompany and guide you on your progress towards a free, wealthy and sane future in which humanity would have stripped off the chains of intolerance and cruelty. A future in which it will be able to establish fruitful and durable relationships with the light, ethereal realms of existence.”
      — The Seven

      “Don’t change your morality for the people around you, change the people around you with your morality.”
      — Donald L. Hicks

      • Mark Macy says:

        Thanks Frank. I love those last two quotes, of course.

        The first one seems accurate when you regard a person as a biological being acting through his brain, but it becomes kind of shallow (in my view) when you regard a person getting in touch with his higher self or finer spirit, for example through meditation. Then basic decency and goodness (love, trust, good will, honesty, sincerity, empathy…) begin to stream into the carnal consciousness from the higher self, and the darkness (fear, mistrust, callousness…) begin to get swept aside. That’s my belief, at any rate.


        • Frank Schwellinger says:

          In Mahayana buddhism the teaching of Buddha is not nebulous idealism or the chasing after unattainable ideals but a practical doctrine of self-realization, of a path that can be trodden. Buddhism has a dynamic character often expressed in the idea of the Way, of going, of movement. Let me describe it here as a ‘training course’ that transforms an adept’s life through experiences and their resulting knowledge into that of a saint, a boddhisattva. With the obtained wisdom and a transformed mind and body the saint is then liberated from the cycle of rebirths – he has attained the state of highest freedom.

          Your above described ‘scenario’ relates to the Buddha Amoghasiddhi who embodies the above mentioned state of highest freedom in which an ‘Enlightened One’ moves through this world without creating new karmic bonds by his actions. In an ‘Enlightened One’, the conflict between law and free will does not exist anymore, because in the light of full knowledge, his own will and the universal law coincide or complement each other. Meaning our own nature, freed from the illusion of egohood, proves to be a modification and conscious embodiment of universal law or we may say the harmony of universal forces.

          The ‘Enlightened One’ is no more slave to the law, but mastered it through knowledge, thus the law becomes an instrument of self-expression and spiritual freedom and it can only retrospectively be conceived as a law. Meaning in the light of ‘perfect knowledge’ karma loses its power and is dissolved into the freedom of harmony. Here harmony is not to be confounded with unity – it does not annihilate diversity.

          This is the so called ‘Middle Way’, the recognition of the two sides of our existence: past and present. With our intellect we live in the past, with our ‘vision’ (which also means ‘knowledge’) we see the present. Thus it is possible to overcome thought by vision, the past by the realization of the present and to dissolve karma by knowledge.

          Dissolving the karma happens in the ‘vision’ or ‘present’ through an awareness of the illusion of the egohood. It liberates from a passion-dictated will which results from the ‘past’, the ‘law’, the ‘karma’, the ‘thought’. The free will is dissolved in the ‘rays of knowledge’. It becomes a degree of insight. If the insight is perfect we are in harmony with the law and free of karmic bondage, free from an opposing will that finds opposition in the ‘present’ reality.

          So long as we have not attained this highest state of wisdom which liberates from the law of karma we know that nothing happens to us that does not intrinsically belong to us because of the law of karma. This is the foundation of the fearlessness of the Boddhisattva-Path, which achieves liberation from suffering and egohood by service to our fellow-beings while striving towards perfect enlightment.

          By comparing the ‘buddhist view’ with ‘Ayn Rand’s view’ one must confess that the differences can be neglected – actually, in general these are only two sides of a coin. Viewed in buddhist daylight i would name your ‘Higher Self streams goodness into darkness scenario’ the “buddhist way of morals, which means to understand, to acknowledge, to devise, and to act.”


      • Mark Macy says:

        Your “In Mahayana Buddhism…” comment contains a lot of information, Frank, deserving more than a hasty reply… so I read your comment through a couple of times then let it simmer for about a week before gradually piecing together a reply… actually two replies: One that’s simple and basic, and another with supporting information to fill in the holes. (I’m just trying to make my point of view as clear as possible. It’s just the scenario that makes the most sense to me, and I think most of it overlaps with what you said in your comment… just looking from a different angle maybe?)

        Here’s the simple one:

        We have a carnal self to help us survive and experience this short, rugged Earth lifetime, and we have a spiritual self that lives forever and is immersed in the grand plan that runs the vast omniverse, of which our entire material universe is just a tiny part.

        Trying to grasp the grand plan through the body-brain-mind of our carnal self, using logic and reason, is probably like trying to design and operate and monitor the entire Internet and global economy with a smartphone. A smartphone may be smart, but it’s not that smart.

        Self-realization, I believe, is our effort to get in touch consciously with that spiritual self for glimpses of the grand plan by looking beyond the clutter of our carnal self, for example through meditation, self-reflection, and contemplation. It’s like having a smartphone with the entire Internet and global economy built into an eternal chip with infinite terrabytes and with a clock speed so fast that it doesn’t even vibrate in terrahertz.

        • Mark Macy says:

          And here’s the more detailed reply:

          First, there are two basic parts to us human beings.

          One part is this dense, agile brain-in-the-body whose behavior is driven largely by hormones, biochemistry, and ego in order to survive and prevail here on this rugged Planet Earth where life kills life to survive. That savage part urges us to breed and to propagate (lust), to be wary of strangers (suspicion, mistrust), to escape danger (fear), to overcome predators and competitors (guile, strength, will-power), and so on. That’s all carnal stuff (what I call savage), even though it sometimes feels ‘noble’.

          The other part is an eternal spark of divine light and vast wisdom, a piece of the source that religions call God or Allah or Brahman. That spark exists deep inside at the center of our being and is imperceptible to the five carnal senses. It’s the part of us that is one with the source and one with all the other sparks. It’s the part of us whose main mission is to spread the light, love, and wisdom of the source, what religions call God or Brahman. That noble part urges us to trust, to be honest, to empathize, and most of all to serve each other and to help in any way we can to make life better for everyone and everything, since those are the “bonding forces” of the grand plan. That’s our finer self that we carnal humans can access when we slow down the brain, for example when meditating.

          So, we’ve got these two bipolar selves, a carnal humanoid body-mind and a divine spark or perfect mind… (and probably several other spirit body-minds in between, but that’s another story).

          Second, we each have a choice during our earth lives: the carnal (savage) path or the spiritual (noble) path.

          We can hone our savage skills to gather up a treasure chest of wealth, sexual relationships, power, admiration, excitement, fun, and luxury reaped from Wall Street or the Las Vegas Strip, or Silom Road or Kao San Road, or South Bridge Road or Bugis Street, or Recoleta or rue Saint-Laurent or Las Ramblas…..


          We can simply foster our noble side to shine like a searchlight through the encroaching shadows and dark alleyways behind this glittery night-time façade of human civilization… by spreading empathy, encouragement, harmony, trust, love, and good will… trying to invite everyone and everything out of the shadows and into the greater light that streams to Earth perpetually from the source. Again, these are the forces that flourish in finer worlds throughout the grand plan.

          To make that noble second choice effective, we can train the brain to release its tight grip on Earth’s savage dramas periodically, simply by slowing. itself. down… to a dreamy state. During those contemplative moments, bits and flashes of the grand plan are able to work their way into the conscious mind like pieces of the divine puzzle… and we can start assembling a picture that goes beyond logic and reason into the realm of intuition and inspiration.

          Third, at the end of our short lifetime, when we say good-bye to the carnal humanoid body-mind, our surviving spiritual self has been shaped by the choices we made during lifetime, and it finds its next home (a spiritual place in the astral realms) that’s suited to its current shape.

          If we were caught up in earthly dramas, we wind up as a rather dim spirit in one of the many dark cul-de-sacs around the Earth.

          If we fostered the spiritual forces, spreading love and empathy during our lifetime, then our vibrant spirit body awakens in light, beautiful places that resonate with the grand plan.

          And finally, we humans have been around a long, long time. We carnal humans were engineered (and we went about evolving) some 4 billion years ago… before the “late heavy bombardment” known to science. That’s apparently when massive planet Eden was destroyed and the only human survivors were colonists stranded on Earth. Lots of ups and downs since then, including mistakes made by our ancestors that allowed savage darkness to spread on Earth to the point of blocking the light from the source.

          But in relation to the grand plan, even 4 billion years is but a moment, what Hindus call “a day of Brahman.”

          Anyway, that general scenario is what seems to make the most sense to me, and I think it’s mostly compatible with what you wrote in your comment.

  6. Frank Schwellinger says:

    Carnal vs. eternal self – That’s dualism which we can’t easily strip off because it’s part of our western monotheistic cultural background. Up to this point we were like a wave looking for the ocean. Now we begin to listen to a new and actually very old song. It’s called: We are the ocean! You are what you seek. The ocean is all the waves – carnal waves, eternal waves – the ocean does not reject any wave and the wave is not beyond the ocean. The ocean does not come and go like the wave does. If the wave would ask me: “How do i become an ocean?” i would answer: “Forget who you are! Now!”


  7. Elaine Kuzmeskus says:

    Are you planning any workshops in the New York City or Boston area in 2019?

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Elaine,
      I gave up public speaking years ago, as I wasn’t very good at it.
      I put most of the information into a video that I posted on YouTube… I think it’s Mark Macy channel, or maybe worlditc?

  8. Tom Rawlings says:

    Incredible. I have tons of recorded contacts, so I know it’s real. But this one of Mr Raudive. Wow. Almost unbelievable. But again, my own experience. I keep checking out this site. Thank you Mr Macy.

  9. Tom Rawlings says:

    I think God, and truth, and reality, and what is, are all the same thing. I search for it and I find some, and it adds up. I will say though it is overwhelming at times. I am going to be 69 on June 3, and I have to wonder, how much more is there going to be for me in this life? I must admit I am feeling my age. It’s getting tougher. I struggle with neuropathy. I fight it, and it makes me smarter. If I didn’t have it I wouldn’t have learned a fraction of what I have learned so far. Everyday it’s something else. Sometimes there are good things. Just now, on 23andMe, I learned I have two second cousins in England. Genes, not records, found those relatives of mine. Incredible. Maybe they would be interested in my research. I know no one who is at this time, personally that is. It’s hard for me to believe that more people are not interested in making contact with loved ones. Mark, I downloaded Konrad the cat, and looked at it. What a full bodied evp, yet with all the static on it. Thanks for this website and all you do and have done to help wake us all up, to show us we are all in the hand of God, with every other living thing in this, his Kingdom, his Kingdom without end.
    I asked a couple days ago, what’s it like there, and I got, “It’s this”. Take care, Tom

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hey Tom, sounds like we’re the same age, give or take a couple years. I was thinking the other day about all the amazing changes we’ve seen in the world in our lifetime! From posted letters to FAXes to emails to zoom meetings.
      From prayer and meditation to ITC bridges.

      Thanks very much for your kind comments. 🙂

      PS – my father-in-law John Hoys had neuropathy–excruciating, burning pain in his fingers and toes, always present. The suffering some of us have to go through in the course of a lifetime! Makes that “Kingdom of God” you refer to very enticing (or at least reassuring), knowing that these lives on Earth are very short and illusory in the big picture!

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