There’s always a lot of debate among us humans about the legitimacy of exceptional phenomena and miracles, such as ITC contacts received by my colleagues and me since the late 1980s… in-depth spirit communications through our TVs, telephones, radios, computers, cameras, and other devices. This page of the website is dedicated to that debate, which bubbles up from the noble-savage nature of our humanness.

  • Our noble side is steeped in the spiritual center of our being and emanates love and its off-shoots… honesty, sincerity, trust, appreciation, and support.
  • Our savage side churns in our ego, is stirred up by our hormones, and generates fear and its off-shoots… deception, doubt, suspicion, contempt, mockery, and accusations.

I’m like everyone else on Earth—a noble-savage human being with mixed feelings—but I make an effort on this site to emphasize the noble.

On this page I try to present the two sides of the debate as clearly as possible, even though I’ve been steeped in ITC research for more than two decades, some of the most prolific ITC researchers during that time have been my personal friends, and I’m comfortable with the knowledge that the work is legitimate. I’d stake my life and all I hold dear upon the legitimacy of most of the ITC contacts I represent on this site.

I’m basically patient and understanding with seekers who have doubts (I had many such doubts myself early in my research), but I’m less patient with closed-minded skeptics who voice ill will toward things they don’t understand and who darken the names of colleagues of mine whose work I know to be sound.

So, I’ll present below several ITC contacts that are especially evidential… but first, a couple of links to related articles on this site.

The following contacts contain some of the best evidence gathered through the years to support the legitimacy of ITC. They also contain a few additional links to articles on other websites.

Most of our invisible colleagues have lived physical lives as we are living now, subject as we are to the limitations of the five physical senses and the brain. They understand the skepticism on the part of many people toward the phenomenal contacts being made since the 1980s, so they go to great lengths to provide evidence that ITC is for real. For example:

  • Two pictures of spirit colleague Anne Guigné received 71 years after her death, received at the same time by different experimenters,
  • A letter to me, received in 1995 by my colleagues in Luxembourg, from a 19th-Century journalist named Arthur Beckwith who was introduced by our spirit friends at that time as my principle spirit contact,
  • A personal letter to American ITC pioneer George Meek from his recently departed wife Jeannette, received in 1991, and
  • Verification of spirit phone calls.

Anne Guigné’s likeness… and other cross-contacts

Among the massive quantity of paranormal messages received by Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach in 1993 across their computer and FAX machines, were several short messages by a newcomer to their group of spirit colleagues. A young woman identifying herself as Anne Guigné (pronounced “Gheenyay”) introduced herself.

Anne Guigné (lifetime pictures)

Anne Guigné (lifetime pictures)


On November 10, 1993, two pictures of Anne Guigné were received by ITC experimenters… one through the computer of Maggy Fischbach in Luxembourg …

Anne Guigné via computer (spirit picture)

Anne Guigné via computer (spirit picture)


… and the other through the TV set of Adolf Homes in Rivenich, Germany.

Anne Guigné via TV (spirit picture)

Anne Guigné via TV (spirit picture)


The computer image delivered to the computer of Maggy Fischbach was a spirit-world portrait painted on the other side by Honorine de Viane and Susannah Lehnhof (the wives of Jules Verne and Edouard Manet, respectively) very similar to, but not identical to, various lifetime pictures of Anne, and was accompanied by the computer text:

Anne Guigné. Born at Annecy 1911 April 25. Transition made 1922 January 14. Guardian angel of Remy.

The TV image received in Germany seemed to be more akin to a spirit-world photograph delivered to Mr Homes’s Commodore 64 computer.

Following are excerpts of a longer message received both in Luxembourg and in Germany along with the pictures. (The message to Adolf Homes arrived in his Commodore 64 computer.)

As a little girl in France I got very ill. I was an important source of information (for higher beings monitoring her life on Earth). Through spiritual insight and prayer I learned from the Omnipotence that I was better able to understand the things I needed to know here on the third (mid-astral) level and could do more for mankind from here than on Earth.

(At some spiritual level) I desired the change into a multi-dimensional world and was allowed a fast passing over to a world some memory of which was still alive in me. It is the same beautiful world you have heard about from others like me . . .

Anne’s letter goes on to talk about her role as the leader of the Group for the Protection of All Newborn Life, a group of physicians and theologians in spirit who are concerned about people who die on Earth as children. She discusses the responsibilities and retribution of the adults responsible for tragic, premature deaths of children… (not embryos, mind you, but “newborn life;” this is not a debate on abortion).

The fact that the contacts were received at the same time by two different experimenters through two stand-alone computers not connected to each other nor to any outside device or network is great evidence that they were made by our spirit friends.

At that time, many such cross-contacts were being choreographed by Timestream and Centrale spirit groups for their earthside colleagues in Luxembourg and Germany, respectively.

Read more about that…

. . . . .

Arthur Beckwith letter

On 1995 October 7 we received a letter from a man who died in 1912, and it wasn’t the post office’s fault. The man, Arthur Beckwith, delivered his letter through a computer in Luxembourg from his home at Spirit Group Timestream where, as he states in his letter, he’s in charge of reviewing the newspapers and reports published by INIT editors in various countries–publications such as the Contact! and Transdimension journals I published in the late 1990s. Following is the letter:

Dear Mrs Harsch,

This letter is addressed to you as I know you are the main communicator on your side for messages like this. My name is Arthur Beckwith. I suppose you don’t know me, although I know you very well.

I am in charge over here at Timestream station doing analyses of your newsletter, also the comments resulting which are published in different countries (for example my home colleague Mark Macy).

With this I intend to give you and my fellow researchers in the States … some details allowing them to make serious and complementary research on “deceased persons” just like me.

I was born in Houghton-le-Spring Sunderland (UK). I was in Jamaica in 1857 where I met my beloved wife Susan and was employed at the Sun, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle the Citizen.

I am here now, at Group Timestream, together with Scott Joplin, Marjorie Hamilton, Bill O’Neil, Jeannette D and my friend Bill H. Lynch who was (as he told me) in his terrestrial days rector of St John’s Roman Catholic Church in Lambertville N.J. (He seems to have had some difficulties in offering to perform marriages during 1912 without cost) and Francis H. Glazebrook of Morristown (a medical doctor).

And here’s the actual letter as it appeared on Maggy’s computer screen. The reason for the odd typographical errors was never explained to us.

Arthur Beckwith's transtext via computer, station Luxembourg

Arthur Beckwith’s transtext via computer, station Luxembourg


The message came as a surprise. First of all, no one in ITC was familiar with the names Arthur and Susan Beckwith, Marjorie Hamilton, Bill H. Lynch, and Francis H. Glazebrook. The other names—Bill O’Neil, Jeannette (Duncan) Meek and Scott Joplin—are more familiar to us all. Mr Joplin (died 1917) was a well-known ragtime composer and pianist who has made contact through Luxembourg. He became a casual friend of Jeannette Meek after her transition. Jeannette is the late wife of ITC pioneer George Meek. Bill O’Neil was Mr Meek’s principal colleague in the development of Spiricom. Since their transitions, Mr O’Neil (died 1993) and Jeannette Meek (died 1991) have been working with others to assemble a spirit group and ITC sending station around my ITC experiments in Colorado.

Within months of his transition Bill O’Neil developed an apparatus on the other side that he superimposed over my radio system in an invisible dimension, and emitted Spiricom-like buzzing sounds through the radios that were modulated into voices. Over the course of months the voices became clearer and clearer during my experiments.

(Example:  Konrad the cat is Arthur’s pet. We named our pet cat Konrad Lorenz, after the scientist, and the cat was killed by a raccoon in our back yard a few months before this contact came through my radios in my basement lab.)

When Arthur Beckwith was brought into the project with the above letter of introduction, he soon became my principal spirit colleague. I was told that all contacts were initiated by him and a higher being named Isar who directed and supported the project here in Colorado. Arthur Beckwith and I apparently have common interests (such as communication and a journalism background), and perhaps a spiritual connection as well.

After some digging in libraries, Brooklyn city government offices, church records, and the National Archives, we’ve learned quite a lot about the man and his background. Arthur C. Beckwith was born 1832 May 23, at Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland, England. Like his father, Arthur was educated for the ministry in the Church of England. In 1857, as a 25-year-old Anglican minister, he wound up in Jamaica, where he married a young woman named Susan Thomas. They had a daughter May and a son Arthur Jr., the latter of whom was born in February 1864.

In 1869 or 1871 the Beckwith family immigrated to the United States. They settled in Brooklyn, New York, and lived at several addresses, including 66 Livingston Street and 235 Schermerhorn Street.

Arthur became a journalist and took a job at the New York Sun. Then he worked for several years on the Brooklyn Daily Eagle (which was published from 1841 to 1955). Shortly after the Brooklyn Citizen was organized in 1887, he took a job with that paper, where he worked for the rest of his life as a court reporter. (That newspaper was published until 1947.) There was also a Brooklyn Sunday Sun which lasted for about three years, from 1873 to 1876, but Arthur apparently did not work on that newspaper. In his 1995 letter to us from Beyond, the “Sun” he refers to is most likely the New York Sun, which was mentioned in his obituary.

According to national censuses taken in 1900 and 1910, Arthur Beckwith was a 68-year-old widower in the year 1900, boarding in the large Brooklyn home of J.A. Bingham, a 45-year-old carpet salesman from Canada, at 150 Schermerhorn Street. It was fairly common at that time for an extended family to live together in the same large house, and that was the situation at the Bingham home. One year earlier, Mr Bingham had married a woman named Alice (Day) who had three daughters: Mary C., Bertha, and Florence. Alice and all three daughters were natives of New Jersey. Bertha (20) was married to Charles Divine, and the two lived in the Bingham house. Florence (18) married Dudley O’Neal in 1907. The oldest of the three sisters, Mary C. (born January 1877) was married to Arthur’s son, Arthur Beckwith Jr. His mother (Arthur Sr’s wife, Susan Thomas) was from the West Indies. She had died before the 1900 census, as Arthur Sr. is listed as a widower.

In 1900 Mary Day Beckwith was 23, and her husband Arthur Jr was 36, employed as a clerk. They had a daughter that year and named her Alice M. after the baby’s maternal grandmother. (She would die a few years later in infancy.) The young Beckwith family were living at 301 State Street in Brooklyn, although Mary was listed as a resident of her father’s home as well (where Arthur Sr. was now living).

Arthur Sr. died at his boarding home on 1912 April 14, at 8:40 p.m. Interestingly, he died about the same moment that the luxury liner Titanic hit an iceberg and began to sink. At the time of his death he was the oldest journalist in Brooklyn and a venerable community figure. Funeral services were held April 16, 1912, 8 p.m., at his home, and he was buried at Greenwood Cemetery. Some years later his remains were moved to Belvidere NJ Cemetery.

I haven’t located any living relatives of Arthur C Beckwith.

Note: Some of the information in this article was found by Betsy Moyer, who had spent more than six years working on her own genealogy as a hobby. During a trip to the National Archive in Washington D.C. she took some time to dig into the life of Arthur Beckwith. For those interested in genealogy, Betsy Moyer recommends the book Psychic Roots; the role of serendipity and intuition in genealogy, by Henry Z Jones, Jr.

Jeannette Meek’s love letter 

Jeannette Meek died on April 2, 1990. As a well-known pioneer of ITC research, her husband George W. Meek of Franklin NC knew his mate would make every effort to contact him through a very successful receiving station in Europe—the CETL lab in Luxembourg.

George and Jeannette Meek (lifetime photo)

George and Jeannette Meek (lifetime photo)


George took his last trip to Europe in July 1990 and spent a weekend with the Luxembourg experimenters, Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach. He observed the assembly and operation of a new ITC system which employed electronics, ultraviolet light, and crystals, and the three friends reminisced about dear Jeannette.

On February 21, 1991, George Meek was back home in North Carolina writing a letter to his friends in Luxembourg to ask if they had received word from Jeannette. That same day the CETL experimenters returned to their Luxembourg home from their full-time jobs to find their computer running, and a new file on the computer disk.

The file contained a long message from their spirit colleagues, including this letter from Jeannette:

Dear G.W.!

Well, it seems as if there are still people who do not believe in the contacts your friends here at CETL are having. Here are some details which except you and Molly (give her my warmest greetings, I miss her) nobody can know:

In 1987, end of April, tenant Debbie called to say her refrigerator was off. It must have been on a Thursday morning and no connection with the storm we had before. At the close of her work day she called again to say she was having more trouble. This time she had left her purse on the seat of the car of the lady with whom she had been riding. This lady was quite far from Franklin so Debbie asked to borrow our key to her place.

Another story: on April 29th, Ann Valentin wrote a letter saying that she had not received the Magic of Living Forever booklets they had ordered, but Harlequin novels.

Third story: John Lathrop (I don’t think Maggy and Jules ever heard THAT name!) shut off the electricity at the “C” house to put in the new light. He wasn’t down there very long but charged $20 service in addition to $40 for the bulb itself plus tax.

Don’t try to explain this, Honey. My never-ending love to you. I miss you so much, but I know we will be together.

Love forever.

J. to M: Please Maggy, forward this to George. He can be of great help to you all. Send my best wishes to Loree also. Thank you.

Jeanette Duncan Meek.

End of contact.

Maggy called George and read the letter to him over the phone. George realized that the three items in the letter were known only to himself, Jeannette and their assistant Molly, and he was struck with the realization that the message from his beloved wife was some of the best hard evidence ever produced that life continues after our short lives on Earth, and that ITC is legitimate.

Verification of phone calls

ITC contacts coming through public networks (e.g. phone calls) are subject to question by skeptics, who point out that such contacts could be earthside pranks played upon unsuspecting experimenters. To prove that phone contacts are indeed made by spirit, various European experimenters have had their phones monitored closely by their phone companies so that every call is traced. (We can’t do that in the States without the involvement of law enforcement authorities, and then only when we are receiving threatening phone calls on a regular basis.)

Confirmation by the phone company. ITC experimenter Adolf Homes recently set up a dedicated phone line and arranged with the German phone company Deutsche Telekom to have all his phone calls monitored and traced for a period of two months. After being equipped with complete monitoring and Caller ID services, Mr Homes received four paranormal calls on that line on January 15, January 30, February 15, and another date unspecified. No other calls were received on that telephone during that time. After the trial period the phone company reported as follows:

Refer to: Order of 1995 December 13

File #: PKV 1-5 Thomas Binz

Concerning: Determination of incoming calls to Telephone terminal 06508 7511

Dear Mr Homes,

We have concluded the requested monitoring of your telephone line during the period from 1996 January 11 to March 11. During that period, no calls were made to you. A charge of DM 127.00 will be included in your next Telekom bill for this service. With the best of greetings, Thomas Binz.

Most ITC researchers theorize that phone calls from spirit do not come through the public networks. Instead, our spirit colleagues assemble invisible apparatuses in invisible realms that might sit right there in the same room with our own technical devices. It is these unseen apparatuses of our unseen friends which interact directly with our equipment. The results of Mr Homes’ test with Deutsche Telekom would support that theory.

Confirmation through cross-contact. To support the legitimacy of spirit phone calls made to the States, some of them are confirmed within hours or days, by cross-contacts to other experimenters in Europe. For example, Konstantin Raudive first called me on my home telephone on January 21, 1994, to announce that the bridge from spirit group Timestream to the States had been completed. He then called ITC researcher George Meek and others, mentioning in some of those calls that he had already contacted me.

A month later, on February 20, German experimenter Adolf Homes found a text file in his desktop computer (which was attached to nothing but the power outlet in the wall—no modems, no internet connection of any kind). The message, translated from German, began:

This is Konstantin Raudive via the devices at Station Rivenich. Dear Colleague Adolf Homes, I herewith confirm my own contacts with Mr Malkhoff and Mr Meek and Macy in America. More contacts have been made successfully…

Confirmation by familiarity with the earthside devices. When phone calls are not verified objectively by such methods as those described above, we rely largely on our instincts (which become increasingly reliable with ITC experience). When Konstantin Raudive is on the phone with us, we feel his calm, focused and good-hearted personality in the call. That was the case when on February 6, 1998, he gave me technical advice for the radio configuration in my lab. He told me to purchase:

…a VLF receiving converter. It’s a receive-radio-navigation beacon, and you have standard frequencies–ship-to-shore, and European “Alvalue”(?) broadcasts. You have also a 1750-meter license-free band, and so on. And you can have a converter. You simply connect the VLF converter to your HF radio’s antenna input, and a suitable VLF antenna. Then you convert the entire VLF band, say 10 kilohertz to 500 kilohertz, up to 4010 to 4500 kilohertz, respectively.

(Listen to that contact… )

(Dr Raudive had called me moments earlier, but that first phone call broke down prematurely. When the phone rang again moments after the disconnection, I was expecting, or at least hoping for, the callback above.)

When I dialed *69 after this call, the automated voice said the call could not be traced. That in itself was not a verification of the call’s legitimacy, but I immediately knew from previous phone calls that it was indeed the voice and personality of Konstantin Raudive talking to me. It was an inner knowing. Also, the person on the phone displayed a good knowledge of the technical capabilities of the two broadband radios I used in my lab, suggesting to me it would have to be a close colleague either from Earth or from spirit.


2 Responses to Substantiation

  1. Ricky says:

    I would very much like to contribute to the affirmation of the legitimacy of this work.

    As someone who has been looking over all of this evidence for a couple of years, as well as reading works and books by fellow ITC pioneers, it is difficult to fully express how much of a believer this has made me. Once a skeptic, I was very overwhelmed at what I was reading, seeing and hearing. For the curious and casual reader of this site, I hope that you will be given this genuine gift of realization of our true existence as spirits/multidimensional beings. Mark’s work was the first stepping stone of my journey of exploration, and I always come back to this site to enjoy his presentation of the incredible (physically-unexplainable) gifts and research that started me on my path to something I never expected. I always say to myself “If only everyone could know how special this is, this world could again know peace and gain a vast amount of wisdom about our very essence and inner-core as eternal beings.”

    I think it was Sarah Estep that said (and perhaps many others have said this to an extent): “The more we learn, the more we realize we don’t know”. Our universe is so very mysterious – modern-day science can only explain those things that are in front of us. It can only explain material chemical reactions and physics. Yet our scientists today in the 21st century still have more to learn than they could ever fathom. Their work has advanced our civilization to an extent – in strictly a material manner – but it has taught us very little about the very essence of our being, and what our purpose is. It fails to answer the bigger questions, and that’s where ITC has stepped in to at least begin to outline what’s in store for us when we leave this world. From my understanding, we will be overcome with an incredible amount of joy, peace, comfort and even relief – as we finally have that feeling we have returned home – and we realize that we were just a spirit having a human experience. It’s incredible, it’s amazing – and yet it makes the most sense out of anything I’ve ever seen and heard in our world. May you find this same solace and comfort that I have found.


  2. Mark Macy says:

    That’s the spirit, Ricky.
    When I read your comment, that’s the phrase that came to me… ‘that’s the spirit.’
    Taken literally, it has a plethora of rich implications beyond the idiom (that’s the right attitude).
    – You’ve captured the spirit of my work.
    – We’re no more than carnal vehicles or mediums for the important work of finer spirits.
    – Spirit reality is almost everything; material reality is almost nothing.
    – The dramas that convolute our lives on Earth fade away as we return to our home, to spirit.
    – To find real meaning in life we go within… to the center of spirit.
    ,,, and on… and on…. that’s the spirit………
    Thanks for the comment, my friend,

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