ITC Gem 2: A Reliable Look In-Beyond

[Editor’s Note: This message was sent to Luxembourg researchers Maggy Fischbach and Jules Harsch by their spirit friend Swejen Salter, who was in charge of the Timestream sending station, which she said was on the “third level” of spiritual existence. I originally published the message in 1992. It arrived as a text file planted on the disk of the Harsch-Fischbach computer while no one was home, as sometimes happens in the more advanced forms of ITC (instrumental transcommunication, the use of technology to get in touch with the worlds of spirit).

Thanks to a reader’s response to the previous entry (ITC Gem 1), I plan to write a short explanation after some of these postings, as necessary, when the information seems far removed from our day-to-day reality. To see my explanation of that previous blog, please read the comments attached to it. Meanwhile, happy reading!….]

Swejen Salter: We live in a world that is similar to your world. We have a body like yours. This body is of an etheric substance of much higher vibration than your dense body in your dense material world. No diseases exist here; missing body limbs grow again. Bodies that were amputated on Earth will here be regenerated again.

We live in comfortably furnished homes. The surrounding landscapes are impressive and beautiful. The average age of all those who passed over to us becomes 25 to 30 years. If they died in old age, they awaken here in full consciousness after a regenerating sleep that lasts about six weeks of Earth time. In some cases it can be shorter.

The children arriving on the third level are lovingly accepted and cared for by their relatives who live here. The children continue growing up until they have reached the age of 25 to 30 years.

We live together with other life forms… with humans who before their bodily death lived on other planets… with dwarfs, giants, and gnomes and with bodiless (formless?) entities. Approximately 60 billion humanoids from all existing worlds congregate here. They continue to cultivate friendships and partnerships.

You do not put away your sexuality, as it is a truly human characteristic. Sexual partnerships exist, provided both partners harmonize and desire it. We eat and drink like you do, but our food is produced synthetically. To put it another way, we more or less materialize physical food. The meat which some still enjoy here is only a reproduction of matter. No animal has to die for another being.

Many animal species exist here which are unknown on Earth, such as paradise-like birds and colorful butterflies. The temperature is very mild. Personality and character are not changed by the process of dying. You do not wake up on the third plane with new knowledge. Psychic problems and conflicts are not abolished yet. Though there is no more physical pain here, we still know mental anguish and the pain of the soul.


Timestream sending station was established on the “third level” of spiritual existence, and this is according to the model of Frederic Myers, which is apparently a prevalent worldview in-beyond… or at least in those spirit realms closely associated with the earth… or at least within the community of spirits who were associated with Timestream. To learn more about Frederic Myers and the worldview he reported to mediums after his death, click here.

Through contacts like this one (and you’ll see a number of them in the coming months), a genuine picture of the afterlife at last comes into view for humans here on Earth… free of the dogmas and misconceptions that have been built up over time.

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19 Responses to ITC Gem 2: A Reliable Look In-Beyond

  1. Leslie Harris says:

    This is a re-post from another forum:

    “I agree with Keith.
    To Harris: don’t take it as a judgment, but an emphasis of what Keith wrote on personal development. I’ve been reading your comments on Macy’s blog, and found them holding anger and criticism. I’m not meaning that it is something bad or wrong, I’m just saying that there are some ego-issues, which we all have that could be cared for.”

    Now that I know that I am angry, critical and have an ego problem, I apologise to all those whom I have annoyed in my pursuit of objectivity and rigour.


  2. Hey Les, what other forum are you chatting on? I’d like to take a look.
    You guys just may have hit the nail on the head! 🙂
    (Actually I find your comments kind of poignant… which can stimulate people’s thoughts …)

  3. By the way, what’s the other forum you’re sharing thoughts with? I’d like to take a look.

  4. Leslie Harris says:


    I will forward details to your other email.


  5. Nicola says:

    Hi Mark,

    Since the subject of sex in the afterlife was brought up on another forum today and now I’ve read it here, I thought I would ask you if anybody asked for that to be expanded upon? Because upon hearing about sex in the afterlife my mind boggled.. not because of the logistics but because of the unhealthy emotions it can stir, such as lust leading to infidelity, possessiveness over your partner that may not otherwise exist. I can’t accept that adulterers or those that sleep around would be consigned to the second levels with paedophiles and murderers, as I read somewhere on your site (I think!) that most of us, including liars and thieves, go to the third level.

    So I guess my question boils down to… if people that are predisposed to having multiple partners are put in a position of temptation, they will do it, causing pain and suffering on a plane that is supposed to be blissful. How does this compute?


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Nicola,

      I don’t recall ever having published something like this:

      “… adulterers or those that sleep around would be consigned to the second levels with paedophiles and murderers, as I read somewhere on your site (I think!) that most of us, including liars and thieves, go to the third level….”

      That goes against what I’ve come to understand about life and afterlife. As I see it:
      Sex, more than any other human compulsion, is all wrapped up in hormones and ego. It’s strictly a carnal impulse, not in any way a spiritual one.

      However, that said… all of our earthly behavior patterns that get etched into our carnal bodies during our lifetime also get copied into our dense spirit body and stay with us for a while after we die, as we slowly get reacclimated to being “back home” in spirit. The third level gives us a chance to process all the ‘dense human baggage’ that our spirit has dragged along from Earth. If the baggage is too “heavy” or stubborn or deeply etched and we’re unable to process it, then we won’t stay long at the third level. We’ll find ourselves at the second level, or shadow world of Earth, where raw, earthly compulsions still ‘run wild.’

      At the third level, we can still “revert” to some of our carnal behaviors (sex and feasting, for example), but not in a compulsive way. It’s more in a comfortable, relaxed situation. Sometimes our spirit friends enjoy a holiday feast that coincides with feasting that goes on with their loved ones on Earth. A ceremonial and celebratory event. A love event as opposed to a gorging, epicurean event as we might find on Earth. Also there are feasting areas in beautiful parks where people at the third level, especially newcomers, can enjoy wonderful foods.

      Sex, likewise, is not partaken at the third level as an obsessive or hormonal orgy, but as an event of sharing love between two individuals who feel that love between them. They can share that feeling of deep love together in many ways in the spirit worlds… and at the third level the act of sex is one of those ways, simply because folks there have some memory of sex from their recent Earth lives.

      The idea of committed relationships between one man and one woman is an Earth condition. It provides some stability in society by keeping people from spreading disease and rutting-related conflicts, but it also causes a lot of drama as our hormones flare up in the presence of various people. Sex and commitment are just one big drama on Earth that we all have to learn to contend with as best we can. The committed couple seems to be by far the “healthiest” or “most stable” kind of relationship on Earth, given our spiritual, carnal, hormonal, and psychological package, the needs of society, and the diseases that are out there.

      That’s how I see it. Let me know if it doesn’t answer your questions.


  6. Hi Mark

    Thanks for the reply. I worded my post badly. I was saying that I had read somewhere on your site that most of us go to the third level, including liars and thieves which is why I couldn’t accept that philanderers would go to the second level.

    I don’t know where I read it originally but you reiterated it here “If the baggage is too “heavy” or stubborn or deeply etched and we’re unable to process it, then we won’t stay long at the third level. We’ll find ourselves at the second level, or shadow world of Earth, where raw, earthly compulsions still ‘run wild.’”.

    How does this happen? It sounds like a punishment, however when we arrive we choose where we go, right? I’ve heard this too about reincarnation that people may ‘have’ to go back and cannot stay at the third level. By what means is this achieved and who is involved do you think?


    • Mark Macy says:

      hi Nicola,

      After we die, we wind up where we “resonate spiritually,” for the most part. I don’t fully understand what creates our spiritual vibration, but I suspect it’s a mixture of our soul purpose, the carnal compulsions we’ve developed through this lifetime (and previous lifetimes), any major traumas we may have experienced at the time of death… stuff like that.

      Where we WANT (consciously) to wind up after we die isn’t a very big factor, compared to our spiritual vibration, which automatically moves our spirit body to a spirit realm where it resonates. I think that’s a natural law over there… just like iron filings are pulled automatically to a magnet.

      If we happen to get escorted to the third level (on their death beds, lots of people talk about seeing dead loved ones and a lot of light around them, and they’re escorted into a tunnel to the third level), and then once we get there we seem somewhat out-of-control emotionally, then apparently we seek an escape from this place (the third level)… and we somehow find our way into wilder places… probably the second level, or shadow world.

      If you get a chance to watch the “Nosso Lar” movie (the English version is “Astral City”), there’s a scene where one girl’s emotions pulls here back to darker places. That might be a reasonable example of how it works over there.

      Answered adequately?


      • Nicola says:

        Hi Mark,

        Yes thanks. I watched Nosso Lar. Confusingly it was voiced over by Russian, so I was listening to two languages and reading English. Gave me a headache!

        Are there any other films like that you could recommend?


  7. Nicola says:

    Sorry Mark, that was me. I didn’t know that being logged into my new blog would create that link. It’s under construction.

  8. Nicola says:

    Sorry to bug you with all the questions Mark. I am looking forward to the day I can hear from the station loud and clear so I don’t have to bother you!

  9. Nicola says:

    How was this communication sent? Do you remember?

    • Mark Macy says:

      By phone or radio, can’t remember which. I’d have to go through the ‘ancient translations’ of the couple’s CETL Infonews, which they sent to our mutual friend Hans Heckmann, who translated them into English and I published in comb-bound little journals.

  10. Robin says:

    Just happened to find this blog. In case someone is still reading this: Regards to sex in the afterlife; there are NO body parts, or areas that become engorged with blood so a man’s uh, male appendage could be created a particular way by using his memory , but “no body parts are used to make love” is what I have been told (I am an NDEr and go out of body frequently). Sex in the afterlife, is a MERGING of all over body energy like Tantric sex or kundalini feeling …you become essentially ONE with the SOURCE, which is what we all really are once we figure out we are not separate from any other Energy creation. It’s better than sex, over in the mid astral realm, but no body parts need be created, and indeed are absolutely “not used” any way. Body parts, as with any physicality in appearance is for,,, well, appearance only. WE are ENERGY beings, especially once deceased. When we show a body or parts of a body, it is through FOCUSED MANIFESTATION at WILL.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Robin,

      Your NDEs or OBEs might take you to the 4th level, or higher astral realm (as defined on this site), where most earthly patterns of thought and behavior have disappeared…?

      Otherwise I’m not sure why you’d visit a place where astral humans aren’t behaving a lot like physical humans,.. which we’re told is the case at the third level (mid-astral). Our spirit friends at Timestream assured us that many people in spirit do indeed enjoy eating, having sex, and other earthly pleasures because those patterns are still alive in them. They have bodies just like ours, but at the prime of life, with all the same parts that our bodies have.

      I’m a little surprised that you haven’t visited places like that in your out-of-body adventures. But, then, if you resonate at a finer spiritual vibration than the norm here on Earth (which isn’t a very high bar anyway), it makes sense you would enjoy your OBEs at levels above the mid-astral.


  11. Mac says:

    Hello Mark,

    I’ve found reading about your research and ITC experience fascinating. My question is do all humans on earth, when they die, go to the 3rd level (mid-astral plane) specifically Marduk? I also read on one of your posts how some people have transcended to the 4th level and beyond. Look forward to hearing from you.


    • Mark Macy says:

      HI Mac,

      My views on that (where everyone wakes up after they die) have changed a little over the years, but a few things I feel fairly confident about. For example:
      — Our living spirit resumes its life when it leaves the physical body after death.
      — Our spirit’s vibration is shaped to some degree by our prevalent attitudes during lifetime, raised and purified by the love and kindness and honesty we show to others, especially family and friends.

      Lately, as I’ve been rereading many of the contacts we got from Timestream (at level 3), I get the impression that they (the good folks at level 3) make an effort to get as many people as possible settled into the paradise there. But if some newcomers bristle a little too much with resentment and hidden motives and other such feelings that they can’t shake off easily, they might find themselves moving to level 2 or level 1, etc., until they find a community they’re more resonant with. Then, if they wish, they can start the inner purification process in order to migrate to level 3.

      From level 3, yes, as they purify further, they can ascend to finer levels (4, 5, etc.)

      (PS – there’s apparently a vast level 3 spirit world on the late planet Eden, or Marduk, where a lot of people from Earth wake up after death, and also a large level 3 spirit world of Earth. I’m not sure who goes where or why.)

      That’s how I understand things at the present time.


      • Mac says:

        Thank you Mark for responding. I had another question in regards to the inhabitants of Planet Marduk. I read that Jesus Christ is known as Pescator and resides on Marduk in the Moreysian mountains and has many followers. I’m not sure if it was Dr. Salter who mentioned this but do you have any thoughts on that and was there any additional information about him?

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