ITC Gem 5: How Thoughts Create Reality

Editor’s note: When people say, “Thoughts create reality,” it stirs our imaginations… but few of us know what it really means. In 1990 our spirit friend Swejen Salter told us that while we on Earth do affect spiritual realities with our thoughts, we don’t actually create or fabricate the spiritual worlds and beings with which we are communicating. These things are not products of our mind; they really exist. In a short text planted in a computer in the home of Luxembourg researchers, she wrote:

It is true that men in their thoughts can help form reality, but the influence of the individual is small. If your conception of our life is different from how I describe it to you, it would not change our way of life. We live in a real city, which may be unimaginable to some of you. Our reality is for us as touchable and as material as your world is to you. We do not consider ourselves transparent spirit beings.


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5 Responses to ITC Gem 5: How Thoughts Create Reality

  1. Stephen J. Valadez says:

    I’ve been following this research for years, especially the Luxembourg ITC contacts due to their lucidity and plain and excellent info.

    Swejen Salter is the ultimate gem in this category, to me. A scientist from a parallel quantum universe, now dead. Fascinating, compelling. Thanks for posting this. Anything you have from her please continue to post. As a scientist and as a human (we assume, we don’t know the DNA of their species entirely on Varid 😉 ), she’s priceless re: her comments. The Technician is wonderful but it seems too far removed to offer insight at this more down to earth level of explanation and astral locale.



    • Hi Stephen,
      Guess you’ll like the newest article too, then… posted a few minutes ago.
      I agree with you: Swejen is a total gem… a sentiment shared by our spirit friends who’ve had the pleasure of working with her at Timestream.
      Thanks for the good comments…

  2. Leslie Harris says:


    The question “what is reality” is a philosophical minefield. It has always ranged over a gamut of unanswerable questions but now has new dimensions (pun intended) when considering this field. Swejen Salter has made several comments about “reality” but these can’t be tested in the Here and Now. Even testing them in wherever she is would be subject to the same unanswerables as our Here and Now.

    Cooper, in his book “Our Ultimate Reality” goes to the extraordinary extreme of stating (not claiming but stating) that our Here and Now is an illusion and that nothing exists unless someone thinks about it.

    This could be tested by dropping a brick on his head from 100 feet up. It couldn’t possibly hurt him because either 1) he wasn’t thinking about a brick at the time or 2) because everything is an illusion anyway.

    To take his statement a little further, we can reasonably conclude that, several million years ago, an early version of man walked out of his cave one night, looked up and said “There should be a Universe up there” and the Universe obligingly sprang into existence. According to Cooper, it did not exist until someone thought about it.

    I feel sorry for all the professional astronomers who spend their entire lives studying something that is only an illusion.

    Surely there is someone other than me reading this series. Please, someone, make an input. Or maybe all this is just an illusion after all, as Cooper states.

    Les Harris

  3. Pete says:

    To: Leslie Harris


    I’m reading this too.


  4. Bob Chacra says:

    Hi, I think that Cooper has it backwards. This earthly existence is not an illusion. It is very real and it’s purpose is to teach us the consequences of our thoughts and actions so that we will eventually learn and improve our selves, our souls. I think there is a better way to describe the power of mind over matter rather than Cooper’s intellectual attempt at it.. Look at everything that has been created in the universe. This is all an extension or out-flowing of the creator. As the outflow in the form of light energy flows out further and further, the frequency slows down and matter is formed as the light becomes more dense. We and the planet are also that extension of the creator who CREATES. However, being in a denser domain as we are, our thought energy is also dampened, but it is still working to a lesser degree. Now think of all the things created by man, the inventions, the different cultures, collective world views. THESE WERE ALL ONCE JUST A THOUGHT, but they were not manifested by just the use of our weaker thought power. Here on Earth, we had to also supplement our thought power with the physical activities necessary to manifest the dream or the thought. Nevertheless, we are able to greatly increase the power of our thoughts and intention by learning how to concentrate and focus our awareness or consciousness effectively, but most people have great difficulty doing this because they are all over the place and end up subject to random events occurring in their lives. I think Cooper got the message mixed up a bit.

    Hope this helps
    Bob Chacra

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