Presenting at a Conference in Italy from Home



A couple of months ago Italian afterlife researcher Amleto Iansante asked me to consider sharing my ITC experiences at his annual conference in L’Aquila, a town north of Rome steeped in afterlife awareness since a devastating earthquake in 2009.

(conference description video)

I haven’t done seminars for nearly a decade and, frankly, have never mastered the disposition for public speaking (not for lack of trying), so I suggested that I produce a short video encapsulating my ITC experiences that could be played at the conference. Amleto made further suggestions that he’d provide Italian translations, he’d play nice ethereal music during the video, and we’d have a live question-and-answer session after the film, by videoconference.

It happened Friday night (October 27, 2017), went very well, and I might participate in more conferences like that in the future… producing a video for the conference followed by a Skype session with the audience. Seems like a good way to do conferences. No travel costs, no last-minute problems with illness or lost notes….

My complete video, in Italian (about 35 minutes):


Or view the English version and other clips on my youtube channel:

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5 Responses to Presenting at a Conference in Italy from Home

  1. John Day says:

    This long distance presentation reminds me of something…

    • Mark Macy says:

      NOW I know what you’re referring to, John. Yesterday when I read your comment I hadn’t a clue. I thought maybe you were thinking about my theme song used in the presentation, which is the song that I posted recently here… or maybe you were thinking that I used the same style of presentation (customized slides converted to video) that I used for the song videos I’ve posted.

      Then I woke up this morning, thinking “duh-h”: John means the use of videoconferencing for an international ITC group, like we all talk about here on this website, instead of in-room meetings requiring lots of travel and lodging expenses and hundreds of hours of planning.

      Thanks for hinting. It was actually fun getting that brainstorm this morning. 🙂


  2. tosiaz says:

    I am overjoyed that you are speaking about this in a more public forum, dear Mark. Well done! It is time for humanity to get out of its narrow, fear-based thinking that is behind so much wrongdoing and misunderstanding, and begin to see our real place in reality. We are in desperate need of knowledge to lift us out of our present fast-slide into oblivion, knowledge of the way reality really works, that we are accountable for what we do, and continually create the future that we will experience in this life and the next. Thank you for overcoming whatever doubts you have about your ability, Mark, or the importance of your knowledge. And thank you for posting the video in Italian. I was so excited to watch that, because I know Italians who I think might need to hear this, and might just listen to it in their own language. I have a very good feeling about what you have done, Mark, a very strong, clear sense of rightness and promise about it. Thank you. Keep it up, and if I can ever help in any way, I will.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Wow, Tosca, some of the best words of encouragement I’ve had the pleasure of hearing.

      Being an introvert, my doubts about my public speaking ability are pretty well founded. 🙂 But the importance of the ITC information? Certainly no doubts there. Granted, I’ve gone to great effort over the years to boil that information down, assimilate it, and to present it in ways that, I hope, easily make sense to just about anyone. But that’s just a total labor of love for me.

      Also it’s a case of doing the right thing. (It’s what “morality” is, according to The Seven ethereals: ‘To understand, to acknowledge, to devise, and to act….’)

      So many thanks for your comment, which helps pull all these things together in my mind this morning.


    • kate says:

      What a lovely thing to read tosiaz and so true.

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