Terra 00 – A World Askew

Bliss and magnificence mixed with chaos and suffering…
Why the dichotomy?

Life-energy from the Source creates and nourishes the entire omniverse with perfect motivations that we might equate with such things as abundance, vitality, love, and truth. As the life-energy fills the free-will omniverse (divided here into 7 arbitrary levels), it devolves and adapts while passing through countless realms and universes (fine, white circles) until it reaches Earth, where it encounters a spiritual shadow that’s been hanging around the planet since the time of dinosaurs. That’s where everything gets skewed… in the shadow of Terra.

This is a series of small, “bite-size” articles about how Earth (a.k.a Terra) is nourished constantly by “light” (life-energy from the Source), but gets “dark” while stuck in a spiritual shadow.

Light: These are the kinds of Source motivations (along with those shown in the diagram) that create and nourish the entire omniverse freely and incessantly:

  • abundance,
  • knowledge,
  • service,
  • love,
  • awe….

Light and Dark: The life-energy devolves as it spreads out-beyond from the Source, through many realms and universes, until it reaches shadowed Earth, where it becomes…

  • abundance vs scarcity,
  • knowledge vs ignorance,
  • service vs self-interest,
  • love vs hate,
  • awe vs fear….

Why does life on Terra get skewed like that? How did things go wrong in the first place? How can we get ourselves—both individually and as a planet—out of the darkness and back into the light?

Let’s try to sort that all out in this series of articles, bearing in mind that mystics look through and beyond Earth’s duality, using spiritual eyes to see the light of love in every situation.

Maybe along the way we can start to do that too, though it’s probably important (maybe even part of our soul purpose?) to understand the dichotomy of Terra at a visceral level before reawakening our spiritual eyes to see the light that shines in-beyond.

That’s the aim with this series of articles: To know Terra at a visceral level while being anchored to the Source.


Here are some ways that life-energy seems to get contorted when it reaches Earth:

  1. While our 5 senses and brain shape our understanding of life on Earth, they also block out the greater realities beyond, so we tend to give the Source with its life-energy human and earthly qualities that can be confusing or scary or even funny.
  2. Symbiosis distorts Source motivation, so that free, perfect nourishment becomes parasitic and predatory, where living things steal life-energy from each other (for example by killing and eating each other).
  3. Spirit mutates into structure, so that our surroundings feel solid but also light and airy, which we interpret as matter vs energy… particle vs wave.
  4. Money mimics life-energy as a force of creation and nourishment to actualize our grandest dreams… while also generating competition, crime, and other contentious efforts to acquire money.
  5. Ethics overshadow morals, so rules and regulations take precedence over an inherent knowledge of what’s right and good.
  6. Emotions are debris stirred up in our carnal body-mind when the finer spirit within us has trouble contending with the dramas going on around us in the material world.
  7. Sex and lust are a volatile mutation of love forged by the fact that we’re biologically programmed to procreate.
  8. Our flawed carnal body becomes a fragile, fleeting home for our indestructible spirit body that is the real you and me.

Each item on the list will be explored by one concise article. The list will probably grow as the series evolves. (I’m open to suggestions.)

Note: Illustrations like the omniverse above will all have to be redone in the coming months, since all of my original artwork got lost in the fire. mhm (Those are my initials, as well as a vocable… suggesting there’s still lots of work to be done. m-hm 🙂 )


About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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13 Responses to Terra 00 – A World Askew

  1. John R.M. Day says:

    Very nice…looking forward to the series Mark.
    Being a vocable, you are fixed in Terran language and culture now.
    I hope you and Regina are doing well with the condo hunting.

    • Mark Macy says:

      We’re looking at quite a few condos, John, at least three of them in your old neck of the woods (north Boulder). Challenging finding a new home… m-hm 🙂

  2. kate says:

    We are so blessed to have these articles…

    • Mark Macy says:

      I’m equally blessed to have readers who make me think, Kate.
      Your comment months ago, “They ate Zagreus” provided a huge missing piece to the puzzle for me.

      I’d overlooked that part of the contact, probably because I unconsciously found it a bit ‘distasteful.’ 🙂
      I think now that The Seven, with that contact they sent us, were hinting that living things on Earth eating other living things for nourishment is rather “terr-ible” anomaly that came into our world long ago, probably around the time of dinosaurs.


      • Alberto Oyarvide says:

        Hi Mr Macy, hope you are doing better. The part about eating other living beings to survive is an anomaly, it left me thinking and I found this:

        “The Permian is a geological record that began nearly 300 million years ago, almost 50 million years before the Age of the Dinosaurs. During the Permian the first large herbivores and carnivores became widespread on land.”

        So could there be living beings that don’t eat? It sounds very radical, but of course I don’t think I know everything, but I wonder where they would get their energy source from then? From the sun maybe?

        I also wonder if there will be any evidence of a comment from some advanced alien saying what they eat and maybe an ITC message talking about it?

        Well, I hope you are well, greetings

        • Mark Macy says:

          Hi Alberto,

          Over the years I’ve come to believe that there’s a Source at the center of everything. It’s that timeless force that religions have interpreted as “God” or “Allah” or “Brahman”….

          Its sole purpose is to emit an endless stream of life-energy that holds the potential to create and nourish everything— every universe, every star and planet, and living thing. (Actually, since the Source is at the center of everything, even a rock, then everything is really a “living thing” in the broader sense.)

          This view does (admittedly) sound radical to us on Earth, but after exploring many good sources of information for many years, it’s the scenario that makes the most sense to me.

          I tried to explain it in this article:


          Bear in mind that the diagrams in that article are “pulled-apart” views of the entire omniverse. Everything is really coexisting in the same space (or, more accurately, the concept of “space” is mostliy an illusion), and everything is distinct from everything else by the vibration of its life-energy, not by its “location.”

          So, to answer your question, I believe that almost all life throughout the omniverse is nourished mostly by this life-energy. It’s only in the densest worlds like ours out in the fringes where things have gone askew and devolved into predation and other win-lose relationships in which living things “steal” life-energy from each other, as well as getting it, perpetually, directly from the source. Maybe there’s not enough life-energy to be totally fulfilling way out here at the edge… I don’t know.

          For our spirit friends with bodies similar to ours (but subtler), that seems to be the case. They say they don’t have to “eat” to sustain their bodies.

          ETs?… the ones who live in dense universes like ours? I haven’t found conclusive information yet about those guys, and whether they need to supplement their inherent life-energy with outside sources of nourishment. Still looking for that answer.

          Anyway, thanks for your comment!


        • Mark Macy says:

          Alberto, after rereading your comment and the article above it, I believe I went into a lot of detail rehashing things with my earlier reply to you. The bottom line is, yes, I think most things everywhere are nourished by that Source.
          My guess is that inhabitants of Earth before dinosaurs were nourished by the Source. Eating plants and animals and other earth stuff (probably) didn’t start happening here until dinosaurs… what our spirit friends referred to as “the serpent.”
          Due to the slow, steady grind of plate tectonics, I doubt there’s any fossil evidence that old to indicate yay or nay about the nutritional habits of Earth’s plants and animals 300+ million years ago. At least I haven’t found any evidene like that. (Then, again, I haven’t really looked for it, but that’s what I plan to start doing this weekend… like this:
          Thanks for that direction!)

        • tomrawlings8b101893a8 says:

          This is mindstretching for me, so rooted in this world to get my head around. But interesting to read what others think🌝

      • kate says:

        I’ve only just seen this due to no notifications problems with my device…it’s a fascinating question Alberto has asked.
        I recently asked a professor of science and nutrition, physiology, cardiology and many other things if a venus fly trap would be considered potentially carnivore and he said yes. I then asked if plants would be considered due to the fact they suck up nutrients from dead animals and plant matter and he said yes….he said plants are omnivore and some carnivore. Now I feel plants aren’t so different from any other living thing, there isn’t such a huge divide between plants and animals and we really are all of the same.

        Thanks Mark for your kind response, best wishes and hope you are getting closer to sorting things out.

  3. tomrawlings8b101893a8 says:

    It’s a little scarey to me, the question of what we really are… But i think, there’s nothing we can do about so just go with tge flow, as mom would say. Hope all is well with the Macy family.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Tom,
      I agree, the best we can do is find a highway leading toward the source, one that resonates with us, and just go with the flow.
      As for the family (including my brothers and their families), we’re all doing the best we can amid all the drama. We stay in touch, and we all love each other… despite some occasional bumps. (We’re human, after all. 🙂 )

      (thanks for your patience… still lots of changes going on here since the fire)

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