Philosophy 13: Apocalypse / Revelation

Note: This is the final article in the Philosophy series.

A pulled-apart look at the entire omniverse, showing Earth and a person to illustrate the nested structure of everything, with the source at its center. (An ancient “Acambaro” figurine inset shows a human grappling with a dinosaur.)

It explores the role of ITC* during an “apocalypse”—a time when hidden truths are revealed in preparation for a planetary housecleaning. If you’ve been reading this Philosophy series, then you have a pretty good idea of what (I believe) some of those hidden truths are (thanks to ITC contacts):

  1. The source (God, Allah, Brahman, the principle…) is at the center of everything, emitting vitality, truth, and goodness in the form of
  2. life-energy that creates and nourishes everything in
  3. countless free-will universes (fine, white circles in the diagram)—
  4. all divisible into 7 arbitrary levels—with
  5. our spiritual roots at level 3, where most people from Earth awaken in paradise surroundings after they die, and with
  6. our material universe and our planet Earth residing out here at level 1, in the dense fringes of the omniverse, where
  7. Earth’s win-lose symbiotic relationships (especially predation and competition) refract the life-energy into troubled thoughtforms, which cast
  8. a dark, spiritual shadow around the world that
  9. started to develop some 250 million years ago, when our giant, superhuman ancestors from Eden—by then marooned on Earth—had to contend with dinosaurs.
*ITC, or instrumental transcommunication, is the use of technology to get information (voices, images, text…) from the spirit worlds directly through our TVs, radios, computers, and other technical instruments. It requires a bridge, or “contact field,” that’s enabled and protected by finer beings. An ITC bridge can only work when the mental vibrations of those present at both ends of the bridge (between level 1 and level 3) are in complete harmony and when their aims and intentions are pure. (read more… )

That lingering shadow around the Earth—a repository of angst, anger, and unbridled desire—is apparently one reason for the periodic apocalypse. It’s a time to recycle the emotional debris. And ITC plays a role in the process by revealing some key timeless truths (like the items in the list), as higher beings explain below.


ITC and the Apocalypse

One of The Seven, as received through a TV in Luxembourg in October 1994.

This is a message that the Luxembourg members of our INIT group (Maggy Fischbach and Jules Harsch) received from The Seven ethereal beings who facilitated our ITC bridge:

We have often given you the real purpose of ITC contacts: Mankind at the end time should be led back to the principle. Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again. What people experience now is not the actual beginning of the apocalypse, but only the first symptoms of it. Before opposites can be united, the strength of unity among ITC people must increase and come from a pure heart. (explore more such messages… )

That message was received as computer text in the 1990s. As best I can figure, it means that finer beings look at ITC as an effective means to reveal important truths to humanity today, as we approach the end of the “Second Epoch” (which they said began in Babylon many thousands of years ago).

Now, 30 years after the message, the symptoms seem to be getting worse.

Signs of the Apocalypse

Picture courtesy of NOAA.

A world report by the IPCC** came out last week that paints the gloomiest picture yet for the planet. Climate breakdown is causing irreversible impacts everywhere, including:

  • Droughts, floods, heatwaves, fires, and other extreme weather,
  • Melting of the ice caps and glaciers,
  • Chronic flooding of coastal areas and low-lying islands,
  • Food and water shortages,
  • Mass die-offs of species and ecosystems—from insects and fish to coral reefs and forests,
  • Reduced oxygen in the world, as struggling forests can’t absorb enough carbon dioxide,

Conditions like these are affecting every inhabited region of the planet, and half of the world population (some 3.5 billion people) live in highly vulnerable places.

**The report was released on February 27, 2022, by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and was summarized in The Guardian.

Worst of ourselves. Then there are the indirect effects of those conditions. Mainly, the dwindling supply of inhabitable land, water, and other resources can bring out the worst in human nature—competition and predation—causing a sharp spike in wars, subterfuge, and crime. As “light and darkness unite to form a whole,” polarized groups can become malicious and spiteful. Lies and hatred can become as popular as truth and love.

Best of ourselves. But we don’t have to give in to our dark aspects. As the ethereals told us, we can choose the path of unity and light: “Mankind at the end time should be led back to the principle. Light and darkness shall unite and form a whole again…. Before opposites can be united, the strength of unity… must increase and come from a pure heart.” If we take that message to heart, we can begin to see the big picture, which can give us peace of mind as we tap into the best of human nature, even while the world is unraveling around us.

Choosing the best. In practical terms, we can learn to foster conscious contact with the source (or “principle”) within us. That connection opens us up to vast networks of light workers throughout heaven and earth who can work behind the scenes—choreographing, synchronizing, and giving us support in trying times. One good way to make conscious contact is through heart meditation. For centuries mystics in the Far East have called the heart “the seat of the soul,” so when we move our awareness from the head to the heart, healthy changes can take place… physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially.

Most important: By feeling one with the source, we can learn to observe life’s dramas from a place of peace. When we think of people embroiled in the drama—not just loved ones, but also “enemies” or “adversaries”—we can look through the drama to see the perfect light that resides within them, from a place of love. That can alleviate stress in our relationships while defusing a bit of tension in the world.

That, I believe, is the first step to finding “strength of unity from a pure heart”… especially in apocalyptic times like these.

Feel your perfect oneness with the source and let it take over your life.


I’ve written about the End Time from slightly different perspectives in several previous articles:

But I think this latest one covers the subject more succinctly. — MM

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16 Responses to Philosophy 13: Apocalypse / Revelation

  1. Julietravelsthecosmos says:

    Thank you Mark. I hope all is going well for you and the Mrs. on the homefront.
    Loved your article!😊❤

  2. John R.M. Day says:

    Stop the press!…Turn off the tea kettle!…Ring the bell…He’s baaack with a prophetic message!
    I think lies and hatred are now almost as “popular” as truth and love.
    I perceive this to be especially so for those who stay stuck to (and almost hopelessly distracted by) their electronic devices and read on and on what I have come to regard as the non-truth and propaganda from an empire of lies.
    If one is willing to ignore mainstream media and research deeper, then there, underneath the more superficial truths of what is happening in the world, there are the deeper truths. and love.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks John and Julie. Yes, we’re just about done with the house inventory, then I’ll dump it into a spreadsheet and send it off to the insurance people. I’ve got the 2021 tax stuff laid out as this weekend’s project. So we’re getting caught up since the fire. Now we’re just keeping an eye out for a nice, small abode to buy (probably a townhouse or condo), probably in December or January.

      I managed to get the article finished amid the busywork.

      Many warm wishes to you and the other readers. Your thoughtfulness has helped a lot, invisibly, behind the scenes… part of those light networks throughout heaven and earth that can provide synchronicities and inspirations.


      • tomrawlings8b101893a8 says:

        Hi Mark, sorry to hear another crisis. I come out of mine better than I was before. I know what you mean about unlimited benefits… finally. It’s been hard for me to completely pull out of thr rat-race that dialectical materialism has put on us. Now I have, thanks in large part to my latest infirmity that sent me to the emergency room. For weeks after that I was the closest I’ve ever felt to being dead… No energy… Couldn’t even lift my head. Never felt such thankfulness to God as I did when I started to get a little strength back. I will never take strength and energy for granted again. I ride my bike every morning at 5:30 into town and have three balanced meals a day. Without the TV I finally am able to Think, which may be like meditation is to you. Every minute, hour, day, week, and year I have left is going to be spent trying to figure out and making it a better world. Like you, my spirit friends have been a big part of my learning curve. Also, I don’t have to hear them through itc, I think we interact all the time. By the way, I was talking with them the other day, through evp, and a friend of the man I was talking to, who I think was bored with being here, said to him, “Back on this floor?”. I got the feeling that they can easily move through the levels of consciousness Mr Meek explains about. Wow what a world God had made for us… Absolutely incredible Take care, Tom

    • kate says:

      Absolutely agree with every word you’ve written John, thanks for that.

  3. tomrawlings8b101893a8 says:

    It was so good to read this, even if I have different interpretations sometimes. I’ve been sick lately. Collapsed in supermarket and was taken by ambulance to hospital ( a first for me). Now trying to get back on my feet. The grim reaper’s been at my door. He’s been busy lately. William Hurt crossed yesterday, my Mom’s birthday, both were Pisces. Mark if I had more people in my life like you I’d have no problems. God bless you and the light you emanate. It strengthens me. Tom

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Tom (sorry about the delayed reply… busy times!)
      I hope you get through the health scare and come out shining with light and truth.
      Lots of upheaval in many people’s lives nowadays.
      I guess the best we can do is just to get through it and help others while trying to stay conscious of the Source at the center of everything.
      Warm wishes,

  4. kate says:

    I’ve been thinking about you so much and hoping things are going ok for you and Regina.
    I find your article very comforting, and useful because I’m probably not on my own in thinking what we can do to help. Throughout all this I’ve seen masses of people worldwide bravely and peacefully protesting, nothing like what is depicted in the mainstream media. Never has the ordinary person been more important than now, the goodness of the majority isn’t represented by the fringe minority elite.
    Thanks Mark, I hope all goes well finding a new home,
    Best wishes to you.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks for your good thoughts, Kate. I agree that there’s a large undercurrent of good-will that doesn’t often get covered in the news (and it’s reassuring for me to be reminded of that from time to time!)

      Regina has a realtor friend, Marion, who’s been showing us some condos. There’s a lot of competition for them at the moment, but I trust we’ll find the right place by year’s end.

      My old “spiritfaces” website lapsed recently, so I’ve been moving important stuff from that site onto this one. I just added a new “Journals” page to the banner above the site. Now I plan to add my old voice contacts (spirits coming through radio and phone) for historical purposes. Also, I’m thinking about ideas for my next article, or series of articles. Moving slow but steady………


      • kate says:

        You’re not on your own, I have to remind myself because I’ve been flip flopping between seeing the positive and negatives. It’s hard to stay positive when the energy is so low, fearful and depressed and add to that a personal crisis and it can feel like a huge weight to bare….My heart goes out to you, losing everything is very difficult.

        So glad you are moving things for safe keeping and historical reason…I’m so glad you are keeping going with articles, we all treasure them.
        Lots of Love

  5. tomrawlings8b101893a8 says:

    I got rid of my boob tube. It’s one of the best things ive ever done. I have made such headway in all areas since. I think mainstream news is not true, but propaganda and not good to listen to. Mark, first time i saw this reply ftom you. Thanks for the uplifting thoughts. Wow your plans for the website are exciting to me. How incredible it would be to hear some of your old spirit friend contacts. I could help you clear them up if you like.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Tom, I admire your choice—-getting rid of the TV.
      I haven’t quite gotten to that level yet.

      Thanks for your generous offer to help clean up some of my old audio contacts. We’ll see how that goes, but it’ll probably be months before I start sorting through my old ITC experiment archives. There are so many researchers out there who are far beyond what I’ve done… so mostly I just plan to put a few of my better contacts somewhere on this site for historical purposes. It’s on the to-do list.


      • tomrawlings8b101893a8 says:

        Hi Mark. Been busy lately. Made an audio book out of Docherty and Macgregors, Hidden History; The Secret Origins of the First World War. It really opened my eyes to what’s going on in the world. Now I’m working on an audio book of my older sisters book. It’s helping me get to know her better and appreciate her. I’m trying to get my brothers and sisters interested in spirit contact. I contacted our parentd i believe, through my unseen frirnds in yhis house. They aren’t inyerested


  6. tomrawlings8b101893a8 says:

    Hi Mark, didn’t know you had posted this about Hidden History… Hope all is going smoothly in your resettlement. Just wanted to mention about David Thompson, Australian physical medium. Been reading about him Have you ever been to a sceance (I think that’s what they still call it) where spirits can make themselves seen? Don’t recall if you had said you did or not. That would be a highlight of my life… To witness such a miracle. Tom

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hey Tom,

      Since INIT (1995-2000) I’ve gradually retreated from ITC experiments and spirit communication in general, and moved into fostering conscious contact with the source (prayer, meditation…), which seems to attract a “higher level” (?) of spiritual support.

      Still, those ITC experiences with the Harsch-Fischbach couple and INIT remain one of the most exciting and fulfilling periods of my life, which is why I’ve been spending so much of my energy since the year 2000 trying to understand them and document them as clearly as I can. It feels like the most important “job” I’ve had in this lifetime. The pay is zilch, but the benefits are unlimited. 🙂

      Meanwhile, yet ANOTHER crisis hit us a few days ago here on the homefront… which I’ll mention briefly in my next article—Terra 01. We’re getting through that crisis now, so the article is starting to come together in my mind. Thanks for your comments, as always.


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