Afterlife Descriptions

Maggy Fischbach of Luxembourg, and the INIT organization we established in 1995, received many vivid descriptions of the spirit world in which most of us will awaken after we die.

We received not just verbal descriptions, but many pictures as well. Most of that illuminating information can be found in the articles listed below.

Spirits of Timestream.

Pictures from the afterlife:

Pictures with descriptions:

Spirit world models.

Verbal descriptions from the afterlife via ITC:


7 heavens and 7 hells.

Dark Afterlife Adventures (I wrote this series of articles as a detailed summary and review of a classic 1896 book called Wanderer in the Spirit Land, by Franchezzo. I include it on this website because the book correlates well with what we were told through ITC systems about the spirit realms while going into much more first-hand detail about the various realms, especially the dark, troubled realms associated with the Earth.)

…1    Lost in the dark (chapters 1-5).
…2    Serving the Brotherhood (chapters 6-9).
…3    Struggling out of darkness into light (chapters 10-14).
…4    Preparing for rescue work (chapters 15-17).
…5    Rescue mission from hell (chapters 18-21).
…6    More hell (chapters 22-24).
…7    Old generals never die (chapters 25-26).
…8    Weary homecoming (chapter 27).
…9    Free at last (chapters 28-31).
..10   Journey’s end at the threshold to heaven (Chapters 32-34).
…11   Conclusions.



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