An ITC Organization Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

The INIT group.

The INIT group.

When our INIT group was together from 1995 to 2000, communication technologies like Internet, cellular, and WiFi were still young. Most people in the world, including most INIT members, were unfamiliar with emails, websites, mobile phones, and wireless… and so our interactions were cumbersome and expensive, compared to what they could be today, if INIT were still active… or if the group decided to get back together.

Then… communicating with each other involved letters, FAXes, international phone calls, and floppy disks and CDs sent through the mail. Letters and disks sent through the mail took days to arrive, so there was no instant way to send computer files rich with digital information.

Now… if INIT were still together, everyone would be corresponding freely with emails and file attachments, maybe Skype, and maybe occasional text messages or phone calls via cell phone.

Then… sharing information with the world involved publishing newsletters and books, writing articles for magazines, attending conferences, giving seminars and workshops, and doing radio and TV interviews (and you had to be wary of interviewers, since some would rather provoke and entertain listeners than inform them).

Now… we would post all of our research results and supporting information on a group website, similar perhaps to what’s available on my macyafterlife website or on the worlditc website that Rolf Ehrhardt and I assembled. The information on that new group website would be closed to the public. The multilingual site would be an “intranet” that only members of the organization could access… but there could be separate websites for public review of our work. (Read more about intranets…. )

Then… getting together to discuss our research involved annual meetings and paying for everyone’s travel, room, board, and entertainment. That was expensive, so we had to rely on the generosity of sponsors… grants from sympathetic foundations.

Now… we could meet once or twice a year or as often as necessary through videoconferences. The software for videoconferencing can be a bit pricey, but not nearly as prohibitive as travel expenses.


So, we live in a new world that can accommodate a network of serious researchers at little cost. It’s a tremendous opportunity for ITC organizations now and in the future.

With the technology and financial obstacles removed, we have only the human factors still to contend with. Those human factors surely include harmony among members and positive public awareness of our work. If we could isolate the two most important messages that we received from Timestream and The Seven during our years of collaboration, I believe the messages would be these:

  • It can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony, and when their aims and intentions are pure.” (—the spirit of the late Konstantin Raudive.) An ITC contact field can be sustained only when there is resonance among the members of an ITC group.

  • You say the information we give you is not adding much to what you already know about life after death. This may be true, but have we not often told you, what was revealed should first be more widely accepted before something new can be presented?” (—The Seven ethereals.) Our spirit friends seem to be unable to send us more and more complicated truths about life and afterlife until the information already sent has been more widely assimilated. It’s like feeding quantum physics to a kindergarten class. The students have to be ready before the knowledge can be sent and received.

The first factor, resonance, involves a noble streak within each person… a general sense of good will toward other members. That might involve some degree of inner work for each person interested in joining such a group.

The second factor, public awareness, is something I’ve been working hard to foster, mostly through this (macyafterlife) website. My only intent is to educate and inform. With some 200 regular readers and some 200 hits a day, it’s not making any serious inroads into the world population of 7 billion people… but it’s a start. Our worlditc website does a bit better, getting some 1,500 page views per day. Again, not likely to shift mass consciousness… but I believe these two sites take a small step in the right direction.

Before developing this website, I tried to spread information with books, journals, presentations and interviews. I grew up in a small-town newspaper family, and I was driven from a young age to write books… so publishing books and journals is about all I knew until I became familiar with modern technology. Now (2015) I find all that old-fashioned stuff cumbersome!… books, journals and other printed media… presentations, seminars, interviews…..

It’s FAR easier just to share everything freely on a website like this one!

I spent several years in Toastmasters clubs, which helped me with public speaking… but even then giving presentations and workshops was a real struggle for this introvert.

Long story short, I think the ground is becoming fertile now for another go at an international ITC panel like INIT, but the human factors will still need some work… and maybe always will, since we are noble-savage creatures living in a noble-savage world.

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36 Responses to An ITC Organization Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

  1. Chris Scott says:

    I really hope there is another INIT some day. It seems that there are so few places to freely learn or exchange ideas/results surrounding ITC.

  2. Guitarplayergeorge says:

    I 100% totally agree with you Mark. I would like to help in any way I can. I’m currently driving through our beautiful country to see as many land marks as I can. Right now I’m in a MickeyD’s in Kentucky! lol

  3. Guitarplayergeorge says:

    I mean Micky! lol dumb laptop keyboard!

  4. Nestor Sajol says:

    Hi Mark,
    yes this is huge,FB is one of the fastest form of spreading to public at large. I hope you have Facebook accont for us to follow and share to our friends.

  5. Tosca Zraikat says:

    A thought came to me while I was reading your book, ‘The Project’, and again while reading this post, that perhaps the Project has never really stopped, despite the disbanding of the INIT, but is temporarily refocused on inner growth and preparation. Perhaps as each of us who seeks closer contact with our own guardian and guiding spirits, with the spirit realm and with God is, through our spiritual practice and inner purification, creating within ourselves more refined fields of higher, more pure frequencies, portals through which we are better able to communicate with, and relate to the higher spirit realms. Maybe it is only when we are in true harmony with the Divine that we can come together in true harmony and work towards our shared goal.

    Doesn’t it seem to you that there is a groundswell of movement in that direction, that for all the disharmony and discord in the world, more and more seem to be opening their hearts to a much deeper, more pure and integrative understanding of reality? Over the past few years, and especially in the last two or three, I have noticed in so many whose world view was previously limited a new openness of mind and a profound shift towards a much grander, more noble perception of reality and themselves. You might only reach a few hundred, perhaps thousands, with your books, posts, talks etc, Mark, but the ripples of those are far-reaching, and there are others whose work is also creating ripples, creating repercussions in the global mind, and who knows, perhaps in many worlds.

    Whenever you are ready to attempt another group project, Mark, I’m ready to try. (smile)

    • Mark Macy says:

      That’s a beautiful outlook, Tosca. If you’re right (if the general consciousness is moving more toward Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday than toward Criminal Minds)… then maybe a transformation is underway. I hope so!

      In any case, as you say, the people who ARE in touch with their spiritual source and spreading those vibrations outward are causing ripples of light that will keep spreading.

      If and when I get involved in another spiritual project like INIT, I certainly plan to announce it here on this site… so stay tuned. 🙂

      Incidentally, “The Project” that the ethereals referred to… at one point I thought they were referring to the ITC project, but then realized they are probably talking about the project of humanity on Earth. “In the course of bygone decades, of thousands of earthly years, being interested in human species meet to decide on the continuation of the project.”


      • Tosca Zraikat says:

        Yes. I read in a book channeled by a colleague of Chico Xavier that a council of higher beings has met in the Earth sphere twice to determine their plans and strategies for promoting the evolution and growth of humanity, and that this council has overseen and tried to direct our evolution from the very beginning. Part of their project was given as helping humanity to open channels of communication with the spirit realms, which requires that humanity reach a certain level of purity. Clearly, we are the Project, and experiments like the ITC are part of it, and it is very heartening that you and others continue to work on that Project from this side.

        • Guitarplayergeorge says:

          I just hope we’re a project they decide NOT to give up on! : )

        • Mark Macy says:

          Thanks Tosca, I think you have a good overall feel for what’s involved.
          I too have read some of Chico Xavier’s information. It’s quite the eye-opener.

          • Nicola says:

            Hi Mark,

            I thought I would post here as I’ve found groups that are active (although not good at responding to emails!) and thought you might like to know. There are a total of 3 stations now – Timestream, Central and the North America (n) station. I have personally started my own experiments following instructions on their website and received responses (albeit indistinct) on the first and subsequent 29 recordings! I have no idea which station I am connecting to but they’Re English speaking and for the most part have English accents. As well as responses to my request for word repetitions, I have also received cheeky responses where my desired word has been incorporated into a sentence. I have also had my name said clearly, and what can only be described as a spiritual message about mankind left during a silence where I was waiting for another word repetition.

            I hope this finds you well.


  6. Mark Macy says:

    Thanks Nicola,

    Glad to hear that you’re experimenting. When you say you’ve been following instructions on their website, what website (whose) are you referring to? Also, do you have your results posted on that site, or somewhere else where I could hear them?

    I’m always interested in how experimenters are doing… especially those with psychic sensitivity who focus on resonance and start getting exceptional contacts through a stable bridge, of course.


  7. Nicola says:

    Hi Mark

    I didn’t know if I should be posting their website here – this is where I found the instructions . However I have a couple of problems with the organisation – I have emailed twice in the last week and have received no reply. And from what I understand there is some sort of payment system in place, plus a mention somewhere of publishing your results in one of their books. I’m not happy with that and don’t understand how this could build a strong spiritual connection, rooted as it is in the material world and money. Perhaps you could look and see if I’ve misunderstood?

    So no, my results aren’t posted anywhere as I have nowhere to post them. They are in no way as spectacular as INITs, but have only been doing it ten days 🙂

    Also – I was wondering – did INIT have the misfortune to connect to some(thing) other than a station? I’ve had an instance of a few swear words appear on a recording, so the next recording I did I addressed this by sending the voices positive ‘vibes’ and asking them to refrain from communicating. I’m assuming researchers on the other side do not have a potty mouth!


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Nicola,

      This (your comments and questions) is the kind of information that gets to the heart of ITC research (teams of people on Earth communicating with teams of people on the other side… and how they go about opening and sustaining the bridge between worlds). Very important and very complicated. There are at least two efforts underway lately, both of which I learned about just in the past few days:
      The one you mentioned:

      And another promising group:

      I learned about afterlifeInstitute from you (thanks for that!) and about idigitalmedium from an old acquaintance of mine, Keith Clark, who happened to email me last week. He’d been active with his “ItcBridge” forum for a number of years, but as Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking options spread around the world, forums like his were becoming old-fashioned and he took a new approach with idigitalmedium.

      I’ve explored both of those new sites, and I see lots of good possibilities, based on the lessons I learned from my own ITC experiences, especially with INIT. Those lessons from (the original) Timestream spirit group and The Seven have become entwined now with my own opinion of afterlife- and ITC-related things. Also I’ve made lots of informed speculations based on those lessons, and they too have become entwined with my opinion of things. That said, here (for what they’re worth) are my very general observations about these (and other) ITC groups coming together now and in the future.

      RESONANCE. We humans have a noble side (our soul or finer spirit) that inspires us to interact with other people in love, trust, and good will. We also have a savage side (our ego, hormones and carnal mind) that compels us to interact with suspicion, fear, envy, and contempt. When our noble side prevails, there is resonance or harmony. When our savage side prevails, there is dissonance that pulls us toward conflict and chaos. It’s not easy to move our savage side into the back seat while navigating in this noble-savage world, but it’s something that has to be done if ITC bridges are to be built and sustained. Many professions and life situations forge us humans to be contentious, untrusting, and generally savage, but we have to somehow overcome that to communicate with the finer realms of spirit.

      MARDUK and the SHADOW WORLD. Our spirit friends at Timestream told us INIT members that they lived in a world called “Marduk” on the third level of spirit. They also said that Marduk used to be a physical planet that was inhabited by superhumans in a paradise setting… the proverbial “Eden,” and we humans on Earth are a rabblerousing bunch of lesser humans with short lifespans who inhabit a world where life kills life to survive. Not at all a paradise. I believe that the spirit world Marduk is a living template of the long-destroyed carnal world Marduk. It’s still a paradise world. Our most ancient ancestors were those superhumans of physical Eden who became stranded on Earth when mighty Eden exploded, and they helped to pick up the pieces of the catastrophe here on this troubled, little Earth.

      So, today there are at least two spirit worlds that are in contact with us living humans. Marduk is a paradise spirit world, a template of the late physical planet, and that’s where the original Timestream station was established.

      Our spirit friends also talked of a shadow world of Earth inhabited by lots of late humans who stayed close to physical Earth instead of getting settled in the Marduk spirit world. They say that lots of phenomenal things on Earth are instigated from the shadow world. Crop circles and some Celtic stuff going on in Europe, for example.

      I believe that in order to sustain ITC bridges to spirit groups in the Marduk paradise spirit world (such as the original Timestream), researchers here on Earth will have to be able to resonate with each other and with the spirit group… to work in harmony. As long as they can sustain the harmony, the communication bridge will be stable and clear. Bridges between Earth and the Marduk paradise world will weaken and break down as resonance turns to dissonance among researchers on Earth.

      If there is mistrust or envy or animosity among the members of the group on Earth, then they will only be able to forge bridges with spirits in the shadow world of Earth… where humans-in-spirit are a lot more human-like. Bridges to Marduk-based spirit groups will be impossible to build and sustain by people who harbor fear, envy, mistrust, and other savage human emotions.

      Messages from the shadow world will be more prone to misconceptions, false promises, frustration, and obscenities, since spirit people living in that world are much like us noble-savage humans, with an emphasis on the savage. Bridges to the shadow world will be more unstable and prone to breaking down.

      So… when ITC groups and networks begin to spread in our world in the coming years, these are the kinds of (other-worldy) things they might want to consider.

      As I said, Nicola, thanks for bringing this subject up. Very important… very complicated…. 🙂


      (When INIT went through a period of arguing and mistrust, negative spirits broke into the bridge for a while, and several members got a few unsettling contacts.)

      • Nicola says:

        Thanks Mark. IDigitalMedium do some interesting work and I’ve been subscribed to them on YouTube for a while. However… like so many of my searches to find groups doing the kind of work you did with INIT, I found it to be a dead-end. I say this because as far as I know, there is no mention of Stations (Timestream or otherwise), and communication could well be coming from what you refer to as the Shadow World. During my brief departure from posting here I experimented with computerised ‘ghost boxes’ – I believe I mentioned that to you. This distracted me for some time till I woke up one day and realised I’d wandered off course. I do not believe it is possible (at this time) to connect to the finer realms using such devices. You only have to look on YouTube to realise most communications are banal and expletive ridden. This isn’t for me – if I wanted to be sworn at by idiots I would hang around outside my local bar at closing time. 😀

        The URL I gave you yesterday belongs to researchers emulating your work. which is what I want to do. I am still puzzled about where money comes into play for this research though.

        • Mark Macy says:

          Thank you for these insights, Nicola. You’re actively exploring the ITC community that’s forming out there in the world much more than I have been. Guess I’ve been too busy trying to document all the amazing things we learned from Timestream and The Seven ethereals during the years of INIT. I appreciate hearing about these groups this way.
          There’s SO MUCH information and knowledge out there on the web that it can be overwhelming at times. It doesn’t feel good and right to me when I think about the prospect of trying to sift through it all. Too many other things that have to be done. It’s good to get a digest from someone who’s already doing the sifting.

          Idiots hanging around outside your local bar at closing time, indeed. (genuine lol)

          In fairness to the idigitalmedium group, I believe, based on what Keith Clark tells me, that they are concerned with resonance and the quality of the spirits they try to contact. I have a good feeling about what they’re doing and how they’re going about it.
          And that other afterlife communication group… I have a sense that they’re fairly new, and we should give them time to get settled. They may be more responsive to your emails once the get up and running.


          • Nicola says:

            That’s good to know about idigitalmedium. It doesn’t matter too much about the other group as I have already had my contact questions answered by simply doing it ☺

    • Craig Hogan says:

      Hi Nicola,

      I’m Craig Hogan, director of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute. I’m glad you were able to get on the instructions for connection with the North American Station. Let me know what you find out.

      I found your e-mail in our spam filter. I’ll send you a note in a few minutes.

      We do have dues to join the organization. The dues are $39 for the year. For 2016 as we get organized, the dues are $25. As you’ve seen, we give away what we develop, such as the instructions for connecting with the North American Station and the Self-Guided Afterlife Connections procedure. We rely on donations and dues to cover our expenses.

      As far as publishing books, we’re doing research in self-guided afterlife communication using self-hypnosis. We asked that anyone who participates in the research be willing to allow us to use parts of their journals in our analyses, which will be published to give others direction as they develop similar communication methods. That’s pretty standard in research studies.

      Love, peace, and joy

  8. Nicola says:

    Mark – I will shoot a couple of clips over to your gmail address. Please don’t expect too much 🙂

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Nicola,

      I received the three audio files, but my hearing’s not so good. I did get a feeling of Konstantin Raudive, though, when listening to one of your clips.

      As you continue your experiments, please focus on the finer realms of spirit. You’re taking the right approach. If there’s obscenity or a lack of respect in some of the messages, reject those messages and the spirits who delivered them. Stay centered in a place of love, trust, and good will, and you’ll gradually attract the attention of the nice guys from Marduk. 🙂

      Maggy Fischbach was that kind of person by nature (motivated by trust and good will), at least that was my impression. I think that’s one reason the world-changing ITC bridge was created around her and her research… and then became the cornerstone of our INIT group.
      (Also, I suspect “The Seven” ethereals or “gatekeepers” decided that the time was right for that kind of bridge to be established in our world. So… right place, right time. If there were no savage side of humans reflected on both sides of the veil, stirring up darkness and conflict, then I’m sure the ITC bridges or ‘gates’ would be wide open. I’m certain that it’s our savage side, more than anything else, that prevents ITC from flourishing in our world.)


  9. Nicola says:

    Thank you Mark. My intention and energy is always focused on connecting to a station in the finer realms. Should I get any swearing I will start off my next recording by acknowledging that I have heard it and it holds no interest for me, send them love and positivity and move on to the next recording.
    Sorry you didn’t hear them clearly. I have already dismissed one of the recordings where I ask ‘please say London’ and seemed to get the response ‘on the streets of London’. I have received that phrase upwards of half a dozen times now and believe it to be a fluke – how that particular part of the sound file sounds when played and received back through speakers.

    I will keep trying. One day it may be crystal clear!

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Nicola,

      I’ll listen to your clips a few more times, even though it’s not an area of research of particular interest to me anymore. More important than that, though, I get the feeling you’ve got the right attitude and approach to all this (as well as a GREAT sense of humor 🙂 ), so I’m looking forward to following your progress.


  10. Nicola says:


    I checked the iDigitalMedium site again after you mentioned it, and noticed there was a link to a YouTube video I commented on just the other day. I re-read the comments and was happy to see the person who had responded to me was Keith Clark. I had pointed out that a video of a spirit featured an old man and had asked why he was old as I understood spirits to ‘optimise’ at a much younger age. I bet Keith Clark was thrilled to have my input! Always questioning!

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Nicola,
      My impression is that spirits who get settled in Marduk spirit world on the third level usually revert to the prime of life in their spirit bodies and they have near-perfect bodies.
      Those who stay in the shadow world of Earth are more inclined to show the blemishes of daily earth living and the rigors of age.


  11. Nicola says:

    I don’t know who the spirit is, but the image was projected onto Hans Konig’s television in Germany.

  12. Mark Macy says:

    I remember the image you’re referring to. The older fellow seems to be picking at his face while talking, if it’s the same one I’m thinking of.
    I don’t remember who the fellow is, but I’m sure it could be found on our website.
    My friend Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt did an amazing job of posting most of the ITC results from the most prolific experimenters, like Hans-Otto Koenig.

    • Mark Macy says:

      From / books / Ernst Senkowski’s book:

      After long years of preparative work, Hans-Otto KOENIG demonstrated on the meeting of his group in Buedingen in 1992 a sequence of good-quality images comprising several scenes, part of these including movements (Ill. 56). Regarding the parallel direct electro-acoustic voices, they were difficult to understand (‘Die Parastimme’ (the paravoice), no. 3, 12/1992). In 1993, a similar sequence came to pass in the same place (“Die Parastimme” (the paravoice), no. 3, 12/1993). According to the information received from Mr. KOENIG, the equipment functions in a manner similar to that of the generator system, i.e., on the basis of complex mixtures of electromagnetic vibrations which are changed every 60 seconds. All the trans-images only appeared in such an interval. During the public demonstration given in September 1994, the impressive image of a so far not identified old man was accompanied by a voice partly in synchronism with the movement of the (his) lips (“Die Parastimme”, no.1/2, 12/1994; verbal report; Ill. 55). The enigma was solved a few months later when a participant in the group’s meeting switched on the television and casually dropped on the channel emitting a film report in which he recognized that man. The man revealed to be Hubert GROSS, former city planner, who, by his making contact with our world from the Beyond, wanted to recover the reputation he had lost because had been preferred against him the charge of having cooperated with the Nazis (pls. see Doc. 38.3).

  13. Nicola says:

    Hmm. I’m wondering if they project their image as they best remember themselves when communicating with us. Quite a few ITC images portray people as older than their ‘optimum’ age – even that image of F. Jurgenson that arrived on his friends’ TV set during his funeral was not of a young man.

    • Mark Macy says:

      True… and I think our expectations and notions of how the person looked also influences the image of them that comes across to us through ITC.
      So, maybe they live at the prime of life on Marduk spirit world, as they told us, but their appearance might be less than “prime” in the image we receive here on Earth? Not sure about this.
      Also, as I recall, they sometimes have trouble sending a picture of someone to Earth if how they look in spirit clashes with how a loved one on Earth expects them to look. Timestream had trouble sending a picture of the late Jeannette Meek because her husband George Meek was convinced that she was an angel with wings. Eventually a picture came through showing Jeannette in a paradise setting, but only her face was superimposed in the picture, not the rest of her spirit body.

      Also, that picture that FJuergenson sent to the Thorlin couple during his funeral showed him before he’d gotten settled in on the other side. The old body needs an acclimation period to grow young again as a newcomer from Earth gets settled in.

  14. Mark Macy says:

    I found this about ITC bridges and stations, an excerpt from an article I posted over a year ago.
    I think it has some bearing on this discussion:

    “Human beings have given your and our world a solid foundation, and a substantial philosophy of solid convictions and true faith. However, many of you presently lack the necessary seriousness. You produce a psychological scheme that takes on a body of its own but lacks conviction and is far from helping either you or us. It may even defeat many of the efforts that were made up to now… We think that an emerging human vision should be the measure of things… Circulating the idea (from us and from you) that it is presently “too early” to set up a stable field, can be the very obstacle that will prevent this field. Everybody is responsible for what he/she sows and reaps. These thoughts have been presented to you several times. Unfortunately they have not been understood by everyone here and on your side… New stations will develop, this cannot be stopped. Bridges between the two worlds have been built. They cannot be torn down again. However when and where new development starts is up to you. Those who understand this will receive help.” Swejen Salter, 1995 July 25

    • Nicola says:

      Thanks Mark. I read the whole article and must admit to feeling confused by what seems to be contradictory messages. Another message stated that they had decided not to communicate any longer and was signed by Konstantin Raudive (and I think Swejen Salter). Have I misunderstood? Which is it – they aren’t contacting us, or the bridges are already there so contact can be made?

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