Terra 08 — Physics on Earth and in Spirit Are Worlds Apart

Note: Let’s look at what might be called “perfect physics,” in which the entire cosmos seems to be run by a few simple principles that are embodied in the source. Then, the principles become more complicated and illusory as life-energy (or what we loosely term “consciousness”) leaves the source and spreads and devolves into denser and denser realms… all the way out to material universes like ours. Once we understand the simplicity of perfect physics, the complexities of our own physics here on Earth will start to unravel. Anyway, that’s the working theory. Let’s see how it plays out.

As depicted in this pulled-apart diagram, life-energy leaves the source as perfect, nonvibrating light with the intention to spread vitality, purpose, and good motivations to everyone and everything throughout the cosmos. As soon as it leaves the source, though, it starts to vibrate very fast, then slower and slower as it devolves to create and nourish the cosmos. Everything in every world in countless universes (represented by the fine, white circles) gets more illusory and complicated as the life-energy streams out-beyond from the source. To keep it all simple, the cosmos can be divided into arbitrary levels—in this case, seven levels—that from our perspective are all superimposed over each other beyond time and space.

Our physics here on Earth is built largely around matter, energy, space, time, and gravity… and how they affect and comprise everything we can perceive in our material universe, from the very small (subatomic particles) to the very large (galaxies). (Read more about basic physics here, here, and here. In a moment we’ll take a peek at the frontiers of physics.)

A sublter “perfect physics” throughout the living cosmos seems to operate on simpler principles that are based largely on life-energy (or consciousness) and resonance. As I see it…

  • Life-energy is the essence of the source that creates and nourishes everything everywhere with vitality, purpose, truth, love and other motivating forces that we might call “perfect consciousness.”
  • As it leaves the source, the life-energy begins to devolve as it moves into denser realms that become increasingly complicated and illusory. In other words, the perfect consciousness of the source becomes imperfect as living things adapt to their worlds and universes.
  • Again, life-energy (or consciousness), whether perfect or imperfect, is the primary force that creates, shapes, and nourishes everything throughout the cosmos, for better or worse.
  • Resonance occurs among entities when they vibrate in harmony with each other’s consciousness, wherever they happen to be in the cosmos, whatever attitudes happen to be wrapped up in the consciousness in that particular world at that level.
  • Everything in the cosmos knows innately—somewhere deep within—that the more we can resonate with perfect consciousness of the source, the more we’ll enjoy vitality, purpose, truth, and love. Everything yearns to realize its oneness with the source and to forge a conscious connection.

Meanwhile, Terra has diverged from perfection, especially once life started evolving here in our world with predatory, parasitic, and competitive inclinations, by which living things struggle and harm each other. As a result, we’re far removed from the “perfect consciousness” of the source, which seems to flourish on win-win (mutualistic), live-and-let-live (commensalistic) relationships. (More about this “perfect physics” at the end of the article.)

Modern Physics at the Edge

But thanks to recent advances in frontier science (as well as to long, dedicated efforts of religion that are beyond the scope of this article), I believe we’re starting to get a glimpse of that perfect physics that operates at the center of everything.

Scientific principles at the edge of the frontier include:

  •      Quantum physics,
  •      String theory,
  •      Emergence,
  •      Entanglement,
  •      Non-locality,
  •      Dark matter and dark energy,
  •      Gravity (the perennial mystery), and
  •      Black holes.

Quantum physics: As technology lets us explore deeper and deeper inward into the structure of nature, we find that matter (particles) and energy (fields) start to blend together… taking us to the brink of other-worldly realities. Maybe through quantum physics we’ll get a better understanding of structures and forces of the universe—not just the effects of gravity in relation to time and space, but also the presence of many worlds and universes flourishing alongside us.

Quantum physics is leading us to the unsettling possibility that our beliefs in matter, energy, time, and space as basic realities of the cosmos might in fact be fleeting illusions… that we’re just one of many physical and spiritual worlds that are all superimposed over each other, sharing the same “space” at this particular “time.”

String theory. The cosmos isn’t made up of particles, but of strings of particles (or waves), each particle (wave) with its own unique frequency or vibration. The strings extend through as many as seven multiple dimensions.

String theory introduces us to parallel universes that are superimposed over each other, as depicted in the diagram above. (The seven levels in the diagram don’t correlate with the seven or so dimensions of string theory. The diagram shows arbitrary levels of existence throughout the cosmos, each level presumably containing many dimensions and many universes. I suspect that the dimensions postulated by string theorists [and also by our spirit friends, as we’ll see in a moment] are dimensions within the physical realm, at level 1.)

Emergence: The familiar behavior of something (say, a hydrogen atom or a muscle cell or a person) doesn’t always determine the behavior of the collective (water or a muscle or a society). The collective behavior is often radically different and impossible to predict, based on what we know about the behavior of the member parts.

Emergence suggests that stuff throughout the cosmos—anything from quarks and viruses to galaxies and galactic civilizations (if there are any, and I suspect there are many)—might all be subject to higher levels of consciousness, a sort of cosmic version of groupthink.

Entanglement: When two quantum particles become entangled, they remain connected, even when separated by vast distances. They share certain physical properties and behaviors even when far apart from each other.

Entanglement suggests that space or location might be illusory—just a misperception of our material universe. Things that are entangled remain connected even if they’re not together in the same location. Maybe things are naturally entangled when they resonate with each other (as we’ll consider in a moment).

Non-locality: Measuring the properties of a quantum particle in one location can instantly affect the properties not just of that particle but also of an entangled particle, even when the two particles are far apart from each other.

Non-locality suggests that life-energy (the consciousness of the observer) is a creative force. If two entangled particles resonate in harmony, the sudden presence of a third party (a curious human observing their relationship, for example) can disrupt or alter their harmony.

Dark matter and dark energy: When we look out into space at night it looks as black as coal. Scientists believe that some 95 percent of our material universe consists of dark energy and dark matter. It’s not really “dark” (black as coal), but is simply beyond the range of our senses and sciences. Scientists know that something vast and incomprehensible is out there filling our universe, but they just can’t perceive it. Hence the word “dark.”

The sheer magnitude of dark matter and dark energy suggests that most of our reality exists beyond our perception. Something big is going on out there, but science doesn’t yet know what it is.

Gravity: Unlike the other three basic forces of earthly physics (electromagnetism, weak nuclear forces, and strong nuclear forces), gravity seems to defy certain natural laws. The other three forces seem to originate from quantum particles, gravity does not. The other three forces are measurable, gravity is not. The other three forces all have opposite forces (e.g. positive and negative electrical charges); gravity has no known opposite force (centripetal force and dark energy only seem to work in opposition to gravity).

Gravity as a force seems to originate from somewhere beyond our material universe, a place where the laws of earthly physics don’t apply.

A black hole at center of a galaxy.

Black holes: Here on Earth, gravity is the weakest of the four fundamental forces, but gravity in black holes is so unimaginably powerful that space and time get noticeably distorted at the borders of a black hole. If you got close to a black hole you’d get sucked in. It’d be a one-way ticket out out of this universe. There’s apparently a black hole at the center of every spiral galaxy, holding everything together in a whorled cluster. Again, “black” doesn’t mean black as coal; it means we just don’t know what the black hole is made of. We can’t yet perceive or understand it with our senses and sciences.

Black holes suggest that there’s a vast cosmos of other universes (which probably exist beyond time and space in subtle, superimposed realms), and those parallel universes exert a constant pull on the structures and energies of our universe, beckoning them in-beyond toward those realms.

So, as mentioned, science seems to be on the verge of showing humanity where we really live… how the cosmos works and how we fit into it.

A Perfect Physics

Most of what I understand (or believe?) about the cosmos comes courtesy of a team of fine and brilliant souls—Maggy Fischbach of Luxembourg and her spirit friends. Maggy and I worked together for a while in the 1990s as founding members of INIT, a team of afterlife researchers from various countries, all dedicated to opening up high-tech communications with the other side. Our intent was to establish a communication bridge based on science and technology, rather than faith and belief.

The knowledge that our spirit friends shared with us through that rare and fragile communication bridge across dimensions was potentially world-changing. Here’s how it forged my understanding of the cosmos, especially:

  •      The source,
  •      Life-energy or consciousness,
  •      Resonance,
  •      Many dimensions, and
  •      Afterlife.

The Source

The Seven finer beings*, who facilitated the ITC bridge from the other side, often mentioned the principle, another name for God, or what I’ve come to call the source. On one occasion they said:

The contacts of spirit beings with Earth are only a partial aspect of ITC (instrumental transcommunication). They should serve as proof that you will live forever and have a higher calling. Higher beings are not particularly interested in contacts between dimensions, but they support it because they can bring man closer to the realization of eternal life and the principle or being that you call God, Yahweh or Nirvana.

That’s how I came to understand that there’s a source at the center of everything that emits a life-energy to supports the creation, evolution, and sustenance of all that is.

*I believe these are the same seven finer beings whom the Bible refers to as “the 7 spirits of God,” the ancient Egyptians called the 7 Hathors, the Hindus call the 7 matrikas and the 7 rishis, and Native Americans refer to as the rainbow warriors associated with the 7 fires. But that’s just conjecture on my part. In any case, The Seven told us they’ve been accompanying humanity across the ages, so it makes sense that many cultures have been aware of them.

Life-Energy (Consciousness)

Konstantin Raudive* called me twice on the phone one morning in May 1996 (that was 22 years after his death in 1974). His spirit group, headed by Swejen Salter, carefully planned and controlled the two phone calls, even though Konstantin and I were able to chat amicably like a couple of old friends. ITC phone calls like this one require a lot of life-energy, which in this case was provided by The Seven finer beings who facilitated our ITC bridge. The life-energy used in our ITC contacts might best be described as the powerful, resonant consciousness of those seven beings.

To the best of my understanding, these are some of the ways that life-energy of The Seven was used during the phone calls:

  • It merged with the life-energies of Konstantin, his spirit group, myself, and probably Maggy Fischbach in Luxembourg (who was the main experimenter of our INIT group).
  • It established a connection between my telephone (with its electromagnetic energies) and the spirit group’s communication devices (with their life-energies).
  • It stabilized the call to make sure it didn’t break down.
  • It guided the conversation through the minds of Konstantin and me. In fact, during our conversation, I suspect that Konstantin was sort of channeling information from the spirit group, especially The Seven.
  • A certain amount of The Seven’s life-energy was allocated for the phone calls, and the spirit group carefully planned for the second phone call to use all of the allotted life-energy that was remaining, as the following excerpt from that phone call suggests. Konstantin’s voice simply “ran out of steam.”
*Konstantin Raudive was a Latvian psychologist who dedicated the last years of his life to EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon, the use of recording devices to capture spirit voices. The spirit voices are typically 2 to 4 seconds in duration and often come through as a mere whisper. That suggests that the life-energy used in “normal” technical spirit communications like EVP is very limited in comparison to the life-energy that is allocated for ITC contacts through telephone, computer, radio, TV, and other devices.


The one thing that would have destabilized that phone call with Konstantin was discord. If I’d been under a lot of stress that day, or angry or fearful or skeptical or in some other way emotionally bristling, the phone call probably would have terminated prematurely.

Two years earlier I’d visited Maggy Fischbach in Luxembourg, when Konstantin Raudive contacted us with a long message through one of Maggy’s radios. Konstantin’s message that warm summer day began with this important statement, which quickly builds in strength through the radio static:

It can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony and when their aims and intentions are pure….

That statement summed up, I believe, the key to communications throughout most of the cosmos: The life-energies of the communicators have to be resonant.

Many Dimensions

Our spirit friends made it clear that there are many worlds and universes and dimensions in the cosmos, and they said the incomprehensible nature of reality could be better understood when dividing it all up into seven arbitrary levels, as shown in the earlier diagram. Our spirit friends (those who’d once lived on Earth, which is at level 1) now live in a world called Eden or Marduk that’s at level 3. Eden is associated (entangled?) with Earth. The Seven have a home frequency probably around level 5, but they often “down-modulate” to visit our spirit friends at level 3. They have been “assigned to Planet Earth,” apparently to help and support humanity.

Within each of those levels there are numerous dimensions and universes. At this point I’m not sure if the terms “dimension” and “universe” are interchangeable, or if there’s some distinction between the two.

In any case, Swejen Salter said she had been a scientist on one of Earth’s parallel worlds called Varid before she died in 1984, and then became the head of the Timestream spirit group that’s composed mostly of former Earth dwellers. Multi-dimensional sciences on Varid are more advanced than on Earth, she says, so she was already familiar with ITC before she died. In one contact (1992) she told us:

There are no space and time separations here. When we come together (from different parts of our world) it will be in an area, and under climatic conditions that can do justice to everybody. When we want to meet dwarfs or giants we must go into their dimensions. That does not mean I shall leave my dimension. The dimensions cross each other.

On another occasion (1996) Swejen told us via computer text:

Space-time consists of eleven dimensions, of which only four can directly be perceived by you. The other seven (compact) dimensions exist and are present in a vanishingly small scale in your universe. They are rolled together to the topological equivalent of light tubes whose diameter lies within quantum limits to determine the size of Planck’s length…. When these tubes “unroll” a little or open (during ITC contacts) the constants are momentarily changed. Also, time ceases to exist. This can occasionally be dangerous.

So, according to Swejen, our physical realm at level 1 (what she calls “space-time”) consists of 11 material dimensions that can unravel to allow direct interactions among discrete dimensions, such as ITC contacts. Experimenting with time and space has potential problems, though (for example, waking up in a parallel universe, she once told us). Working with time and space is probably a bit like having electricity and gas lines in our homes; the rewards are great, but there are also some serious dangers to be aware of.


When we die and leave the physical body behind, most of us awaken at level 3 (in Eden—a world without predators, parasites or competitors) in a spirit body that closely resembles the physical body. Most of us then enjoy a paradise existence for a while, and eventually return to Earth in another incarnation, another lifetime. Some of us might choose instead to ascend to finer realms and leave Earth behind forever. It’s a decision we can only make once we’re back in spirit, once we refamiliarize ourself with our soul plan… something that’s usually forgotten and neglected during a lifetime on rugged Planet Earth.


I suspect that the “perfect physics” embodied in the source and its pure life-energy is too complicated to be put into words. But I hope this information (courtesy of ITC) might give us at least a glimpse… maybe get us a small step closer to becoming more resonant with the source. Not just in terms of scientific understanding, but also in our personal lives.

# # #

In the article I mentioned two consecutive spirit phone calls that I’d received in May of 1996. Here’s the first of those phone calls, which lasts about 12 minutes. Konstantin chats patiently with me through my hems and haws… and lots of “dead air space” 🙂 as I try to think of things to talk about. It’ll give you an idea of the amazing possibilities presented by ITC once we’re mentally and emotionally ready to open communication bridges with finer levels of reality that are superimposed over our world.

(It begins with a sort of private joke. Konstantin had earlier called EVP researcher Sarah Estep, who’d asked delightedly, “Dr Raudive! How are you?”… and he replied with humor, “I’m as fine as a dead one can be. Dear Sarah, thank you very much for all the work….”

So, when Konstantin Raudive asked me how I was, I turned on the recording device on the phone line and said, “I’m fine… and you?”

About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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12 Responses to Terra 08 — Physics on Earth and in Spirit Are Worlds Apart

  1. Pat Sypult says:

    In a world full of noise,
    in a world full of choice,
    choose love.
    In a world full of fear,
    in a world full of tears,
    choose to rise above.
    In a world full of pain,
    in a world full of disdain,
    soar like a dove.

    Life is for the Living, Forever

    This short dream we call life

    is just a momentary glimpse

    of physical interactions with

    other souls wanting to learn

    how to get along in the best

    ways possible farther up the

    dimensional pathways along

    the hierarchy of all conscious

    development available to life.

  2. Hi Mark,

    How are you? I have been following your articles from years now. Actually they are very good and inspiring. I have been in contact with other ITC researchers like Sonia Rinaldi from Brazil and others.
    Sorry to contact you here but please would you know by any chance how could I get the contact of Jules and Maggy Harsch Fischbach from Luxembourg? I have been trying to contact them for ages now without any success. I am an independent researcher doing research in different fields like ITC, UFOs, spiritual phenomenologies in general, etc. I am writing a book, that is the result of 32 years of research in this fields. I would like to publish a picture in my book of the laboratory of the Swejen Salter from timestream, but I do not know who holds the copyrights of that picture. I am from the IT field, and I have used a software based on artificial intelligence to enhance that picture and I have discovered a lot of things about the equipment in that picture from Swejen Salter.
    Many thanks again for your time in reading this message.

    Kind Regards,

    Kayo Breno
    London UK

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Kayo,

      First I should mention: I’ve been out of touch with Maggy and Jules for more than 20 years, so I can’t provide their contact information, regrettably.

      As far as the copyright ownership of their materials… that’s a difficult question.
      On one hand, all of the information that we (our INIT group) received from our spirit friends was intended (I believe) to be shared freely with the world.
      On the other hand, Earth is a “messy” place, with all of the mixed beliefs, doubts, fears, and skepticism… and it would be regrettable to have those contacts abused or misused in the media.

      With those two thing in mind, I think it’s fair to say that Maggy and Jules technically “own the copyrights” of those materials.
      Early in our relationship they gave me permission to share those contacts with the public, with the understanding that I’d try to do it in the most honest and responsible ways that I could… which can be complicated when the media is involved.

      Anyway, I’m sorry I can’t give you good advice about the use of those materials in your book.

      Best of success in getting good information out to the public!


      • Hi Mark,
        Thank you very much for you reply and time. I will be keeping trying to contact Maggy or her husband, but I believe publishing that picture in my book will contribute to the ITC research. There are several technological aspects in that picture that are deeply connect to some other phenomenologies I have been investigating for more than 30 years now. These phenomenologies are not related to ITC but to ufology, human history (archaeological artifacts found) and Time and multiverse travel phenomenologies, like the Scole experiment in England where we had some apports from other times and the Dodleston case in UK where a group of intelligences from the year 2109 used to send messages via an old computer. The group 2109 manifested to Maggy, to the Scole group, to me and to another couple in Dodleston. There are archaeological artifacts from Peru within the appearance of the same chair technology used by Dr Swejen Salter. In her laboratory you can see two chairs and a kind of a helmet that moves down and adjust to the person who will sit in the chair. There is a person sitting in the back chair very difficult to be seen. I had to use an AI software to analyse this picture. Basically, from my research they use a technology where consciousness fields are enhanced and then they can with this apparatus manipulated space and time through the usage of consciousness that in its turn manipulate the metadata or an holographic information in matter in a Planck level. The whole thing is very complicated to put down here in technological terms, but this technology reminds the enhanced of consciousness in humans for what the ancients used to called Kundalini. In the Kundalini a plasmatic field, like an ARC reactor runs from the basic chakra to the corona chakra or the pineal gland, going around the 33 vertebrae bones from bottom to the top of the head. And that is why 33 is very important in a lot of belief systems and societies like the freemasons. This process is known as the fire serpent. The chair in some old texts was known as the throne of God. And in other texts like the Merkabah from Ezekiel the chariot of God. Some of the UFOs we see today they use this technology to jump between realities physically where the Merkabah or the ship is a biological entity that is a kind of the extension of the pilot´s body of the Merkabah. The pilot sits in a similar chair or throne and the whole thing ship and pilot become one thing through the chair technology. But Thanks again for your time.
        All the best
        Kayo Breno
        London UK

        • Mark Macy says:

          Wow, Kayo, that’s all brilliant… fascinating… insightful.
          Certainly the kind of information that resonates with me.
          (Not to suggest I’m brilliant, fascinating, and insightful anymore than anyone else 🙂 ; I just like to read that kind of information!)
          I hope I get the chance to read your book someday!

          Wishing you the best,

  3. What an interesting collection of words above.

    I greatly enjoyed this particular word collection, which I have now read several times:

    “When we die and leave the physical body behind, most of us awaken at level 3 (in Eden—a world without predators, parasites or competitors) in a spirit body that closely resembles the physical body. Most of us then enjoy a paradise existence for a while, and eventually return to Earth in another incarnation, another lifetime. Some of us might choose instead to ascend to finer realms and leave Earth behind forever. It’s a decision we can only make once we’re back in spirit, once we refamiliarize ourself with our soul plan… something that’s usually forgotten and neglected during a lifetime on rugged Planet Earth.”

    The key words in this passage for me are “soul plan.”

    Gary Zukav’s 1989 book “The Seat of the Soul” is a good companion study book and trusty guide to assist one’s earthly pre-afterlife contemplation of the journey and what may be the important considerations.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Much appreciated, John.

      I agree, Gary’s “Seat of the Soul” WOULD be a good reference book for this kind of information. From the book’s page on Amazon:

      “With the same extraordinary skill that he used to demystify scientific abstraction and the new physics, Gary Zukay, the award-winning author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters, here takes us on a brilliant and penetrating exploration of the new phase of evolution we have now entered.
      With lucidity and elegance, Zukav explains that we are evolving from a species that pursues power based upon the perceptions of the five senses — external power — into a species that pursues authentic power — power that is based upon the perceptions and values of the spirit. He shows how the pursuit of external power has produced our survival-of-the-fittest understanding of evolution, generated conflict between lovers, communities, and superpowers, and brought us to the edge of destruction.
      Using his scientist’s eye and philosopher’s heart, Zukav shows how infusing the activities of life with reverence, compassion, and trust makes them come alive with meaning and purpose. He illustrates how the emerging values of the spirit are changing marriages into spiritual partnerships, psychology into spiritual psychology, and transforming our everyday lives. The Seat of the Soul describes the remarkable journey to the spirit that each of us is on.”

      It makes me feel good that there are people like Gary Zukav and Kayo Breno da Silva (see the above comments) who are exploring the frontiers of science and spirit.

  4. kate says:

    Konstantine Raudive says in the last message ‘It depends on your reception or mainly your psychic reception because you are much more plugged, than other peoples clear (declare?), who are people who claim to be one’ then you say ‘that surprises me’ and KR says ‘oh that’s a it it really not that surprising’.

    Wow, even though I’ve listened to this recording a few times this part of the message stood out to me when Konstantine says that communication is mainly down to psychic reception. Even though we all know by now how important it is to have good intention and peace on our side with ITC researchers I’ve only just noticed it said so clearly in this message.

    This last year 2022 has been a tricky one for me personally and I’ve spent a lot of time going down all these rabbit holes watching internet sleuths trying to piece together the missing girl case Keily Rodni. I didn’t realise how big the community is on Youtube and one thing that stands out to me is the amount of psychics, card readers, mediums, ITC people with phone apps or spirit boxes (radio frequencies) there are. There was another tragic case which may have been connected and one of the Sheriffs put out to the media that people with tips, information and EVEN Psychic info welcomed. Times are changing for sure. Afterlife information has become so accepted on the internet it’s no longer such a woo woo subject which is great to see.

    Not far off 2023…Happy New Year to Mark & family and everyone else.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hey Kate, that’s true.
      Timestream told us it’s not just resonance that makes ITC contacts possible (“It can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony and when their aims and intentions are pure”), but also some kind of psychic quality that some people have. That seems to include “psychic reception” but also a sort of focused will that alters and creates realities in invisible realms that are right here all around us. That’s not an easy concept to grasp (it took me years to assimilate the idea). But some people seem to have an inner capacity to manifest things that they focus on. I’ve never thought of myself as having that ability, at least not as strong as other people I’ve encountered over the years.
      As Richard Francis Burton might say, “By God this world is an interesting place!”

      Very happy new year to you as well… 🙂


    • Mark Macy says:

      PS Kate… I notice I didn’t reply to the first point in your comment, so here goes….

      In the phone call I asked Konstantin about the equipment they use on their side, and he was making clear that the equipment isn’t important. The psychic or mental rapport is what’s needed for an ITC communication bridge to work. I think this is what Konstantin said:

      ‘It depends on your reception—or mainly, on your psychic reception—because you are much more psychic than other people who claim to be one…’

      That surprised me because I’d never thought of myself having psychic abilities.
      In recent years I’ve come to realize that when I wake up in the wee hours with ideas to write about, I’m usually getting those ideas from “them”… so I guess I do have psychic abilities in that way. I suspect we all do. 🙂


      • John Day says:

        I believe that we are built as psychic instruments. To be psychic.
        One basis for this ability is built into the psychic nature of water, which makes up some 70% of our bodies.
        Here is some evidence of the intelligence and psychic nature of water, informed as it is by the morphogenic field of life:
        The Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto, who passed in 2014, also pioneered the demonstration of water’s living intelligence.
        For me the most amazing water genius was none other than Viktor Schauberger who made some extraordinary observations and contributions based on his study of nature and water. Here is an example of just one writing about this man’s life and contributions:
        Of course, all psychic communication is first filtered through the heart which informs the brain mind thinking apparatus. The heart is doing so much more than pumping the watery blood around.

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