Another Great Movie: Chico Xavier

Another wonderful afterlife movie from Brazil is about the life of the Brazilian medium Chico Xavier. You might be able to find it on youtube, searching on “Chico Xavier.” You’ll be able to select subtitles at the bottom of the youtube video screen.

Here’s the official trailer….


Not available on DVD?… 

If you live in North America, be careful buying a DVD. Make sure it’s engineered for Region 1. The only DVDs of the Chico Xavier movie that I could find for sale online are in a format unsuitable for North America. (see international DVD format details). If I learn that a DVD’s been made available for viewing in North America, I’ll post a link here.

In any case, if you haven’t seen the two-hour movie yet, you’re missing out on a moving, insightful experience!

About the movie

The film is an intimate portrait of the famous medium Chico Xavier, from his difficult childhood to his “disembodiment” at age 92… who wrote (through automatic writing) more than 400 books… all proceeds going to charitable causes.

Despite being taunted as a child as possessed, crazy, and a liar… being physically abused by his stepmother… and being assailed as a young man by a skeptical media and self-righteous Catholic priesthood, Chico Xavier led a life of love and enlightenment. His countless channeled messages from departed loved ones and healings of people suffering physically, emotionally, and spiritually were performed freely.

This all comes to light in the moving film, a poignant drama suffused with spiritual insights that Chico received through an intimate rapport with his spirit guide, Emmanuel.

Unlike the movie Nosso Lar, Chico Xavier has few special effects, other than a glimpse of ethereal impressions spinning in his head. It’s a down-to-earth film with an (appropriately invisible) other-worldly backdrop.

Other reviews of movies about the afterlife:

Nosso Lar (Our Home) – an other-worldly (but realistic) portrayal of a spiritual outpost where people who’ve died can recuperate into an afterlife paradise. This Brazilian film has an Americanized, English-subtitled version: The Astral City.

Chico Xavier – a dramatic look at the life and afterlife of a great Brazilian medium. (English subtitles)

Calling Earth – a serious documentary by Dan Drasin about Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), the use of technology to get in touch with the worlds of spirit.

Life After Death Project – a dramatic documentary by Paul Davids about the afterlife, including ITC research.

Twilight, Camille, and Coraline – three silly, fun, and somewhat dark movies that illustrate our human misperceptions about the afterlife.

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15 Responses to Another Great Movie: Chico Xavier

  1. Jane says:

    Thank you Mark. I shall go and make a cup of coffee and put my feet up and watch this!

  2. George Kao says:

    I discovered Chico Xavier only a few years ago, and was amazed that although he is considered a national treasure in Brazil, most of the rest of the world hasn’t ever heard of him!

    Thank you for your posting. Wonderful movie indeed!

    I also recommend these 2 books:

    Chico Xavier’s most famous book, translated into English, downloadable for free here:
    “The Astral City” or “Nosso Lar”

    “Chico Xavier: Medium of the Century” by Guy Lyon Playfair:
    It is a short and very inspiring biography of Chico, by someone who has interviewed him in person.

    • Hi George,
      Thanks for the good comments and the link to the free English translation of Chico’s “Nosso Lar” book.

    • Hello George,

      I am working for the socalled spiritual movement and doing my best for the European Online Marketing of the editors espiritual (edicei), I can promise you that a lot of these DVDs and books already are available or will be within the next weeks. Just check out the (until now German or protuguese spoken but just use google to translate please) HP
      Herbert Twardy from Island Reichenau

  3. mika m. says:

    dear brother, we are sharing with you a wonderful interview with Chico Xavier on December (1985). We hope you enjoy it.
    P.S..: please check the configurations of your “youtube”, whether the subtitles are on, or you won’t see the English subtitles

  4. George Kao says:

    “As Mães de Chico Xavier” (The Mothers of Chico Xavier) is another major motion picture from Brazil, about Chico Xavier, that came out after the one mentioned in the post above. You might be able to view that movie on youtube as well.

  5. Denis Zanivan says:

    Dear friends, more materials by Chico Xavier and other spirit mediums can be seen at the site of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation (FEB). If you have interest you may contact the site

  6. says:

    I am happy to find all this information, I have read many books and would say that I am a student of Spiritism. My family has study and practice for years, we continue and will continue teaching our children.

  7. Dear Macy, very nice post. Plus let me give a contribution. Chico Xavier is the great exponent of spiritism, but there are others, some of them: Bezerra de Menezes, considered the father of spiritism in Brazil, see the movie here:;
    Eurípedes Barsanulfo: ;
    Francisco Lins Peixoto;
    Divaldo Pereira Franco (still alive).

    * Probably you know that Chico Xavier announced that his mentor Emmanuel would return to Earth in São Paulo state, he will work in education area and will be a great leader as well. In fact, he already is around 15 years old now. Now they changed, Chico Xavier is his mentor in Earth.

    Many great mediums are appearing in a short interval of time in Brazil (200 years), what let me compare with ancient Hebrew history when many prophets appeared in a peripheral and far part of Roman Empire (Palestine). I am a little sceptic but join these facts with the predictions of most important religions and legends and some current sensitive people: return of (Jesus Christ, the Spiritual guide or what ever name you want call, depending on your belives) I tend to conclude that a great spiritual leader will arrive to us in a couple of centuries, maybe decades.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks, David.

      I became aware of Brazil’s rich spiritual tradition in the early 1990s, when my life took a sudden spiritual turn. But I wasn’t aware of those particular spiritists (other than Chico Xavier). Very good to know!

      Yes, I suspect there will be some finer spirit being (ethereal being) who decides to incarnate on Earth for a lifetime to spread some light in tne encroaching darkness.

      I can’t imagine that’s a popular calling among ethereal beings… coming to Earth. It would be like one of us humans choosing to reincarnate as a fruit fly… a sort of super-fly among the regular fruit flies. Much appreciated by the fruit flies… but not an easy lifetime.


      • georgekao says:

        I recently stumbled upon a school of thought called Conscientiology (terrible name, imho) — it’s a lot like Spiritism, except without the focus on Jesus (for those of us who don’t feel connected to that figure.) In fact the founder of Conscientiology, Waldo Vieira, was a close friend of Chico Xavier. They learned a lot from each other.

        The best summary (in English) that I’ve found for this framework, is the book “Less Incomplete” by Sandie Gustus. I’d be curious to know what you think of the book, if you have a chance to read it.

        • Mark Macy says:

          Hi George,
          I’ll look into Sandie’s book. (On my to-do list now.)
          Thanks for the heads-up about conscientiology and Waldo Vieira…


        • Nice note about Conscientiology, Waldo had a natural ability to go out of body and wrote a treated about astral projection, he was deep in this topic and developed exercises to improve our capacity to do that. Nowadays there is a big centre in Foz do Iguaçu where they promote many scientific studies of life and soul, I did one of this courses. The institute calls IIPC: (in portuguese).
          Thanks for share this information George.

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