Great Movie!

I’ve been fretting for two weeks over the next installment, which was to explore what activities are best regulated at what levels of society… personal, family, community, province, nation… and I’ve suddenly figured out why it’s been such a struggle.  It’s…

Bo – – – – – ring.

Not only is it boring, but it’s inconsequential in the bigger picture of things.

How did I reach that epiphany?

Well, I just finished watching what I’m comfortable in saying is the best movie ever made (imho), and it’s put things into perspective for me. It’s moved my focus away from politics for a moment, and back to the things that really matter.

The film is compelling… moving… deep… it portrays life and death more accurately than any other film I’ve ever seen… it left me inspired and charged to face life on Earth from the most rewarding, most gratifying, and most pleasurable attitude possible… and it’s a movie that few people (outside of Brazil) have ever heard about.

It’s called “Nosso Lar.”

Years ago I read a book by the same name: Nosso Lar… which is Portuguese for “Our Home.” The movie is adapted from the book.

I’ve spent the past twenty years researching the afterlife with a discerning eye, that book was one of the best things I encountered, and now this movie takes the magic of the book and gives it drama, heart, and soul… not to mention breathtaking special effects!

The movie lasts nearly two hours and is sometimes free on youtube. (Search on “Nosso Lar.”)

You can purchase the English (subtitled) version, which has been retitled…

Astral City

You can order it on…

You can view the trailer on youtube…

In any case, the movie inspired me to write a more suitable, more enjoyable article that will close out the “Politics and the Human Spirit” series… which I hope to finish up next week. The movie certainly sets the stage for the article I envision.

Thanks to my Aussie colleague Victor Zammit, who included the link in his much-read, much-appreciated Friday Afterlife Report this week.

Other reviews of movies about the afterlife:

Nosso Lar (Our Home) – an other-worldly (but realistic) portrayal of a spiritual outpost where people who’ve died can recuperate into an afterlife paradise. This Brazilian film has an English version: The Astral City.

Chico Xavier – a dramatic look at the life and afterlife of a great Brazilian medium. (English subtitles)

Calling Earth – a serious documentary by Dan Drasin about Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), the use of technology to get in touch with the worlds of spirit.

Life After Death Project – a dramatic documentary by Paul Davids about the afterlife, including ITC research.

Twilight, Camille, and Coraline – three silly, fun, and somewhat dark movies that illustrate our human misperceptions about the afterlife.

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16 Responses to Great Movie!

  1. Hey Mark,
    I read Nosso Lar back when you did, and I am excited to see this film. How the heck do I get the English subtitles to come up?
    Thanks for the message on this.

    • Hi John, yes, I neglected to mention:
      Before you go to full-screen mode, there’s another icon at the bottom of the little youtube video window called “CC”. You can click on that the get a list of languages for ‘closed caption’ subtitles.
      Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I agree and I like Nosso Lar as well. I like the work of medium Xico Javier.
    There’s so much to remember about our lives in all dimensions of Creation and so much to teach to students on earth so that they don’t get stuck with the material perspective.

  3. I just watched it and it was the best bunch of wishful thinking I’ve ever seen in one place. But that is all it was, wishful thinking!

    • Thanks Melody!
      Guess I’m preaching BEYOND the choir. 🙂

      I can see your point. I have some friends and relatives who are far-right politically and religiously, and they rave about what they see and hear on Fox News with the same fervor, accepting it as the truth… whereas I know it’s, as you say, a “bunch of wishful thinking”… lots of hype with very little basis in reality.

      Depending on our beliefs, media with strong views can seem like fact or fiction… truth or nonsense. Thanks for reminding me of that!


  4. And, confirmation bias!

    • Exactly! (I had to submit the term to wikipedia: “Confirmation bias (also called confirmatory bias or myside bias) is a tendency of people to favor information that confirms their beliefs….”

      • Mark,
        I updated a Journal posting on my website which I had written back in June, 2009, which was the second of three writings on “Study Categories of Life after Life.” In this second journal on the subject I had presented information on Nosso Lar.
        I have placed a postdated edit now at
        Perhaps Melody might read some from these 3 Journal postings.
        I greatly enjoyed the Nosso Lar film and learning more about its production. Chico Xavier was highly revered in Brazil, and the movie was the second all time box office film ever made in Brazil.
        I got alot out of this film. It sort of put me into yet another reality check and moved me more than the book, which I read back in 2005.

  5. Hi Mark, I too read the book Nosso Lar some time ago and watched the movie on Friday after receiving Victor’s weekly newsletter, brilliant just brillian!! keep up the good work.
    Lots of love & light

  6. Ricky says:

    What an incredible movie…!! One could only dream of our film industry – Hollywood – producing more movies such as this one – teaching us about our spiritual home, our roots, and our real existence. Three words: Love, Harmony and Acceptance – in that particular order.

    Many emotions are felt in this movie – but the most dominant of all is deep peace and reassurance. After having read through Mark’s books, listening to George Meek speak about the afterlife and doing lots of research into ITC and our spiritual heritage in general – this film manifested my core understanding of the afterlife into something I’ll treasure always. Very well done film. Many thanks to Zammit for the link in his weekly report!

    • You can buy the movie, and book, on Amazon. My copy came today. I shall be viewing it tonight.
      I totally concur and resonate and amplify your comment about the potential of Hollywood and media to enable a shift of human consciousness. Presently, Hollywood is basically mobbed up, and is offering a terrible propaganda (ultraviolence, or, just plain old violence), glorifying war, and some love stories and comedies. But, the violence craze just has to be turned around somehow.
      Nosso Lar helps.

  7. Heather says:

    Hello! Thank you for posting this review. So glad to see how much you enjoyed this movie based on the Spiritist book “Nosso Lar” (or in some translation titles, “Astral City”). I would like to share this website for those interested in learning more about the science, philosophy, and moral guidance of Spiritism:

    PS – I also saw your wonderful post on the movie about Chico Xavier ( Those who study Spiritism owe much to the contributions made through Chico Xavier’s dedicated and courageous work, as well as his consistent, life-long examples of humility, compassion and faith.

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