Reflections on “Nosso Lar”… 1) the Dichotomy

I’m going to write a series of articles about the movie Nosso Lar that was subject of my last article. I’d like to explore in more detail some of the movie’s many vital truths, and a few items that may need some clarification, starting with the overall structure of the spirit worlds as depicted in the movie.

(I still plan to write a closing article for the politics series, but this one seems a bit more important, and maybe more urgent.)

The stark dichotomy portrayed in the movie—the dark, hellish place and the light paradise place—shows just a glimpse of a tiny portion of the spirit worlds that involve humanity… and it could be troubling and frightening to many people who view the movie… that when they die they’ll end up either in paradise or sludgeland. Doesn’t leave many options.

In reality it’s a lot more complicated than that. I know from my research and personal experiences (especially my many memorable, often strange dreams) that between the dark, hellish worlds and the bright and beautiful paradise worlds there are many worlds in shades of gray and subdued colors… worlds or communities much like the Earth communities where people’s emotional imbalances are rampant but fairly harmless. Most people in these mid-level astral worlds live in homes with joys and sorrows… clarity and confusion similar to what we have here on Earth. They haven’t found the inner peace and bliss of “Nosso Lar,” nor are they trapped in misery. I’ve visited many such communities in my dreams.

Spirit bodies are free of injury and disease, just as they are in paradise… although they can become a little decrepit looking from the confusion, anxieties, and fears of the people inhabiting those grayish realms. People in those grayish realms just don’t look as happy and at peace as they do in the paradise worlds. Nor are they as tortured and lost as they are in those dark, dismal places depicted in the Nosso Lar movie.

Sometimes I feel welcome during my visits to those mid-level regions, and sometimes people are a little wary of my presence, aware than I’m just passing through from an Earth-dream… and therefore liable to be a little unpredictable in my thoughts and actions.

I’ve visited those realms often in my dreams… suggesting to me that my service work once I cross over may have something to do with helping out in those places. That’s certainly not the afterlife I’d choose for myself—I’d much rather move far away from the troubles of Earth into brilliant realms of light—but I doubt if I’ll be so lucky. I think those brilliant afterlife getaways are earmarked for the gentle souls whose lifetimes have spread a lot of love and gratitude and generosity around society without causing very many problems by harboring fears and animosities and jealousies and lusts toward other people.

Looking over my lifetime, I’ve been a decent guy as a rule, but I’ve also harbored unsettling emotions toward various types of people who annoy me or frighten me or arouse me sexually or, most of all, outrage me. It’s those emotions that’ll probably keep me caught up in the cycle of earthly living for awhile.

I will probably … hopefully… settle into a paradise setting after I die, but I’ll have to do some kind of service work to help compensate for the troubles I inadvertently stirred up on Earth during this lifetime. I may have to reincarnate again to see if I can live a cleaner, gentler life next go-around. I definitely don’t want to go through any more lifetimes on Earth… not consciously… but maybe at some spiritual level I’ll see the need after I’ve gotten settled in on the other side.

Anyway, this is all speculation, and, as our spirit friends at Timestream told us on various occasions in various ways, any expectations we have about our own personal afterlife destiny are bound to fall far short of reality.

So I’ll take this opportunity to explain, according to what I’ve learned from my research, how the two Nosso Lar realms probably fit into the bigger picture of spiritual reality.

This is what I know to be true, based on ITC messages from The Seven ethereals: There was once a physical world Marduk (Eden) that was destroyed long, long ago by super technologies of its superhuman inhabitants. We on Earth are descended from those superhumans. Hence the ancient religious stories that we came from Eden. There is also a spirit-world Marduk (Eden) where many people on Earth awaken after they die. Hence the religious afterlife stories about heaven and hell and purgatory.

I also know from my research that many material things have spiritual templates, and those templates exist in spiritual realms that are templates of the material realm we live in. Our physical bodies have spirit-body templates that flourish in spiritual realms. Rocks, trees, and buildings in this earthly realm also have spiritual templates that exist in spirit realms. Entire planets have spiritual templates… which is why the spirit world Marduk (Eden) continues to exist since the destruction of the physical planet.

Our material planet Earth also has spiritual templates that exist in spirit realms, superimposed over the physical world… and those, I believe, are what the Nosso Lar movie is trying to depict. I’m sure there are dark, sludgy places among the earth templates that are similar to the one shown in the movie. But there also a lot of the earth-like spirit communities I described above… grayish with subdued colors… not real heavenly and not real hellish… and these mid-level communities were not shown in the movie.

Most intriguing to me is the idea of paradise outposts scattered here and there around the Earth, in subtle realms superimposed over our physical realm… like the actual Nosso Lar  community which was the subject of the movie.

It makes sense to me that such paradise outposts would be maintained and protected by ethereal beings who are involved in a project to help lift humanity out of its darkness. It makes sense that many people arrive in those outposts after they die, and they find it their calling to do mission work into the darkest places to help “redeem” those lost souls who are ready to find the light… all of which is portrayed beautifully in the movie

I’m just saying… Nosso Lar is a wonderful, beautiful movie… but it just shows a small part of the bigger picture… and it’s that bigger picture that I hope to start piecing together with this new series of articles based on the movie.

Stay tuned….

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5 Responses to Reflections on “Nosso Lar”… 1) the Dichotomy

  1. Niki says:

    Mr.Macy ,
    I didn’ t even know that this film existed. Yesterday I watched the half of it and tomorrow I am going to watch the other half.
    It renews my interest in the non earthly matters which recently has waned due to many daily issues
    Niki /Greece
    I am following as always your articles

    • hi Niki… and I have been following the troubles on-going in Greece. I send you (and your countrymen and countrywomen) many good thoughts and wishes and light-streams in prayer….

  2. Mark,
    I have read this post about 3 times now. I did not comment on telephone the other day, but look forward to speaking with you when next we rendezvous.
    I like your perspectives in this posting. It feels like common sense to me.

    One consideration that flows through my thinking as I re-read this posting is related to what I have known about you since 1988 when you went through your own crisis. Ever since then you have been serving to uplift peoples’ consciousness. You basically are already doing the work which you predicted you may be doing in some future memory of your life in some future dimension.

    Keep it coming, friend. These insights and shared knowledge are so very important during these times. Love.

  3. That’s right, John. I remember going to a spiritual-career counselor who said he was able to work with me and my spirit guides to find the kind of work I REALLY wanted to do… what I wanted at some hidden, deeper level. Shortly after that I “bumped into” George Meek at an IFNS conference in Fort Collins and suddenly found myself immersed in ITC (afterlife communication) research. It was shortly after you introduced me to Siddha Yoga… which in turn was shortly after you saved my life by removing that baseball-sized tumor from my colon in July ’88…

    (… for those readers who don’t know, John Day was a highly esteemed surgeon at Boulder Community Hospital until he left the medical profession for several reasons, some of which come to light in the based-on-truth movie “Nosso Lar” / “Astral City,” which is about a medical doctor who finds a higher, purer form of healing after he leaves the Earth. John found a higher, purer form of healing after leaving the medical profession with its massive pharmaceutical parasite… and today integrates his advanced medical knowledge with his spiritually based healing practice, Haelen Lifestream, nestled at the base of the mountains in Crestone, Colorado….)

    So, John, yes, I hope to journey down your way this spring… either with Regina or on a lone pilgrimage… sometime when my mountain-man brother Tony in Divide is also available for visiting.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Jean again and talking to you in more depth!


  4. Ricky says:

    That really is an amazing story about John. I saw that he was the one you mentioned in your ‘Miracles in the Storm’ book that said “Mark you’d better heal yourself before you try to heal the world”.

    John, I wish there were more people in this world like yourself!

    – Ricky (A big fan)

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