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Descriptions of the vast worlds of spirit

ITC… or Magic… or God… What Spiritual Path Is for Me?

There are two spirit realms, in particular, which exert a lot of influence over our lives here on Earth. Or, more accurately, there are two spirit realms that share a lot of give and take… push and pull… with humanity in our world…. Continue reading

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Let’s Meditate (Crossed Dimensions 9)

I talked to Carly on the phone yesterday, and we decided to take the next step in our project… setting up two half-hour meditation sessions a week for the Tier 2 participants … on Mondays and Fridays…. Continue reading

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Trick or Treat: Aliens Among Us (Crossed Dimensions 8)

The picture below seems to be just three anomalous light streaks… but when I lighten the picture, a figure starts to emerge on the left. Cropping the picture and lightening it a bit more, the figure becomes more discernible… but what is it? It looks like some sort of reptilian or dinosaur-ish entity carrying a cane or rod of some kind in its left hand. Continue reading

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Origins of Darkness (Crossed Dimensions 6)

The Human Story series explores the origins of Eden—that light, pleasant, paradise spirit world where many of us from Earth awaken after we die. But what about that other place—the dark, shadowy realm where people sometimes get stuck for a while after they die, before moving on to Paradise where they belong? How did that unsavory spirit realm come into existence? What purpose does it serve?… Continue reading

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Crossed Dimensions 3: It’s a Gift… and a Curse

Carly seems to have a rare combination of qualities sometimes called empathic healing and physical mediumship…. Continue reading

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Crossed Dimensions 1: The Veil Opens for Carly

Carly… lives on a farm with her family and a few horses. Their lives have become something of an adventure because of the relentless spirit activity on their property, which started about a year ago. Day and night they’re subject to noises that sound like rocks thrown against the house or tapping on the windows or heavy objects scraping across the floor. The TV or cable box pops throughout the evening. Continue reading

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Walt Disney and the Perils of Cryonics

Probably the craziest thing we do out of the fear of death involves the science of cryogenics, or, more specifically, the cryopreservation of the human body… freezing the body when we get terminally ill or grow old… hoping that one day we can be thawed out and restored to youthful vigor…. Continue reading

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