Trick or Treat: Aliens Among Us (Crossed Dimensions 8)

1) The veil opens for Carly  –  2) Let’s build an ITC bridge  –  3) It’s a gift and a curse
4) Serving on the front line of spirit work  –  5) Spreading light  –
6) Origins of darkness  –  7) The three-tiered network  –  8) Aliens among us
9) Let’s meditate  –  10) Is this the flu, or is a portal opening? –  11) The shaman Carly

So far I’ve received more than 200 photos from Carly with too many orbs, light streaks, and other spiritual anomalies to count. When I play with the lighting and contrast in the pictures, I’m sometimes surprised by the presence of some pretty clear entities. Most of them seem to be spirits of people who’ve died and live in dense spirit communities near the Earth in vibration.

Occasionally I find entities that seem more alien, but it always takes some work to coax them out (photographically).

The picture below, for example, seems to be just three anomalous light streaks (1)… but when I lighten the picture, a figure starts to emerge on the left (2).

Cropping the picture and lightening it a bit more, the figure becomes more discernible (3)… but what is it? It looks like some sort of reptilian or dinosaur-ish entity (4) carrying a cane or rod of some kind in its left hand.

An alien caught by Carly's smartphone camera?

An alien caught by Carly’s smartphone camera?

Carly assures me that there are no poles or structures of any kind at that spot in her yard, so the figure you see in the photo would seem to be one of the many spiritual or quasi-physical beings that move in and out of our world unseen (for the most part) by us humans.

The entity, whatever it is, couldn’t have picked a more appropriate time to pass through.

Happy Halloween, readers!

NOTE: Several months after posting this article, I was able to lighten the picture even more… here’s the result:

nIMG_2459LightStreamers3-HiContrast-cropAs I mention in one of the comments below, the guy looks like Barney the Dinosaur’s dark, other-worldly cousin.

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9 Responses to Trick or Treat: Aliens Among Us (Crossed Dimensions 8)

  1. Looks like something swirling, perhaps not a figure but a spiralling energy. Intriguing.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Tosca,
      That was my wife Regina’s first impression too, and I can see that perspective.
      To me, though, it looks alien-ish… kind of like Barney’s wayward twin. 🙂


  2. Liz Wagner says:

    Dear Mark: I don’t understand these photos and I wonder what your point is. It just seems to me a long way from ITC research and I can’t work out the link. Your statement “most of them seem to be spirits of those who have died” – how do you know this? Why “most”? How does one know they have died? Or even if they are “spirits” at all? This post (to me) raises many questions which I don’t think can be explained to any satisfaction. What say you? As always, I admire and respect your work.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Liz,

      I definitely see your point. The crown jewel of modern ITC research (IMHO) was the communication bridge that was opened, facilitated, and protected by The Seven and Timestream Spirit Group. For example…

      In my research, though, I’ve also become aware of a rather dark, shadowy spirit realm that blankets and destabilizes our world (hence the need for protection when opening an ITC bridge). One purpose of this series of articles is to get a better understanding of that shadow world.

      Once we have that understanding, it’ll probably be easier in the future to establish stable ITC bridges that can be insulated from the diverse, confused, and often troubled minds residing in the shadow world.

      I was given a rare opportunity when I was contacted by “Carly,” whose property and sensitivities seem to have opened an amazing portal into that realm.

      We thought about pulling together a project that could help in a massive healing of that spiritual blemish that’s been part of humanity for many thousands of years. It might include an extension of the great work done by Alan Sanderson in the UK, Tom Zinser here in the States, and Bill Baldwin before them.

      (They’re among those who’ve been involved in spirit releasement therapy, helping ‘lost souls’ trapped in the shadow world to move to the paradise astral realms where they belong. Here are several fascinating case studies by Dr Sanderson: )

      Long story short, I agree that this series of articles ventures away from “real ITC”… but I think that “to march into hell for a heavenly cause” might have some tremendous rewards, if we do it right.

      As always, Liz, I very much appreciate your comments, which help keep me grounded and remind me to reflect on the higher purpose. Thanks!


  3. Ricky says:


    Awesome Halloween post! What a fascinating figure in the background…and what a strange feeling I get studying it. At first glance, I see the rod, and the figure holding it appears to be a “cloaked” figure. It is reminiscent of the folkloric “grim reaper”! Whatever this actually is – spirit, alien, pure energy – it’s definitely not of our physical realm.


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Ricky,

      What if… (pure speculation based on what we’ve learned through ITC about Marduk and the early ages of our solar system)…

      Maybe this is a member of a species who were also busy long, long ago trying to establish their kind of life forms on Earth… at the same time the Edenites were busy engineering physical humans here, after the destruction of their material world. These other guys might have helped produce the various species of dinosaurs. Interesting possibility, eh?


      Here’s the general timeline I’m thinking about…

  4. Jeremy Michael Bloxsom says:

    Hey Mark,

    How have you been? This post was incredibly synchronistic. During one of my more recent water and light reflection experiments I had what appeared to be the image of a reptilian or dinosaur-looking being manifest. The entity is facing to the left, and there’s a pretty clear formation of one of its eyes. Here’s the image cropped out of the video frame and enlarged:

    And here’s the full video frame (with the image circled):

    My water and light reflection experiment results have been getting better and better over the past several months it seems. I added two mini cross-dichroic prism cubes to my experiment setup (by submersing them in the water). They seem to be aiding the formation of the images. Here’s the face of what appears to be an older man facing to the left that formed attached to one of the prism cubes I was working with (image has been cropped out of the video frame and enlarged):

    Here’s the full video frame (with the image circled):

    Has Carly ever experimented with the water and light reflection technique? There’s not a doubt in my mind that she would get phenomenal results with it. I hope you’ve been well.

    All The Best,


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Jeremy,

      Best of success with your techniques.
      May the results get better and better.

      Dedicated experimenters eventually find techniques that work especially well for them.
      What Carly has found is currently having amazing results, and her techniques feel right to her at the moment, I think.


      • Jeremy Michael Bloxsom says:

        Thank you Mark. Things have really started to improve after years of effort. Carly’s results are phenomenal. No question. I was just curious as to if she had tried any other methods. She’d be successful with any technique, I’m guessing.

        I’m highly interested in participating in your project, too. If you need another volunteer for Tier 1, I’d be more than happy to help. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.


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