A Three-Tiered Network (Crossed Dimensions 7)

1) The veil opens for Carly  –  2) Let’s build an ITC bridge  –  3) It’s a gift and a curse
4) Serving on the front line of spirit work  –  5) Spreading light  –
6) Origins of darkness  –  7) The three-tiered network  –  8) Aliens among us
9) Let’s meditate  –  10) Is this the flu, or is a portal opening? –  The shaman Carly

This article looks at Tier 3 of the network I’ve been envisioning in recent weeks, and also provides a summary overview of the overall network.

This network, as it evolves in the future, could play a big role in cleansing the Earth spiritually… as explained in the six previous articles:

  1. The veil opens. The idea started when I was contacted several months ago by a woman (“Carly”) who’d been having the most amazing experiences for more than a year, what some people might call paranormal photography, spirit communication, physical mediumship, psychic detective work, empathic healing, sleep paralysis, hauntings, spirit possession, alien visitation, and more.
  2. Let’s build an ITC bridge. My initial thought was to try to establish a high-tech communication channel with the other side, since that’s been my main interest for the past quarter century.
  3. It’s a gift and a curse. It soon became apparent, though, that this woman’s gift goes way beyond ITC research. The veil has opened up wide at her home, exposing her to a vast range of spiritual and alien influences… many of which seem to harken from a dark, shadowy spirit realm that blankets the Earth. High-tech communications with the other side (ITC bridges) could be an important part of all that (if they could be anchored safely and securely at the third spirit level), but the network would involve itself in so much more than just ITC.
  4. Serving on the front line of spirit work. It occurred to me that there are other people around the world with gifts similar to Carly’s… people in whose presence the veil mysteriously opens up. Their combined service could play a key role in exposing that hidden, shadowy world, so that we (humanity) might heal it. They would comprise Tier 1 of the network.
  5. Spreading light. There are also many people in the world who have learned and practiced the art of meditation, and their combined service could stream love and light into the network like a healing salve. These Tier 2 meditators would provide support and protection for the front-line world servers of Tier 1, simply by streaming light from the finer realms of spirit.
  6. Origins of darkness. It’s important to know what we’re up against. Understanding how and why the dark, unsavory spirit realm formed around the Earth over the millennia, and what sustains it, helps us to understand the need and the logistics for healing the world.

Tier 3

The third tier of the network would provide a dual role of facilitator and office manager. It would consist of a small team (maybe just a single member, but more likely a small group) who coordinate things.

This small inner circle would work and resonate with each other and with higher guidance (ethereal beings) to coordinate the direction, protection, and support for the network.

They would keep records of all the individuals who register as members of Tiers 1 and 2… their names, skills, and contact information.

Theoretically, anyone could participate in Tiers 1 and 2 of the network if they have the necessary skills, and registering as a member would be optional. They could participate quietly and anonymously, without registering, on their own or in a small group, if they wish. Those who register would have their names on file and would be a more substantial part of the network.

The registered membership list could remain confidential. Optionally, if some members prefer to have their names known to the group, in order to work directly with other members, that should also be arranged by the Tier 3 administrators.

So, Tier 3 would set up and maintain the logistics of the project… determining how people can tap into the network to participate in Tiers 1 and 2, and keeping files of registered members, their contact information, their skills, and a running record of the services they are providing.

Entirely Volunteer

Everyone involved in the network will be involved as volunteers. There won’t be any paid positions. I’ve found that the involvement of money in spiritual programs such as this causes more problems than it solves.

First, there are tax considerations, the need to set up a government-recognized charitable organization, and the constant scrambling for donations. It’s my experience that a spiritual group can run much more smoothly without those complications.

Also, skeptics and detractors are more inclined to attack spiritual groups that seek money… and no point encouraging attackers whose little vision and big voice could cause us problems.

Finally, most people, regardless of their level of spiritual growth or commitment to the project, can get sidetracked into savage behavior when money is involved. They begin to argue about whose role in the project is more important and more worthy of funding. Envy and greed begin to chip away at the foundation of the network as members begin to accuse each other of misuse of money.

Some skilled psychics make money with their service, but if they choose to work with the network it’ll be volunteer time.

In short, then, the world-healing network will be entirely voluntary. Participants can come and go as they are inclined.


So, that gives a good basic view of how this world-healing network could grow and evolve. I can’t thank Carly enough for sharing her experiences with me. I believe the ethereal beings have been waiting patiently through the millennia for a project like this to sprout in our world… to pull together humanity’s light and darkness toward a general planetary healing… and my long correspondences and phone calls with Carly helped me see the bigger picture.

About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters (www.macyafterlife.com) and worldly matters (www.noblesavageworld.com)
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10 Responses to A Three-Tiered Network (Crossed Dimensions 7)

  1. David says:

    Hi Mark – I’m still quietly keeping up with what you’re doing. I wish the project well, and will help where I can (meditation, etc). I’ve forwarded this link to Steve xxxx today. I think he is a perfect fit to help with this project. He’s onviously a gifted medium with a pure heart (money never enters the picture with what he does – he does it because he loves it and wants to help widen people’s understanding of the true nature of the afterlife).

    I hope he contacts you. As always, thank you for the work you undertake.

    On a totally different question, I’m curious if you have much insight into any of the Seth material (Jane Roberts) – it is the most impressive body of channeled material that I’ve ever come across – money never played any role in what she did and her works were so impressive that the work eventually ended up at the Yale archives after her death. So far, I’ve read Seth Speaks and am almost finished with The Nature of Personal Reality – I agree with others that there is no way that the volume of work came from her conscious mind – I would be curious if you have much experience there (I know and understand your overall thoughts on channeled material in general).

    Thanks again for all you’re doing.


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi David,
      I’ve heard only good things about Jane Roberts’ Seth materials.

      If your friend Steve is interested in this project, he might want to get involved anonymously for the time being. I haven’t decide whether to keep a registry of members or anything like that yet.


    • I was also deeply impressed by the Seth material, David, when I read it years ago, and still am, as I go through it again. I consider the book The Individual and Nature of Mass Events crucial reading for anyone truly interested in humanity’s future, for in it, Seth explains how what we do today, individually, can and does influence our collective reality.

  2. Hi Mark, I’ve written this before; just want to say again that I would like to help in whatever way I can. Yesterday, I watched the film, Calling Earth, with a group of friends who join me monthly to discuss spiritual and paranormal matters, and was pleased to find them quite open to the possibilities of instrumental communication, though not all were convinced. I was particularly taken by the goal given by one of the teams on the other side – to stop the violence. That emphasised for me how important this kind of work can be. Please let me know how I can help.


    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Tosca,
      The network I’m envisioning with Carly is just a concept at this time.
      The INIT group I was involved with years ago is no longer active.
      So… the best thing I can think of is meditation.
      People who hold our work in a positive light, especially during meditation, can stream a lot of that light into the ITC project. It can help the formation of good bridges and support networks like the one I wrote about recently.
      That is by far the best support that would benefit ITC at this time, I believe.

      Again, thanks for that!


    • Chris Johnson says:

      Couldn’t agree more Tosca! What a wonderful thought isn’t it? The reduction of world wide violence through physical mediumship/ITC. Such a noble thing to persue! Exciting times 😀

  3. Thank you Mark for this well intentioned and thoughtfully posed solution to our worldly problems.
    I do see evidence that human consciousness is improving despite the widespread violence and mayhem makers and war makers.
    I wish this effort which you pose the very best, and I shall participate from my outpost.

  4. Chris Johnson says:

    Hi Mark,

    Like Tosca Zraikat, I also discovered your work through Dan Drasin’s excellent ITC documentary Calling Earth. I’ve learned so much about physical mediumship over the last couple years, and the thing that has tied it all together is your explanations which you have given.

    I, like you, have always required physical proof – physical mediumship/ITC has finally given me that. Now that I’ve synthesized all this information, I can breath a sigh of relief, and switch hats from seeker to do’er.

    In many ways, my journey has just started.

    Healing the earth, promoting creation & love, will now become my focus as I now have a real understanding of the proper role of physical mediumship and the paranormal in our lives here on Terra, and most importantly what is really important!

    Thank you for your work Mark!

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