Life-Swapping: The Amazing Story and Prophecies of Paul Dienach

A teacher of humanities goes into a year-long coma in 1921, assumes life in one of his incarnations—a famous physics professor living in the year 3906—and then returns to his body a year later, in 1922… waking up not only with a crash-course understanding of physics, but with working knowledge of what will transpire on Earth during the next 2,000 years.

Sounds like a pitch for a good sci-fi novel… but it’s actually the true-life story of Swiss schoolteacher Paul Amadeus Dienach, who emerged from a state of protracted narcolepsy in 1922, and recorded all of his vivid recollections in a journal… which would later become a book, The Valley of the Roses or Chronicles from the Future.

Paul Dienach was teaching Greek Studies in Switzerland at the time of the incident. Here’s the backstory… or “frontstory?”…:

In 3906, famous physics professor Andreas Northam suffers a serious accident and has a near-death experience (NDE). When he awakens moments later, he speaks in an unknown tongue (presumably 20th-Century Swiss), he doesn’t recognize his family members, and he’s unable to sleep. He’s perpetually awake. Meanwhile, in 1921, schoolteacher Dienach falls into a coma and is perpetually asleep for a year, unable to wake up.

What really happened? My guess is… the finer spirit within us lives multiple concurrent lives… so that the finer spirit within me, for example, is living not just my life as Mark Macy, but various other “concurrent” lives in different times and different places. It’s what we call different incarnations.

In the 1921/3906 case, there’s a finer spirit involved in the lives of both men, and I suspect it becomes disoriented during Northam’s near-death upheaval in 3906. The astral body leaves Northam’s 3906 body and doesn’t return as it normally would after a typical NDE. Instead, Dienach’s 1921 astral body becomes detached from his physical body and is pulled into Northam’s 3906 physical body by mistake… or maybe facilitated by spirit guides???

In any case, that puts 1921 Dienach into a state of perpetual sleep… the astral body’s left the building. And it puts 3906 Northam into a state of perpetual wakefulness… possessed as he is by an unexpected astral guest from the year 1921. Dienach’s astral mind is now experiencing carnal life through the eyes of Northam’s carnal body. It’s got to be perplexing!… experiencing 3906 physical Earth through a 1921 mental template.

It’s certainly perplexing to all of the medical doctors… in both time periods. The 1921 physicians diagnose the inert Dienach with an inexplicable case of “lethargic sleep.” The 3906 physicians do a complete examination of the wide-awake, anxious Northam, can’t explain his symptoms, and attribute them to his NDE.

While Dienach sleeps peacefully in 1921, Northam is vigorously re-educated about all aspects of life on 3906 Earth… including a detailed history of the planet during the past 2,000 years.

Eventually, Dienach’s astral body returns from its futuristic adventure and reenters its 1921 physical body… and Paul Dienach emerges from his coma, eager to record the adventure on paper.


The Future of Humanity According to Paul Dienach

The whole idea that Paul Dienach falls into coma in 1921, lives in another incarnation in the year 3906 as physicist Andreas Northam, then awakens in 1922 with future knowledge, probably makes little sense unless you take into account the notion that the mind, memory, and personality continue to exist and function beyond space and time while the physical body is asleep, or comatose, or even dead. It’s just our material body that’s trapped in the illusion of time and space, while our essence enjoys a timeless existence in our astral body… and it’s Dienach’s astral body that detaches from the present carnal life, enters a future carnal life, then returns.

Read more about our spiritual make-up…

Following are some of the insights that Dienach woke up with in 1922… which would be regarded as history by people living in 3906, and as prophecy by people alive in 1922 (and by people today).


Upon awakening in 1922 from his year-long coma, Paul Dienach wrote down everything he could remember about his experiences while living in one of his incarnations as physicist Andreas Northam in the year 3906.

Dienach continued to teach Greek studies in Switzerland until he contracted a fatal case of tuberculosis at age 38. Before his death he entrusted his manuscripts to one of his students, George Papahatzis, who would later become Dean at Panteion University, founded in Athens in 1927.

An obscure version of the manuscript was published in German in the 1920s, and a recent version was published in Greek under the title “The Valley of the Roses.” At present it is available only in Greek.

(As of November 2015 it’s also available in English… Read more… )

Following is a synopsis of that book… the events as remembered by Paul Dienach that will transpire on Earth over the next 2,000 years. Bear in mind, this is the illusory sense of “time” we’re talking about… so don’t write the dates in your calendar in indelible ink. Also, this article is based on several translations of excerpts from the book, and may not be fully in line with the actual book.


Humanity begins to solve overpopulation, ecological destruction, greenhouse gases, climate change, famine, tyranny, and regional conflict. Discoveries are made in the interactions of electromagnetic energies, gravity, spiritual energy (etherodynamics), and antigravity, resulting in a Nobel Prize in the physical sciences.

Most of Earth’s gravitational energies are attributed to solar radiation. Science can photograph spiritual energies , and more and more people can see the spirits moving in and out of our world by switching on their inner “etheric vision,” as psychic channels do today.

Economic systems become more humane, wise, and based on good will. People are freed from the slavery of financial survival, affording them more time for inner work and spiritual development. The monetary system goes extinct, child mortality becomes a rarity, and fossil fuels are replaced by sustainable energies.

Our carnivorous inclinations fade away as we become vegetarians.

Mars is colonized in 2204 by 20 million people, but they are all destroyed in 2265 by a massive natural disaster, and the goal of future Mars colonization is then abandoned.


A major world war erupts in 2309 with widespread destruction. Humanity survives, and a world government is established in 2396 to prevent such disasters in the future. Leaders elected through direct voting from all nations are mostly scientists, engineers, and humanitarians… no longer politicians or businessmen. A balance of power is sustained by a working alliance among the private sector (e.g. transnational corporations), national governments, and the world government.

Banks and stock exchanges are now extinct, replaced with a sort of “vote-money” (which is probably an electronic measure of real value of products, resources, and energy).

There’s still some private property, although world resources have been redistributed in such a way that everyone is afforded at least a basic, healthy standard of living.

Contact is established and relationships develop with extraterrestrial civilizations, and the public is kept apprised.

Conflicts among large groups are rare, and large-scale war is a thing of the past.


The threat of global totalitarianism begins to rise as savage groups begin to undermine the world government through cyber-piracy. By 2600, the private sector and national governments play only a minor role in world affairs as people have acquired a planetary consciousness. World government begins to work extraordinarily well as the savage groups are quelled and direct voting becomes a way of life.

World transportation is primarily through spiritual (etheric) energies and flying discs.


While equality has been achieved for basic necessities, there’s still some inequity in technological advancement from region to region.

More and more people become telepathic, and science makes tremendous strides. Much is learned about the interior of the planet, including an “internal sun and atmosphere” and its history spanning billions of years. Cities are built in the Earth’s interior. In medical science, pharmaceutical drugs play a small role, replaced by new treatments in sound, color, light, and meditation.

Despite these major advances, humans remain largely materially oriented and spiritually sluggish… measuring their personal success in terms of their possessions and technologies.


Beginning in 3382, a spiritual renaissance begins to quickly transform the world into a state of “hypervision,” in which most people achieve direct knowledge through connections with the finer spiritual light. People on Earth can now create through intention, as is done in the finer spiritual realms.

We enter a new Golden Age of World Civilization. Many of the leaders in world government are now universal creators, rather than just scientists and engineers. The new leaders combine the qualities of philosopher, scientist, artist, mystic, and more.

Planetary languages are developed based on three-dimensional, inner-vision images that are projected mentally without sound, writing or Internet.

Science has discovered and activated a dormant form of DNA that consists of more than two strands.

Everyone now has access to free clothes, food, housing, transportation, entertainment, scientific products, and creative expression. There is no private property. Everyone is vegetarian, and there are no zoos… no animal slavery or abuse of any kind.

Flying discs are obsolete, replaced by a new form of transportation involving “field gates” (which are probably portals between the physical and spiritual realms in which material vehicles and their occupants are raised to a finer, nonphysical vibration, moved instantly to another location in three-dimensional space, and rematerialized). These spiritual technologies are introduced to Earth by other galactic civilizations, now that humanity is ready (which apparently means that humans have finally transformed their noble-savage nature into a predominantly noble one).

Read more about our noble-savage nature…

By today’s standards, the future humans would seem naïve, sensitive, sincere, unpretentious, and free of cunning ulterior motives. People can sense each other’s feelings and intentions, so secrecy is no longer part of human culture.

There are no material inequalities, only inequalities of reputation, honor, and public appraisal.

People work the equivalent of two years over a lifetime, which by now is much longer than lifetimes of the 21st Century, and they don’t measure success by material possessions, but by spiritual work within and by their service to those around them.


Well, these visions that came to Paul Dienach during his coma certainly resonate with the views and intentions of this site. May your greatest dreams come true, Paul!


Sources for this article include:

And an update from ancient-origins…  and here…


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6 Responses to  The Amazing Story and Prophecies of Paul Dienach

Regina Macy says:

September 1, 2013 at 1:26 pm (Edit)

WOW very interesting story. Regina

macyafterlife says:

September 2, 2013 at 6:52 am (Edit)

I thought so too! Mark



This makes me curious about much more we will (or potentially could) understand in the year 3906 about consciousness and the human spirit. When you mentioned that the physicians in the year 3906 attributed Northam’s strange symptoms to his NDE, it seems as if humanity may not have progressed very much – because to me, it seems as if they are implicitly blaming the symptoms upon a dying brain instead of acknowledging the possibility of a spiritual experience. But that’s just my firsthand interpretation of it – I don’t know the details because I haven’t read the book, of course. I tend to read very deeply between the lines!

I also would wonder if parallel universes could be a variable in this. Could Dienach have traveled to a parallel universe in 3906?


macyafterlife says:

September 2, 2013 at 3:53 am (Edit)

Very good! The same two points have been nagging at me, although I hadn’t quiite put them into words before reading your comment, Ricky. Namely, (1) is it likely that our spiritual essence will be as concealed to humans 2,000 years from now as it is to modern humans? Highly doubtful! By then, our rich spiritual nature should be well understood by carnal humans, I’d think. (2) If the Earth branches off into parallel worlds as it winds its way into the future, why would we assume that the human evolution seen/experienced/lived by Dienach during his Rip van Winkle period would be cast in stone? Again, not likely.

So, I’m getting ready to start the next article… to start digging into several sources that have summarized the book, Valley of the Roses, to see what I can find out about his specific insights. Unfortunately, I don’t read Greek, so the full text of the book is beyond my grasp at the moment. Anyway, I’ll do my best to dig through the English-written information I can find with a discerning eye… and post carefully.

Thanks, ο φίλος μου,


Liz Wagner says:

September 2, 2013 at 10:38 pm (Edit)

Hello Mark:
this is an interesting tale but I simply don’t understand it; therefore I look forward much to your next blog which no doubt will be more explanatory.
I don’t understand the 2,000 year gap : why 2,000? – this figure would have been in Dienach’s mind as most of his “humanities” learning would have been from 2,000 years ago : it seems like a huge brain-based hallucinatory story; hence I look forward eagerly to your next post to find and learn more.
With best wishes


macyafterlife says:

September 6, 2013 at 4:02 pm (Edit)

Liz, I plan to write that follow-up piece this weekend. Hopefully it’ll give the story a little more clarity.
All the best,


Thanks Mark. These past 2 postings have been interesting, enlightening, and bring hope for our evolution. His travels and findings and reporting also feel like common sense in some way.
Best to you, John

macyafterlife says:

September 9, 2013 at 1:36 pm (Edit)

I agree, John,
The prophecies seem to have a lot of intuitive ideas and some interesting ideas that are kind of unique (gravity from solar radiation and dormant, multistrand DNA)…
Warm wishes,


wendy says:

September 19, 2013 at 10:15 am (Edit)

Hello Mark – I enjoy your posts and would like to connect to schedule an interview if possible. My email is Thank you for all that you are doing!! wendy


macyafterlife says:

September 21, 2013 at 7:03 am (Edit)

Hi Wendy, thanks for the invitation, but I rarely do interviews or public events anymore. Writing seems to be my best mode of communication.
I notice that you included a link to my article on your 2012oasis site, which has a lot of fascinating information on it.
Thanks for that!
All the best,


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12 Responses to Life-Swapping: The Amazing Story and Prophecies of Paul Dienach

  1. ThisWayOut says:

    Dear Mark, I just came across your article and thought that you should know that Dienach’s Diary is now translated and available in English!

  2. Del Strain says:

    How would someone back then know about jump in tech from 1920s? Never mind global trade. Wish it was now im spiritually very rich with knowledge and good deeds but financially povertised. Cannot come quick enough. Free the mind. This is but a connection to the next part of journey is how i see it after 5 decades. Life= love, loss & evolve into a better being.

  3. RichardA. Moore says:

    I also have had similar experiences as Paul when I was in a coma in 2015. I had vivid experiences that I told nurses and family members after waking up. They all laughed at me as I tried to tell them of cures for cancer, the zoom people from Canada and the earth shaken from it’s axis. I am a former Masonic leader and I thought the Masons who visited me in the hospitals brought me back to this world with acasia. I sent letters to the news media about the cancer cures, but I never heard back from them. Now I publish music videos on the internet in my name and e-mail address, in hope that someone might listen to me. I really don’t want publisity, money or being ridiculed for what happened to e.

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Richard,

      In my experience, transcendent experiences often sound a little “nutty” because they’re so other-worldly, and it’s often better just to record the experiences quietly, privately for posterity, if a person wishes to avoid the likely backlash. Like a dream journal. That’s apparently what Paul Dienach did, and it was only after his death that one of his students made his experiences public.

      For me it’s therapeutic to write things down. Fortunately, most of the ITC information that I publish here on macyafterlife, which is also “other-worldly,” is well documented elsewhere. I also write some of my more personal experiences down and keep them private, but just the act of writing them down can make me feel more at peace with the thoughts and ideas.


    • Bruno says:

      Hallo Richard,
      gerne würde ich mehr über Deine Erlebnisse während Deines Komas erfahren. Eines sollte klar sein: Niemand sollte Informationen zurückhalten! Man muss nur darauf achten, sich mit den richtigen, interessierten Personen auszutauschen! Nahtoderfahrungen wurden als Informationen von den Patienten auch zurückgehalten. Sie hatten ebenso Angst, ausgelacht zu werden. Heute geht man mit diesem Phänomen wissenschaftlich um. Das heißt, Ärzte gehen gezielt an Patienten heran, die einen Herzstillstand hatten und gerettet wurden, um sie danach zu befragen, ob sie etwas ungewöhnliches erlebt hatten. diesen Personen vertrauen sie sich dann an und erzählen das erlebte während des “Todes”. Wo genau finde ich Deine Musik im Internet? Ich wünsche Dir noch eine gute Zeit und viel Inspiration für kommendes! Bruno

      • Mark Macy says:

        Here’s an English translation of Bruno’s good letter to Richard, courtesy of Google translate:

        “Hello Richard, I would like to know more about your experiences during your coma. One thing should be clear: nobody should withhold information! You just have to make sure to talk to the right, interested people! Near-death experiences were also withheld as information from the patients. They were also afraid of being laughed at. Today this phenomenon is dealt with scientifically. That is, doctors target patients who have had cardiac arrest and have been rescued to ask them whether they have experienced anything unusual. They then confide in these people and tell what they experienced during “death”. Where exactly can I find your music on the internet? I wish you a good time and lots of inspiration for the future! Bruno”

  4. Arief says:

    this is amazing..

    • Mark Macy says:

      Thanks Arief. When we take the human spirit into account, miracles in the lives of great people like Paul Dienach, Sai Baba, and Mbah Kholil become easier to understand, I think. 🙂


  5. Masroor Javed says:

    If someone is more interested to know about future ,I think one should go and read Quran and prophecies by our prophet Muhammad SAW.He has told exactly more about everything only to be understood by knowledgeable

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Masroor Javed,

      I believe Muhammad was/is a great, brilliant light of the world who has helped humanity advance toward God and understanding.

      There are other people who have come to the world and been given a glimpse of good things also… visions that can move humanity toward a better future in a better world. I think Paul Dienach was allowed one of those glimpses.

      Some visions might be more brilliant than others, but perhaps all genuine visions deserve our attention.

      And we know of other great spiritual and religious teachers who have found an enlightened state from which to share wonderful things with humanity.

      Warm wishes,

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