The True Meaning of Dreams

A note to readers:  There are lots of websites that explore psychological meanings of various dream themes. Dreams about water, for example, mean purification, change, and renewal are underway in one’s life. These psychological dream themes always seemed a little contrived to me… possibly because of my ignorance on the subject… the way I used to believe that notions of God were just wishful thinking. Since my ITC research began I’ve become a firm believer in God’s presence in everything… but I’m still a little dubious about the complex psychological interpretations of dreams. (Read more about water dreams, for example… and dream interpretations generally…)

There are also lots of websites that go into scientific explanations for dreams, which I find about as interesting as a horse’s ability to do math. (More about science and dreams… here… and here…)

Here’s what I believe is REALLY going on in our dreams…. (MM)


Going through the metamorphosis from a worldly (physical) human to an other-worldly (astral) human may be the most natural thing we ever have to do—it’s what death and dying are really all about, after all—… but it can also be one of the most bizarre. That becomes apparent when we recall some of our strange dreams.

I see most dreams as excursions of our astral mind into the astral realms while our physical mind is dormant during sleep-time.

The main difference between dreaming and dying is that after a dream we (our true spiritual selves) return to our physical bodies to resume our carnal living, while after death we leave the Earth behind for a while. We move on to enjoy the adventures of the astral worlds until we decide once again to experience a new lifetime on Earth.

From an earthly point of view, we came from the spirit worlds to enjoy this lifetime on Earth, and we return to the spirit worlds when it’s over.

From an astral viewpoint, we (again, our true spiritual selves) live a timeless existence in many diverse astral worlds, most of them in a paradise, drama-free environment… interrupted occasionally by brief lifetimes on Earth that we decide to experience from time to time, for one reason or another. These lifetimes are usually packed with suspense and drama, and it always takes a period of rejuvenation to re-adapt to calm, friendly paradise living after each lifetime.

So. Dreams…

… our nightly excursions into the astral worlds…

… and our fleeting memories of those excursions when we wake up—as our physical mind kicks in, catching a few impressions from our astral mind before it recedes into its background (subconscious) tasks…

I can enjoy spending hours browsing the web for people’s dream experiences. I like to try to sort them into some kind of mental order according to my spirit-world model.

There are dreams of breathtaking beauty.

  • One woman dances and sings gloriously in the air above a wheat field under a rose sunset sky, dressed in a flowing pink dress of silk and chiffon. Read more…
  • A fellow visits a small Asian family living in a bamboo hut on the banks of a beautiful twilight pond, then soars across a vast bay to an unimaginably large, complex, and futuristic coastal inland city, where he finds himself in a vast, luxurious tropical resort. Read more…
  • A couple find themselves in the woods among some Native Americans and surrounded by friendly wolves. Read more…

In these dreams, I believe, people are visiting a few of the countless paradise astral communities that most of us will awaken to explore and enjoy after we die.

Not all dream stories are positive, though. On the contrary, there are far more nightmares shared on the web… probably because their shocking qualities are more memorable when we awaken with a start. Dreams of rotting skulls, demons, people chasing each other and trying to beat each other senseless…. Read more…

In these troubled dreams, I believe, we humans are visiting some of the dark and dismal realms where people who die sometimes get stuck for a while on their way to paradise. The minds of the residents had become immersed in the fears, desires, and animosities of Earth’s dramas to the point that they’re unable to downshift, after they die, to the calm, peaceful attitudes inherent in the finer astral communities. Wrapped up in troubled emotions at their time of death, they get stuck in these dismal realms until they can find peace… and when we visit these places in our dreams, it’s often unsettling.

The life lesson in all this, of course, is to make efforts while still alive on Earth to find peace of mind and heart… peace as a way of life. That peacefulness, then, becomes a homing signal to carry us to paradise after we die.

As I look back over my own life, several memorable dreams stand out.

The front office of my parents’ small-town newspaper (the Windsor Beacon), had a large fluorescent light fixture on the ceiling. In my most memorable childhood dream, that light fixture began running down the wall and chasing me all around the newspaper shop. That may be an example of a dream that pertains to psychological or scientific explanations rather than representing a dismal, drama-laden spirit world of hostile appliances… at least one can hope. 🙂

While stationed aboard the USS Enterprise during my Navy stint, a small group of us sailors took shore leave in San Diego, where one fellow apparently had drug connections. That was the one and only time I used mescaline. When I returned to the ship early the next morning I fell into a deep sleep and dreamed of being in a forest whose ten-foot-tall trees were made of living crystal. I was in awe of the sparkling, transparent foliage all around me when a beautiful girl emerged from the trees, smiled, and extended her hand… and I woke up with those lucid images etched in my memory.

Early in my ITC research I dreamt of being in a high-tech communication lab as part of a small tour group. We were standing around a table on which a small box had two cables attached. The cables were transparent, with rainbow light flowing through them. I was the only person in the group to rest my hands on the table… and they became stuck to the table like paper clips on a strong magnet. I don’t recall any words being spoken, but there was sudden knowledge in the minds of everyone present that our purpose there was to observe and learn, not to touch.

More recently I dreamt of soaring over a glistening bay to a pristine, futuristic city spread out along the shore, with parks and walkways along the many canals and harbors. People were sailing and paragliding and generally enjoying life to the fullest.

I recall three dreams in recent years in which I found myself in casinos, and they were not like casinos on Earth. There were some table games and machines around, but there was little interest in them. Mostly people were standing around in groups of three or four, chatting amicably and enjoying each other’s company. In each dream I found myself at a craps table. In one dream I was the only one at the table, and I remember being disappointed as I looked around and wondered why no one else wanted to play the game. A few people glanced at me casually and seemed to notice that I wasn’t really at peace there. They seemed accustomed to dreamtime visitors like me looking for drama in all the wrong places. In another of these casino dreams, there was one fellow running the craps table, but he seemed a little bored by the drama I was trying to stir up and was probably wondering when I’d go home. In the third dream there were several of us at the table casually placing bets and winning. No one was excited because no one ever lost. It was just a matter of calmly enjoying each other’s company in an earth-like setting.

Finally, I have vague recollections of two dreams in which I became hostile and then confused before waking up. In both dreams I was with other people who were chatting casually. One person remarked about something in my life—something that I’ve since forgotten, but at the time it enraged me. I began pummeling him with all my strength and effort, and he had no inclination to defend himself or fight back; he just calmly took the beating. Afterwards I was, say, ten feet away from him looking at him. I was no longer angry, just confused and a little embarrassed. He was just mildly disoriented for a moment as he and the others gazed at me knowingly before I woke up. From their point of view I suspect that I just disappeared from their peaceful paradise community where I didn’t fit in at the time.


What to make of all this?

Well, in terms of living on Earth, again, the lesson is to make an effort to find inner peace… to overcome the dramas of daily life by submitting to the will and the grand plan of a higher power… a.k.a. God, Allah, the Tao…. That inner peace will become our ticket to paradise at the end of our earthly lives.

Judging by the nature of my dreams, I’m still working on that.

In terms of ITC research things become a bit more interesting. Our INIT group was in communication with spirit people like those I see so often in my dreams. They call their community Tmestream, and their aim is to open high-tech communications with the Earth. They’re calm, patient, and aware of the dramas that continually disturb the lives of their transpartners here on Earth. If every member of the Earth team were as calm and kind as they are, then ITC communication bridges would be easy to establish and maintain. Wisdom and knowledge would stream into our world from the finer worlds of spirit through our modern technologies.

But as long as we on Earth succumb to drama and the troubled emotions it generates, then ITC bridges will be very difficult to sustain… maybe impossible.

I remember many of their communications through the 1990s in which they openly expressed love, reverence, and appreciation for Maggy Fischbach, the main ITC communicator in our group. Maggy was a schoolteacher of youngsters—open, sincere and respectful of those around her. I suspect that in her dreams she fit right in with the paradise community at Timestream sending station.

No, it’s not just a suspicion on my part; I know that to be true. In fact, I have vague recollections of several dreams in recent years in which I saw Maggy standing among a group of our friends at Timestream, discussing things in a calm, serious way. The dreams may be vague in my memory, but I know, as sure as I’m alive today, that the situations were real… not just figments of neurochemical processes in the brain. I was present at some of those spirit-world gatherings, but I was observing from the side. I wasn’t part of the inner circle because I didn’t have the necessary inner peace.

Frankly, looking back on those dreams I can see myself as a bit of a loose cannon… a good soul with good intentions, but still subject to drama… not yet at peace.

I remember one phone dialog in the mid-1990s in which I was a subject of discussion between Maggy and our main spirit communicator, Swejen Salter. Swejen told Maggy something to this effect:

Mark is that fellow who’s really qualified for ITC….

Yes, you can tell Mark.

Mark will realize.

That brief dialog filled me with awe and puzzlement at the time.

First of all, if I was “that fellow who’s really qualified for ITC,” then why wasn’t I finding messages from Timestream planted in my computer. I received several phone calls from our spirit friend Konstantin Raudive, but they were not what you would call warm, open-hearted dialogs. I was always a little tense and nervous… whereas recordings of conversations between Maggy and Swejen always sound like two close girlfriends chatting away. And conversations between Maggy and the ethereal being Technician always sound like heartfelt dialogs between an all-wise teacher and a devoted student.

Second, what was I going to realize? At the time I had no idea. Since then, of course, it’s become clear to me that Swejen was referring to self-realization, a concept of which I was unaware at the time. Self-realization involves a coming-together of our conscious, carnal mind and our finer spiritual self.

Read more about self-realization….

Bottom line, I turned 64 recently, and although I know the meaning of self-realization, and I’m closer to it now than ever before in this lifetime, there are still too many dramas in my life to keep me from finding that complete oneness.

I love my family and have too many responsibilities that keep me from going off to an ashram or an isolated cabin somewhere to immerse myself in meditation with the radio and computer running. My downstairs office has to be organized, the furnace filter needs changing, the trash has to be taken out, the cars are due for service soon, that broken window in the basement needs to be replaced, our living trust has to be updated… and I’m still waiting for those incorrigi-bulls—the rich guys who play with billions of dollars to keep pumping up the stock market as the economy falls apart—to take a break and let the correction happen.

So I ask myself, Mark, are you really going to “realize” in this lifetime?

Ha, in your dreams….


… which is not to suggest that I’ve abandoned ITC research. On the contrary, it still remains my number-one interest. But, because it’s so difficult to sustain a viable ITC bridge in this noble-savage world… my focus now is on documenting everything I’ve learned about ITC and our human place in the grand scheme. After I die I suspect I’ll be involved in some kind of ITC work, helping to build communication bridges back to the Earth. Before I leave, though, I have to do what I can to make Earth more conducive to ITC. It’ll be a bummer if I get to the other side and can’t find any resonant groups on Earth to work with… if everyone’s still immersed in their vain little dramas and their petty personality conflicts… which is to say… if life’s going on as usual here on Earth!


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9 Responses to The True Meaning of Dreams


What an absolutely fascinating post. I have to say that this is probably one of my favorites! I’ve always been curious about dream worlds. In your opinion, are some of our dreams (not all, but some, or at the very least – a marginal portion) simply chemical effects from the brain? The reason I ask is because of many dreams that I have had that seem simply irrational/nonsensical. For example, I still have dreams from time to time that I forgot my locker combination in high school and I that cannot access my books for that day’s classes. I also have dreams where I find out that I’ve completely skipped certain classes throughout the year – classes I was enrolled in but apparently didn’t know about – and didn’t realize it until I spoke with a guidance counselor at the end of the year.

But wait! Something very interesting occurred about 2 or 3 months ago. I was having the dream where I thought I had forgotten my locker combination. I actually remembered it in my dream. My locker opened and I was set to go to class. Subsequently, I remembered those numbers when I woke up, and I verified that it was actually my combination that I had used in high school. That information must have finally bubbled up through my subconscious…I’ll never forget that dream, and apparently, I’ll never forget my locker combination again either. It’s been a long time since I was in high school.

I know I have inquired about this before, but you mentioned that there are recordings of Maggy & Swejen Salter that occurred during their normal conversations. I wish that could have been made available for the world to hear. I do wish those conservations still took place, were recorded, and were available on the WorldITC website.

Thank you – and many thanks to all of our friends on the other side!


October 13, 2013 at 5:55 pm (Edit)

Thanks Ricky!
Yes, I too now recall dreams of being hopelessly late for college classes. I was trying to walk toward the classrooms but felt totally lost and kind of desperate.
Not sure how I’d interpret those… whether it was brain pranks or whether I was on some astral campus at the “time.”
I suspect the latter, but I’m not sure.

I have some of the recordings of Maggy and Swejen in dialog, but those seem kind of personal… and I feel it’s up to her to decide if and when to make them public. Also, those dialogs were almost always in German or Luxembourgish…. I published English transcriptions of the contacts, of course, while we were still collaborating, and I still repost those transcriptions from time to time here on this blog or in my books.

All the best,



Amazing post! I loved your honesty and feel I got a chance to know you better. I can connect with your self-realization completely.

A few years ago, I decided to start remembering my dreams. It took me some time, but now it’s become second nature to me.

Whenever I awaken, I lay in bed and I can recall my dream pretty vividly… (it must be my last dream since I have read we dream more than 1 time).

I take it step by step. Sometimes I can remember start to end.
There are times that I recall the last part of the dream and I will think about what happened before that last part and then another part pops into mind!
I have pieced together my dreams sometimes from last to mid to start. Also from mid to end to start. Either way,, the dream sequence comes to memory.

The interesting part is a lot of my dreams have been with people that I do not know here in my life.


October 13, 2013 at 5:59 pm (Edit)

Hi Marri,
I find that when I wake up and feel a dream fading away, if I can get back into an “alpha” state (or light meditative state), the dream returns… or at least the memory of it returns. That alpha state seems to be the same state our brain’s in while we’re dreaming.
It’s when our brain returns to the beta (waking) state that dreams quickly recede. At least that’s been my experience!



Hi Mark,
That’s it for sure. I’m still in the alpha state. I find it interesting that I can go back to parts of the dream and be able to complete it.

I OFTEN dream with people I don’t know…In your experience, is this common to happen? Any inputs/ideas would be appreciated.
Thank you!


Hi Marri,
Yes, it’s true for me too. Most of my dreams involve people I do not know in this lifetime.
Also, I sometimes recall a small figment of a dream that will fill out with more detail if I stay in the alpha state.


George Kao says:

As has been mentioned — awesome post, Mark.

Makes me think of a Bible verse “Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry…” (Ephesians 4:26)

Love the emphasis in your post about working on inner peace. As we do each day, we can have peaceful dreams. As we have peaceful last moments, we transition peacefully.

October 15, 2013 at 8:55 pm (Edit)

Thanks, George.
Inner peace is certainly the key…


Marri Perez says:

October 15, 2013 at 9:58 pm (Edit)

Hi Mark,
I wasn’t sure how interpret these people that I don’t know in my lifetime. It is a relief to know this happens to you too! (and others then) Thanks! (I do wonder what the meaning of this is though!)

About Mark Macy

Main interests are other-worldly matters ( and worldly matters (
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6 Responses to The True Meaning of Dreams

  1. Brooke Attebury says:

    Mark, I noticed immediately that the pictures sent from the astral realms lookk very much like the reoccuring dreams i have where Im traveling thru many beautiful small places where I stop and see local sites, shops, etc…I couldnt believe it! Finally I found something resembling the look of my “nomadic dreams” as Ive always called them in my head! Your writings have helped me and my Mother so much! THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS AND EDUCATIONAL INFO!!!!!!

    • Mark Macy says:

      Brooke, you must be a lovely soul.
      Sounds like your astral excursions are mostly to paradise settings.
      Maybe someday I can meet with you and your mom… maybe a century from now… when we’ve all gotten settled into the next life… maybe over a cup of tea or glass of spirit-world wine.
      Til then, warm wishes, 🙂

  2. David says:

    Mark – I just read your “The True Meaning of Dreams” post. Wow – I could really relate to you and where you self-assess yourself to be at this point in this life. It seems like it shouldn’t be this hard to know how to respond and interact with the “daily dramas” of this life – but yet it is. It feels like life is continuing to test us over and over on learning how to cope with the stresses of the day. I totally know (in my heart and in my head) that these daily dramas (in and of themselves) mean absolutely “nothing” in the grand scheme of who we are and why we’re here. It all seems so clear after I’ve stepped back from the situation (and I’m contemplating the day while meditating or simply quietly reflecting the prior days counter-productive reactions to the same old stresses of the business day).

    It leaves me to wonder if I’m supposed to “stick with this current challenge” and learn by these daily experiences (in the business world of a new company start-up) or get the heck away from it and put myself into a more peaceful work environment (which would be hard to do because I’ve recruited so many people there who I believe I’ve attracted into my orbit for some higher reason)…..but I feel like I “know” I’m being tested – I just hope I eventually learn to master my own inner-peace so I can be the right living example to others (as well as improve my own transition when my time comes).

    It seems like becoming more enlightened has also brought more responsibility in how we conduct ourselves in our daily lives….

    Thanks for listening – I feel lighter now. 😉

  3. Mark Macy says:

    David, VERY well said……. Mark

  4. D. says:

    I have dreams about events in other people’s lives. These dreams usually come true 9 out of 10 times. Most are happy events but a few are not. I also have a lot of dejavu moments.
    What’s your opinion on this?

  5. Hector says:

    Mark I enjoy reading on your website. The information you here is priceless. When I was younger I used to suffer from sleep paralyzes. As soon as I would go to bed, start getting drowsy, my body would feel like it was vibrating.I couldn’t move, and would force myself to wake up. At the time I didn’t know what it was. This went on for several years before it went away.
    Then I started to have lucid dreams. One dream that I have frequently is flying. Never see my body, it’s just like my conscience, like the wind. I’m flying in the clouds very realistic.
    Other dreams,I also experience a sense of euphoria, a sense of happiness that normally stay with me after waking up for a short period of time.
    The same with dreams that I remember very little, but when I wake up I feel emotionally drained.very sad feeling.
    I don’t know if this is common. I would like to know what you think.thanks 🙂

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