What I Learned from ITC (Part 3)

I’ve long regarded humanity as a young guy in the late stages of adolescence, finding himself bestowed with more and more responsibilities… compelling him to tame his savage side so that he can manage a family and an occupation.

The family, of course, is the family of man, and the occupation is the stewardship of Earth. As a human race, we still have our petulant, selfish urges that get side-tracked in national objectives, business domination, and religious zeal, often at the expense of others, but we’re starting to put the fate of the world at the top of our priority list.

That’s an early sign of maturity… which will be complete with the formation of a sensible world government. World unity will be the indication that humanity has come of age.

Here’s what Konstantin Raudive, my brother of good intent, had to say on the matter, a decade after his death, through the Harsch-Fischbach ITC equipment set up before a crowd of 70 participants in the summer of 1987:

On one hand, men of all peoples and nations, at the end of a distressing day, say they’re not only prepared for, but also longing for peace and concord.

On the other hand there’s the assumption, without critical faculty, that humanity is irredeemably selfish and aggressive, and therefore incapable of achieving a social order which is progressive and peaceful at the same time—a resonant social order driven by the dynamics of individual creativity and initiative, in which cooperation and reciprocity are the supports. Men’s true nature is not at all selfish and aggressive. To so assume represents a distorted image of the human mind/spirit.

On the contrary, constructive social forces, in accord with the true human nature, favor concord and cooperation instead of wars and conflicts. If humanity wants to survive, it must aspire to one social order whose borders are those of its planet. Like man as an individual, humanity as a species has lived the stages of development of a baby and a child; it has arrived at the zenith of its rather wild youth.

The evil, dear friends, can be overcome, for it is nothing more than the absence of good, just as darkness is only a lack of light. Yet-to-behold possibilities await mankind.  Men are at the point where the voyage has led them to the long-awaited majority, which is to say amidst the flow of evolution. It is up to them, to each individual, of course, how they intend to dedicate themselves in order to spread the true power of mind/spirit and to carry it to perfection. 

Dear friends, the continuance of man’s life after his bodily death is a fact.

Contact end for today.

– – – – – –

Wise words from a man whose mind has been cleared by the relinquishment of the physical body and its baggage.

Now in my 60s, I look forward to my own transition, when all of these jumbled thoughts and feelings of a lifetime will be tempered to clarity, free from the influence of hormones, neuro-chemicals, and external stimuli… when I’ll be able to monitor the affairs of Earth from an objective but intimate distance.

I hope I’m as fortunate as Konstantin… to be able to convey my rarified perspective directly to the folks back home, on Earth, through effective ITC systems. To refine my consciousness into pearls of truth that might be of benefit to a struggling material world. That would make this lifetime on Earth tremendously rewarding!

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