What I Learned from ITC (Part 4): How Spirits Navigate Time and Space

(ITC, instrumental transcommunication: the use of technology to get information from the worlds of spirit)

There are spirits all around us, living in many diverse spirit realms that are superimposed over each other and over our physical realm. Those other universes are like radio waves that are all jumbled together in the same space but remain distinct by the frequency (or actually by the subtleness) of their vibration.

“Frequency” isn’t really a valid measure of spiritual vibration. It implies cycles or vibrations per second… but the spirit world doesn’t have seconds or minutes… nor any sense of time at all in the way we experience time. Time and space are illusions of the physical world, so the spirits who move in and out of are world can be from anyplace and anytime.

To move around, spirits don’t travel through time and space the way we do. To understand their means of mobility, let’s first look at ours, so we have something familiar to compare against. Jim boards a bus to visit his sister Mary, whose house is 15 minutes away… or if Mary happens to be stationed on a moon base, Jim boards a spacecraft with rocket boosters to get from the Earth to the moon in four days. So our reality is based on space (distance from point A to point B) and time (how long it takes for Jim to be at Mary’s side).

So how would a spirit make those same trips?

First, suppose their father dies, leaves his physical body behind, and wants to visit both his kids before he “moves on” to get settled into one of the finer realms of spirit. One night, a few days after his death, he chooses to bid farewell to both of his kids. He thinks of Jim and is instantly standing at the foot of his son’s bed as Jim sleeps peacefully. Then he thinks of Mary, and instantly he’s standing at the foot of Mary’s bed. Mary stirs in a dreamy, half-awake state in which her conscious mind and spiritual mind (subconscious) are together, and as she opens her eyes, she sees Dad standing there. She’s startled, which locks her conscious mind into the physical world, closing its ties with the spiritual mind… and the “apparition” of her dad disappears.

In this example, it doesn’t matter if Mary lives 15 minutes away from Jim, or if she’s living on the moon. In either case, Dad moves from Jim’s bedside to Mary’s bedside instantly. Time and space do not exist in his realm.

To find their way in the physical domain isn’t always easy for spirits, though. On one occasion, members of Timestream spirit group reported to Maggy Fischbach of Luxembourg, through an ITC message, that they had accompanied her to a recent conference. They had sat with her, invisibly, in her car and during the airplane flight. Apparently it was easier to “stay anchored” with her during the trip than to try to find the conference location independently and meet her there.

On another occasion, while Maggy was visiting her father in the hospital near the end of his life, Timestream members tried to find the hospital room in order to be with their friend and to give her their invisible support. They reported to her later that they entered “the tunnel” and emerged into a hospital room. Maggy was sitting with her father, but her hair was blond, not dark, so they knew they were in a parallel world of the Earth. They had to reenter the tunnel and try again, and this time they succeeded in finding “the right Maggy” in the Luxembourg hospital.

Apparently the Timestream spirits used a similar tunnel to visit Maggy at home, where they would make ITC contacts through her TV, radio, telephone and computer. On one occasion they described the tunnel, saying its walls pulsed in rainbow colors. Once established, these tunnels allow rapid movement from their astral world to a specific location on Earth. Several psychics visiting my lab on different occasions told me they saw an invisible portal, or tunnel entrance, in the ceiling above the southwest corner of my lab.

Early in my experiments, my family moved to a new house. To make the move easier for my spirit friends, I took a crystal that always sat with my radios in the old house and brought it into the empty new house, a few days before we’d closed on the new house. I hid it in a heating vent in the room which would become my new lab. A week later, when we’d moved into the new house and I began my experiments, it was clear from the radio sounds that we were resuming where we’d left off. Voices and Spiricom-like modulations were coming through the radios just as they had in the old house. I believe the crystal was helpful for my spirit friends getting themselves set up in the new location.

So, I hope that gives a little insight into how spirits move around in our illusory world.

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3 Responses to What I Learned from ITC (Part 4): How Spirits Navigate Time and Space

  1. Hello, Mr. Macy
    As always, really mind-blowing article – I had goose bumps while reading this :). Still can’t understand how majority of human beings doubt about afterlife, some of them also deny it and think there’s only emptiness after bodily death.
    Interesting question is: What do spirits think about peoples religions? Most of them believe in religions, that are created by men, and aren’t usually true.
    Do you think this should be changed in the future? Tell them the truth? Or leave it as it is?

    Thank you,

  2. Good question, Patrik.
    I think religions will change as spiritual reality becomes more widely understood. ITC has made that possible, and I guess it’ll just take time.
    All the best,

  3. Let’s hope so, because if you consider catholic (and other religions) influences (in the present), most of them will do everything they can to protect their religion – by lying for example. I think they’re not willing to alter their religions, the rules that are used for hundreds and thousands of years.
    I hope there will be more open-minded people in high political and religious positions in the future.


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