Life on the Mid-Astral Plane, or Third Level

Yesterday I re-posted an article about sleep paralysis, or night terror… which cast a frightening glimpse into a shadowy spirit realm that surrounds the Earth like a dark cloud. I believe that shadow world is related to what is sometimes called purgatory or the lower astral plane or the second level of human existence. Anyway, I had a troubled sleep last night with unsavory dreams, which I’m sure was a result of my day-long focus on that dark, shadowy world.

So, today it feels important to put that into perspective with an article about the mid-astral plane, or third level, where most of us will awaken after we die. It’s quite a nice, earth-like existence, free of injury and disease and scarcity.

One of the best ways to get a glimpse into that paradise is by watching the film Nosso Lar / Astral City

Sometimes the movie can be seen freely in its entirety, on youtube. Search on “Astral City.”

You can purchase the English (subtitled) version of Nosso Lar, which has been retitled Astral City…

(You can order it on…)

And here’s the trailer:

I reviewed Nosso Lar recently here on this blog. The spirit people residing in that third-level paradise go on missions into the dark realm to locate lost souls (like those troubled entities mentioned in yesterday’s article) and bring them back to paradise, where they can find peace and happiness. Based on my research, the movie is a realistic look at spirit people on the third level committed to helping spirit people stuck on the second level.

Most of the information in today’s article, below, comes from ITC contacts, as reported by Maggy Fischbach of Luxembourg, in her book that I published in English here in the States under the title, Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication. Our spirit friends sent some vivid descriptions of the paradise world they inhabit, from the third-level sending station they call “Timestream.”

Read Breakthroughs In Technical Spirit Communication here…

Adapted from the book:

While the third spirit plane (mid-astral) is a product of the human mind, it is as much a reality as is planet Earth. People whose ideas and beliefs agree with each other come together here in groups and form one unity. This unity is the stepping stone to the fourth dimension. After crossing into the fourth (higher astral) dimension, also called The Summerland, the human being is relieved of the laws of reincarnation.

To establish this contact with you we have to get close to your world and adapt ourselves as much as possible. In the process we come to resonate with many of your thoughts and attitudes. At the same time, the members of Timestream are already approaching the border lines of higher consciousness at the fourth level.

Sometimes we feel pulled into the beauty of the fourth level, and it’s only the thought of our ITC responsibilities with Earth that tear us away, so we can return to the ITC station on the third level. Our experiences and knowledge from the fourth level might be useful to you.

We live along the banks of the River of Eternity along with those who were once living on Earth. There are animals here. Vegetation varies from algae to mammoth trees. Many buildings are made of wood. Some people or animals wake up here already reborn into bodies at the prime of life. Others come to us as old people and turn young again after the regenerating sleep. Why there are such differences, we do not know. At the end of the growth or rejuvenation process most people will be 25-30 years old. Animals also will be at an age of vitality and well-being, since ethical factors are not involved here. Damaged tissue or broken bones regenerate just like wounds heal in your world but much more perfect. Lost limbs will regrow. The blind will see again, and so on. The color of your hair and skin cannot be changed and will be the same as it was during your Earth life. Here in the river world, beings arrive from all levels of life. Gnomes and giants live together with formless beings and the former human inhabitants of planet Earth. Doubles who were joined but lived on parallel worlds do not live together at the same area of the river.

A personal message from Swejen Salter, director of Spirit Group Timestream:

I died at the age of 38 as the result of an accident. Death came suddenly and unexpectedly. I was totally unprepared and cannot remember my passing over. I awoke on a recliner in a cheerfully decorated room that I had never seen before. Before I could have a closer look around, a tall, imposing man entered the room and identified himself as Richard Francis Burton. He welcomed me and started showing me the world in which he had lived since the year 1890 of your Earth time. I felt happy and safe here. Everybody was friendly and helpful. Still, the change was difficult. It is not easy to adapt to a new life when one is torn away from a daily routine.

If you harbor bad intentions and thoughts you will not be here very long.

In other ITC communications our spirit friends have talked of advanced technologies they use to locate people stuck on the second level (or lower astral planes, or purgatory) and bring them to Timestream to be rejuvenated in paradise. In one case they used something called “down-modulation” to locate a World War II soldier named Arthur Moos, and then used “light-modulation” to bring him home.

Read the Arthur Moos testimonial…

The point of this article is to make it clear that the dark, unsavory realm described in yesterday’s article about sleep paralysis is just a tiny blemish on human spirituality. Paradise and ethereal aspiration on an evolutionary path toward the source, or central sun, is our true spiritual heritage and destiny.

That truth, steeped in love and wisdom, resides at the core of our being… and the fears and insecurities stirred up from the dark and dismal second level are little more than a distracting tempest in our carnal mind.

It’s important to get to the core of our being, for example, through heart meditation… and to rest there as much as possible during this tempestuous lifetime on Planet Earth.


Other articles describing life on the other side:



18  responses to Life on the Mid-Astral Plane, or Third Level

Richard Hutchinson says:

August 4, 2013 at 6:57 pm

Excellent as always. Your messages are wonderful.

macyafterlife says:

August 6, 2013 at 4:58 am


I’d like to echo Richard’s comment.

Mark, this was a wonderful story that appeared in the news today and I think it is very relevant to the compassion of higher beings. It sure seems to be different than most of these types of stories because there were so many witnesses to what’s being called “a miracle”.

– Ricky

\macyafterlife says:

August 9, 2013 at 8:11 pm

I agree, Ricky. Great story!
Thanks for sharing it…………

Hey Mark, I’m trying to figure something out. I saw a link to your ITC images from the 80s. There was video of kittens feeding on a mother cat. In the afterlife, isn’t there no need for sustenance in the form of food?

macyafterlife says:

August 20, 2013 at 11:07 am

Hi Cyrus,
Those cats lapping from a bowl were sent to us (actually, to the Harsch-Fischbach couple in Luxembourg) by Timestream spirit group, without explanation… although in other contacts they explained basically as follows:

While the astral body has no need for consuming food, we take along with us into the afterlife most of the desires and compulsions we’d experienced while on Earth. So, along with absorbing nourishing energy directly into our subtle body, we can eat, drink… even enjoy sex with a willing partner (although, of course, no one gets pregnant). It’s explained in various articles on this blog, including here…

If someone’s skeptical or heavily invested in physics of our world, a lot of this stuff sounds other-worldly… maybe even outrageous. Still, it’s what we’ve been told by our spirit friends, and I’m a hundred percent convinced it’s a realistic look in-beyond.


Mark – I wanted to refer back to a medium’s name you recently gave me (in one of my more recent “comments”). I’ve been unable to find it. I was asking you about what your ITC communications may have said about the teachings of mediums, and then you mentioned the name of a particular medium who had been referenced before (during an ITC communication).

Could you please let me know that name again (I had heard of him, but for now, my 49 year old brain can not remember the name you gave me).

Thanks again for a great site.

macyafterlife says:

September 24, 2013 at 7:08 am

Hi David,
Sorry to say I don’t recall that medium we discussed earlier.
I’ve not been working with any mediums for at least a decade, so I don’t think I’d be able to offer any reliable suggestions.
You might want to contact Victor Zammit in Australia (you can probably google his email address; if not, let me know and I’ll forward it to you).
He’s a retired attorney who’s become a diligent afterlife researcher… keeping a pulse on what’s happening, and putting out a weekly report that often includes the names of gifted psychics.
I can’t think of a better source at the moment.
Good luck!


Thanks Mark. Is there a way (on your site) to look at older “comments”? It was approximately a week or so ago (where you had mentioned (in your response to my comment) a medium’s name that one of your ITC communicators had previously referenced). It was because of this reference (made by someone in your ITC communications) that I’m especially interested in studying next (since I like the improved validation of a medium that was actually referenced by an ITC communicator).

Sorry to be a persistent ptia – but I am just hoping that you have visibility to one of your more recent responses to one of my “comments” (where you mentioned the medium’s name)

Thanks again – I’ll owe you one if you can find it….;-)

It seems that the search function doesn’t include the comments section, unfortunately.
So, I’d have as much difficulty finding it as you would.
Kind of a busy time, so I’ll have to pass…..
Good luck,

Hi David,

I believe the information you’re looking for is here:
All the best,


Ricky – thank you so much – it was really driving me nuts because I failed to write it down the first time (thinking I’d easily be able to find it later).

Really appreciate it!

If ITC communicators referenced one particular medium (from a fairly lengthy list of mediums), I can’t help but think its worth the time to read what he had to say. I’d enjoy hearing any other thoughts on the topic.

Thanks again!


macyafterlife says:

October 5, 2013 at 11:16 am

Hey David, I see your point about getting good recommendations on psychics from reliable sources… but there’s always the chance of problems with recommendations leading to fame and fortune leading to temptations leading to abuse. The more recognition a person gets, the more kindling the savage side gathers to fire things up. That seems to be a built-in flaw of human nature. Some people (Chico Xavier, for example) can rise above it, other’s have a tougher time dealing with temptations. I’ve read about some very gifted psychics who became famous and ego-driven and began charging huge sums for unpredictable results. (I knew one personally, when he was just on the threshold of fame and fortune, and have observed the evolution of his career since then.)

And, of course, some psychics are just in it for the money from the start, and they rely on clients’ recommendations to their friends. Here’s an interesting article from today’s NY Times:

So, yes, there are some very gifted mediums, many who have retained their humility and dedication. And there are many others who’ve given into their savage human weaknesses for success at others’ expense.

Anyway, on to your other point. Yes, I wish there were an easier way to search this site for words and names buried in the comments. The search feature works well for the text in the articles, but doesn’t search through the comments for some reason. I second your gratitude to Ricky, who happened to recall those comments on teh “Human Story 5″ article.

My best to you both!


You’re welcome! I know that feeling! I couldn’t agree more with you.


Every industry has it’s charlatans (especially mediumship). I’m curious what others have learned (and concluded) about direct-voice mediums in general (and David Thompson and Leslie flint in particular). They seem like the real deal – thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

macyafterlife says:

October 12, 2013 at 7:44 am

Hi David,
I’ve had no personal encounter with David Thompson or the late Leslie Flint, but people whose credibility I’ve come to trust have had only positive comments about both of those guys and their direct voice contacts. And their contacts certainly have a genuine feel to them when I listen to them.
Yes, my sense is that they’re both the real deal….

David says:

October 13, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Thanks for your insight Mark. It sure seemed that if they were just an “act”, they should have more money than David Copperfield.

macyafterlife says:

October 26, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Here’s a video of David Thompson; I understand he’s a very good physical medium…….

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12 Responses to Life on the Mid-Astral Plane, or Third Level

  1. Jack says:

    Please clarify: in “The Afterlife Interviews” medium Jeffrey A Marks says spirits have told him that on the astral plane we can be any age we want, even become children again, and change our appearance to anything we want. Your views here are much more restrictive in this matter of physical appearance alterations. Any clarifications in these discrepancies would be very helpful. Thank you. Jack

    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Jack,
      Most people ‘over there’ on the third astral level are in astral bodies at the prime of life. Most people feel most comfortable in that condition. Our spirit friends told us that often enough and sent us enough pictures to where we know that that (most people are at the prime of life) is the general rule over there.
      Yes, there are a few exceptions. The late George and Jeannette Meek were afterlife researchers. When Jeannette died, she crossed over and decided she’d like to stay old so that she’d greet George as an old woman when he died a few years later as an old man… then they’d grow young together.
      Jeannette did stay old for just a few weeks (of Earth time), but then she felt so out of place in the astral worlds that she went ahead and let her body regress to the prime of life.
      Their daughter Nancy Carol had died as an infant, and once Jeannette got settled in, she was introduced to Nancy Carol as a baby… who then grew up quickly to the prime of life… and mother and daughter became close friends.

      In short, there are many possibilities on the other side, but nearly everyone at the third level chooses to live at the prime of life.


      • Jack says:

        Thanks for your reply, Mark. Is there any literature you can point me to which describes in easy-to-understand detail about how the astral levels work and what one can achieve far as desires and ambitions? Some call the level right above ours the “etheric”, others call it the “quantum”. It’s very confusing.

  2. Mark Macy says:

    Hi Jack,
    Earth seems to be the best place for pursuing desires and ambition, at least in terms of personal gain.
    As you move to finer realms of spirit you’re naturally driven more toward serving others, working on projects with other people, and enjoying each other’s company. That’s my understanding.
    But in the astral realm there IS ample opportunity for learning and spiritual growth (as opposed to fame and fortune).

    Terminology: “Etheric” suggests a denser spiritual vibration than the finer astral regions. It’s also called the “quantum” level or “dismal” level. I tend to use the latter term, since those dense realms are populated largely by people-in-spirit who are subject to confused and troubled thinking… not too far removed from earthly attitudes that compel people here to be suspicious, fearful, and resentful. These are all rather simplistic terms that help us try to describe and understand an existence that seems to pretty complicated for our carnal thought processes.
    The best way I’ve been able to describe it is here:
    But that’s a pretty simplistic explanation too, though basically accurate, I think.


  3. Mr Zeta says:


    I read about Timestream some years ago on WorldITC then met Erland Babcock (very fortunate for me as he had a good understanding of electronics as well as the spirit world, and gave me motivation to use my electronics knowledge to help ‘build a bridge’ to communicate with other dimensions); I didnt know of this ‘possible’ correlation between the so-called 3rd Astral plane; I am familiar with Astral Planes as I have experienced them; I can transcend to higher planes but rarely these days as my health needs to improve again; I am at a low point but seem to be getting ba\etter again.

    I was wondering if there was a correlation to the Astral and ‘Timestream’; this seems to give more evidence and add possibilities of connecting to the Astral by ‘Electronics’ (but Esoteric) means; the research of which I am restarting; I believe light is a key and crystals are the doors; even in this there are so many possibilities !

    Mr Zeta

  4. Mark Macy says:

    Hi Mr Z,
    The folks at Timestream said their sending station was located at the “third spirit level” according to the Myers model, which is sometimes called the mid-astral plane.
    It has to be at that vibration because the attitudes there are similar enough to our attitudes here on Earth to be resonant and compatible. Without that resonance, apparently ITC bridges can’t be sustained.
    More about the Myers model:

    I hope your health improves. Working along the “front lines” of spirit research indeed can be draining……


  5. Ricky says:


    I wonder what ripple effects the current US election cycle is having on those who live in the astral realm that are committed to following events on earth? For some of us here on earth, it’s just unpleasant to witness. While our political system will always be full of tricks, shenanigans and corruption, I wonder if those who reside in higher vibrational frequencies would be able to at least gently “steer” the world in the right direction? I was very curious to hear your thoughts on what’s been going on lately – the energy is unsettling. It’s not just the politicians – it’s the way people in general are treating each other nowadays. The light needs to be found again.


    • Mark Macy says:

      Hi Ricky,

      60 Minutes had a recent report on how, thanks to “Citizens United” (which essentially allows corporations to give unlimited donations to conservative political candidates who support the agendas of the rich), most US Senators and Representatives have to spend most of their time on the phones, like telemarketers, trying to raise $18,000 a day for their re-election campaigns. 4 hours or more on the phones and only 2 hours or less on their legislative duties is the current norm.

      I think the fact that the conservative party has spent the past 16 years fostering fear, anger, and intolerance among their constituents has led to the current chaos: Donald Trump.

      My basic formula is that good will and trust foster order in human affairs, while fear and hatred bring chaos.

      I lean left politically (as I’m sure you’re aware 🙂 ), and I suspect my own liberal faction of US government also has caused some troubles… but not to the degree of the political right (imho).

      Anyway, I agree it would be interesting to know how the other side views the current drama in US politics.

      Maybe it’s fertile ground for a third-party candidate to finally get the Presidency… maybe a Libertarian?…. Do you have any favorites for the November election?


      • Ricky says:


        I think Citizens United was one of the worst disasters in the history of this country’s politics. That was actually something that opened my eyes to just how corrupt and plutocratic our politics has become.

        Years ago, I used to be very polarized and believe it or not, at that particular time, I would have found myself in the “Ted Cruz” camp. Things have changed quite a bit between now and then. I almost cringe to think that I would have supported him. I began to lean libertarian as I became aware of how corrupt the GOP was – and how both modern parties seem to be run by elitists that have no regard for regular, hard-working people in this country.

        Unfortunately, given the current selection of candidates, I feel as if I am left without a candidate. Bernie Sanders had an incredibly attractive populist appeal that was very positive, but now the delegate math rules him out.

        I might just wind up voting for Andrew Basiago as a protest vote. Andrew Basiago seems to be unknown to everyone, but he’s a “bigger-picture” candidate. He’s a lawyer who has put forth 100 detailed, intelligent proposals for America and he focuses on “the bigger picture” – including unveiling time travel technology and other incredible technology he claims the Government has. His platform is very detailed!


        • Mark Macy says:

          Thanks Ricky, I’d not heard of Andrew Basiago, so I glanced at his home site ( …

          “… one who served bravely in the two secret U.S. defense projects in which time travel on Earth and voyages to Mars were first undertaken….”

          I agree, based on a glance, his platform sounds real interesting to me, but candidates need media attention. Unfortunately when you start talking openly about things like time travel and Mars missions (or ITC), the mainstream media still puts you out in the fringes and would only be interested in interviewing you around Halloween time. 🙂 … whereas hate- and fear-mongers (like Trump) get free publicity to stir the hormones of the audience.

          Long story short, I look forward to reading more about Basiago later today.


          (On a realistic note, I’d probably support a Hillary-Bernie ticket, but I doubt she’d select Sanders as a VP choice.)

          • Ricky says:


            I couldn’t agree more about the media treatment of candidates like Andrew Basiago! He has appeared on Coast to Coast AM numerous times as a guest (this is his guest profile page, along with summaries of prior shows that he has done for Coast to Coast: ). I’m also looking into reading more about Project Pegasus. I also couldn’t agree more with regard to the negative energy that has been stirred up – anger, fear, hatred, resentment, etc…it is simply not the path to a healthy, vibrant human race. I think humans need to be educated more about the “bigger picture”. We always seem to become distracted with small, earthly subjects!


  6. Dan Smith says:

    Nosso Lar 2: Os Mensageiros (Astral City: The Messengers) tells the story of a group of workers from Nosso Lar, better known as “The Messengers,” who come to Earth on a rescue mission to assist people who are about to fail in their lives, forgetting the planning they made, and heading their destinies towards great suffering.

    André Luiz (Renato Prieto) joins a group of messenger spirits led by Aniceto (Edson Celulari), who sets out for Earth to follow the unfolding of a mission that is in danger of failing: the creation of a spiritual network that connects the two worlds. In the process, they also face their own dramas. Together, they dedicate themselves to taking care of three protégés whose stories are intertwined: Otávio (Felipe de Carolis), a young medium who did not fulfill the plan in his mission; Isidoro (Mouhamed Harfouch), leader of a spiritist house; and Fernando (Rafael Sieg), entrepreneur responsible for financing the project.

    It is due to hit theaters in Brazil on August 31, 2023.

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