ITC Gem 11: The End of Reincarnation

Editor’s Note: It was a magical time for the researchers at the CETL lab for instrumental transcommunication in Luxembourg in the late 1980s and early 90s. A high-tech rapport with a group of deceased humans, including the spirit of the famous English explorer Sir Richard Francis Burton (click here for his bio), was made possible by a cluster of seven ethereal beings. One of the ethereals told the researchers that although he and the other ethereals don’t really have names, per se, they could call him “Technician,” since that described his role in facilitating and protecting the incredible communication bridge that was opening up for the couple. He was a sort of gatekeeper between Earth and positive astral realms of spirit. Under the protection of Technician and The Seven, the spirit group, calling themselves Timestream, were chatting with the Luxembourg couple on their phone, talking through their radios, showing themselves and their world in brief flashes on the couple’s TV screen, and even planting images and lengthy messages on their desktop computer. On various occasions the Technician himself communicated with Maggy, the main CETL researcher. Here are a couple of reports from those early years in Luxembourg, closing out this series on reincarnation.

– – – CETL Report, 1989 – – –


Reincarnation exists. There are parallel worlds. Mankind evolves in a forever moving wheel of life. Some have arrived at a point of development that allows them a better understanding. Reincarnation means progression forward, not backward. Animals too are subject to the cycle of incarnation. A person does not reincarnate in an animal body. Important earth personalities are being born again as simple people if they used their previous life only to exploit others. There is a purpose for sickness and infirmity. Do not judge the fate of other people. If we feel it is important enough to let you know why some people are being tested this way, we will do so. It is only appropriate to advise and help some people, while others do not want to be helped. Those individuals have selected a life of suffering for their incarnation.

– – – CETL Report, 1991 – – –

 Technician, referring to Richard Francis Burton:

When a man has experienced all facets of earthly life, grief, joy, happiness, pain, suffering and exhaustion, when all search for knowledge has been satisfied and he has explored all corners of the Earth, when the wheel of life comes to a halt after many incarnations, then the time has come to look for new horizons. At this point, reincarnation ends.

 – – – End of CETL Report – – –

Note: It was an honor and privilege for me to become a part of that miraculous other-worldly bridge once I began collaborating with the CETL researchers in the early 1990s, publishing English translations of their reports in a series of papers. It was because of that rapport, and the establishment of INIT in 1995 (click here for background), that I began to receive phone calls from our spirit friends (click here for samples of those phone calls). The messages about reincarnation radically changed my view of the afterlife. MM


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